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How to Start Your Own Blog (In Under 10 Minutes!)

Jan 29 2016
Posted by deidre 2 Comments

How to Start

If I did it, you can do it.

Trust me, when it comes to scary terms like “web hosting” and “cloud technology”, I’m no guru. But setting up a website these days is really not as technical as you’d think. So, moms and dads? Fear not. This handy-dandy guide will show you how to transform empty, void space on the web into a money-making machine. That’s the dream at least!

Step 1: Pick Your Package

You can do this by heading over to Bluehost. They’ll give you a free domain (that is your blog’s URL) with the purchase of a hosting package, which you’re gonna need anyway. You might have to tweak your domain a little if the one you want is taken, but eventually you’ll find your happy place with your very own URL and hosting account to go with it!

You know I love deals, so here’s one of the best deals that includes everything and makes setup easy - Bluehost has you get setup in the cheapest and easiest way possible:

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.53.54 PM

Here’s what you do…

At, click the “get started now” button up top and it will take you to this plan selector:Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 3.01.42 PMIf you are just getting started, you the $3.95 plan and it is easy to upgrade later if your blog grows and you need to expand your website space.

Step 2: Name Your Baby

This is it, the birth of your brand! Time to throw all inhibitions out the window and go with the title that suits your fancy… for the most part at least. Choosing your blog’s name is something you can really have fun with, just keep in mind that humans tend to like things simple. So something like might be easier to remember than

I choose before I knew anything about blogging, and quickly realized it was too long for some people to remember.  So I ended up purchasing and  Now if anyone goes to either of those URL’s, they are redirected – or sent – to my main page.  That makes it easier for people to find my site.

Once you feel rock solid about your catchy title, the next step is to cross your fingers and hope it’s available! There’s about a zillion blogs out there, so don’t get too attached before you check your new title’s availability.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 3.12.37 PM

Quick Tips for a Killer Blog Title

  • Stay true to your audience. Would they like it? Is it their style?
  • Stay true to you. Does it capture the essence and tone of your blog-to-be?
  • Go shorter rather than longer – it’s easier to remember.
  • Keep search terms in mind. Think of the type of words your audience will be searching for, and incorporate a few if you can.
  • Make sure it’s a name you can live with for….ever. Rebranding is always a messy business.
  • Take your time. Some of the greatest marketing slogans of all time took weeks to muster up.
  • Last of all… have fun with it! Boring never sells, so be creative and catchy.

Since you’re just starting out, I’d say go ahead and select the cheapest plan (you can always upgrade later when your blog becomes mega-successful!). From there it’s pretty simple. You’ll type in your domain, account and billing information, the nitty gritty stuff.

Wait, what is hosting?!

Not sure what “hosting” even means? It’s okay… I didn’t either. Long story short, every site on the internet needs a place to live, right? A place to store all its files and keep itself running smoothly. That’s where a web host comes in. You absolutely have to have one to start a site. Thus, my Bluehost recommendation.

Now, enough tech talk!

Step 3: Install WordPress

This is my favorite part. I believe there’s a little designer in all of us, and that’s why piecing together the look and feel of your coupon blog will have you oozing with happiness.

Once you log into your new Bluehost account, go to your dashboard and you should be able to find an “Install WordPress” button, shown by the huge blue arrow below:

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 3.14.38 PM

The installation is pretty straightforward, but try this walkthrough if you have any trouble.

Quick Review

Bluehost is your host… while WordPress is your site builder (and it is free). One is your site’s house, the other is your site’s tools. Got it?!

Once WordPress is installed, you can sift through hundreds of themes, customize your design, and start filling in the blanks with your killer content! I’d recommend publishing a few posts before going public. Clean your house and put up the decor before your company comes over, and then they’ll be enticed to come back.

And vuela! You’re ready to start blogging, sniffing out coupons, and saving the world. No biggie, right? Just remember… the set-up may be easy, but the dedication can be hard.

A successful blog takes time and lovin’.

Happy blogging!

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Amazon Prime vs. SYWR Max Free Shipping

Jan 20 2016
Posted by deidre 20 Comments


I made this infographic comparing SYWR Max versus Amazon Prime free shipping memberships. Comment below with what you think! Would love if it you pinned to pinterest as well.

