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Mar 2 2010
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giveaway linky list Places to List Your Giveaways for Free! Giveaway Linkys List & then World’s Largest Giveaway Directories List & Giveaway Submission Sites at Bottom of Page. Our list is free, but if you don’t have hours a day to spend promoting your giveaway, we’ll do the work for you! We offer blog giveaway promotion services to save you time and get you more entries in giveaways. Here’s somea client testimonials. View what you get with each item on the drop-down list. NEW: Each $80 monthly submission will also include the upgraded listing to Giveaway Promote AND *NEW* one week featured listing!

*Due to popularity of our services, we have increased our prices to keep down our orders so we are able to fulfill them all.

Linky listings

UPDATE: July 19 2015 – deleted 3 un-updated linkys

Blogs with Linkys for Blog Giveaways:

ma <Canadians and/or USACanadian Giveaways Form – must be open for Canadians, USA optional

Day of Week: Blog Name: Type of Linky:
Rafflecopter Only Linky Makobi Scribe must use Rafflecopter as the entry form
The Steady Hand Blog must use Rafflecopter as the entry form
Rktanoli must use Rafflecopter as the entry form
Low Entry Giveaways Tight Wad in Utah Fill out her form to be on a list of giveaways under 200 entries that end in under one week!
Your Golden Ticket Mister Linky for low entries- 200 or less entries
Momma is Sweeping Mister Linky for low entries- 150 or less entries
Gift Cards & Cash Giveaways Giveaways & Goodies Simply Linked
Baby & Kids Giveaways Giveaways & Goodies Simply Linked
Non-Fiction Books ONLY Giveaways Please link Giveaways for non-fiction books Linky tools w/ pictures
Subscription Boxes ONLY Giveaways Please link Giveaways for subscription boxes (services) Mister Linky
Sunday Deal Seeking Mom InLinkz
Savings towards a better life Inlinkz with Pictures
Sweeps 4 Bloggers Inlinkz with Pictures
Cuckoo for Coupon Deals MckLinky
Blessed Beyond Words Mister Linky
Enter Online Sweeps InLinkz
Miki Shope InLinkz
Monday Rktanoli Mister Linky
Inspiring Giveaways Inlinkz with Pictures
Sweeps 4 Bloggers Inlinkz with Pictures
Posh on a Budget Inlinkz with Pictures
Bargain Pier Simply Linked
Tales of Mommyhood- scroll down homepage to see it Mister Linky
Our Kids Mom InLinkz w/ pictures
Adventures of J-Man Mr. Linky
Conservamom Mister Linky
Rktanoli Mister Linky
Monday Night/afternoon Money Saving Mom – Giveaways Galore post, on her homepage Mister Linky
Tuesday 2 of a Kind Mister Linky
Journeys of the Zoo Inlinkz
Sweeps 4 Bloggers Inlinkz with Pictures
Simple So Journs Mister Linky
Mommy has to work Mister Linky
Royal Legacy Inlinkz with Pictures
Bless Their Hearts Mister Linky
Frugal & Fabulous Mister Linky
Motherload Mister Linky
Rktanoli Mister Linky
Wednesday Sweeps 4 Bloggers Inlinkz with Pictures
Whispered Insperations, list country of eligibility Mister Linky
A Savings Wow Mister Linky
Koupon Krazed InLinkz
Mission to Save InLinkz
Cha Ching Queen Mister Linky
Mommies with Cents Mr. Linky – click on Giveaways in Blog Land
Measuring Flowers Picture linky!
Live Spoiled Simply Linked
Rktanoli Mister Linky
Thursday Frugal Mom & Wife Simply Linked
Sweeps 4 Bloggers Inlinkz with Pictures
Linda’s Lunacy Inlinkz with Pictures
Pawsitive Living – click on the image in the post to get to the linky & state country of eligibility Picture linky
Coupons are Great MckLinky
Baby Loving Mama Mister Linky
Maple Leaf Mommy Mister Linky- Must be open to Canadians! USA & Int. ok, but must be open to Canadians
Rktanoli Mister Linky
Friday Windy Pin Wheel Inlinkz with pictures
Sweeps 4 Bloggers Inlinkz with Pictures
Frugality is free Inlinkz with pictures
A Day In Our Shoes InLinkz
Dog Tipper Mister Linky w/ pictures *FOR PET GIVEAWAYS ONLY*
Sonyas Happenings Mister Linky
Blog Booty Mister Linky
A Renaissance Woman Mister Linky
Sarah’s Blog of Fun MckLinky with pictures
The Neat Things In Life MckLinky
A Heart Full of Love Inlinkz
Change – only giveaways about baby items Mister Linky – ONLY diaper / baby accessories only giveaways
Saturday Rktanoli Mister Linky
Books Bargains Blessings Inlinkz with Pictures
Sweeps 4 Bloggers Inlinkz with Pictures
Happily Blended Mister Linky
Contest Corner Mister Linky
Mommy’s Hangout Mister Linky
Rktanoli Mister Linky
Continuous Giveaway Monkey InLinkz
review it pr InLinkz w/ pictures
mommy on the money InLinkz w/ pictures
my fab forties InLinkz
A Parents Perspective InLinkz
Sara Lees Deals Steals & giveaways InLinkz w/ pictures
Rain Drops & Sunshine InLinkz
Juliana Bits Pieces InLinkz
Queen NCY Mom InLinkz
Stacy Tilton McLinky with Pictures
Cuckoo For Coupon Deals Mister Linky
From PDX with Love McKlinky
Sweep Tight Mister Linky
WAHM resource site McKlinky with pictures
Family Focus Blog McKlinky with pictures
International International Giveaways
Canadians Only Canadian Contests Mister Linky
Canadians Only Smart Canucks Fill Out a Form
Canadians Only Canadian Giveaways Fill out a form
Canadians Only Moms and munchkins Linky
Submit Thread in Forum Online-Sweepstakes Login to post about your giveaway
Mom Blogger’s Club Must Login to Forum
Mom Blogger’s Club Groups Post in forum
WUC Giveaway Thread Post in forum- HIGH traffic site!
Social Moms Post in forum
Email to be listed Etsy Giveaways Click on “Submit Giveaway” for email to be included instructions
Blog Giveaways High Traffic-you’ll want to be on her list!
Contest Guide Email is at bottom of the page -can only be listed once on their site
Fill Out a Form Infinite Sweeps free
Giveaway Frenzy Fill Out Form – easy!
Any Lucky Day Fill Out Form – easy!
Crokki Fill Out Form – BIG giveaways only
Living Lavido Eco Fill Out Form – no login req. natural/eco living giveaways only
I love giveaways Fill Out Form – no login req.
Life’s a Charm Fill Out Form – login req.
Sweepstakes Search Fill Out Form – login req.
Inaccessory Fill Out Form – no login req. and MUST be a fashion or boutique giveaway
Picket Fence Blogs Fill Out Form – login req. and high traffic site!
Giveaway Promote Fill Out Form – no login req. and very high traffic site!
Just Sweep fill out the form
Contest Corner Fill out form – medium traffic site
Contest Chest Must login to submit
Shopping Bookmars Must login & fill out form – medium traffic site
Free! Grechen fill out form about fashion giveaways only- reciprical link req. – medium-low traffic site
RKTANOLI Fill out form
Online Sweepstakes Must login first (worth it-high traffic site!)
Giveaway Monkey You can insert your Rafflecopter code to get it shown right on their site – WORLDWIDE giveaways only!
Contest Bee Fill out a form (medium traffic site)
Giveaway and Contests Must login & fill out a form (high traffic site)
The Black Cell Fill out a form (low traffic site)
Hypersweep Fill out a form & (medium traffic site)
1 Sweepstakes Fill out a form & (low traffic site)
Contest Heat Fill out a form & (low traffic site)
Lucky Contests Fill out a form – reciprocal link req.
Contest Hound Fill out a form – reciprocal link req.
Sweepstakes Lovers Fill out a form- high traffic
SweepstakesMag Fill out a form- medium traffic
My Savings List of Giveaways Fill out a form- must login!
Sweepstakes Only (no blog giveaways) Sweepstakes Lovers Fill out a form & sweeps only (medium traffic site)
Sweepstakes Only (no blog giveaways) Sweepstakes Lovers Fill out a form & sweeps only (medium traffic site)
Submit Your Blog Giveaway Scout Fill out a form & reciprocal link req. she’ll scan your blog daily for giveaways
Facebook Store Gift Card Giveaways – GIFT CARDS ONLY!
Facebook WLM Post Your Giveaways to Facebook
Post your Blog Giveaways Link Once Per Day Max
Blog Giveaways Directory Link Once Per Day Max
Blog Giveaways Link Once Per Day Max
Prize Confidential Link Once Per Day Max

