Nov 8 2009
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If you have a great deal that you would like to share with our readers (I will post a link back to your site), you are a reader and you want to ask me a question, or you posted my button on your site and now you want me to return the favor, please contact me at: Deidre@CuckooForCouponDeals(dot)com

  • alexis

    Just thought I would see if your ‘contact’ tab worked! Site looks great….have a great day. Alexis

    • deidre

      Thanks, worked.

      • Pamwil88

         Hi, I was just wondering can you clarify something for me.  Walmart
        price matching guarantee states that it matches preferred card prices.  I
        have been matching Walgreens and Rite aid prices after RR and UP
        rewards for the past 2 months.  Today, I was told that I could not get
        the ending price.  It was actually a manager that told me to begin
        with.  That”s why I started matching the other store prices.

        • my walmart matches prices that are for members only, like Smiths (Kroger) $10/10 sales but they don’t match RR’s, +UPs and prices after rewards if that makes sense. My walmart is very different than most, it actually doubles coupons too. I live in Utah Valley where all walmart’s double coupons every Tuesday, so it’s just a different thing we have going on.

  • michelle

    I am new to all of this. I mostly shop at Wal-Mart right now. I seen you stated that they will take store coupons from like target and such. I just wondered if they take the target internet printed coupons? They say target web coupon. So I wondered. Have you ever used other coupons from other stores and had problems with wal-mart? Any info would help. Thanks Michelle

    • deidre

      You could use a Target coupon, if it came in the newspaper BUT NOT A PRINTABLE. Also, you couldn’t “stack” a Target or other store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon like you can at Target because only one coupon per item is permitted at Walmart. Yes they do take internet printed coupons, if they say “Manufacturer Coupon.” There should be a valid remit address for the manufacturer and a scannable bar code.

      • JoAnn

        Michelle, I was just there last night. They are only allowing 2 coupons per like item now also.

  • debbie

    just wanted to say how much i enjoy your site. i also wanted to say that babies r us has huggies wipes in the tubs for sale 3 for 7.00. i used 3 coupons for 75 cents each bringing the price down to 4.75 for 3. keep up the good work. debbie

    • deidre

      Thanks! Great deal find!

  • Katie Burgi

    I’ve only been doing the coupon thing for about 3 months now. I totally love it and it’s saving my family a lot of money, but I just have one question? Do you find that you are still able to stock your food storage with ‘healthy’ food? I’m finding that I already have SO much hygiene products and plenty of snack and frozen entrees but not as much of the really healthy foods?

    • deidre

      There are coupons for Del Monte canned fruit and veggies that come out, and those are great for food storage. Also Quaker oats are great for food storage. And some of the healthier cereals often we can get for dirt cheap too. As for fresh fruit and veggies, these coupons are rare, but also you can’t really stock up on these as they would go bad anyways. The best way to save on these is growing a garden. I know that’s not possible for everyone, but you just have to do what you can. I love stocking up on laundry detergent, oil, TP and paper towels, these are all things I think should be in food storage as well. Couponing isn’t the miracle cure for everything, I still buy fresh produce every week, just pick what’s on sale the cheapest and eat whats in season. Hope that helps!

    • Shar

      Good question!

  • Tracy

    Hi Deidre, I just watched your video on how to organize coupons. I have mine in a small accordian file, which is nice and compact, but I have one problem; There are only 13 pockets in my file, so if I need to find a specific coupon, I need to pull out all out all of the coupons for that category and thumb through them until I find the one I’m looking for. If I did the binder method, how many coupons do you put in each pocket? Do you only put in 1 per pocket? (unless you have multiples of the same of course). What about the larger coupons that I print online?

    Thanks for your help!

    • deidre

      I do one coupon per pocket. Then I don’t thumb through coupons at the store. I open up a section and easily see pictures of each coupon so I can find them quick. There are organizer tabs that only hold 3 large coupons, I got mine at I have one of those, one 6-pocket coupon holder, and then a few 9-pocket coupon holders (known as baseball card holders) for each category. Hope that helps!

