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Posted: May 31, 2018


Get 1 year for only $45 - Over 60% off!

Get 7 months of free when you do a one year subscription. That’s 60% off. So just $45 for a full year subscription. This sale only happens twice a year – and right now before your kiddos get the summer boredom blues is the perfect time to get them started! ABCMouse offers over 5,000 learning activities, including books, songs, games, animations, puzzles, art activities, and printables for ages 2-8.

Why Pay??
For me, it’s all about NO pop up ads or ads of any kind for my kiddos to click on when you sign up for Before I posted this I thought I’d try it out on my 3 year old and my 5 year old. I don’t like my kids playing on the computer where they can click on risqy-ads or content, so that is the #1 thing I was looking for. Educational is a bonus – but to me, not as important as fun. Because if it’s not fun, then they won’t do it. But if it’s fun they’ll want to do it and learning is a great bonus.
Choose Your Childs Level
You can take an assessment, or just choose your childs skill level. Once they pass it off, ABCMouse will automatically move your child to the next level.

Multiple Children
If you have multiple children, you use ONE account, but click on swap kids and it pulls up the other children and their data, so they can all be at different levels at the same time. I have two computers, and my kids each play at the same time at their own skill level.

Kids earn tickets when playing and/or passing off tasks, and can use those tickets to get items for their virtual room, hamster, or fish tank. Surprisingly, this is my child’s favorite part!

Play on Phones, Tablets or PC’s
You can download the app to your itunes or android compatible phones and your child can play on the go, but they will need wi-fi. My kids prefer to play on the tablet or laptop.

Posted: February 16, 2017

How to SpotEvery now and then I post consumer alerts to help you out. Well, someone recently tried to “scam” me but luckily I knew what to look for and was able to avoid the scam. I wanted to post this information so you would know what to watch for because scammers are more cleaver than you think.  This happened to me a few years ago, but wanted to put it here for anyone who has not seen it.

Here is my true story:

I was selling an item on, a classified ads site similar to I always only accept cash and have my husband meet up with the people who are buying (as I don’t feel safe meeting anyone alone). One person wanted to pay via paypal since that was easiest for them. Paypal gives you full refunds if things go wrong, so I figured that was okay.

Well, I got an email from “paypal” saying money had been deducted from the buyer’s account, and as soon as I emailed them a receipt of  shipping confirmation I would receive payment.  Red flags are everywhere!

First, Paypal has buyer protection so if you pay for something and don’t get it you can dispute it.  I don’t believe they have a service of holding money such as this.

Also, the name said   Notice the extra dot at the end.  So I clicked on “show details”

And guess what I saw – it wasn’t from Paypal.  It said

Well I stuck the email in “trash”.  I didn’t click on any links.

If you get an email from any bank or paypal don’t click on ANY links in the email.

Because if it is a fraud email, this will happen: You’ll click on the link. Go to a site that looks exactly like Paypal.  Enter your email and password. Then BOOM.  You have just given a fake company that has setup a site to look just like paypal your email and password!

It is always safest to just type the url directly in the browser, and look for the https:// at the front.  The s means secure.

Ask CCD Readers: If you have any more tips on keeping yourself safe while selling items online, please leave a comment below!

Posted: January 19, 2017


8If you are new to couponing you should know that not all stores have the greatest deals.  You may get discouraged if couponing at your local grocery store doesn’t give you some HUGE savings.  You might be thinking “where do people coupon at?” One thing to keep in mind it that some people, like me, coupon mostly for non-food items (razors, diapers, shampoo, etc…) and then we buy fresh produce and good meats when they are on weekly sales.  I may be the minority though, as  many couponers coupon mostly for food items too.   For food items, I usually just watch for the lowest price produce etc… on the weekly ads.  I don’t buy much processed food unless it is an incredible deal.