Snag a FREE 90 day trial of SYWR Max. Just login, click on “become a client” on Deidre’s SYWR Personal Shopper page, then you will get 90 days of free shipping at,, and There is not a charge for being my client, it is free!

Snag a FREE 30 day trial of Amazon Prime.

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SYWR VIP: 100% Back in Points on Dozens of Items!

Dec 23 2015
Posted by deidre 29 Comments

VIP 100 free

How Do You Qualify for SYWR VIP?

All your purchases online and instores from Sears, Kmart, and qualify for your annual spend totals:

  • VIP Silver: $2,500.00 annual spend
  • VIP Gold: $5,000.00 annual spend
  • VIP Platinum: $10,000.00 annual spend

I recommend logging into and viewing your year-to-date spending, if you are close to VIP towards the end of a year, you may want to hurry and hit it! Because you must hit it before Dec. 31st or you’ll reset to $0.  If you hit it, you’ll get it for the remainder of this year + the full following year.

What do you get with SYWR VIP?

The greatest benefit is the SYWR Bonus and Choice coupons on the SYWR VIP page.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 5.48.40 PM

VIP members can get all the bonus deals.  Examples above.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 6.13.04 PM

VIP members can get one “choice” deal per quarter.  Examples above.  These vary per quarter, but typically include:

  • 100% back in points on a TV
  • 100% back in points on various lawn mowers
  • 100% back in points on Cuisinart or Kitchenaid applicances
  • 100% back in points on select kids toys
  • 100% back in points on select fine jewelry
  • and more!

Cuckoo’s Tips on how to use your VIP choice benefits:  You click on your choice benefit and click “Get Benefit”.  A coupon will be loaded to your account.  Go to or (whichever one the benefit was for) and find the exact item.  Add it to your cart.  Click on “apply my sywr coupons”.  Apply the coupon for your benefit.  Apply any $ off coupons.  Do not apply any other get points back coupons – those will nullify your reward.  Then click to the last page of checkout. Do NOT pay with points.  If you do, it will lower the amount of points you get back on the deal!  Checkout and get your points.  You will have 90 days to use them or they will expire.

Other VIP benefits:

  • Exclusive VIP Member offers throughout the year.
  • VIPs automatically receive 20% in Points on all computer accessories (includes mice, web cams, keyboards, cases & bags) and Alphaline Electronics, in store and online at Sears & Kmart.
  • Enjoy a 5% points special bonus day each quarter.
  • Treat yourself to 5% points on all qualifying purchases during your birthday month. (Be sure your birthdate is included in your Member profile!)
  • $4.99 oil change with free tire rotation at Sears Auto Centers twice a year.
  • Early notification of upcoming sales.
  • Discounts on shipping throughout the year.
  • Priority service for any Membership questions by contacting our dedicated VIP-only customer relations phone number

How Long Do You Get to Be SWR VIP?

At any point in a year that you reach a VIP status, you would keep that status for the remaining portion of the current year and the full following year.

So if you were VIP Silver for a year, and then you hit VIP Gold in July 2016, you’d be VIP gold until December 31st, 2017!

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 5.41.40 PM

Hit VIP? Expect to get a mailer soon!

Make sure your mailing address is correct so you’ll get your mailer.

Why didn’t I automatically get upgraded to VIP?

Once my husband hit over $2500 in spending, but his VIP status never got upgraded.  He finally found out that he had hit Spam on an email once from Kmart or Sears, and that downgraded him from a Bonus member to a Base member. Only Bonus members are eligible to become VIP member. So he quickly changed his email right in and clicked the confirmation link.  Then he became a bonus member, and was then able to move up to VIP Gold!

Bottom line: Don’t Mark SYWR Emails as Spam!

FREE Personal Shopper:

If you haven’t yet, add me as your FREE SYWR Kmart/Sears/Lands End Personal Shopper so I can send you weekly coupons and you can snag 90 days of free SYWR max!