Cuckoo for Coupon Deals list of all blog websites which host Mister Linky’s, Mcklinky‘s, InLinkz or Simply Linked linkys for giveaways; we specify which day of the week blogs post their linky, and which type of linky is posted. You can easily find out which site is listing giveaways on any given day. We also list all other free ways to promote your giveaway; including blog directories for giveaways, giveaway and sweepstakes submission sites. Do you have a blog giveaway submission site? Please email Deidre(at) and if you update your giveaways precisely on the day specified, I will add you to the list! Non-giveaway linkys & which day of the week they are posted can be found here

  • Marina

    My Tuesday’s Treasures Giveaway linky is up every Tuesday you can add in your giveaways and enter a whole bunch of them that are hosted on my blog :)

    • deidre

      I got it listed above, thanks!

  • Jessi @ Jabbering Jessi

    My linky is listed weekly on Mondays

  • Melanie S

    Wow! Thanks so much for compiling (and sharing!) this HUGE list – this should keep me busy for the next…forever, lol!

  • Brandy

    Can you add me to the ongoing?


    Hey if you wouldn’t mind copy and pasting the whole list to me in an email that would be great, I need to link up everywhere!


  • Shawn Ann

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  • Sherry@CooCoo4Coupons

    Thank you for the link up :)

  • Deanna/ Mommygaga

    Thanks for listing!

    ? Deanna

  • Savor The Savings

    I have giveaways but they begin on random days not one day in particular.

  • stillblondeafteralltheseyears!

