Posted: August 24, 2016

$20 ToysRUs eGift Card For $10!If you were one of the lucky Groupon email subscribers, check your inbox for a possible email with an invitation to score a $20 ToysRUs eGift Card for only $10. This email is coming from the email address and will have the Subject Line “Toys”R”Us“.  Your $20 ToysRUs eGift Card is redeemable either in-store or online!

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Posted: August 24, 2016


Wondering what coupon inserts will be in the paper? This Sunday, expect (2) Inserts: 1 RP & 1 P&G & 1 SS. My favorites are in pink!

Red Plum Insert 8/28/16

ACT $1/1 product ets (10/31)
ACT $2/1 33oz+ product (10/31)
Allegra $4/1 allergy 24ct+ (9/10)
Allegra $4/1 children’s allergy product (9/10)
Allegra-D $3/1 allergy & congestion product (9/10)
Best Foods $.50/1 mayonnaise jar 30oz, squeeze 20oz, organic 15oz or carefully crafted 24oz product (9/25)
Born Sweet $1.50/1 zing stevia sweetener (11/13)
Degree Men $.50/1 dry protection or fresh deodorant product ets (9/10)
Degree Men $2/1 dry spray antiperspirant ets (9/10)
Degree Women $1.25/1 motionsense, ultra clear, clinical protection or dry spray antiperspirant product ets (9/10)
Dove Buy 1 body wash 22oz+, get 1 men+care body wash 13.5oz+ free up to $5.50 dnd (9/18)
Duracell $.25/1 coppertop, quantum, ultra photo lithium, specialty batteries, rechargeable batteries, charger or 6pk+ hearing aid batteries excludes 1ct and trial (9/24)
Eckrich B1G1 free rope or links smoked sausage 10-14oz up to $2.50 (9/25)
Florida Crystals $1/1 natural cane, organic or demerara sugar product (11/12)
Garnier Fructis $1/1 shampoo, conditioner, treatment or style product excludes 1.7-3oz (9/24)
Garnier Fructis $1/1 style product ets (9/24)
Garnier Fructis $3/2 shampoo, conditioner, treatment or style product excludes 1.7-3oz (9/24)
Garnier Olia $2/1 haircolor (9/24)
Hefty $1/1 large black trash bags (10/31)
Hefty $1/1 tall kitchen trash bags (10/31)
IBgard $2/1 12ct or 48ct (2/28/17)
Jimmy Dean $.55/1 breakfast product excluding single serve sandwiches dnd (9/25)
Jimmy Dean $.75/1 pancakes & sausage on a stick product dnd (9/25)
L’Oreal $2/1 advanced haircare shampoo or conditioner product excludes 1.7oz and 3oz trial (9/10)
L’Oreal $2/1 advanced hairstyle product excludes 1.7oz and 3oz trial (9/10)
L’Oreal $2/1 paris skin care product ets (9/24)
L’Oreal $3/1 advanced haircare treatment or family size 25.4oz shampoo or conditioner product excludes 1.7oz and 3oz trial (9/10)
Mars $1/2 harvest bags (10/31)
Nasacort $5/1 allergy 24hr spray (9/10)
Purina $1/1 3.15lb+ cat chow (11/30)
Purina $2/1 13lb+ cat chow (11/30)