Find the Deals:

Follow my SYWR Deals page for all the best Kmart Double Coupons matchups and SYWR points deals, join my Kmart Group and if you want text alerts only on SYWR deals, text FOLLOW SYWRDEALS to 40404

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Best Mobile Apps for Couponers 2016

Dec 21 2015
Posted by deidre 29 Comments

Best Mobile Smartphone Apps for Couponing 2016

I had people request what are the best mobile apps for couponers, so here are my favorites! Please leave a comment with yours too!

Cuckoo for Coupon Deals:

You will NEVER miss a deal with the Cuckoo for Coupon Deals app – download it free on Android or itunes (apple) or  Windows phone app store.  Plus every week we giveaway a $25 gift card to one app user!  And we have new improved printable lists which are easier to click on your mobile browser.



SYWR Kmart/Sears App:

Download the free SYWR app to easily view your surprise points and get Kmart & Sears coupons.  It’s also easy to find your SYWR pin, which you will need to use when you checkout and cash in points over $10.  Plus you can play sweepstakes right in the app for free, and I win money nearly every week on these!


Ibotta is a FREE Android & iPhone app. I find it easier to navigate than Shopkick and typically use it the most out of all apps. Here’s how to use it:

  • First, login to Ibotta and select the deals you are doing.   Just click on them with your phone, so easy!
  • Perform small tasks, like reading about how Chapstick works, taking 1-question polls, or sharing on FB to get $ added to the value of the coupon
  • To redeem your cash back, you will need to take a picture of your receipt and scan the barcode of the product you purchased. Ibotta will credit your account within 24 hours (it usually only takes 24 seconds).
  • Once you have earned $5.00 cash back you can choose to transfer it to a Paypal account or donate it to a charity.

Ibotta is offering a FREE $10 bonus when you sign up right now!

Snap by Groupon:

Snap by Groupon is easy. Just snap a picture of your receipt with your smartphone, and boom you can get cash back on your purchases.  Snap is very user friendly, although they don’t offer as many deals as Ibotta.


Shopkick is a FREE Android and iPhone app. It gives you access to exclusive deals to stores like Best Buy, Target, Macy’s & Toys ‘R Us. You will get a free $25 gift certificate when you sign up!

Steps to get the gift card:

1. Sign up online first via the Cuckoo landing page
2.You will get a text message to download the app – click this to download it
3. The gift card gets dropped into your account the first time you do a ‘walk-in’ to a partner store. That is, you walk into one of the partner stores with the app open on your phone.  Best Buy, Old Navy or Crate and Barrel, or more!  When you visit, say Best Buy, you’ll open the app inside at the entrance and wait a few seconds – the points will get credited and so will their gift card! The gift card will appear under the “me” tab and should be pretty instant.

Here’s some coupons at Target on Shopkick right now:

  • $1.50 off Archer Farms Snack Trail Mix or Nuts
  • $5 off Merona apparel $20+
  • $5 off Liz Lange for Target apparel 20+
  • $2 off Champion kids tops or bottoms
  • $1 off Archer Farms Chips 8 oz +

Checkout 51:

Checkout51 is mobile or you can use it on your PC.   The best part about this is you can use it at ANY grocery store! This gives it a big advantage over Ibotta.

How to use Checkout 51:

1. Browse your offers, buy at any store
2. Upload your receipt
3. Get cash back!
4 When your account reaches $20, you can cash out and Checkout 51 will mail a check your way.

Target Mobile Coupons

Sign up for Target Mobile Coupons and get coupons sent directly to your mobile phone! No need to print, just scan your smart phone at Target for the savings!

Walgreens Mobile Coupons

You can text APP to 21525 and Walgreens will send you a direct link to their app in iTunes, Android” Market and BlackBerry App World.  You can also sign up for Walgreens Coupons Alerts to get coupons sent directly to your phone.

CVS Mobile App

View ExtraCare information – send offers to card, view Weekly Ads, sign up for offers, deals and more on the CVS Mobile Android app or the CVS Apple App

Let me know if you know of any others as well.


SavingStar is great because you can get cashback for shopping at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Target, and more.

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How to Get Paid $400 a Year for Walking!