      • Shar

        You have a great system!

      • Jennifer

        loved the video and picked up a couple things tho i use a similar system…..who knew they had cool lil cutters lol gotta get me 1 of those. i also add in a few buisness card holders-found really cheap at walmart- they hold 10 per page and work well for the few really small ones. Where r u finding the baseball card 6 and pockets-i cant find them-for now i have old photo album pages i got on clearance. Thanks again for all the info.

  • Jennifer


    Please let me know if you are interested in doing a reciprocal link with

    I’vs placed your button on my site!


  • Rebekah

    Hi Deidre! Just wanted to thank you again for my first circus experience! It was fun and very generous of you and your husband. You’re website is darling! Take care. :)

  • Lina

    I am still kinda new to the whole supercouponing thing…i like the binder idea that i keep hearing about and your video was great on explaining how you do yours..BUT I am not finding out from anybody how do you do a binder AND keep up with the dates they are from? all the sites list as 11/04/10 ss for example soooo if it is in a binder how do you find it by the date? thank you in advance..

    • deidre

      I don’t keep track of mine by date, I just list the date for people who do not clip their coupons and have to go by inserts to find their coupons. When I list a coupon, say for Mustard, I just look in the condiments category of my binder and find the coupon. I go through monthly and delete expired coupons, but I don’t keep track of the dates when they came in the newspaper.

      • lina

        thank you….we have a store that takes expired coupons for one year…i buy a lot of papers each week I am wondering if the binder will get to full to quick? one more question please and then I will leave you alone, do you carry your entire binder everywhere and do you get a lot of papers each week? okay sorry 2 questions lol…thank you again

        • deidre

          Is it a military commissary? They are the only places that can take expired coupons… I get 4 papers a week (I have 4 people in my family) the recommend you get as many papers as you have people in your family. My binder doesn’t get too full because I remove all expired coupons. Thanks for visiting my site!

  • Carl Tan

    Hi Cuckooforcoupondeals Team,

    Good Day!!!

    We from the nomorerack team would like to ask if it would be possible for us to contribute our promotion code to your site. Our company had started only last November 17, 2010 and we are giving $10 Gift Card for our potential customers we also offer up to 90% off on all authenticated items branded and non-branded ones. Please do contact us back regarding about this, we would appreciate it a lot.

    Hope for your response, thanks.

  • jason

    hello there, I noticed your hallmark $5 coupon had expired. Hallmark has since put out a $10 coupon. I am not sure where it is though. I appreciate your efforts. Happy Holidays

  • richard

    I was going to enter your sweepstakes at :
    when I noticed the Continental US restriction. Why is that ? Don’t you want your Chili’s in Hawaii to keep their customers ?

    • deidre

      I hope you’re not mad at me, I don’t create the rules for the Chili’s giveaway, they do.

    • deidre

      Emailed them, they decided to open it up to all usa! Wonder if they’ve had other complaints.

      • Richard T.

        Probable. That’s why it pays to speak your mind. My next step (after finding out it was them and not you) was to email them with the complaint. If that didn’t work, I was prepared to find out who owns the Chili franchises in Hawaii and address it to them. Squeaky wheel concept.

  • Tomorrow’s Harvest

    I am the internet manager for Tomorrow’s Harvest. I want to help you better understand TH.
    We offer food for an emergency, often called food storage or survival food. This is food that you store for up to 25 years, so when the feathers hit the fan you will be able to keep feeding the family [assuming everyone is hoarding the grocery stores].
    We receive thousands and thousands of samples each month- typically from people just wanting something for free. TH sample is for those interested in preparing their family, and the sample is more of a try before you buy.
    There is a disclaimer on our site that says one of our representatives will be contacting you.
    On Jan 15 2011 we will have our online store completed, so that you may purchase. We will send a sample [free] with any purchase.
    Our meals range from 2.80 per meal to 1.82 per meal… that’s pretty inexpensive, in fact we are the least expensive in the industry. Yes, it may be an significant investment if you are going to purchase a few hundred or even thousand meals, but then again how much would pay for one meal if you had not been able to eat for a few weeks?
    We do not give presentations. We simply need to know how big your family is, how much the family wants to be prepared with…etc
    We appreciate the comments here and have taken note of some in particular to help improve our site.