P&G 8/28/16 Insert

Expires 9/10
Always $3/2 pads 11ct+ excl. discreet
Clairol $3/1 natural instincts hair color
Clairol Buy 1 nice ‘n easy hair color box, get 1 root touch-up free excl. age defy up to $6.99
Crest $.50/1 toothpaste 3oz+, liquid gel or kids toothpaste excl. twin packs
Crest $1.50/1 mouthwash 237ml(8oz)+
Crest $1.50/1 twin toothpaste pack 3oz+ excl. cavity, baking soda, tartar control and kids
Crest $5/1 3d white glamorous white, 1hr express, professional effects, flexfit, gentle routine or monthly touch-up whitestrips
Febreze B1G1 free product up to $3.29 excl. unstopables
Fixodent $1/1 adhesive 1.4oz+ excl. twin packs
Fixodent $2.50/1 adhesive 1.4oz twin pack or larger
Gillette $1/1 antiperspirant/deodorant 1.6oz+
Head & Shoulders $3/2 full size products 380ml/12.8oz+ excl. all treatments
Luvs $2/1 diapers
Olay $.75/1 bar 4ct+ or body wash
Olay $2/2 bar soap 4ct+ or body wash
Old Spice $1/1 antiperspirant/deodorant, body wash or bar soap
Old Spice $1/1 shampoo, 2-in-1 or styling product
Oral-B $.50/1 adult or kids manual toothbrush excludes healthy clean, tiwn or quad packs
Oral-B $1.50/1 twin glide floss pack
Oral-B $1.50/1 twin or quad manual 3d white, pro-health or complete toothbrush pack
Pampers $3/1 diapers or pants
Pampers $5/1 easy ups training underwear or underjams absorbent night wear
Pantene $1.50/1 styler or treatment product
Pantene $1/1 3 minute miracle deep conditioner or expert product
Pantene $2/2 products must include shampoo and conditioner or styler excl. 6.7oz
Pantene $5/3 products must include shampoo and conditioner or styler excl. 6.7oz
Prilosec OTC $5/1 product 28ct+
Secret $1/1 outlast, scent expressions, destinations antiperspirant/deodorant or body spray excl. 1.7/1.7oz
Tampax $3/2 pearl or radiant tampons 16ct+

Expires 9/24
Always $2/1 discreet incontinence liner or pad
Always $2/1 discreet underwear
Bounty $.25/1 product excl. basic
Bounty $.50/1 basic product excl. single rolls
Charmin $.25/1 product excl. single rolls
Charmin $.50/1 essentials product or basic excl. single rolls
Covergirl $1/1 product excl. accessories
Covergirl $2/1 contour palette product excl. accessories
Febreze $1/1 unstopables product excl. in-wash scent booster
Gillette $3/1 razor or disposable 2ct+ excl. sensor2 2ct
Meta $2/1 appetite control product
Metamucil $2/1 product excl. health bar 1ct
Mr. Clean $.50/1 magic eraser excludes 1ct
Mr. Clean $.75/1 liquid product
Olay $1/1 facial moisturizer or cleanser
Olay $1/1 total effects facial moisturizer excludes olay eyes
Olay $2/1 eyes product
Olay $2/1 prox, regenerist or luminous facial moisturizer
Oral-B $5/1 nighttime dental guard (9/28)
Pepto-Bismol $.50/1 product
Puffs $.25/1 product excl. single puff to go
Puffs $25/1 softpack excl. single puffs to go
Sinex $2/1 product
Swiffer $1/1 refill or solution
Swiffer $3/1 wetjet, sweep & trap, steamboost or sweep + vac starter kit
Venus/Daisy $3/1 venus razor or venus/daisy disposable 2ct+ excl. daisy2 2ct
Vicks $2/1 product excl. vapodrops and zzzquil
Vicks $4/2 products excl. vapodrops and zzzquil
ZzzQuil $2/1 product
ZzzQuil $4/2 products