    Our ongoing contest, full featured (with photo and all links) can be accessed on our site.
    Our giveaway linky is for Sundays! We update every week!
    Thank-you so much for this awesome list!

  • stillblondeafteralltheseyears!

    Hi Could you update my link under Sunday giveaways to this:

    Also, I have an ongoing full feature giveaway page where they need to email me the information:

    Thanks! You are awesome for doing this! I give you about 100 clicks a week by coming here and listing my contests all over the web!

    • deidre

      I have added you to the list

  • Nicole Johnson

    I love that you keep this list! I visit EVERYDAY!

    I have a Win it Wednesday post that I would love for you to add to the list!

    I have your button on my blog!

  • Nicole Johnson

    Hi! Not sure if my comments have went through, but I have a giveaway linky every Wednesday and I would love if you could post it here!


    I have been coming here on a daily basis since before I even began my blog looking for great giveaways to enter! Your list has been a lifesaver for me!

    I also wanted to let you know that your button is on my blog!

  • Jen @ Fun Family Tips

    Wow! This is the best list that I’ve seen–very helpful (and makes getting the word out about a giveaway less of a chore)!! Thank you so much!

  • Luv My Two Girls

    Thanks for the list. I have one also every tuesday

  • Sarah Marturano

    Thanks in advance for adding me to your list.

    Everyone is welcome to come link up at mine too-a new linky goes up every Sunday

  • Yoly @ Cuponeando

    Thanks for adding my linky to the list!

  • Danetta

    Hi! I have a giveaway submission form on my blog where bloggers can fill the form out with their giveaway details and then I will post the information to my blog. The form can be found here:

    • deidre

      Thanks, I added you to the list!

  • Scarlet

    Thanks for the list!
    I have an ongoing linky at

  • Julie

    I have Etsy giveaways each Thursday, called Thankful Thursdays! Thanks for posting!

  • sue

    How do I sign up for your emails.

    • deidre

      Sign up for my emails by entering your email address in the right-hand side of my page where it says “subscribe to my newsletter”

  • Brodie

    I have a link every Thursday at

  • Michelle

    I did not get my linky posted this week – crazy busy, but I will be back on track next week!

    Thanks for coming by!

  • Mom’s Best Bets

    Aloha, I would love to be added.
    Every Monday
    Mom’s Best Bets Mondays linky (for giveaways or great posts)

  • Danielle

    Hi! I just started a Linky on my blog for every Friday. I am not sure how to get the link that is reoccurring, so all I have is the weekly link, but I will give you my blog website to post.

    Every Friday I have Friday Free For All! Thanks for letting everyone know about my crunchy blog!

  • Rita A

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  • Oh My Giveaway

    I messed up at first but figured it out. Thank you for the list.

  • Amy L

    OOPS! I listed my giveaway on your Saturday Linky by mistake. I don’t have a Giveaway Linky on my blog. Sorry!

  • Frugal Science Gal

    Do you still have the old list? Just curious!

    • deidre

      LOL I’m going to change this one, its not working too well huh!

  • candice orpesa

    Please add mine! A new type of giveaway linky…only for giveaways ending Today! you can add to every day of week :)
    …Whenever I enter giveaways I look for the ones ending today so I can find out the next day if I won. Now…no need for searching.

    Thank you so much!!!

    • deidre

      I added you at the top of the list since I think that is such a clever idea!

  • candice orpesa

    Thank you so much for adding me to your list! so I am thinking i am going to get rid of it…because its not really getting any links…I have had you and one other person link up besides myself…I don’t even know if my readers are looking at it…so I think I am going to get rid of it… :(

  • karissa

    This is the best list of linkys I’ve seen YET!! It has been frustrating all the sites that are outdated or don’t do it everyweek!! This is amazing!! I will be on your site daily while I run giveaways!!

    Oh, one thing that would add to the awesome-ness would be if you wrote a date of last updated on the page, That way people like me can tell right away you are keeping up with it!!

    I can describe how happy I am to find this one!

  • The Coupon Posse’

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to link up our giveaway. We would love it if you tweeted about it and came by to enter too :)

  • icefairy

    Thanks for the list. I also have an ongoing Linky Could you add mine to your list?

    • deidre

      Gotcha added!

  • karissa

    Hi there!! Was going to tell you the The Frugal Mind Mister Linky on Thursday might be outdated. Hasn’t updated in over a month (last link on 6/3)

    • deidre

      Thanks! I removed it from the list. Let me know if you find any others!

  • Lisa

    I have a giveaway Linky on my blog every Thursday.
    Mom’s Misc. Adventures

    • deidre

      gotcha added

  • Jammie

    Hi Deidre, I have started a linky on Fridays. The Neat Things inLife I would love to be added to this list thank you.

  • Jennifer

    If possible, please add giveawaysandgoodies to your links.

    I use Simply Linked linkys and several categories to link-up giveaways by category. It’s a Giveaway site I created to try to make finding Giveaways a little easier so the linkys are ongoing.

    Thanks for your consideration!

    • deidre

      I searched your site and couldn’t find any linkys….

      • Jennifer

        There are tabs across the top with different categories for linkys (Baby&Kids, Low Entry, Ending Soon, etc…).