  • Steph

    So I know that the giveaway ended for the gift certificate and tooth whitening system…but it said 4 winners!!
    The top three point wise and then a random winner.
    How come there are only three winners posted??

    Could you please email me the response?
    Sorry if this is a hassle.



  • Steph


  • Ashley Bowes

    There are some great deals on – including ones for the Salt Lake City area and Provo – like today they have one for Air Borne Sports (the trampoline house) and also one for Monkey Island Fun Center!

    I think you should be aware of this site as they have lots of deals every day.


  • Becky

    I must be over looking it. How do you sign up for a contest user name for your giveaways?

  • Shanna Bailes

    I just want to say that I love your site! I have been following you for a while through Facebook but I have to admit I never knew you had so much info on here. It truly is Amazing! Thanks to all the Valentine’s giveaways, I have discovered so much more about your site and I will continue to visit it often. Thanks for all you do…..I know it is a lot of work!

    • deidre


  • Sunnie

    Hi, new to the coupon world and loving your site thanks so very much! I know this ti-bit isn’t something that applies to all but I hope it can help some that may not be aware. Did you know that Walgreen’s offers a 15% discount to military personnel/dependents on Tuesdays? The days might be different depending on locations but here in Yorktown Va it’s every Tuesday. Just a little fyi, and hope someone else can benefit!

    • deidre

      Thanks – I will let people know!

  • Nicole

    I have a question. I bought tickets to brewvies cinema pub off your daily deals website on Jan 24. I havent seen the tickets or recieved any email confirmation. How am I supposed to get my tickets? It has been long enough that I thought I would have gotten them by now. The money has been taken out of our account.

    • deidre

      I would log into then click on Account, then Deals, and your voucher should be there! Please let me know if that works!

      • nicole

        Thanks for the advice. I found the voucher and was able to print it off!

  • Tammy

    The Flying J coupon for the hot beverage prints out the cookie coupon. Would really like to have a hot beverage to go with my fresh baked cookie FREE. :)

    • deidre

      What page did you see that coupon on so I can fix it?

  • SMKS

    Here is a great deal from State Fair Corndogs

  • anita

    I was wondering how I can link up with your site I would be willing to put you on mine as well.


    • deidre

      k will email you

  • Karen Wainright

    Hi, I am new to couponing and loved your coupon slicer method. Where can I find one? I searched google but didnt see anything like the one you use. Thank you so very much! I love your website,it is very helpful and informative!

  • Juanp

    Hi. I really like your website! My problem is that in my area we don’t get coupons for the things my family uses. Our newspaper carries P&G, RedPlum and SmartSource, but they seem to have the same coupons over and over. I have watched most of your videos and I see a lot of name brand stuff that I use, but never get coupons for. An example would be the Ritz crackers, Campbell soup, Florida Orange juice just to name a few. I am willing to use a coupon clipping service if I need to, but I don’t know which one to use. I would appreciate any help you have to offer.

    • deidre

      Most of those are printable coupons that I list on the site and in my coupon database, the others from a coupon clipping service I would use: My Coupon Hunter:

  • marisa

    HI Diedre,
    Im new to this site and I Love it! I have the coupon fever and with all of this being new to me, I hate to admit this but I am addicted. I live in a small town and the one place I do like to shop is at our Super Walmart, so my question is. Does Walmart price match on meat? If so how is it done on my part so I dont look like a goof at the registar.

    Thanks so much,

    P.S. with this all being new to me I am sure I will come up with other questions, like alot, so ….i have prewarned you.LOL :0)

    • deidre

      Marisa, no problem I’m hear to help! Just bring in the competitor’s ad which shows their price for meat, and show it to the cashier and she’ll price match it for you.