Smart Source 8/28/16 Insert

Air Wick $1/1 life scents room mist excluding 8oz aerosols (9/25)
Air Wick $1/1 scented oil twin or triple refill (9/25)
Air Wick $1/2 products excluding 8oz aerosols (9/25)
Air Wick $2/1 freshmatic ultra automatic spray starter kit excludes free item packs (9/25)
Air Wick $2/1 freshmatic ultra refill (9/25)
Air Wick Buy scented oil twin refill, get scented oil warmer free excludes free item packs up to $1.50 (9/25)
Annie Chun’s $.75/1 seaweed crisps (11/30)
Annie Chun’s $1/2 organic seaweed snacks (11/30)
Annie Chun’s $1/2 seaweed snacks (11/30)
Blue Diamond $1/1 6ct 90 calorie pack nut-thins crackers (10/30)
Blue Diamond $1/2 4.25oz nut-thins crackers (10/30)
Colgate $1/1 360 or floss-tip manual toothbrush excludes plus, triple action, extra clean and classic (9/17)
Colgate $1/1 mouthwash or mouth rinse 236ml+ (9/24)
Colgate $1/1 total, optic white, enamel health, max fresh or sensitive toothpaste 3oz+ (9/10)
Cooked Perfect $1.50/1 meatballs (10/24)
Depend $3/1 8ct+ product (10/1)
Dr. Scholl’s $1/1 product (9/18)
Dr. Scholl’s $3/1 insole $7.95+ (9/18)
Dr. Scholl’s $3/1 massaging gel insole $7.95+ (9/18)
Energizer $.75/1 batteries or flashlight (9/24)
Energizer $1.50/1 ez turn & lock hearing aid batteries (9/24)
Ensure $2/2 multipacks (10/23)
Fiber One $.50/1 cheesecake bars (10/22)
General Mills $1/3 big g cereals (10/8)
Helper $.75/3 regular or ultimate skillet dishes (10/22)
Huggies $1.50/1 diapers 10ct+ (9/24)
Huggies $2/1 little snugglers or little movers diapers 10ct+ (9/24)
Huggies $2/1 overnites diapers 10ct+ (9/24)
HydroxyCut $5/1 product over $17.88 excluding drink mix, lean protein shakes, lean protein bars and drops (10/30)
Johnson’s $2/1 head-to-toe extra moisturizing wash or cream (9/4)
Johnson’s/Desitin $1.50/2 products excluding johnson’s 1-4oz and desitin 1oz (10/14)
Ken’s $.75/1 ranch or Italian dressing 16oz+ (9/30)
Ken’s $1/1 dressing 16oz+ (9/30)
Land O’Frost $.75/1 premium bistro favorites or Canadian bacon (10/16)
Land O’Frost $1/1 sub sandwich kit (10/16)
Maxwell House $.25/1 coffee product (10/9)
MuscleTech $5/1 pro series products (10/30)
OxiClean $3/1 hd laundry detergent (9/28)
Poise $3/1 pads or liners excluding 14-26ct liners and 10ct pads (10/1)
Poise $5/1 impressa bladder supports 10ct only (10/1)
Sargento $.50/1 natural cheese snacks 4.5oz+ (10/9)
Sargento $.50/1 snack bites cheese snack (10/23)
Sargento $.50/2 shredded natural cheese 5oz+ (10/2)
Sargento $.50/2 sliced natural cheese (10/9)
Speed Stick $.50/1 lady antiperspirant/deodorant 2.3oz+ (9/17)
Speed Stick $.50/1 men’s antiperspirant/deodorant 2.7oz+ (9/17)
Speed Stick $1/1 men’s or lady antiperspirant/deodorant twin packs only (9/17)
Suave Kids $1.50/1 purely fun hair care product ets (9/24)
Suave Kids $1/1 hair care product ets (9/24)
Suave Professionals $1.50/1 gold hair care product excluding luxe styling products and 2oz trial (9/24) (2 coupons)
Suave Professionals $1/1 shampoo or conditioner 28oz or treatment product excludes 2oz trial (9/24)
The Good Table $1/1 freezer to plate kit for frozen chicken (10/22)
Totino’s $.75/3 12.3oz+ pizza rolls, blasted crust rolls, pizza sticks or stuffed nachos (10/22)
Velveeta $1/1 20oz mini blocks (10/23)
Velveeta $1/1 dip cups (10/23)
Vlasic $1/2 pickles, peppers or relish (11/28)

Starting on Thursdays all coupons for the up-coming week are added to my database. Head on over to my Coupon Database and follow these instructions to view them:

First click on Advanced Search as shown below:

Then under Source, select the date the coupons are to be released and click on Search.

coupon insert preview list


All the coupons from that insert will appear!

Buying newspapers for coupon inserts tips:

  1. If you buy them in-store, select Dollar Tree’s sell them on Saturday with the inserts!
  2. Always check the papers before buying them to ensure the inserts haven’t been stolen.
  3. Removing inserts and not buying the paper is theft!
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Posted: August 24, 2016

best deals of the week logo



1.  Sears: $4.79 Kenmore 12? Table Fan! ($25 Value)
Sears: $5.47 Craftsman Lithium-Ion Battery Pack After Points! ($90 Value)
3. $38.99 Craftsman 38PC 3/8-IN. Drive Impact Socket Set! {After Points}
Sears: $59 DeWalt Cordless Drill After Points Shipped & More! ($160 Value)
Sears: $87.99 Gladiator 30? Garage Wall Cabinet After Points! ($240 Value)
Sears: $11.49 Craftsman Wooden Handle Digging Shovel! ($23 Value)


walmart logo

1.  Walmart: $0.43 Wet N Wild Lipstick! ($2 Value)
2.  Walmart: 5¢ Glue Sticks + More Back To School Deals!
3.  Walmart: $0.46 Nakano Rice Vinegar! ($2 Value)
4.  Walmart: $1.47 Finish Dishwasher Tabs! ($3.47 Value)
5.  Walmart & Target: $2.97 Tide Pods or Gain Flings! ($5 Value)
6.  Walmart: 4 FREE PowerBars! ($4 Value)
7.  Walmart: FREE Starkist Tuna Creations! ($1 Value)