        The linky for general giveaways is:

        Let me know if you add it and I’ll add your button to the ‘Other Linkys’ page.

        Thanks for looking!!

        • deidre

          Thanks, got them added!

  • karissa

    On Tuesday’s – is about 5 weeks old… they don’t update the linky!


    • deidre

      Thanks so much! I deleted it from the list!

  • Lisa

    Thank-you for letting me know about your Giveaway Linky Directory.
    I have a giveaway linky every Thursday.

    • deidre

      Gotcha added!

  • HSUper Parents

    Thanks for listing my blog and for the extensive list! :)

  • icefairy

    Hi Deidre, I remember receiving an email from you saying that my linky has been added here, but I still can’t see it. Would you mind asking your guy to add it again? Thanks a lot!

    icefairy’s Treasure Chest ongoing linky tools

    • deidre

      I added you to the Continuous category

  • Pam

    Deidre, thanks so much for sharing. This is an awesome resource. Would you mind adding my linky to your list? It is for low entry giveaways 75 entries or less.
    Low Entry Link Up–Fridays

    • deidre

      Got you added!

  • Pam

    BTW, do you mind if I add your list to the top of the Giveaway Linky’s List at Pitch It To Me giveaway group? Thanks again!

    • deidre

      Sent you an email!

  • One 2 Try

    Thanks for the great list and for including mine on Sundays. Awesome!

  • Cassie

    Please feel free to include my low entries (100 or less) Hump Day Giveaways (Wednesdays)

    • deidre

      thanks! Added you!

  • Robin

    I switched to wordpress this weekend, and my url for my Monday Linky has changed.

    Would you please update?
    Thank you.
    Have a great day.

    • deidre

      switched it, thanks!

  • Sheri Carpenter

    I emailed you but my linky was never added. Can you ad me to the friday list?

    • deidre

      Gotcha Added ya!

  • Sheri Carpenter

    Thanks so much!!

  • Henrietta

    I’d love to ask if you could update A Hen’s Nest linky url (Friday Linky)! I’ve switched to WordPress and the new linky url is :

    I’m adding your site to the linky directory on my site

    • deidre

      Gotcha added, ya!

  • Sheri Carpenter

    can you also add my other linkup that will start every monday?

  • Armando Codina

    Thank you very much for posting a lot of this excellent information! I am looking forward to seeintg more blogs!

  • Nirra

    Hi! I heart your linky list! Can you add me to the list of Friday linkies?

  • Would you please add my linkup on the Friday list?? Thanks so much!!

    ~I’m Not Your Everyday Average Mom!

    • deidre

      I couldn’t find the linky on the page?

      • It is all set to activate Thursday night and run all day Friday. You will see that it says “this linky list is not open yet. It will open for new entries 9/16/2010 8:00:00 PM”
        I will open it now so you can see it though!!!

  • Jessica

    I hope I did the linky right…
    Let me know if you can’t see it…

    Thank you in advance for the add!

    • Jessica

      Under Friday Please :)

      • deidre

        I gotcha added :)

        • Jessica

          Thank you so much!!! It is very much appreciated!

  • Angie @ The Diaper Baker

    We have a brand new ongoing linky for giveaways. It’s continuous but will be frequently updated for expired giveaways. Would love to be added to the list! The direct link is

    Thanks so much!! :)

  • Nancy D.

    Could you add my linky to the list (it’s continuous). My website is Super Saving Mommy and my direct link for my Mister Linky on my site is

    Thank you!

    • deidre

      added you, thanks!

  • Nancy

    Could you add my Mister Linky to your Sunday list. My direct link is

    Thank you

    • deidre

      Gotcha added!!!!

  • kristen

    Hi Deidre! I would love to be included on your list for Saturdays!
    Here is the direct link :

    • deidre

      Added you:)

  • Blog Contest Station

    Could you add my site to your list.

  • Aleksandra

    Thanks for compiling this! I have a Saturday linky here:

  • Jenni @ Sweet Pennies from Heaven

    Hi. I would love to be added to the Sunday list. My blog name is Sweet Pennies from Heaven and my weekly giveaway blog url is:

    Thanks so much!

    • deidre

      Thanks! Gotcha added!

  • ion

    A mother was preparing pancakes for her sons, Kevin, 5, and Ryan, 3. The boys began to argue over who would get the first pancake. Their mother saw the opportunity for a moral lesson. If Jesus were sitting here, He would say, “Let my brother have the first pancake. I can wait.”Kevin turned to his younger brother and said, “Ryan, you be Jesus.”

  • Sheri Carpenter

    Can you please change the URL for Miracle Momas (On Monday’s) to

    Thanks so much

    • deidre


  • Reading Glasses

    Great wordpress blog here.. It’s hard to find quality writing like yours these days. I really appreciate people like you! take care and see you soon

  • A Moms Choice

    I have a giveaway linky I put up each Sunday. It’s on

  • foremost lloyds insurance

    I need to know exactly what Cathryn will say with this…

  • Michelle M.

    Hi I have a new giveaway linky at iHeart Winning

    This is ongoing and us refreshed once a week on Sunday nights. Thanks!