      • marisa

        On the meat subject..does it matter about the weight, brand, or anything specific that I need to do or look for when I am meat shopping?

        • deidre

          I would think if the ad says ground beef 95% lean 1.90 per pound, you would have to find an exact match

  • marisa

    So, here I am……wih my daily question for the day. Have you ever gone over the 40 coupons at walmart? or a better question how many coupons did you ever make out with at Walmart?

    • deidre

      You may need a manager’s approval, but I haven’t heard of a limit per trip.

  • Jada

    Hi, My name is Jada, and I heard about you from my sister Melissa Kelley. I want to do a giveaway with you. Check out my blog here – – . Let me know what you think..


    • deidre

      Can you email me with exactly what you want to do?

  • jessica

    Jjust wanted you to know that next week April 17th-23rd Walgreens will have Nivea body wash for men and women on sale for $3.89. there will be a $3 coupon in the sunday paper for the same product making it $.89 (i work for Walgreens. BTW I love your site!!!!!

    • jessica

      correction .79. Just checked ad for next week

  • Alex

    A bit of a dumb question.. are there Walmart instore printable coupons? I’ve been able to find Target, and even Kmart with their company name on their coupons (not manufacturers), but not Walmart. Any help? oh yes your site rocks lol. thank you for helping

    • deidre

      No, but since Kmart coupons usually list the sales price, the do accept those as competitor’s coupons!

  • rusti

    hey just found a free sample, didn’t know if you had it yet go to and you will get a sample of the new zout purex– I am new to your site, love it!! found you on facebook and I share the good stuff with my friends :) thanks so much!!

  • melissa m

    where can i get the P&G Everyday savings booklet. I see it posted often and I can’t figure out how to get it. Help!

  • Jennifer

    Scotts big pack of paper towels it 6 rolls that claim to be 9
    This is at giant eagle.
    Reg price 5.99
    sale price 4.99
    TOTAL 3.99

    GOOD DEAL!!!!

    • deidre

      where did you get this deal at?

  • Melissa :)

    don’t know if you know about this or not but you can get a free sample of purex @ by mail

    have a great day!!!

  • Chrissy

    Hi. Im new to your site and I’de love to grab your button for my blog but cant find the html for it. Can you help? Thanks!

    • deidre

      on the right hand sidebar, at the top, do you see Grab Button?

  • jessica

    I would just like to thank you for making your site so easy to use!! I searched for the longest to find a site that made it easy for me to fig out how to coupon! Sense being on your site and watching you videos and taking advantage of your weekly shopping guide I have been able to get my family what they need and want. Last shopping trip at walgreens ended in 4 air-wick, 6 Gatorade, 3 candy bars, and one Bic razors for a total of 2.48 with a redemption on a RR at 2. and a grocery trip that was cut in HALF!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!! Also would like for you to know that A lot of Walgreens are converting over to what they call CCR. So are marking down tons of items to get them out of the store! I work for walgreens so will keep you posted!

  • ceis8009

    Question about giveaways: I assumed that the comment entries should be relevant to the post. I have seen 3-5 word comments posted one after another on the same post by the same author seemingly just to rack up points. What is your policy?

    • deidre

      I have not seen that until recently – I think I will start trashing non-relevant comments. I had no policy previously.

    • Rebecca Shockley

      comments, not stories. HUGE DIFFERENCE

  • Rebecca Shockley

    Wait a minute, each of my comments have been related to the posts and if you look at the video showing you how to get these extra points and entries, the example showed was GREAT DEALS, so what, mine have all been relevant. Each related to the topic, if I want to seperate my comments into 1 liners rather than a story what’s the big deal. Just because I have more time on my hands then you do obviously, don’t complain, seriously. NOTHING specific was mentioned about what had to be mentioned in the posts. Just make a comment to any of my posts and thats it. WOW, really I happen to be interested in this website and the content, so hold that against me. Should I separate this comment into 10 different ones, ummmm NO!!! Please, give my 5 entries to the girl who can’t comply with the simple instructions.