Reader Poll

I coupon mostly at Kmart, but also at Walmart, Walgreens and Rite Aid.  If I had a Publix or CVS near me, I’d coupon there too.  I did a poll with my readers, and if you are new to couponing here are the stores you should look for in your area to coupon at, in order of most to least popular places to coupon at:

  1. CVS
  2. Walgreens
  3. Target
  4. Rite Aid
  5. Walmart
  6. Albertons
  7. Publix
  8. Kmart

Choose One Store to Start

rite aid ad

There are more local grocery stores which may have great deals, but if you are new and want to get started, I would read the store coupon training guide for one store above.  Just start with one!  It is too confusing to learn multiple stores at once.  Then do a trip at that store.  Get used to couponing there, then slowly add more stores to your weekly shopping trips.  For other stores, scroll over Find My Store at the top of my site to find the weekly deals for those stores.

Some Stores Have Hot Non Coupon Deals!

One store I really like to shop is Kmart because of their points offers.  They team up with Sears and Lands’ End for their ShopYourWayRewards (SYWR) Program.  Sometimes they offer 100% points back on items (see example here) where you get the items FREE after points!  Read all about 19 Kmart / SYWR Shopping Hacks (That REALLY Work!)

There is also my free ABC’s of Couponing guide that will help you get started too!

Posted: March 11, 2016

How to Start

If I did it, you can do it.

Trust me, when it comes to scary terms like “web hosting” and “cloud technology”, I’m no guru. But setting up a website these days is really not as technical as you’d think. So, moms and dads? Fear not. This handy-dandy guide will show you how to transform empty, void space on the web into a money-making machine. That’s the dream at least!

Step 1: Pick Your Package

You can do this by heading over to Bluehost. They’ll give you a free domain (that is your blog’s URL) with the purchase of a hosting package, which you’re gonna need anyway. You might have to tweak your domain a little if the one you want is taken, but eventually you’ll find your happy place with your very own URL and hosting account to go with it!

You know I love deals, so here’s one of the best deals that includes everything and makes setup easy – Bluehost has you get setup in the cheapest and easiest way possible:

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.53.54 PM

Here’s what you do…

At, click the “get started now” button up top and it will take you to this plan selector:Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 3.01.42 PMIf you are just getting started, you the $3.95 plan and it is easy to upgrade later if your blog grows and you need to expand your website space.

Step 2: Name Your Baby

This is it, the birth of your brand! Time to throw all inhibitions out the window and go with the title that suits your fancy… for the most part at least. Choosing your blog’s name is something you can really have fun with, just keep in mind that humans tend to like things simple. So something like might be easier to remember than

I choose before I knew anything about blogging, and quickly realized it was too long for some people to remember.  So I ended up purchasing and  Now if anyone goes to either of those URL’s, they are redirected – or sent – to my main page.  That makes it easier for people to find my site.

Once you feel rock solid about your catchy title, the next step is to cross your fingers and hope it’s available! There’s about a zillion blogs out there, so don’t get too attached before you check your new title’s availability.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 3.12.37 PM

Quick Tips for a Killer Blog Title

  • Stay true to your audience. Would they like it? Is it their style?
  • Stay true to you. Does it capture the essence and tone of your blog-to-be?
  • Go shorter rather than longer – it’s easier to remember.
  • Keep search terms in mind. Think of the type of words your audience will be searching for, and incorporate a few if you can.
  • Make sure it’s a name you can live with for….ever. Rebranding is always a messy business.
  • Take your time. Some of the greatest marketing slogans of all time took weeks to muster up.
  • Last of all… have fun with it! Boring never sells, so be creative and catchy.

Since you’re just starting out, I’d say go ahead and select the cheapest plan (you can always upgrade later when your blog becomes mega-successful!). From there it’s pretty simple. You’ll type in your domain, account and billing information, the nitty gritty stuff.

Wait, what is hosting?!

Not sure what “hosting” even means? It’s okay… I didn’t either. Long story short, every site on the internet needs a place to live, right? A place to store all its files and keep itself running smoothly. That’s where a web host comes in. You absolutely have to have one to start a site. Thus, my Bluehost recommendation.

Now, enough tech talk!

Step 3: Install WordPress

This is my favorite part. I believe there’s a little designer in all of us, and that’s why piecing together the look and feel of your coupon blog will have you oozing with happiness.