Oct 4 2015
Posted by deidre 64 Comments

download (1)
Did you know that Kmart/Sears have a program that lets you earn points (which convert to money) just for getting and staying fit?  The program, FitStudio, is FREE to sign up for and use – and you can earn up to $2 weekly!  If you are already a SYWR member then you just use your email and password to sign in and create your profile.

Deidre’s Video Tutorial:

To easily earn your first points you can do this:


  • Sign up for FREE = 200 Points ($.20)
  • Complete your profile = 100 Points ($2)
  • profile
  • Connect a Device = 200 Points ($1) connect
  • You will be able to connect via several fitness and health tracking apps.  Link to the one that you use.  You can use Fitbit Tracker and other ones. *We use My Fitness Pal.  We personally have tested it and get our SYWR points daily!  It’s a little complicated to setup, details on this post: Syncing My Fitness Pal with Map My Walk and SYWR FitStudio.
  • Connect Activities can be completed once per account. Use points within 7 days

To continue earning points you do this:

Get Active

  • Walk or run 2 miles a day = 50 points (limit 100 per day)
  • Share Fitstudio content = 50 points (limit 100 per day)
  • Burn 200 Active Calories =50 points (limit 100 per day)
  • Share your progress = 50 points (limit 100 per day)

You can Redeem Points at Kmart or Sears for purchases like cash!

After I signed up it had me set a goal.  Once I hit my goal I get another 5,000 Points ($5)

Points are injected in your account, they are NOT surprise points!

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.01.58 AM

These points can be used on anything!  And you can earn up to $2 per week, just for walking 15 miles.  (it used to be $5, it is now $2)

It will keep track of your points and activities after you have your device connected in one easy place (Dashboard)


You can also check My Library, under My Profile, to easily save FitStudio programs, workouts, exercises and articles for quick access later.  You can check out he the Programs


and Workout Gallery


and customize it to the type of workout you want to do:


The points you earn are automatically added to your SYWR account and ready to spend – no restrictions!  Use them on anything you want!


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ABC’s of Couponing: “F” is for Freebies & How to Avoid Freebie Scams!

Jul 26 2015
Posted by deidre 26 Comments

cuckoo4freebiesPart of the ABC’s of Couponing Guide

*Re-posting this since it’s been a few years since I talked about this on my site

Completely free stuff comes around and I get all shaky and happy. I run and tell my husband about the freebie I’m getting and say “do you think it will come with some sick coupons??!?!” and he does this thing where he pretends he doesn’t know me. It’s our game really.  But if you don’t know how to tell legit freebies from fake ones, then you can lose out on the freebie game.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • How to determine legit freebies from spam.
  • Creating another email account.
  • Why companies giveaway freebies & why you want them!

In order to try to save you time from signing up for non-legit freebies, I have compiled a list of ways to tell the cuckoo freebies we love, from the spam we hate.  

  • First, I screen all offers posted on my site. I make sure they are from legit companies.  Be careful with other deal sites you use, not all of them screen the freebies they post.
  • Make sure the web URL in the address bar includes the name of the company or the brand of product.   The exception is StartSampling which I have used and gotten samples from before.  But most of the time, the URL will be the main company or brand name.
  • Any freebie where you have to sign up for other offers in order to get the freebie is spam and don’t waste your time.  There are too many real freebies out there; no need to do these ones.
  • Beware of trial offers for freebies. If they ask for a credit card number, even if they don’t charge now they will usually charge after 14 or 30 days.   As a rule of thumb I never enter my credit card number or social security number for a freebie! You usually have to enter mailing address and email info – but never more!  *An exception to this is when you are using a promotion code that drops the price of an item you are buying to free, you typically still have to enter CC info.  But that is when you are buying an item, not filling out a form to get a freebie. 
  • Have you seen this before? “This promotion is conducted exclusively by ( and is subject to participation terms and conditions.” Or “Must complete participating gold, silver or platinum offers to get this sample”.  That means it is spam.  Run away!  They are just fishing for your information and are wanting to sell your email address. Yes, people want to buy your email address and spam you.
  • Beware of who is running the site!    Once I saw a freebie that seemed legit, but after browsing the site I couldn’t find any contact information.  Companies want contacted by their customers, no contact info= fake company.  Also, the page you are on may look legit, but I usually browse around new sites I haven’t seen before and make sure it is current, and for example if the company sells a product you can go through the motions of ordering it.  I have seen “fake” freebies before for Gloves.  They said fill out the form to get free gloves.   The site was nice-looking and seemed alright, but if you clicked on any page but the freebie page and tried to order the gloves you couldn’t.  Huge sign of a non-legit spammer site!  Go to to see how long the website has been up – only for a few days, probably a quick setup trick to get your info then they’ll close down the site.
  • Speaking of spams, read my post on the horrible paypal scams I avoided!