  • Lisa Orr

    Couldn’t see it but maybe it’s been mentioned. On Tuesdays at the Walmart in Lindon, UT they will double coupons up to $1 in value so .50 becomes $1, .75 will go up to $1 also. They won’t truly “double” anything over 50 cents. They did this because the Ridley’s in Orem is doing the same thing on Tuesdays. You do have to mention it to the cashiers that you want the doubling/price matching or else they won’t ring it that way. I have been saving all my $1 and over coupons for my regular shopping day because on Tuesday you actually have to put the coupon on the conveyor with the product. Takes a bit of time, but it sure saves. If the coupon is for $1 or more you can just hand it to the cashier at the end. By doing this I’m really cutting some of my purchases down. Happy couponing!

  • Sarah

    I just wanted to thank you for putting the cuckoo deals in pink. As a newbie I’m sometimes afraid that I’m not getting as good a deal as I can so having the pink to refer too is great. Thanks for the best format I’ve found on couponing sites.

  • marisa

    so my question is this….if I price match an item at Wal-Mart, am i able to still use a coupon as well for that item?

    • deidre

      you should be able to

  • heidi wilson

    I live in Oregon. We have Fredmyers here. Will the Kroger coupons work at freds? Kroger maybe wrong. If so what store’s coupons can I use there?

  • Nicole

    I want to say thank you for being the kind of person to share all of this information. I want to be in the club. I want (scratch that) I need to learn to extreme coupon. The economy is really bad and although we are surviving we have to learn to save ever possible way because it get’s harder everyday. We are spending way too much money for food as it is now. Are you having any training classes coming soon? If so I would love to be a part of it.
    Thanks for reading

    • Chris G

      Yes I have an online class that I teach once per month! I post about it on my site when it’s coming up.

  • Jeff Roney

    Hi there. I’m a couponing newbie, and I’m a guy. My wife is very busy at work, and I promised her to do all the leg work with this new couponing adventure. It’s a lot of work and research, but I wanted to thank you for your great videos explaining scenarios and the steps to put a great deal together. Thank you so much for taking your time to make videos that explain it to others. I’ve seen a lot of couponing sites, and this is the one I’ve learned the most at. You rock.

    • deidre

      Thanks a bunch! More videos are coming including a new rite aid one with their new coupon policy!

  • Crystal

    How do you get multiples of the RedPlum coupon ads? I only receive one in the mail. Thanks for you help, Crystal :)

  • Matt

    I love your site, it helps me understand how coupons work and saves me tons. Which is good when your an engineer student with a huge school load and little time for work!

    My college apartment actually has coupon inserts mailed to each of our mailboxes as a courtesy. Needless to say countless students don’t care to use these inserts and just toss them aside near the mailboxes. I’m that dorky kid that goes around picking them up. :)

  • Linz Correia

    hello Im new to the coupling world and would like to know where to start in your coupon training and anything else you recommend for more learning. I want to learn as much as I can before I jump right in!
    Thanx a ton

  • Amanda Murphy

    I just heard a rumor today about the Walmart in Spanish Fork Utah. I was told that they double coupons every other tuesday. Any idea if this is true or not? I would call myself but right now things are so tight that we don’t have a phone. (hoping to change that once our grocery bill shrinks).

  • Amy

    I am having trouble understanding what I can use this coupon for…it states $1/1 Cascade Rinse Aid. The reason I’m asking is because it shows a picture of a bottle with “jet dry type stuff”(I know not to go by the picture but I would like to know before I go to the store and be wrong. Thanks for all the help!

    • deidre

      If the text says cascade rinse aid and doesn’t specify the type, it can be used on any. It always is what the text on the coupon states.

      • Amy

        Ok thanks. Just wanted to make sure I could use it on the cascade tablets for the dishwasher.

  • Amy

    I wanted to know who designed your website. I have started a blog for couponing but would like it to be a little more user friendly and I really like your layout.
    I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction.

  • Tasha

    do you know of any stores ( grocery/ other) in northern california that double coupons ?