    • deidre

      Thanks! Added it to Continuous

  • Modesto Youket

    This frugal blog appears to recieve a great deal of visitors. How do you get traffic to it? It offers a nice individual twist on things. I guess having something useful or substantial to give info on is the most important thing.

  • Cameron Vaeza

    You’re on the money with this. Nice work.

  • Arnulfo Massed

    colossal tally you own – totally love you linking up my giveaways for me, getting so many more entries!

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    Hello, i´m beginning with rss subscriptions. Now i can stay current with your site and especially the topic List of Giveaway Linkys now, really a nice feature. Thanks, Zahnimplantate

  • Cat @ 3 Kids and Us
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    Hi,Just found your blog on Technorati & Digg upcomming news feeds and read a few of your other posts.Seems good contents,Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.Thanks,Michael

  • Melissa Speegle

    I host a InLinkz giveaway linky on Wednesdays. I would love to be added to your list. Thank you!

  • candice

    thanks for keeping this linky list updated, use it everyday!

  • terri

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  • Erica Victoria Yingling

    Hi there!
    Could you please add my blog to the Saturday Linky List! Thank you!! I will be updating weekly!!!


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  • Jen

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    Thank you for providing such an awesome list!

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    The BEST giveaway linky ever!!!! Keep enjoyed your blogging.

  • Brooke Anna

    Wow! Too bad I dont have many giveaways!

  • Chrysa

    I have a linky every Monday in Contest Corner at Thrifty Jinxy – – I would love to be added to your list as well!

  • anna violette donald

    where is you list of winners on this blog

  • Modesty

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  • Shar

    Ok girl, how on earth do you do all of this? I am serious- do you have any help?
    Every time I think I have found the coolest thing on your blog….I tap a few more keystrokes and I find another awesome post/review/coupon/etc/etc on your blog. I have visited many blogs BUT you are without a doubt the most thorough and best! (I found your blog only a few days ago!!!) Sooooooo impressed!

  • Tyne

    I love giveaWAYS!

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      I tughoht finding this would be so arduous but it’s a breeze!

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    New Link to Couponing From Chester for 100 Sunday Coupon Inserts!!

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  • Rachel (Cha Ching Queen)

    When you get a chance can you update the Cha Ching Queen Wed. Blog Giveaway Link up to or just the homepage

    when I switched to WordPress it changed the way the tags/labels work.

    Thanks for including me in the list.


    • deidre


  • Eileen

    Holy Cow…I am not a blogger and had NO idea all of these were available. What a great resource!

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  • Deanna T.

    I would love if you would add my link to your list.

    Every Thursday over at Maple Leaf Mommy, I co-host the Canadian Friendly Giveaway Link-Up.

    The giveaways can also be open to the US or even Worldwide, as long as Canadians can enter.

    Here’s a link:

    • deidre

      added you!

      • Callista

        You have Maple Leaf Mommy listed as Shining 2 Save

  • CostSolutions.Org

    Hey, We are having our very first giveaway in celebration of the launch of our new site – CostSolutions.Org.

    Enfamil Newborn Formula Giveaway

    Giveaway ends on 3-30-2011. Open to US residents.


  • Cincinnati Coupons

    I just started a weekly link up at Cincinnati Coupons: What To Win Wednesday


    • deidre

      I added you!

  • Society of Socialpreneurs

    Hi! I found you on the linkup on our blog giveaway directory, I would love to exchange with you. We do a link up ~ All About Giveaways Tuesday and we have a blog giveaway directory as well every Tuesday on! Our ongoing giveaway directory can be found at Would love to be included!

    • deidre

      I added you to the list!

  • Brian P

    Hey Deidre,

    My name is Brian Pekarek and I am the owner of I have a great place where members can submit their giveaways.

    This is new and just added to Not only will members get visibility on our blog but we mail out to our members weekly new sweepstakes other blogs are running! We have a member base of nearly 10k.

    Brian P

  • Melissa –

    Thanks for this AMAZING list! It’s the only updated linky list out there!

  • Irene


    I have a weekend giveaway linky that I post Fri.nights.@http://Happy Healthy I would love it if you could add it to your list here!

    • deidre

      Hi, could you give me the url for the category you post this in? I don’t like to link to the home pages because it takes too much time to find the linky.

  • Brenda

    We just added Tuesday Linky to our site. We will be posting every Tuesday
    I would love to be added to your directory.

    • deidre

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  • Holly

    I have been utilizing this list for quite some time. This morning, I decided to create a weekly giveaway linkup to give people another space to promote their sites and giveaways. Woman Tribune’s Tuesday Giveaway Linkup will (obviously) publish every Tuesday morning. I would really appreciate it if you could add our link?

    Thanks so much!

    • deidre

      I just added you!

  • Maggie @ Snag A Bargain

    I have a Wednesday giveaway linky. I would love it if you could add it to your list here!

    Wacky Wednesday Giveaways –

    • deidre

      Alright, I added you to Wednesday giveaway linkys!

  • April~Giveaways 4 Mommy

    Hi Deidre! I have a new page up for Low Entry Giveaways. Would you mind adding it to your huge and awesome list of places to list and link up giveaways? I’d appreciate it!