Why would I create yet another email account or Free phone number?

  • Because for most freebies, even legit ones, they are going to ask you to sign up for their email newsletter list.   If you are scoring 5 freebies a day, as we often do, that adds up quickly to a lot of emails you don’t necessary want.  I have a separate email that I sign up for all freebies with and rarely bother checking that email account.  You can get a free email account at or
  • Also, set up a free voice mail box online at Google Voice and leave that number as your contact number.
  • Many people have freebies sent to P.O. boxes, but beware as many freebies and deals state they will not ship to P.O. boxes.

Why do companies giveaway free samples?

Most companies spend millions on tv ads and other forms of getting the knowledge about their product into your heads.   Why not use some of that budget and just let you see for yourself? Put the product directly in your hands.   Most companies know if you like  a freebies, you are more likely to buy it later.

Why sign up for tiny free samples?

Many free samples also include high-value coupons.  This is particularly true of new products on the market.   And as cuckoo coupon shoppers we can turn that free sample with it’s attached coupon into a killer deal on a full size product!

Ready to start requesting your freebies?

Scroll through my category of freebie offers

This is part 6 of a 26 part “ABC’s of Couponing” series 

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14 Costco Secrets You Never Knew

Jun 29 2015
Posted by a.a.912 1 Comment


Top 14 Costco Secrets:

1. Refills ink cartridges for JUST $7.49 at Costco!cash-card

2. Pay with a Costco cash card and avoid the Costco membership fees!

Only Costco members can buy these cards, so ask a family member or friend to get you one.  Then you can get in the store and pay with your cash card for even just part of your purchase, and pay the rest with cash.

But if you are an executive member, you get 2% cashback on all purchases and if that doesn’t equal more than your savings each year, you are refunded your membership price. So I recommend going executive.



all-beef hot dog at Costco, photo credit Daily Herold

3. The Beloved Food Court is a a Membership Free zone?!?

Costco lets you just walk in the exit door without showing your membership card to get to the inside food court as well. You don’t need to be a member to eat at the food court even if the food court is not outside.  They have $1.99 ginormous pizza slices and $1.50 hot dogs.

4. You CAN Coupon at Costco – with apps such as Ibotta, Checkout 51 & Snap.

5. Prices ending in $.97 are nation-wide markdowns.

We will share these on Cuckoo 4 Coupons so everyone can look for them.

6. Prices ending in $.00 are local markdowns and aren’t nationwide.

7. Don’t worry about name-brand batteries, Kirkland Brand rocks & are on the cheap!


photo credit: consumerist

8.  Costco offers discounts on movie tickets, ski lift tickets, and more regional activities (but are limited so scoop those discounts up as soon as you see them.)


photo credit: consumerist

9. Items with an astrisk * in the upper right-hand corner are going bye-bye, and not coming back anytime soon.

Viva Paper Towels

10. Several items you can get cheaper with couponing, and you should not buy at Costco:

  • Shampoo,
  • razors,
  • feminine
  • hygiene products,
  • peanut butter,
  • cereal, lotion,
  • toilet paper,
  • paper towels,
  • sugar,
  • diapers,
  • baby formula.

11. Fruit, string cheese, photos, and electronics are some of the best deals at Costco. I also buy my milk at Costco.

12.  Supermarkets often sell quarter sheet cakes for $20, while Costco sells half sheet cakes for $18.  And their 7-pound Chocolate Cake is a must-try.

13. Yes, they really will give you a refund on half-eaten food if you didn’t like it. Or anything else for that matter – no receipt required. Just electronics have a 90 day return policy (it’s a new policy).

