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UPDATE: read below for the Items Already Donated Lists!  Lot’s of you are contributing and it makes me so happy!

We had our winners for the cuckoo Christmas Service Project, read about it here if you’re new!!  I am posting the lists of what they need, one family is in dire need, I hope you read their story below and even if you can’t donate you at least pray for them!  If you are able to get any item, perhaps a cuckoo deal with free shipping on Amazon, and have it shipped to them, let me know and I will cross the item off the lists below!  I will be sending my own packages to each family as well, but I can’t do it all on my own, I would really love some help from the awesome Cuckoo for Coupon Deals readers!

Family #1, Grand Prize Winner- Jennifer’s Family:

Jennifer’s family was nominated by Ashley, who raises money for college scholarships for inner city kids (she also blogs here). Ashley nominated the family of one of the boys she is working with.   The items you buy would be sent to Ashley,  so she can surprise them all on Christmas Eve.  Here’s the information Ashley sent over:

When I say this family doesn’t have anything, I’m not being loose with that statement. They don’t even have a couch. Their apartment is so badly infested with roaches that they can’t have one even if they could afford it. Jennifer is a single mother who is surviving on disability income. With this small income, it has to take care of 6 people, which is impossible. There’s a difference between the financial struggles of not having a job for several months, and living in poverty. Jennifer has been very sick recently, and has been in and out of the hospital. They have no car or form of transportation. I buy one of the sons bus passes so that he can get to school. They all need clothes, and I asked for an item they might want as well, in case people wanted to go down that road with the gifts. I am so excited, and the family is feeling so overwhelmed with joy and blessed.  THANK YOU.

*They all need belts.

Jahlil- 18 years old
Tops: xl
Shoes: 13
Likes basketball, nike clothing, and polo shirts
Wants: Wii motion plus with Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

Justin- 17 years old
Tops: L
Pants: 32/32
Shoes: 11
Wants:MP3 player

Joshua- 15
Tops: L
Shoes: 10
Wants: Chris Angel Mind Freak kit

Jordon- 12
Top: boys Large
Shoes:8 1/2
>Wants: MP3 player that plays videos

Jasmine- 10
Top: girls 12
Shoe:4  Dressier shoes  & Sneakers were donated for her!
Wants a bike really bad

Jennifer- Mother. She said she doesn’t want anything, and wants it all to go to her kids. But of course, something for her would be nice. Make up, girl stuff, matching set of dishes, ****silverwear (i dont think they have any) …whatever!

For the whole family:

They need towels – There have been ordered
Sheets for one queen bed,  These have been ordered!
Sheets for 5 twin beds.  These have been ordered!

Items Already Donated: 

5 sets of twin bed sheets
Shoes for Jasmine
Care package for Jennifer (the mom)
1 set of queen size sheets
Set of bath towels,
Sneakers for Jasmine,
Card Game for the entire family, and
a 44-piece makeup kit that I thought mom and daughter would have fun with
Set of silverware
3 new longsleeve shirts for Jasmine
Shoes for Jahlil
Mp3 Player for boys
Chris Angel Mind Freak 250 Tricks for Joshua
4 Shirts, one for each of the boys,
Dominoes game for the family
Jahlil: XL fleece zip up pullover jacket, XL Polo shirt grey
Justin: Jeans 32/32, L fleece zip up pullover jacket

Here’s the address to send items: 
Ashley LeMieux
533 w guadalupe rd #2111
Mesa AZ, 85210

*After you send an item, make sure to contact so I can update this list to cross items off / or just add items under Items Already Donated!

Family #2- The Drains:

“During the past three years, we have been struggling financially. My husband has lost his job five times during this time and only by the grace of God and the goodness of others we have been able to make it. We have been blessed with five beautiful children: four boys ages 13, 6, 3, and 1 and one little girl age 5. We wish we could have a nice budget to work from but really we live on a prayer at a time. Thank you!”

Here is the kids information:

boy, age 13, size 16/18
boy, age 6, size 8/10
girl, age 5, size 7
boy, age 3, size 5T
boy, age 18 months, size 2T/24M

Mostly their kids want new shoes: 

  • boy, 13, Men’s 11 – shirt sent
  • boy, 6, size 3  -shirt sent
  • girl, 5, size 1
  • boy, 3, size 11
  • boy, 1, size 7 – clothes have been sent

They would love a new toy as well.

Items Already Donated: 
Hasbro donated a  Barbie Designable Hair to the girl, age 5.
Farm toy set for boy, age 3
Veggie Tales Little Drummer Boy Play Set and DVD, Veggie Tales: Saint Nicholas DVD, O Holy Night Drummer Boy Music CD
3 Dora the Explorer books
Other books for the kids: Stuart Little, The Secret Garden, Pick of the Litter, Friends Forever
shirt for oldest boy
shirt for 6 year old boy
2 outfits for youngest child, pants and shirt
2 (5 oz.) Filet Mignons, 2 (4 oz.) Boneless Pork Chops, 4 (4 oz. approx.) Boneless Chicken Breasts,
8 (3 oz.) Gourmet Franks, 8 Potatoes au Gratin, and 4 Individual NY Cheesecakes from
For the 1 year old:
Musical train set
Little Chunky truck- Cement Mixer with popping beads
The First Christmas pop-up book

For the 3 year old:
Crayola Color Explosion Fun Pack (small set)
Books: Christmas board books
Cars Glitter Doodle Pack (small set)

For the 5 year old girl:
Small dress up set: skirt, shoes, jewelry in purple
Disney Princess Color and Create Paint Set (small set)
Colorful hair elastics and clips
Crayola Color Explosion Fun Pack (small set)
Card games: Old Maid, Crazy Eights
Velveteen Rabbit paperback storybook

For 6 year old:
Smurf board game (full size)
Cars Glitter Doodle Pack (small)
Crayola Color Explosion Fun Pack (small)
Card games: Go Fish, Matching
O Holy Night paperback storybook
Twas the Night Before Christmas paperback storybook

13 year old:
Sorry Spin Game (full size)

Here is the address to send items to: (email her for her address)

After you send an item, make sure to contact so I can update this list to cross items off / or just add items under Items Already Donated!

Family #3: The Ramos:

“I have just moved from New york to North Carolina and i am on my own with no family around me. I have no job as of yet and no income. i have two wonderful boys karsin who is a severe hemophiliac he is soo friendly to everyone her meets.. He likes batman spiderman and mickey mouse clubhouse. My other sons name is kobe he is my little helper i really don’t know what I would do without him. He wears a size 8 in clothes and likes bayblade r/c helicopters ds games mp3 player. Of course these are there wish lists but i’m sure they will be happy with anything you can give. I would just like to thank everyone for helping and god bless you and your families

Boy, age 3, size 4 – some clothes donated!
Boy, age 8, size 8 – some clothes donated!

Mostly, their kids want new pants

Items Already Donated: 
Hasbro donated a Fijit  to the boys.
Boy 3, one pair jeans, one pair long sleeve shirt
Boy 8, on pair jeans, on pair long sleeve shirt
2 Cars Personalized StoryBooks
2 new family board games & USA puzzle

Here is the address to send items to:

Amber Ramos
418 b horn rd
Wilmington nc 28412

After you send an item, make sure to contact so I can update this list to cross items off or just add items under Items Already Donated!


Hasbro Toys has already confirmed to donate 2 of their top selling toys this year, the Barbie Designable Hair and a Fijit to the cause!

I will try to get some more sponsors, but everyone else who could chip in anyway would be appreciated! You can send anything, not just specific items on the list.

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