    Also, if you wouldn’t mind updating Giveaways 4 Mommy’s Saturday Linky. It’s a Mr Linky. Thanks so much!

    • deidre

      Thanks, updated and added your low entry one!

  • Lisa

    I’d love if you could add my giveaway to your list. Ends April 27th.

  • jessi @ Jabbering Jessi

    Thank you for having me in your list I really appreciate it.

    Jessi from Jabbering Jessi

    • deidre

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  • Sarah

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  • Sheri Carpenter

    On the link for One Busy Moma on Fridays could you please change the URL to
    Thank you

  • Mey
  • Bridget @ Giveaway Promote
  • Tonya

    Hi! I just started an Ongoing Giveaway Linky and was wondering if you could add it to your list. Thanks!

  • Shonda @ Life Is Full of Bloom

    Just started a Sunday Giveaway Linky. It would be great if you would add it to your list.

  • mammasplace

    Have 3 Giveaways right now
    Large Recycled Tote-CAN/US Ends June 1, 2011-

    $5 AMAZON.COM E-Gift Card-Worldwide- Ends June 30, 2011


  • Claudette Lariviere

    First Visit, Love everything!! Will be back again for sure!!!!! Thank you !!!!

  • Ashley

    I found this last week and love it! Thank you!

    I just clicked on Consumer Queen which is under Tuesdays and it hasn’t been updated since January.

  • Sheri Carpenter

    Can you please remove Miracle Momas from the Monday list as it is merging with my other blog.
    Also a friend of mine started a linky and I would love it if you could put hers up in the Sunday list

  • Bridget @ Giveaway Promote

    Would love to be added under “Fill Out A Form”

    Giveaway Promote –

  • marie

    can you add me back to the list? i have a new ongoing linky – a dedicated page here:

    thank you!

  • bethany

    so many giveaways… so little time 😉

  • Lisa M.

    Where do I begin?

  • Lisa M.

    WOW! I don’t know what to do first!

  • Lisa

    Link Your Giveaway Thursdays
    Mom’s Misc Adventures

  • Nancy

    My websites: Best Selling Gifts (Sunday linky) and Super Saving Mommy (Ongoing linky) will be expiring on August 21st, so you might want to remove my links for giveaway linkys. Thanks.

  • Hollie Austin

    Can you add my insert giveaway? We are offering 30 full inserts to one lucky winner on Aug 28. Here is the link

  • Lynda Coker

    Would love to add my giveaway under ‘Continuous’
    Thank you so much

    • Lynda Coker

      So sorry, posted this in the wrong place. Please excuse my, *duh! moment.

  • Cheryl Mortensen

    Hey! If I’ve added a linkzy to my site, do I just give you my link so you can add it to your list? Sorry, I’m new to the linky giveaway stuff! Thanks

  • Jennifer

    Hi there! There is a new weekly giveaway linky on Wednesdays….please include on your list. :)

  • Brandy Mills

    Thank you for all the things here! You are like a one stop shop for blog giveaways! Great job!

  • Gabby

    Win $20 to Vantage Point Vintage. Vantage Point Vintage specializes in unique vintage finds for both men and women

  • Amee

    Wednesday- Want to Win something linky
    Thank you I appreciate being added to your awesome list!

    • deidre

      I have to have a direct link to your category or I can’t add you

  • Renee @ Made By Renee

    FYI: Giveaways 4 Mommy came up as a reported attack page by my virus scanner… you may want to contact her

  • Renee @ Made By Renee

    Oh So Savvy page not found :)

  • Blaine

    I’m actually fascinated along with your writing skills as well as with the design and style on your site. Is this a paid for design or did you personalize it all by yourself? In either case continue the wonderful top quality writing, that it is rare to find out a great blog like this one nowadays..

  • Brandy Mills

    I want to tell you!!!! This is Brandy from Sock Monkey Sweeps. You have done two giveaway promotions for me now, and they are AWESOME! But, beyond that, since you have listed my linkys here they have grown SO fast. And YOU make it so easy for us bloggers, to keep doing what we do. Going down your extensive list, saves me SO much time! On all my larger ones, I have you promote, and it works wonders. My FIRST giveaway was promoted by and I got almost 900 entries on a new blog! That says a great deal about what you do. And Now, my blog is growing faster than I can keep up! Along with the facebook that supports it, Just, Thank you, for making this hobby so rewarding. I am able to help so many artists promote their businesses and this all started with YOU!. You are a MONKEY favorite, button is ALWAYS on home page. Right on top. Just wow. :))))

  • Angie

    Can you add me to your list for ongoing giveaway links. Thanks

    • deidre


  • Heather

    I am offering a giveway with Scentsy! Every $25.00 spent, you recieve a FREE PRIZE!! Please go to after you place your order, email me ( your address and your scent you would like for your FREE gift (s)! Chose from satin sheets, black raspberry vanilla, white tea and cactus, or honey pear cider!! This deal is on until October 8th!!!

    Heather Harris

  • Lisa

    I hope you are having a great week.
    I need my Giveaway Linky changed please.
    You have it listed under Misc Ocean Sky on Thursdays.
    Here is what I want it changed to Please:
    Mom’s Misc Adventures
    Still list it for Thursdays.

