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Disney Movie Rewards: 30 FREE Bonus Points!

Apr 14 2014
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Disney Movie Rewards

Go over to Disney Movie Rewards and enter these six words each worth 5 points = 30 Total!

What is Disney Movie Rewards?

Disney Movie Rewards are codes you get online, inside Disney DVD’s or Blu-Rays, or by going to Disney movies and submitting your movie tickets online.  The rewards can be used for Disney products!


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Starbucks: FREE Rewards Bonus Star!

Apr 10 2014
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starbucks logo

If you are a Starbucks Rewards member you can get a bonus star added to your account! Earn Stars to earn Freebies!

Here’s how to get it:

  • Log into your Starbucks Account
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Dashboard and you will see this:
  • Starbucks
  • Click it and you will need to download a report from Starbucks (pdf document).  You can delete it later if you want to
  • Then click CONTINUE which takes you to a screen to enter your name and email address
  • After that you get a Bonus Star via email!  Just enter the code they send in your email to get your star.
  • It may take up to 24 hours for your code to show

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NEW 15 Point Codes for Pampers Gifts to Grow!

Apr 7 2014
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pampers logo

Pampers Gifts To Grow is a program where you enter codes found inside packs of diapers, training pants, and wipes and save the points up until you get cool prizes – like free diapers and wipes.  Those codes are one-time use.  But Pampers also releases codes that everyone can use!  They just released a new code worth 5 points! Here’s the code: TWITNWRK893E014.  You can also enter FBNHSWRBKE32V14 for 10 points (exp 4/10.)

Sign up for Pampers Gifts to Grow if you aren’t a member yet.

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Earn 130 FREE Recyclebank Points! Get FREE Starbucks & CVS Cards!

Mar 31 2014
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Easy Greens

There are new points to Earn at Reyclebank today! First log in or register and look for the Easy Greens on the homepage.  Answer 3 questions for 30 points.

Recyclebank Points

After that click Earn Rewards at the top and you will find the picture above to earn another 100 points!  After you click on it just click through the pages.  At the bottom of each one it will say “What to Look For” and after you click on it you earn points.  Do each page like that to earn 100 points.

Have you been saving up your points?  You can earn FREE Gift Cards – just click the Get Rewards tab at the top of the page to find them.  Right now they have Starbucks, Kmart, iTunes, Applebee’s & CVS.

Earn 130 MORE Points!

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Starbucks Rewards Members: 10 – 20 Free Stars!

Mar 30 2014
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UPDATE:   appears these are no longer working :(

Sign in/register for a Starbucks account and enter the Star Code to get 5 FREE Stars. May give you 5 extra stars. May take to 24 hours for the stars to appear in your account.

Thanks, Leslie

Why get star codes? Earn 12 Stars and Starbucks will treat you to your favorite drink or food.

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Kellogg’s Family Rewards: FREE 1,000 Point Code!

Mar 26 2014
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Get exclusive coupons and earn rewards from your favorite Kellogg’s® brands. If your new to Kellogg’s Family Rewards, you enter codes you get from online or on boxes of cereal / Kellogg’s items, and get points.  These can be redeemed for high-value coupons. Check your emails!  I just got the email:

Subject Line: Walmart Exclusive: $5 Gift Card Offer Inside!


Inside was a code for 1000 FREE points!  I tested it and I was able to get them right away.  To get them, sign in first, then you have to manually type in the code (I couldn’t copy it from the email.)

Thanks, Angela

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FREE 105 or 120 ct Gain Dryer Sheets! {After Cash Back} $5 Value

Mar 26 2014
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FREE Gain Dryer Sheets

NOTE: This promotion is open to NEW  & EXISTING TopCashback members but the offer is strictly one per member.  Ends March 27th.

It’s another freebie after cash back from TopCashBack offersGrab a free carton of 105 or 120 Gain dryer sheets priced at $4.88 with $5.50 cashback, when picked-up from a WalMart store or FedEx Office.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Sign up (it’s FREE!) (if you are just joining make sure you Authenticate your account.  You HAVE to click on the link they send you via email.  It may be in your spam folder.  If you don’t do this, you will not get your cashback!)
  • Type in Walmart in the search bar.  You will see the image below, click on the Cashback link
  • Top Cash Back Offer
  • Click  the Orange Get Cash Back Now with the $5.50 on it and it will open another window to Walmart.   On the Walmart site search, “Gain Dryer Sheets .” Pick a carton of 105 or 120 Gain dryer sheets priced at $4.88 to be picked-up in-store or at a FedEx Office and within seven days $5.50 cashback will have posted in your TopCashback account.
  • There are three carton options to choose from: ‘Freshlock Apple Mango Tango’, ‘Freshlock Island Fresh’ or ‘Spring Lavender’. Pick site-to-store (or pick up at a Fed Ex office if your Walmart does this) to avoid shipping charges.  DO NOT ADD ANYTHING ELSE TO YOUR CART! The fine print says you won’t get your cash back if you order anything else.
  • Collection, subject to the location’s availability, is free. The $5.50 should cover the cost of the product and any sales tax you may possibly be charged, effectively making the item a fabuless freebie!
  • Within 30-90 days the $5.50 should turn payable and can be credited straight to your checking or PayPal account. Alternativley you could opt to be paid in an Gift Certificate, which with its 5% bonus on top would mean you’d get $5.77 instead of $5.50.

This TopCashback Gain offer is available:

  • until 23:59 PT on Thursday, March 27, 2014 or until stock runs out
  • While it’s priced at $4.88
  • to new, current or past WalMart customers
  • for online sales only, for purchases made directly after clicking through

Only one:

  • Gain carton is allowed per TopCashback account/member
  • TopCashback account is permitted per person

PLEASE leave your referral links in the comments below so you can get some referral credits!

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Save 76% at!! 3/25 ONLY!

Mar 25 2014
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Today you can get a Cuckoo Deal by heading over to . I ordered my ink and it was 76% less than I usually pay!  Their ink cartridges are already discounted, but if you use promo code SPROUT you get 10% off your order (excludes OEM & Hardware!)  The best part is that if you start your purchase at Ebates you will get an EXTRA 29% cash back on your order!!  The 29% cash back from Ebates is TODAY 03/25 ONLY so HURRY!  Shipping is FREE on all contiguous U.S. orders.

Go to OR to get the 29% cash back, do this:

Log in or Register for Ebates
Do a search for
At the site find your ink (make sure to get the compatible ink for 29% cash back) and add it to your cart
Use promo code: SPROUT at checkout
After you checkout you will automatically get 29% cash back in your Ebates account (within 48 hours)!

NOTE:  If this is your first time using Ebates after you accumulated $25 in purchases you will get a $10 gift card of your choice!

I use the compatible ink.  I’ve always had great results with it!

I paid $56.97 with Shipping for my ink.  I’ll get $16.52 back in my Ebates account.  My final total was $40.45 or $4.49 per cartridge!  I usually pay $19.98 each!  That’s a savings of 76% for me!!

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