Completely FREE Apps for Kids (Android & iTunes!) 9/26 ONLY

Sep 26 2014
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Why pay for Apps when you can get them for FREE?  I never pay for apps – I just wait till they are FREE! Here are some great FREE Apps for Kids.  These are FREE 9/26 ONLY. All apps have NO in app-purchase and NO ads.

FREE iPad/iPhone Apps:

Dino Math for Kids - Boost Your Brain Power with T. Rex Dinosaur Math Might

Dino Math for Kids – Boost Your Brain Power with T. Rex Dinosaur Math Might – You have only one second to decide if the answer you see is correct or not and tap the appropriate button. If you give a wrong answer, t. rex dinosaur will appear and roar.

Toca Robot Lab – Build your own robot with Toca Robot Lab! With all the tools and materials you need, Toca Robot Lab let kids get creative.

Dragon Three Hairs Story

Dragon Three Hairs Story – The Kingdom is in danger! A dangerous dragon has appeared in the outskirts and is scaring the country people.

My 1st Steps Preschool Early Learning - Let’s Learn About Colors – Let’s Learn About Colors is a simple yet exciting educational app designed with colorful real life images to help children learn about different colors. Little ones learn to associate different objects that can be found in everyday life.

Kiki’s Orderly Adventure by BabyBus

Kiki’s Orderly Adventure by BabyBus – Begin a journey with Kiki and friends to set order in a magical world of witches and spells. Guide them through the challenges they face. Maybe you can help them find their way home!

IXL Read With Speed HD – Speed reading is any of several techniques used to improve one’s ability to read quickly. This is helpful when researching and getting an overall idea of the text, under limited time.

FREE Android Apps:

Halloween Pumpkin Carver

Halloween Pumpkin Carver – A fun and easy to use pumpkin carver! Great for the kids and family! Use your fingers to carve your very own pumpkin and save it to your photo gallery. No mess, no fuss, just loads of fun!

Kids Reading Sight Words LITE – Join Tammy the frog on a journey through four exciting activities (this Lite version contains only two activities) as she hops from one screen to the next to learn and review commonly used English words from the list of 220 Dolch sight words. There are five levels of vocabulary for the child to learn and review.


Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II $4.99 Value – The Sonic 4 Saga continues in Episode II with the return of a beloved side kick and fan-favorite villains! Following the events of Episode I, Metal Sonic has returned to form a formidable alliance with Dr. Eggman! To face this new evil, Sonic will have to call upon an old friend to help him save the day! Now joined by Tails, race across four brand new Zones and take down fearsome new badniks with deadly combination moves in order to put an end to this dastardly duo’s plans!

Kids Animals Lite – If your child loves visiting the zoo, they will love Kids Animals. In fact, once they are done playing Kids Animals, your children will know more about animals than you do – guaranteed. With its HD graphics, vivid animal sounds and lively voiceover, this game will quickly become your kids’ favorite animals game.

appFizzy’s Lunch Lab Fresh Pick (Kindle Fire Edition) – Professor Fizzy, star of the PBS KIDS web series, “Fizzy’s Lunch Lab,” is holding a competition to see who has what it take to be the next Lunch Labber! Think it’s going to be easy cheesy? Well think again! Take on 8 exciting challenges that will put your math and problem solving skills to the test. If you can navigate your way through the grocery store, come up with right amount of change in the check-out line, and successfully serve food to a room full of hungry customers, you may just have what it takes to become the next member of the Lunch Lab!

VocabuLarry’s Things That Go Game – By BabyFirst – Meet VocabuLarry, everyone’s favorite talking parrot, from the hit TV series on BabyFirstTV! This game-based app features all types of “things that go” like a car, truck and ship. Your baby or toddler can help VocabuLarry name each item. Be sure to check out the book companion called VocabuLarry’s Things That Go Book!

Preschool Educational Games – ABC Alphabet Aquarium School Vol 1 (Essential Apps for Kids): Animated Puzzle Learning Games with Letters and Animals for Preschool & Kindergarten Explorers! (Free) – Dive into our alphabet aquarium for an ultimate letter adventure. Toddler Aquarium presents the wonderful world of letters in four great games.

Thanks Smart Apps!

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80 FREE Android Apps 9/25 ONLY! ($135 Value)

Sep 25 2014
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Dragons: Rise of Berk

Today at the Amazon AppStore they are offering 80 FREE Android Apps! Make sure you check the price before you click buy now to make sure it’s still FREE. Amazon prices can change at ANY time.

I noticed Dragons: Rise of Berk with GREAT Rating! What do you like?

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Target: $8.49 Transformer Duo Action Figures! ($29.98 Value) Thru 9/28

Sep 24 2014
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Transformers TargetHere is a great combo deal for Christmas!  Target has an offer to get a  FREE Transformers 1-Step Magic toy with purchase of a select Age of Extinction Transformers toy priced $19.99 or more through 9/28.  Hasbro also has a coupon for $5 off of any Transformer($19 or more.)  Ibotta will pay you $4.00 for the Flip and Change Figure and $2.50 for the 1-Step Magic.  Stack all those offers together for the low price of $8.49 total!  That is 2 Transformer Figurines for less than either together.  Your little Transformer fanatic will be so excited!