1.  CVS: FREE + $3 Money Maker Sinusalia Tablets! ($12 Value)
2.  CVS: $0.97 GoGo Squeez! ($3.19 Value)
3.  CVS: FREE Wet N Wild Nail Polish or Coverall Stick! ($2 Value)
4.  CVS: FREE Kashi Bars! ($2 Value)
5.  CVS: $2.64 Persil Detergent + More! ($8.49 Value)
6.  CVS Coupon Machine Deals: 8/21 – 8/27/16!
7.  CVS: FREE Wonder Gel Nail Polish! ($4.79 Value) Starts 8/28
8.  CVS: FREE Trolli Candy! ($2.67 Value) Starts 8/28
9.  {Video} CVS – FREE + $1.51 MM for 12 items! (Almost $40 Value) Wahoo!



1.  Walgreen’s: FREE + Money Maker Almay Eye Shadow + More! ($5.29 Value)
2.  Walgreen’s: FREE Aspirin! ($1.29 Value)


rite aid logo

1.  Rite Aid: $0.22 Mitchum Deodorant! ($4.29 Value)
2.  Rite Aid: FREE Colgate Toothpaste!



1.  Target: $0.33 Premium Chapstick! ($3 Value)
2.  Target: $0.99 Laughing Cow Cheese Dippers! ($4 Value)
3.  Target: $0.49 Hostess Suzy Q’s! ($3 Value)
4.  Target: $3.60 Up&Up Maximum Strength Whitening! ($25 Value)
5.  Target: $1.86 Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen! ($13 Value)
6.  Target: $0.19 Ripple Milk! ($2 Value)
7.  Target: $0.62 Good Karma Flax Milk! ($3.49 Value)
8.  Target Price Match Deals (8/21-8/27)
9.  Target Round Up: $0.49 Hostess Suzy Q’s + More!
10.  Target: $0.29 Earth Breakfast Sandwiches! ($4 Value)
11.  Target: $0.21 Glade Solid Air Fresheners or Room Sprays! ($1 Value)
12.  Target: $15.49 Huggies OverNites or Slip-On Diapers Super Packs + More! ($25 Value)
13.  Target: $0.50 Back To Nature Crackers! ($3 Value)
14.  Target: $2.29 Mamma Chia Squeezes! ($5 Value)
15.  Target: $0.57 Speed Stick Deodorants! SMELL NICE!
16.  Walmart & Target: $2.97 Tide Pods or Gain Flings! ($5 Value)
17.  Target: $0.90 Soft Scrub + Mr Clean Magic Erasers! ($2.77 Value)
18.  Target: $0.69 Luden’s Throat Drops! ($1.49 Value)
19.  Target: $4.10 HUGE Bag of Snickers Minis! ($10 Value)
20.  Target: $1.33 Noxzema Cleaners & $0.74 Suave Shampoo! ($4 Value)
21.  {Video} Target: $28.97 for 34 Items! ($100 + Value) WAHOO!
22.  Target: $1.39 Cinnamon Toast Crunch & Reese’s Puffs! ($3.19 Value)



1.  Kmart: $5.99 Soccer Cleats & More! ($11 Value)
2.  Kmart: $16 iLive Wireless Speaker! ($40 Value)
3.  Kmart: $49.99 Sportcraft Canopy Wagon Shipped! ($100 Value)
4.  Kmart: FREE + $10 Moneymaker San Disk Items!
5.  Kmart: $10 back on $10 Clearance & $15 back on $15 Jeans (ends 09/10)



1.  $1/1 Snicker Crisper, Original, Almond or Xtreme Fun Size or Minis Bags, 10.61 oz + Print
2.  $1.00/2 Luden’s 25 ct or larger , exp. 9/6
3.   $1/1 Soft Scrub Product 20 oz+ Printable Coupon
4.  $2/1 Tide PODS 12ct or larger Print, exp 9/5
5.  GET $2.00 OFF any ONE (1) HUGGIES Diapers (Not valid on 9 ct. or less) coupon prints

Posted: August 24, 2016

$2.04These look delicious! Head to Target thru 8/31 and snag $2.04 Mamma Chia Granola Clusters after 30% Off Mamma Chia Squeezes/Granola/Bars Target Cartwheel and $0.75/1 Mamma Chia Beverage or Snack coupon!