14. Some locations are required by state law to allow non-members to buy alcohol. 

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ABC’s of Couponing: “L” is for Lingo 101

Apr 22 2015
Posted by deidre 105 Comments

ABC’s of Couponing: “L” is for “Lingo”

This is part of the 26 page ABC’s of Couponing free eBook!  Re-posting here for those who missed it previously.

Coupon Jargan & Lingo on Cuckoo for Coupon Deals may be confusing:

Let’s learn what all that really means:

$1/1: One dollar off one product

$1/2: One dollar off when you buy two products. You must buy 2 items. If you buy two items, you can use that one coupon.

+UP: These refer to Rite Aid’s +UP Wellness Rewards program – which is ending.  Learn about the new Plenti Program starting May 3rd 2015.

AY: All You magazine, a magazine sold online and at Walmart which sometimes has coupons in it.

BOGO (read more!): BOGO or B1G1: Both mean “Buy one, Get one” and will usually be followed by “free” or ” “50%”.  BOGO Free means “Buy one, get one free” and BOGO 50% off means “Buy one, get one 50% off.”  If you read my “B” is for BOGO post, you are a BOGO pro!

Blinkie: This is a manufacturer coupon found in-store. It is usually in a dispenser that is close to the product the coupon is for.

Catalina: This is a coupon that prints after you have purchased your items.  It prints on a separate machine from the receipt.  So it won’t look like a normal coupon.  Sometimes it will say “$xx off your next purchase” and you can use the coupon on any item in the store on your next transaction or shopping trip.  Other times, for example at Kmart, the coupon will be triggered based off items you have bought and will be a coupon for similar items.   Often when I buy Huggies, coupons for Pampers will print out of the catalina machine. Here’s a picture of a catalina.

Circular: Weekly or monthly ad released by stores to let customers know of their current sales.

Clipless Coupons: See “e-Coupons” below

Coupon Insert: These come in the Sunday newspaper. Deidre recommends buying multiple Sunday newspapers to get your coupon inserts. These are the bread-and-butter of couponing. Coupon inserts are one of the biggest weapons in a good couponers arsenal.

Coupon: Entitles the holder to a discount, as specified on the coupon. Is a form of payment.

The art of redeeming discount coupons in order to save money.

Couponer: A person who collects and saves coupons to redeem them on products, such as groceries, pet food, and toiletries.

CRT:  Cash Register Tape. Usually used when talking about CVS pharmacy or Kmart, CRTs print at the bottom of your receipt and are generated based on your purchasing history (seemingly random).  CRTs are specific to the store where they were printed.  They are usually product specific coupons, example: $1.00 off any deodorant purchase. Here’s a picture of a CRT.

Cuckoo: A great deal is often referred to as a “cuckoo” deal and you should know it is a “stock up” price.

Do Not Double (full explanation HERE) : This is on some coupons, sometimes it says “DND” or “No Doubling” it is meant to communicate to the retailer that the manufacturer will not  reimburse for any greater value than that of the coupon. A store may or may not double your coupon that reads “do not double” as part of a store doubling promotion. The wording is there to protect the manufacturer.  Kmart will doubled DND coupons.

Double Coupons (full explanation HERE): Only certain stores will double a coupon. When a store “doubles a coupon”, the store still only gets refunded the value of the coupon from the manufacturer.   They take the extra amount they doubled out of their own pockets, as an advertising expense.

ECB:  Extra Care Bucks. This coupons print at the bottom of your CVS receipt when you purchase items that are specially marked in their weekly circulars.

E-Coupons (full explanation HERE): Also known as Clipless or Loadable coupons. Instead of printing the coupon, you load it onto your store loyalty card.  When you scan your loyalty card at the cash register, or give your phone number, you will automatically receive the savings if you’ve made a qualifying purchase!

ETS: What does ETS stand for on a coupon? Excludes Trial Size!

Extra Bucks: Extra Care Bucks. This coupons print at the bottom of your CVS receipt when you purchase items that are specially marked in their weekly circulars.

EXP: Expires or Expiration Date

: Free After Rebate.  You will pay cash for the item, but receive a full rebate back, essentially making the item free minus sales tax.