Transformers Age of Extinction Flip Changer:

  • Figure converts from robot mode to dino mode and back
  • Flip to change from one mode to the other
  • Includes figure

Transformers 1 Step Magic Toy:

  • Figure converts in 1 step
  • Converts from robot mode to muscle car mode when you flip him
  • Includes figure

Here’s the deal:

Thanks to The Budget Bandit!

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X-Men: Days of Future Past early release on Amazon for $9.99!

Sep 24 2014
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X Men Days of Future PastHere’s a little different idea out there for all you movie lovers.  Amazon Instant Video has X-Men:Days of Future Past for only $9.99.  Rotten Tomatoes said “X-Men: Days of Future Past combines the best elements of the series to produce a satisfyingly fast-paced outing that ranks among the franchise’s finest installments.”

For all of you who are unfamiliar with this service, it allows you to watch any available movie online.  Depending on the movie, you may be able to buy or rent it.  It also offers the option of HD or SD.  One other option available is also telvision shows.  Many current and past shows are available as well.  I have found that most movies and many television programs(including current ones) that are on DVD or Blu-Ray are available.

So, if you want to watch a movie on your tablet, computer, phone, or television this will give you that ability.    Certain other devices, such as Roku (there are other options for streaming as well), will also allow you to easily do this on your television.  You are allowed to download  any movie that you own to 2 separate devices and still watch it online.  Until recently, you could also only watch Amazon Instant video on an Ipad or Amazon Tablet.  Last week, Amazon remedied that so that you are now able to watch on an android device as well.  Simply download the Amazon Instant Video app for FREE and now your android device will let you watch any Amazon Instant video on that device.

This can be very advantageous on long trips in the car and no shelves for DVD or Blu-Ray movies.  My children wore out several movies and this eliminates that problem as well.

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*TODAY ONLY* Target: $12.49 Transformers Battle Master Game! (24.99 Value)

Sep 24 2014
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Transformer Battle MasterHere is a game that more than half off!  Target has  Transformers Battle Masters Game for $24.99.  Target Cartwheel will give you 30% off the  TODAY ONLY!  Also, there is a Hasbro coupon for $5.00 off purchase of Transformers ($19.00 or more.) That will bring your total down to $12.49.  This could make a great gift at Christmas for your little Transformer fanatic.

Here’s the deal:

Thanks Totally Target!

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*9/23 Only* $10.19 Angry Birds Go Jenga Game! ($21.99 Value)

Sep 23 2014
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Angry Birds Go JengaHasbro is going crazy with the coupons!  At Target,  Angry Birds Go! Jenga Pirate Pig Attack Game is $21.99.  Today only, Target Cartwheel has an offer for 40% off of this game.  Stack that with $3/1 Hasbro Jenga Game printable coupon and you get this for only $10.19.  This may qualify for FREE Nestle Cookie Dough like my previous post, as well.

  • Pirate Pig Attack Game challenges you to take out a Jenga pirate ship with your bird and launcher
  • Build a pirate ship
  • Topple the ship for the Angry Birds win
  • Game includes 2 karts, bird, 5 pigs, launcher, ramp, ship base, left ship frame, right ship frame, left railing piece, center railing piece, right railing piece, 5 cannon blocks, 2 half blocks, 11 full sized blocks, mast with crow’s nest, flag with stand, sail with stand and instructions

Here’s the deal:

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Amazon: FREE SimplePhysics App (Reg. $1.99)

Sep 21 2014
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simple-physics-appHurry over to Amazon to download the SimplePhysics App for free today, reg. $1.99.

“The sequel to BridgeBasher is finally here! SimplePhysics lets you design complex structures for everything from tree houses to ferris wheels and then simulates your design with a sophisticated physics engine. In SimplePhysics, your design must not only be strong enough, it must be cheap enough to win. With the built-in Leaderboards, you can also compete with people all around the world to see who can create the most cost effective designs. “

If you got the deal on the Zeki Tablet at Kmart I posted a few weeks ago, these free android apps should work on it.


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Completely FREE Apps for Kids (Android & iTunes!) 9/19 ONLY

Sep 19 2014
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Why pay for Apps when you can get them for FREE?  I never pay for apps – I just wait till they are FREE! Here are some great FREE Apps for Kids.  These are FREE 9/12 ONLY. All apps have NO in app-purchase and NO ads.

FREE iPad/iPhone Apps:

Clothing Quality HD by BabyBus (pictured) – A perfect activity for children to learn the process of making fine clothes to wear. The process is long, but nonetheless fun for children of all ages!

3D Shapes and Nets – Innovative way to learn the relationship between 3D shapes and their nets. By using this app, teachers can arrange activities that make learning 3D shapes a funny and creative experience. Also a good self learning tool/game about the topic.

