Nov 7 2009
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Deidre started Cuckoo For Coupon Deals because she really loved finding great deals, and then telling friends and family about them so that they can score some cheap/free items too!

About Me (Deidre):

Quick facts about me:

  • Grew up in Rexburg, Idaho in a family of 7.
  • First job was spraying insulation with my dad.  I was always the only girl on the construction sites – but I could always outwork the boys!
  • Moved to Provo, UT to go to BYU at 18
  • Moved to a new apartment at 20, next door neighbor boy saw me moving in and told his roommates “I have dibs on her”.  Love at first site???
  • That next door neighbor boy, Chris, started dating me that day
  • We were engaged a month later
  • We were married 3 months after that
  • Graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree at 21, had my darling Lacey at 22, and my sweet Sadie at 24.
  • My second oldest sister died when I was 21 from Juvenile Diabetes
  • We moved to Georgia for 2 years. Due to the economy, we both lost our jobs the same day. Unable to find a new one in the same state, we left our new home and moved in with the in-laws in Florida.  My husband got a new job, but it took four months just to rent out our house back in Georgia and we charged our mortgage to credit cards.
  • One of my goals with couponing is to use the money I save to pay off that haunting credit card debt.
  • My other goal is to build up my food storage, in-case another job loss, or worse, a natural disaster occurred. I do this by stockpiling when prices are low.
  • We were in Florida for 1 year, but Chris and I missed Utah.
  • Chris got a  new job in Utah, right when I was due with a new baby.   The day I got home from the hospital after giving birth to Sadie I packed up our entire belongings and exactly 5 days after Sadie was born we blessed her and packed up and moved across country to Utah.
  • Me and Chris love basketball, skiing, snow machining, snowboarding, boating, soccer, and watching The Office.

I am a stay-at-home mother of three darling girls, and I am married to my wonderful Chris who is unprecedented in his support of me. I love being a stay-at-home mom, but in a world designed to have two incomes supporting a home and bills, I have found you really have to stretch that dollar to make it work.

So this is how I stretch dollars:

I only use coupons on items that are on sale. Example: an item is normally $5, it is on sale 50% off, I use a $1 off coupon = $1.5. Then since I took the time to drive there and get the deal I go ahead and buy 5 of them, or enough of the item to last me until it goes on sale again.  In the long run, you are saving on that item because you would have had to purchase it later for a higher price.

This is a very basic example.  If you are new to couponing, you may have heard of Register Rewards, SaverSphere online rebates, Mail in rebates, Catalinas, etc… and you may be confused. 

Don’t fret! I have videos that explain all of my techniques in more detail!

For now, just remember the basic rules of Cuckoo Couponing:

Buy something if:

  1. the price can’t get any lower (I call these “cuckoo prices” or my “price points”)
  2. you will use the item or use it regularly
  3. buy enough to get you by until the item(s) expire (you don’t want to be so stocked up you are throwing things away) or the sale comes back again (usually 6 months)
  4. you can afford it.
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