FF:  Firefox.  When a printable coupon specifies IE or FF, you must click the link that coordinates with the browser you’re using.

Handling Fee: Refers to an amount, usually $0.08, paid by the manufacturer to a store in addition to the price on the coupon.  This is to compensate them for handling the coupon.

IE:  Internet Explorer.  When a printable coupon specifies IE or FF, you must click the link that coordinates with the browser you’re using.

Inserts in the Sunday paper: SS= Smart Source, RP= Red Plum, P&G= Proctor & Gamble (once per month).  Insert coupons can be used at any store that accepts manufacturer’s coupons.  Almost all grocery and drug stores do. Order your Sunday Coupon Inserts here.

IP: Internet Printable coupons may be printed right from your home computer.  Usually limited to 2 prints per computer, download quick and safe printing software to be able to print securely from home.

IVC: Instant Value Coupon.  IVCs are store coupons found in the weekly Walgreens ad.  IVCs may be stacked with a manufacturer coupon.

Loadable Coupons: See “e-Coupons” above.

MIR (full explanation HERE): Mail in Rebate, refers to rebates which must be submitted by mail.  These are the traditional rebates that require you to mail in both your receipt and proof of purchase in the form of UPC barcodes.

The company who produces the brand items:  Dove soap manufacturer, Pace Salsa manufacturer, etc.

MFR: Some people save time by typing this instead of  “manufacturer”

Manufacturer Coupon: A coupon created by the manufacturer, or by a marketing company on the manufacturer’s behalf.  Manufacturer offers a discount to shoppers in order to entice them to buy their product.  When a coupon is redeemed the manufacturer reimburses the store for the entire value of the coupon, plus a handling fee, aprox $0.08.

Mobile Coupon App: An application you download on your phone which has coupon offers on it, or where you scan in your receipts to get instant rebates for purchases. I have a list of the top 8 mobile apps I recommend.

OOP: Out of pocket. This refers to the amount you pay for an item, not factoring in rebates, ECB’s, +Ups, RR’s or any other catalina.

OYNO: On Your Next Order.  OYNSO: On Your Next Shopping Order.  This refers to offers where you will not see the savings on that order, but on your next shopping trip or transaction.  For example, spend $25 and save $10 on your next order.  You would spend $25 (usually before coupons) and a catalina would print giving you $10 off your next order.

One Coupon per Purchase:  You can only use one coupon per item purchased.  Usually you can buy multiple items and use multiple coupons in one transaction with this type of coupon.  As long as you buy multiple items, you can use multiple coupons of the same type per transaction.

One Coupon per Transaction: This one means you can only use one coupon per transaction, even if you have multiple items and multiple coupons.  Your store may let you do multiple transactions.

Peelie:  Manufacturer coupons that look like stickers and are stuck on products in-store.  I personally don’t remove these and only use these if I am buying that product at that store.

P&G: Proctor and Gamble manufacture a wide range of consumer goods and are one of the largest corporations in the world.  Proctor and Gamble puts out monthly coupon inserts filled with coupons for a variety of Proctor and Gamble produced brands, just a few of which include: Always, Bounty, Crest, Dawn, Gillette, Olay, Pampers and Tide.

Plenti (full explanation here) – Rite Aid’s new rewards program

PSA: Prices starting at; when a group of items are on sale, such as Fiber One products 25% off.  We might write “PSA $2.09? and list a group of Fiber One coupons.  This means that the cheapest Fiber One product is $2.09 and prices go up from there.

Purchase: a purchase refers to buying any item.  If I buy 30 items on a single shopping trip, I just made 30 purchases.

Purchase-Based Coupon: Purchase-Based coupons specify a dollar amount off a minimum dollar future purchase.  Some common values:  $2 off $10, $3 off $15, $4 off $20.  Manufacturer purchase based coupons may be used in addition to store coupons.

Q: Coupon abbreviation – also used, Q-pon.

Raincheck (full explanation HERE): A Rain Check is a written slip that you can request from a store when a sale item is out of stock.  When the store restocks the item, after the sale period is over, a rain check entitles you to purchase for the previous sale price.  Store may include an expiration date as well as a quantity limit on your rain check.  Rain checks are usually issued at the customer service desk.