  • TJ

    Hi! Could you please add my giveaway linky to this list? It occurs every Wednesday. It’s called Happy WINSday and here’s category link: Thank you. :-)

    • deidre

      Sweet just added you!

  • Marina

    Hi Deidre

    Just emailed you with my list of giveaway and non giveaway linkies but adding the same below as well :)


    Tuesday’s Treasures Giveaway Linky :

  • Tallen

    Will you please add my blog to your list- it is a list of RAFFLECOPTER ONLY GIVEAWAYS
    the url is
    Thank you.

  • mariah yeater

    We are a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your site provided us with useful info to paintings on. You’ve performed an impressive job and our entire neighborhood shall be grateful to you.

  • Dina

    I host a Saturday linky with Inlinkz: Would you please add me to the list? Thank you!

    • deidre

      Thanks I just added you!

  • sayanything7389

    Thanks for this amazing list!

    I have a continuous linkies page for giveaways with InLinkz and would really appreciate if you could add it if you get a chance. The url is on my blog, Potato Chip Cats. Thank you in advance! 

  • Anita Anderson

    I have an ongoing Giveaway Linky on my site

  • Lyly T.

    Thank you for such a great list! It saves me so much time and I don’t have to search for linky lists on my own. Are you still adding anymore linkies to your list? I would love to have mine included. It’s an ongoing inlinkz (image and text) I hope it’s ok to leave my linky here :) 

  • Thefrugalfairy

    The very last link, Product Sweepstakes, is a read-only FB page. FYI :)

  • Would love for you to add Giveaway Promote to your list under “Fill out a form” sites. I’d say we’re high traffic – Alexa under 7,000 US and 35,000 WW.


  • Amazing this List really helped me a lot . ! ! :)

  • Hiya I was wondering If you would be able to add my ongoing giveaway linky to your list.  

    Heres my link –

    I consider myself a main Contest,Sweepstakes and Giveaways site if that helps as to where you would like to list it, although i am a blogger.

    Thanks in advance

    Kevin @ Linkies Contest Linkies

  • Jessica

    Just wanted to let you know that Slickdeals does NOT allow blog contests. You might want to take that off your list.

    • oh I’ve been listing mine on there for awhile, do they just delete them?

      • Jessica

        Yes, they delete them.

  • Guest

    Well, my blog still hasn’t been added, but broken links and blogs who don’t post promptly are still here so whatever. 

    • I use this list daily and remove blogs who don’t update their linkys. Let me know what your blog is and I’ll add it.

  • Under Rafflecopter Linkys  the linky is no longer active and is closed

  • Thriftymom613

    My giveaway linky is ongoing and I will promote daily on FB, Twitter and google+

  • Thriftymom613

    My giveaway linky is ongoing and I will promote daily on FB, Twitter and google+

    • Great I just added you!

    • Great I just added you!

  • Iteachem76

    HI! What a great idea!! I have my giveaways all linked up here; Let me know what you need from me. 

    • I added you to Continuous.

    • I added you to Continuous.

  • Iteachem76

    HI! What a great idea!! I have my giveaways all linked up here; Let me know what you need from me. 

  • Blog Booty has a link up every Friday at

    Please add it to the list.  thanks

  • Blog Booty has a link up every Friday at

    Please add it to the list.  thanks

  • We have a contest going on this week for a chance to win an Amazon gift card on FB. Can we be added to your list?!/kidfriendlyfamilyvacationscom/app_254553244581393

  • Cheryl

    Hi! I have one on Saturday at Moms & Munchkins as well:

  • Thanks for all the linkys! :)

  • guest

    RE: WUC forum: you have to have at least 15 posts to post a url.

  • I have a giveaway linky by category on my blog using inlinkz. (Examples of categories: beauty supplies, Paypal & giftcards, stuff for kids, etc.)

    Thanks so much for your list! It’s been very helpful when sharing my giveaways.

  • Prize a tron under the email to be listed is actually up for sale now, they aren’t listing giveaways anymore

    • thank you I deleted them

  • Sarah

    Thanks for including my site! :)

    Sarah @ Minnesota Mama’s Must Haves

  • I would love it if you could add my Wednesday Giveaway Linky to your great list. Thanks!!!
    Mary from Mission: to Save

    • Added you !

      • Thanks so much! Yours is my go to list, so I am happy to be added too!
        (not sure if it matters, I will be using Mister Linky)

  • Slight name mix up… under Thursdays where it says Shining 2 Save, Must be open to Canadians, etc. The name should be “Maple Leaf Mommy”.  Thanks so much for including me in the list!

  • Agnes

    Hi! Would you be able to add Giveaway HQ ( to the list? Thank you in advance!

    • Just added your site, thanks!

  • I love this list!  I want to let you know that I have a Fashion & Beauty Giveaway Linky on my blog, called the Super Stylish Giveaway Linky.  It is ongoing, and updated weekly on Saturday nights (new giveaways added every day!!)

    I would love it if you could add this to your Linky List!  Thank you!


    I sent a personal email to Deidre but I also wanted to provide feed back on her website! We did a promo giveaway with her and she was great and helping  us get fans on our facebook and personal page!! She has a superb customer service skills and professional may I add. 