    • deidre

      from my research Northern Ca does not double coupons – most people shop at Safeway there. I post safeway deals on Wednesday nights.

  • Michelle R

    Hi Deidre! Not too long ago, you had done a series of different lists (toiletries, meat, groceries, etc) of all your stock-up prices, but I can’t find the links…can you please send that to me?

    Thank you! Michelle

  • Kim

    I was wondering what do you do with any unwanted coupons or even expired coupons? I live on Guam and our commissary accepts expired coupons up to 6 months after the expiration date.

    • deidre

      I send them overseas and use addresses from this site: Make sure to add your base to that list!!!

    • Jennifer

      Hi Kim, I saw your post from June on and I see that your base isn’t on the list for donations of expired coupons. I’d be happy to start mailing some to you! I have friends working at Skydive Guam and I myself have worked as a civilian instructor with all branches of the military at a freefall training site here in the US. Thank you for your service. Please contact me if you would like to start a coupon donation for you & your friends that are couponing, too.
      Cheers! Jennifer

  • Rikki

    Hey Deidre,
    I just wanted to let you know that I just got my scanner from the National Consumer Panel!!! Thanks so much for posting the sign up on your page. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to earn some great rewards and to aid manufacturers in developing awesome products.

  • sue ellen huber

    i am wondering how to enter your weekly contest. I have one that I think will be a winner for sure.

    • deidre

      Hi! You just upload your picture on the contest page, it is right under the Comments area where you upload it.

  • Tamara

    Found a freebie on f/book: Shout color catcher free sample

  • Jen

    I have found some good deals for NY I am not sure how to post them or get the information to you so everyone can enjoy the savings.

  • Amanda Murphy

    I just got the new Harmons ad in the mail today and they have Kraft dressing on sale for 2/3 then there’s an in-ad coupon for 1/2 and yesterday there was a 1/2 coupon in SS making the final price .50 a bottle. Altho I’m sure that fresh market and maceys will be doing the same sale this week.

    • deidre

      Oh I will look for those in the ads tomorrow!

      • Amanda Murphy

        Well it looks like Harmons is the only place doing this deal but you should be able to get walmart to price match the 2/2 price instead of the 2/3 because that’s what’s in big bold letters. If not I believe you have a Harmons in Orem.

  • Cathy Lawson


    I have a ? but don’t know where to ask it. So sorry if this is the wrong place. I wanted to know about Google
    Crome. Do you use this. I heard it is faster than explorer. I thought you might since you suggested doing google reader….do you know anything about this….?

    • deidre

      YES! I use google chrome and it is great. When you click on things, they open in a new tab not new window every time! LOVE IT!

  • Melissa

    I just recently started using coupons and I was wondering if there is a website I can check out to find out what coupons are coming up in the future. I have used but they only went to June 19, 2011.

  • Rosemarie Patrizio

    There is a $1.00 off off Pure Spring coupon on the Rite Aid Facebook page

  • Marie

    Hi Deidre,

    I hope you can help, I am having trouble printing from certain sites….The instructions say to click on the start button ect.,I am on a mac and the home page is different than windows, are you familiar with this problem?

    Thanks, Marie

  • Kendra

    Hi Deidre,
    On my shopping trip today I found a great deal on the Finish Quantomatic originally $12.00 at Walmart, marked down to only $4.00 with my $3.00 Printable MQ it was only $1.00. I am not sure if Walmart’s markdowns are similar in all stores, or just this particular one in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

  • Jen

    Is your coupon database down? I can’t seem to get it to work.

    • deidre

      Yes it is down – they are re-syncing it and hopefully have it done within an hour

    • deidre

      It’s fixed now

  • Amy

    I have several Ragu coupons that I was given from someone that works at Dollar General. It says Dollar General on them along with Manufacture coupon. Can I use these at Kroger?