Rebate (full explanation HERE):  Virtually all rebates are limit one per household, and P.O. boxes are never accepted.  Make sure to read the fine print- don’t waste time or money sending in multiple rebates for the same deal, since you’ll only get one back. Keep this in mind if you find tear-pad rebates at stores- there is no reason to take the whole stack, since you can only use one rebate.  Most of the best grocery rebates are found in the beer aisle.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Virtually all rebates are limit one per household, and P.O. boxes are never accepted.  Make sure to read the fine print- don’t waste time or money sending in multiple rebates for the same deal, since you’ll only get one back. Keep this in mind if you find tear-pad rebates at stores- there is no reason to take the whole stack, since you can only use one rebate.

RR: Register Reward.  These are triggered at Walgreens for buying certain products.

Rolling Catalinas: refers to the practice of separating your purchase into multiple transactions in order to use register catalina coupons from your first transaction to pay for your second transaction.  Another catalina prints from the 2nd transaction that pays for the 3rd transaction and so on.  This doesn’t work so well at Walgreen’s and you’ll need to read their store training guide full full details.

RP: Red Plum.  Formerly known as Vallasis, Red Plum coupon inserts and website feature coupons from a variety of manufacturers.  Red Plum is part of Valassis Interactiv.

Stacking Coupons:  Stacking coupons refers to using both a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on one product.  Nearly all stores will allow you to “stack”.  Only one manufacturer coupon may be used per item.

Store Coupon: A coupon created by the store to entice you to buy a certain product at their store.  Stores receive no reimbursement from store coupons.  Store coupons may be found in the weekly ad, printed online or downloaded as e-coupons.

Store Loyalty Card:  A free card which you present at checkout to receive additional savings.  Fill out a short application to receive a loyalty card at your local grocer.  If you don’t want to carry the card, the cashier can look up your preferred card by entering your ten digit phone number.

Sunday Coupon Inserts: In many of my posts, you’ll see references to use Sunday coupon inserts; order your Sunday Coupon Inserts here.Here is  an example of how I tell you which insert a coupon is in when I post a deal:

Buy Olay Lotion $2.99
Use the $1/2 Select Olay Products, exp. 11-30-10 (SS 10/31/10)
Final Price= $1.99

What does the pink coupon information in the deal above mean?

  • $1/2 = $1 off when you buy 2.
  • exp. 11-30-10 means the coupon will expire on 11-30-10 and will no longer be useable.
  • (SS 10/31/10) means a coupon came from the Smart Source insert in the Sunday paper on 10/31/10.

SYWR (full explanation here): Shop Your Way Rewards Kmart / Sears Loyalty program. 10,000 points = $10.

Transaction: a transaction refers to your entire purchase, especially the payment you make for that purchase.  If I buy 30 items and then pay the cashier, I just made one transaction.

Tear-Pad:At many locations in supermarkets there are tear pads with rebates or coupons on them.  These are often found in the beer aisle or at the customer service desk. Remember, almost all mail-in rebates say “one per household, no P.O. boxes allowed” so don’t bother taking all the tear-pads. Leave some for other shoppers.

Stockpile:   Buy items when they are at their lowest prices and buy enough to get you through to the next big sale, so you never have to pay full price.

SS: Smart Source. A marketing company, like RP, Smart Source coupon inserts and website feature coupons from a variety of manufacturers.  Smart Source is part of News America Marketing Co.

Tear Pad: At many locations in supermarkets there are tear pads with rebates or coupons on them.  These are often found in the beer aisle or at the customer service desk. Remember, almost all mail-in rebates say “one per household, no P.O. boxes allowed” so don’t bother taking all the tear-pads. Leave some for other shoppers.

WAGS: Abbreviation for Walgreens Drugstore

UPC: Universal Product Code. Bar code printed on product packages that can be scanned electronically.

WYB:  When you buy.  “Save $10 wyb 3 items” would mean: Save $10 when you buy 3 items.

YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary.  Usually means a deal is for clearance items and since it’s not advertised in the circular, there is no guarantee that your store will have the same deal.

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