Here’s the deal:

Thru 8/31

Thanks Totally Target!

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Posted: August 24, 2016

Screenshot (496)My husband swears by SiriusXM Radio! If you have an inactive SiruisXM Radio today is the day to turn it on! Starting today thru September 6th, SiriusXM Radio is turning on inactive radios and offering up access to 60 FREE channels, no strings attached! You can head over here to check out all of the FREE channels!

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Posted: August 24, 2016

elfToday, 8/24, at you can get FREE Shipping when you use code SHIPSHOP at checkout! No minimum purchase required!  You can also enter code MYSTERY to get a Mystery bag full of products ($20 Value) if you spend $25.  You can use both promo codes, too!

You can pick up items as low as $1.  Search the site – their prices are very reasonable!

Here are some of the $1 items:

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Posted: August 24, 2016

doryThis deal is for New TopCashBack Members – Thru 8/27!

Right now snag FREE Finding Dory Backpack & Lunch Bag priced at $14.99 (it was previously listed as $29.99) on! This deal is for NEW TopCashBack members only – it’s FREE to sign up! Just click here to go to TopCashBack’s secret deals page and sign up (make sure to verify your email in the welcome email you get or you won’t get your cashback). Then purchase a Disney Finding Dory kids’ backpack & lunch bag set priced at $14.99 (it was previously listed as $29.99) at this Kohl’s link with free in-store pickup. Then you’ll see your account will show pending in about 7 days and then within 21 days it will show as payable for the amount of $14.99!

NOTE: DO NOT use any special coupon codes to buy this or you will not get your cashback!

Hurry this deal ends if it sells out otherwise it ends August 27, 2016.

You can get your cashback via check, Amazon gift card or even paypal. It’s super easy and I’ve done these deals before with no problems!

*share your referral links in the comments below!

Posted: August 24, 2016

Check out my video showing the deals I got at CVS this week! I walk you right thru them!

These are the deals I highlight:

CVS: FREE Kashi Bars! ($2 Value)

CVS: FREE Wet N Wild Nail Polish or Coverall Stick! ($2 Value)

CVS: FREE + $3 Money Maker Sinusalia Tablets! ($12 Value)

All the other deals I got from our weekly list:

CVS Ad Deals 8/21-8/27/16 $0.97 Lucky Charms! ($3.99 Value)

Posted: August 24, 2016

starbucksStarbucks has brought back their Treat Receipt promo! Now thru 8/30 make any purchase at Starbucks before 2pm and enjoy ANY handcrafted Grande cold beverage for only $2.50 when you bring your Treat Receipt after 2pm the same day! You can choose from Frappuccino blended beverages, Teavana Shaken Iced Teas, Starbucks Refreshers beverages, Fizzio Handcrafted Sodas, iced coffee and  Evolution Fresh Smoothies.

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Posted: August 24, 2016


Update: This FREEBIE is no longer available!

Head over and get a FREE Sample of Carefree Acti-Fresh Liners!  One per household per person/email.  Allow 2 – 4 weeks for it to ship.

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Posted: August 24, 2016

craftsman wooden digging shovel 11.49

Head over to Sears where you can score this Craftsman wooden long handle digging shovel for just $11.49 (Reg. $22.99) + FREE store pickup (where available) or shipping is FREE on orders of $35 or more. Be sure to check the Deal Center for coupons!

*Add me as your Personal Shopper on – you’ll have to login first, then click this “become a client” link.

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Posted: August 24, 2016

View my video above on all the cuckoo deals I found instores at Kmart this week! I am posting about 5 videos a week on Youtube so make sure to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss them.

Screenshot (497)
August 24, 2016
sunday coupon preview2 for fb
August 24, 2016
best deals of the week logo
August 24, 2016
August 24, 2016
Screenshot (496)
August 24, 2016
August 24, 2016
August 24, 2016
August 24, 2016
August 24, 2016
August 24, 2016
craftsman digging shovel
August 24, 2016
August 24, 2016
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