    • deidre

      depends on your cashier, they should take them

  • Alena

    Amazon has Pampers Splashers Swim Diapers from as low as $5.48 (depending on size) when you combine Amazon Mom discount with coupon discount and subscribe & save. Shipping is free. Thanks deeds
    Note, you may cancel your subscribe & save subscription any time after your order ships.
    Sign into your amazon account
    Join Amazon Mom (free to join)
    Click here for coupon page (coupon may appear on item page for some)
    Click on “Save $1.50 on Pampers Splashers Diapers”
    Click on 24-ct Size 3 $5.48, 22-ct Size 5 $6.54, 21-ct Size 6 $6.75
    Select “subscribe now” (right side of page)
    Checkout, total should be Size 3 for $5.48, Size 5 for $6.54, Size 6 for $6.75.

  • Stephanie L.


    I purchased the Disney Orlando vacation back in May. I purchased two packages becuase I have a family of six and they are saying that I can’t use the other one because it would be considered a group and that I could uprade to a condo for an addtional 70+ dollars a night. I am at my wits end, can you help me? If I remember correctly you have a contact there.


  • Michelle R

    Hi Diedre, I just found your site a few weeks ago when KMart had their big double event and was pleasently suprised when I saw that you match ups for Cub Foods. The only other site that I was using wasn’t that great. So I am wondering what day that you generally post the Cub Foods match ups? Thanks so much for all that you do, you are my new favorite site!

    • deidre

      I post these on Sundays

      • Michelle R

        Thanks! So I didn’t know if you knew or not, but this weeks match ups are not posted yet. Just a heads up, thanks!

  • Amanda Murphy

    I’m just wondering how your weekly insert and t-shirt giveaway winners are chosen? Cause let me tell ya I could really use it this time! lol I haven’t had the money to buy newspapers the last 2 weeks (last week and this one) because this are just too tight financially!

    • deidre

      They are choosen by

  • Kristin

    Hey everyone, I got my weekly ads today but there was no red plum?? Anybody know if there just wasn’t one this week or if somebody took it??

    • Amanda Murphy

      Unfortunately there wasn’t one this week ;(

  • Jennifer

    hi deidre not sure if this deal helps out too many people but i wanted to share anyways . if u anyone lives in the hampton roads virginia area and receive the virginian pilot , living social has a deal for 15 dollars for a 6 month wed and sun delivery . the zip code for the deal is 23462 and if anyone uses my link to purchase it helps me out . my link is wanted to send this to u to see if u wanted to post it or not . thanks so much ,Jen

  • Amanda Murphy

    Ok so I signed up for the Kraft First taste thing but I”m having trouble finding where the coupons are! Anybody know?

  • Mary

    Hi there
    can u tell what the best way would be to buy printer ink? would it be wise to buy the refill kits on ebay to save money or is there a better way that you can suggest. Thanks!

  • Michelle R

    Hi Deidre, Is it possible for you to check to see if the people that I referred to your site have signed up? Hopefully, I got the 5 to get the shirt!!!

    • deidre

      I see 4 people have confirmed their emails. It is actually 10 people to get the shirt.

  • keegan

    Nestle drumsticks facebook page is giving away a $1 off coupon.

  • Jennifer

    HI deidre , I heard that u can mail in your expired coupons to companies for money , how does that work and is it worth the effort to do so . thanks ,Jen

    • deidre

      Hi, you can’t do that but you can send them to Military families who are overseas!

  • Sara

    I just started seriously couponing and LOVE your site! I think there is a good deal at Walgreens for Dove products since they are buy one get one 50% off and then there are BOGO coupons in RP. Not being that familiar with the Walgreens coupon policy and assuming each Dove Hair Care product is $4.49, would you be able to get 4 bottles for $6.75 total if you used two BOGO coupons from RP (Buy one, get one half off and then get a free product off of each item making it $1.69 each. I thought you might be able to tell me if my logic is correct and others might be interested if this is right. Thanks!

  • CC

    Hi, I live in MI and I am new to your site. I shop at Meijer and I noticed your tip is to load coupons to the MeijerOne card through UPromise. This isnt correct anymore. Meijer no longer works with UPromise for any in store purchases.