    Thank you, Deidre. We look foward in promoting future giveaways again with you! 

    • Thanks! Just saw this comment a year later, weird.

  • Thefrugalfairy

    Mom logic under continuous came up blank then my virus software alerted “thread has been detected” for Malware -=–FYI!!!!

    • Thefrugalfairy

      it’s actually under “submit thread in forum” not “continuous” sorry

      • I just removed them from the list, thanks!

  • FYI- Kings Court on Monday hasn’t had linky since June. Thanks!


      Thanks Mary for the heads up!

  • thanks

  • Dianna
    • I will remove it, thanks!

  • Dianna

    laughter giveaways is also closed.

  • Anita Anderson

    Could you please fix the spelling for Queens NYC Mom it is spelled wrong. Txs

  • Jennifer P

    Hi, I didn’t realize there was so many contest out there. Thanks to you I entered a couple of them two days ago. One of them on the very last day and I WON the “Garden Girl – Apron & Gloves” Giveaway. How cool is that. Thanks for the great site. Just discovered it recently but I’m already a fan.

  • Michelle B

    Hi Could you include my Ongoing Linky to your list
    Thanks :)

  • Coupon Geek hasn’t updated linky since Jan, FYI. Thanks

    • Thanks I’ll remove them from the list

  • Carl Bainbridge

    Could you please add my ongoing giveaway linky to your list
    Thank you

    • added you

      • Carl Bainbridge

        thank you, much appreciated.

  • Hi Deidre! Would you be able to add this one to your list? (Natural / Eco Living giveaways only. Cash & gift card giveaways welcome.) Thank you in advance!

    • added ya!

      • Thank you so much!

      • Deidre, would you be able to add “Natural/Eco living and cash/GC giveaways only.” for Living La Vida Eco, please? I’m getting a lot of giveaway submissions that have nothing to do with natural living. Thank you in advance!

  • Ivan

    Hi Deidre, I’ve ordered the package 3 days ago and there’s no response since, can you send me an email for some updates? thanks.

    • I emailed you again, can you check?

      • Ivan

        Hi, i just replied to your gmail, please let me know if you’ve got it, thanks!

  • gigi

    Hello! Great list. I have a new ongoing giveaway linky that I’d love to be included on your list.
    Thanks so much!
    My Fab Fit Forties

  • thirtythree80

    Hi! Thank you for this list.
    I’d love to be included on your list
    Thanks so much!
    I’m the ThirtyThree80 Lady

  • Frugal Homeschool Mom

    Hey there, can you add mine? It’s back up and running!

  • Frugal Mom & Wife

    Hey Deidre,
    Can you add me to the list?
    Low Entry Giveaways:
    Thanks so much, LOVE your list!!

    – Frugal Mom and Wife

  • Catherine L.

    Great list! I’d love to be added. My giveaway linky is ongoing Thanks!

  • Thank you so much for adding my linky to your list. Hugs!
    Terri’s Little Haven

  • Todd

    Could you include my Wednesday Linky to your list

    Thank you

  • Emma

    Can you please include my website in the above list.

    • Just added you!

      • Emma

        Thanks a lot

  • This list is THE BEST ON THE INTERNET!!

    Thank you!!

    We are running our first Facebook contest and this has been invaluable.

    Freshana Organic Solutions

  • Thanks for this great list

  • Shannon

    Hi! I have a link up every Friday at Mom State of Mind.


  • Dear Deirdre,

    For the past year, I have been hosting a weekly Inlinkz giveaway linky every Tuesday that is open Worldwide. I’d love it if you could add my site to this great list.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  • Great collection of giveaway links. I’d love to have my facebook page added to your list. Anyone can post giveaways to the page.


    • Do they just list it in the comments or do you re-list it and have it published as your status?

      • Guest

        When someone posts,it appears on the sidebox “Recents Posts by Others”.

  • Can you add me to your list? I have my first linky starting this Sunday and it will be every week after that. THanks so much!

  • Vicki W

    I would love to have my Rafflecopter Givaway Linky added if possible! Thank you so much for this amazing list, it has saved me so much time searching!

  • thank you for the comprehensive list! I will be using these links.

  • Anita

    could you fix the name for Queens NYC Mom. it is spelled wrong

  • Agnes

    Would you be able to add “natural/eco living giveaways only” to the Living La Vida Eco one? I’m getting way too many giveaway submissions for giveaways that aren’t eco/natural at all. Thank you in advance.

    • yes I will do that Agnes!

      • Agnes

        Thank you very much, Deidre!

  • Kristi D

    This is a great list! I’m using it right now – thank you! Could you add my Ongoing Linky? – Inlinkz with Pictures

  • Francis Sweets

    We just added the new giveaway linky (OnGoing). Please share it thanks

  • jen schreiner

    Hi!!!! can you please add our giveaway linky to Mondays – Thank you

    • thanks jen I added you

      • jen schreiner

        Awesome. Thanks again

  • Ross
  • Tabitha

    Hi! Can you add under Sunday?

    It’s live late every Saturday night and will accept links for a whole week. You can check the category – it’s been consistent for a while! Thanks!

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