Posted: August 15, 2011

I have heard various reports that make me sad!

Nadean on my facebook page said:

“I went to Walgreens today and was told by the cashier that they will no longer allow a customer more than one RR per day. I had two transactions with RR on both and she said they would allow it this time but from now on only 1 RR per customer per day. I just went to the Walgreens website and read the entire page on their coupon/RR policies and it doesnt say anythingabout that on there. I printed out their policy and will be sure to take it with me next time I go and will dispute this all they way up the management chain. I asked the cashier when and who put this into effect and she said that her manager put this into effect this weekend. I asked if it was company wide and she said she didnt know. I was just wondering if you have gotten wind of this yourself or from anyone else?”

I told her: There are stores that are only allowing one RR per item per day.

She said: Yea, they have always done that at this store. But what she was trying to tell me was ONE RR PER DAY PER CUSTOMER. I asked her to repeat that so that I made sure she was not misunderstanding their policy and she said that her manager just told her this weekend that they are only allowing 1 RR per customer per day regardless of how many transactions you have.

Has anyone else experienced this at Walgreen’s lately?

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