Once you log into your new Bluehost account, go to your dashboard and you should be able to find an “Install WordPress” button, shown by the huge blue arrow below:

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 3.14.38 PM

The installation is pretty straightforward, but try this walkthrough if you have any trouble.

If you have any trouble at all just call Bluehost they are super friendly and helpful!  I worked on one late at night and they will still answering the phones!

Quick Review

Bluehost is your host… while WordPress is your site builder (and it is free). One is your site’s house, the other is your site’s tools. Got it?!

Once WordPress is installed, you can sift through hundreds of themes, customize your design, and start filling in the blanks with your killer content! I’d recommend publishing a few posts before going public. Clean your house and put up the decor before your company comes over, and then they’ll be enticed to come back.

And vuela! You’re ready to start blogging, sniffing out coupons, and saving the world. No biggie, right? Just remember… the set-up may be easy, but the dedication can be hard.

A successful blog takes time and lovin’.

Happy blogging!

Posted: January 18, 2016

For those who missed this last time I posted it 🙂

Posted: December 21, 2015

Best Mobile Smartphone Apps for Couponing 2016

I had people request what are the best mobile apps for couponers, so here are my favorites! Please leave a comment with yours too!

Cuckoo for Coupon Deals:

You will NEVER miss a deal with the Cuckoo for Coupon Deals app – download it free on Android or itunes (apple) or  Windows phone app store.  Plus every week we giveaway a $25 gift card to one app user!  And we have new improved printable lists which are easier to click on your mobile browser.



SYWR Kmart/Sears App:

Download the free SYWR app to easily view your surprise points and get Kmart & Sears coupons.  It’s also easy to find your SYWR pin, which you will need to use when you checkout and cash in points over $10.  Plus you can play sweepstakes right in the app for free, and I win money nearly every week on these!


Ibotta is a FREE Android & iPhone app. I find it easier to navigate than Shopkick and typically use it the most out of all apps. Here’s how to use it:

  • First, login to Ibotta and select the deals you are doing.   Just click on them with your phone, so easy!
  • Perform small tasks, like reading about how Chapstick works, taking 1-question polls, or sharing on FB to get $ added to the value of the coupon
  • To redeem your cash back, you will need to take a picture of your receipt and scan the barcode of the product you purchased. Ibotta will credit your account within 24 hours (it usually only takes 24 seconds).
  • Once you have earned $5.00 cash back you can choose to transfer it to a Paypal account or donate it to a charity.

Ibotta is offering a FREE $10 bonus when you sign up right now!


Shopkick is a FREE Android and iPhone app. It gives you access to exclusive deals to stores like Best Buy, Target, Macy’s & Toys ‘R Us. You will get a free $25 gift certificate when you sign up!

Steps to get the gift card:

1. Sign up online first via the Cuckoo landing page
2.You will get a text message to download the app – click this to download it
3. The gift card gets dropped into your account the first time you do a ‘walk-in’ to a partner store. That is, you walk into one of the partner stores with the app open on your phone.  Best Buy, Old Navy or Crate and Barrel, or more!  When you visit, say Best Buy, you’ll open the app inside at the entrance and wait a few seconds – the points will get credited and so will their gift card! The gift card will appear under the “me” tab and should be pretty instant.

Here’s some coupons at Target on Shopkick right now:

  • $1.50 off Archer Farms Snack Trail Mix or Nuts
  • $5 off Merona apparel $20+
  • $5 off Liz Lange for Target apparel 20+
  • $2 off Champion kids tops or bottoms
  • $1 off Archer Farms Chips 8 oz +

Checkout 51:

Checkout51 is mobile or you can use it on your PC.   The best part about this is you can use it at ANY grocery store! This gives it a big advantage over Ibotta.

How to use Checkout 51:

1. Browse your offers, buy at any store
2. Upload your receipt
3. Get cash back!
4 When your account reaches $20, you can cash out and Checkout 51 will mail a check your way.

Target Mobile Coupons

Sign up for Target Mobile Coupons and get coupons sent directly to your mobile phone! No need to print, just scan your smart phone at Target for the savings!