IXL Reading HD

IXL Reading HD - IXL Reading makes children’s education fun and rewarding. Children can participate in a number of reading challenges that are delivered in the form of enjoyable games. This helps the child develop fundamental skills whilst having fun and being rewarded.

LaLa Lunchbox – LaLa Lunchbox is the best-selling meal planning app for kids and parents. The app takes the stress out of lunch planning for families and empowers kids with their meal decisions. Kids select foods for their meals with fun monsters, colors and sounds (and a completely customizable Food Library) and those choices turn into a handy grocery list for parents.

Aquamarine HD

Aquamarine HD - Help the hero to find her friends and get to know their story. Dive into an amazing journey through an underwater world like you’ve never seen before.

Felicity Fly in the Garden – Felicity Fly in the Garden, addresses pollination, age range, 4-7 years .There are five new characters, including an American Bumblebee, Indian Butterfly, Jamaican Butterfly, Liverpudlian Beetle, Lancastrian Ladybird and not forgetting of course Felicity Fly.

Animal Game Show

Animal Game Show - Whose Toes are Those? – Matching Fun for Kids and Family – Ultimate Edition

AddTwo – AddTwo, created and tested by math educators, gives children an early understanding of adding with single digit numbers. Kids can work independently, or with a parent, learning how to make a visual connection with addition concepts. It’s a powerful tool for teachers and parents to engage children and make learning a process they can enjoy together. Amazingly direct and effective, AddTwo gives kids an edge.

Animal Circus Math School

Animal Circus Math School – 12 interactive games that teach kids about counting, writing, adding, subtracting, sequencing, patterning, dots, match and etc.

Mini Learners Animals Quiz and Puzzle – Mini Learner Animals Quiz and Puzzle’ is an educational game for toddlers (aged 1 to 5), teaching them their first animals. This useful and fun learning tool consists of 2 separate games: the puzzle and the quiz. Fall in love with friendly and cute characters, and be mesmerized by bright, charming and colourful landscape scenarios!

Swiggles - Swiggles is the best and more colorful way to give your baby boy or girl a head start in developing motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Bold, funny and quirky faces will make them laugh and quickly teach your 1 – 2 year old (12 – 24 months) at the same time

Night and Day by BabyBus – Choose between night and day and look for the changes all around you! What happens to the sun and the moon? Which animals sleep at night, and which ones become active? And how to make the flowers grow?

FREE Android Apps:

Bo's Jigsaw PuzzlesBo’s Jigsaw Puzzles – Bo’s Jigsaw Puzzles” offers children great playtime with jigsaw puzzles of the adorable and playful Bo the Giraffe, his friends and the dolls Lulu and Tommie!

Paperama – Enter a beautiful Origami world and bring it to life!

BisMag Calculator 3DBisMag Calculator 3D – BisMag Calculator 3D” is a powerful math tool for Android consists of 5 calculators. “Matrix Calculator”, a tool to calculate the decompositions and various operations on matrix, “Equation Solver” an instrument capable of solving equations of degree n, “Graphing Calculator” a real scientific graphing calculator can draw graphs in 2D and 3D, “Currency Converter” a currency converter always updated with the new exchange rates and “Unit Converter” a small units converter. In addition we find a comfortable Periodic Table of Elements

Batman Arkham Origins – Prove your worth as Gotham’s Dark Knight, facing off against a slew of deadly assassins and their thugs in the new mobile game, Batman Arkham Origins. Fight your way through Gotham City’s most dangerous locales in this free to play brawler from NetherRealm Studios.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Despicable Me: Minion Rush – Welcome to the amazing Jelly Lab! Enjoy all-new kinds of Minion misadventures! Collect fruits from fun-filled locations to make the tastiest Jelly ever!

Whiteboard – Have an idea in your mind? No need to wait, Whiteboard is a tool to let you pull the whiteboard off the wall and carry it with you allows you to do simple drawing as with a real whiteboard. A fun drawing tool which convert your device into a real-time collaborative whiteboard! It allows you to start draw at anywhere for discussion, design, or just for fun! Simple to use – simply start the app and then draw on the screen by dragging your finger. Include the ability to change colors, line width and transparency. Also includes tools for drawing basic shapes like circle rectangle etc. Drawings can be saved as an image PNG, which you can mail to your friends to share your ideas.

Disney Hidden Worlds

Disney Hidden Worlds – Find Hidden Objects in scenes from your favorite Disney movies! Journey to a world of imagination and recreate the story worlds of Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and more classic Disney films. Meet Chrona and the Inklings, brand new Disney characters who will help you keep your Disney Kingdoms safe from a mysterious new villain and let you see your favorite Disney films in a whole new way!

Watch & Find: VeggieTales – Videos and Games – The VeggieTales Spotisode Collection features fan-favorite VeggieTales video clips, Silly Songs and gameplay for your little ones. Children develop valuable skills and learn life’s important lessons as they play this object recognition game using real clips from the leading animated home video series in the U.S. with moms of pre-schoolers (according to the Spring 2011 Q-Score).

Thanks Smart Apps!

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