Walgreens Mobile Coupons

You can text APP to 21525 and Walgreens will send you a direct link to their app in iTunes, Android” Market and BlackBerry App World.  You can also sign up for Walgreens Coupons Alerts to get coupons sent directly to your phone.

CVS Mobile App

View ExtraCare information – send offers to card, view Weekly Ads, sign up for offers, deals and more on the CVS Mobile Android app or the

Let me know if you know of any others as well.


SavingStar is great because you can get cashback for shopping at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Target, and more.

Posted: January 9, 2013

If you’ve been hesitating on taking the time to download and install Ibotta, you may want to jump on it.

Ibotta on Android  & iPhones is pretty easy to use – so much easier than Shopkick (I think it is easier to navigate)   Sign up here for Ibotta for FREE You get your bonus after you redeem your first offer.

What kind of savings are we talking about??

Remember the app works with purchases made in Walmart, Target, Publix, Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Costco, Sam’s Club, Kroger & affiliates (like Smith’s) & more!

How to Use Ibotta:

  • First, login and select the deals you are doing.   Just click on them with your phone, so easy!
  • Perform small tasks, like reading about how Chapstick works, taking 1-question polls, or sharing on FB to get $ added to the value of the coupon
  • To redeem your cash back, you will need to take a picture of your receipt and scan the barcode of the product you purchased. Ibotta will credit your account within 24 hours (it usually only takes 24 seconds).
  • Once you have earned $5.00 cash back you can choose to transfer it to a Paypal account or donate it to a charity.
Posted: January 7, 2013

I just pinned this on Pinterest. People who make $100,000 are twice as likely to use coupons as those who make less than $35,000?!?!  I am not surprised about Coke offering the first coupons, I think I’d heard that before.

View my ABC’s of Couponing free guide to learn all about how to coupon.

Posted: January 3, 2013

RUN to Hobby Lobby!  All Christmas trees, decor, wreaths, etc… are 80% off!

I snagged the Christmas Door Mat shown above.  Notice the angle of the picture is weird?  I did that to show that it is a thick one.  I searched before Christmas at all other stores near me (Home Depot, Walmart, Target), they only had very flimsy, horrible ones that would blow away; so I didn’t buy one at all.  I was so happy to find a very thick, sturdy Christmas door mat today at Hobby Lobby!  It was $5.98, marked down from $27.99.

The aisles were packed, it took forever to get  a picture with noone in it!  I would go sooner rather than later, as I expect it to be picked through quickly.  Saturday there is a nationwide Support Hobby Lobby day, so I suspect things will get wiped out.

You can also print a Hobby Lobby coupon for 40% off one reg. priced item to bring, it won’t work on Christmas Decor but you might find something else there while you’re in store.

Wreaths and garland, 80% off

Plus, Christmas Trees were still left at the store, those are great to get 80% off.  Candles that were reg. $12.99 were now only $2.60.

This sale is advertised on their website here, so I believe it is nationwide, but selection is going to sell out quick.

Let us know what you score!

Posted: January 3, 2013

I am aware earlier today people were getting malware notices when they visited my site.  It is a notice going on all coupon blogs – something to do with ads on our sidebars, we removed it and it appears to be fine now 🙂   I assure you there never was malware, I am not sure why those ads caused that, but they are gone now.   You should be able to click on the site and not get that warning.

I was napping with our baby so I didn’t even catch it quick, sorry about that!

Posted: December 24, 2012

It’s Christmas Eve, time to track where Santa is at! Free Google Santa Tracker or you can use the Free NORAD Santa Tracker

Posted: December 22, 2012



Remember when I posted about posting on your facebook page a message for Shabby Apple, and you’d get a free necklace mailed to your house? Mine came today!

If you got your free shabby apple necklace, which one did you get? I got this Key to My Heart Necklace  – $52 value (top picture above).  Just email me if you want to trade necklaces – I really wanted to get that necklace B shown in the picture above.  If you got that one or one similar to it and want to trade, let me know.

Did you get yours?

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