  • glenna

    8/4/2011 I am watching for your deals for Giant Eagle for this weeks ad. The deals posted expired yesterday (8/3). I love this site and check it almost daily. Will the new one be up soon?

  • Tiffany

    I noticed you have a “military commissary” option in the “Find your store” tab but nothing is in it. I found a thread that is updated each month and also regularly as new deals are found. The link is below if you want to check it out and maybe add to your site.

  • LC

    I just heard about you sight and let me tell you i love it! I relized that on your video clip all the coupons you have gotten, how do you get all of them? I am trying so hard to get good at this couponing deal but its so hard and i am giving alot of time to it and its just not working like i see it is for everyone else…what can you suggest?

  • Carla

    please help me! I am new to this…what is a swag giveaway? I know I want to do it but don’t know what it is

  • Jennifer

    Diedre, did you see there is another Double Manufacturer’s Coupon event at Kmart from 08/21/11-08/27/11. I am so excited. I hope you can share this with everyone so we can all get ready! I found this on the Shop your way rewards booklet in the small red bubble on the front.

    • deidre

      WAHOO! You know I will have huge list of deals for you all that week!

  • Elizabeth

    Just found a great deal for Huggies Baby Wipes (184ct, all varieties) at Walgreens (AZ-Phoenix area). Sale price is $5.99, use $2 off from August coupon book, stack with $.50/1 from 7/17 SS to bring it down to $3.49. Grab a filler and use some register rewards from last week (if you have them), I just left the store with 3 packs of baby wipes and 3 notebooks my out of pocket was $2.70. Yay! I think $3.49 is still a decent deal if you need the wipes and don’t have the RRs, and no filler required to stack the coupons. Happy Friday shopping everybody.

  • troy

    how do you get that coupon free binder

  • Leisa

    Hi, I was wondering if you have a list of restuarants, retail stores, fast food chains, etc., that give senior discounts fo 50 +, 62 +, etc. ?

  • lcfay
  • Carol

    Thanks for the great site and VERY helpful tips. A few weeks ago you had posted about the free Wall Street Journal. I did the questionaire etc and have not seen the journal. Was wondering if you had gotten yours or how long it may take to start receiving this?

    • deidre

      It takes 4-6 weeks

  • deedee329

    Hi Deidre,
    I follow your blog and reccomend it on my blog. I emailed you to tell you that I started a blog and asked you to follow back but I see that you haven’t. Maybe a giveaway will coax you. I have a giveaway on my blog. I reccomend Cuckoo on my blog and would really appreciate if you reccomended my blog back. Please enter giveaway and spread the word. THANKS !

  • tammy

    I have a questions regarding the CVS gas card deal. I went today and bought 16 dawn and 3 tide which was over the $30 before coupons and I never received the print out for the gas card, does anyone know why?

  • Melinda

    I am having a hard time getting on your email subscription..I put in my email and says i should confirm my address but i don’t get anything in my inbox…could you please advise??

    Thank you!!

    • deidre

      did you check your spam box?

  • amanda martinez

    hey i wanted to thank you for all your work in finding all these deals!!
    I was wondering if you could please help me out? Please help me out and spread the word! We need a couch so bad its falling apart and its just gross. There is actually a board under the couch holding it up.We have 2 kids and need something nice and safe for the to sit on.
    You Can Vote Daily

  • Nicole

    I looked in the stock up price list, but couldn’t find anything for aluminum foil. I don’t know if I just overlooked it, or if it’s not listed, but could you tell me what a good stock up price is?

  • shopaholic chick

    I am not sure why but when i type your web address into my phone it starts trying to load the page and before the page even appears it reboots my phone turning it off and on!!! i tried a few dozen times just to test and it ALWAYS does it! i am on a non-android non-iphone that has web access – i have a samsung rogue. i can view you on facebook fine but when i click to see the deals and it tries to go to your page the phone reboots!!i tried clicking from facebook and typing the address directly and no matter what it does this…

    any ideas whats going on why it would cause my phone to reboot?

    • deidre

      No ideas at all. I need to get a new mobile page designed for my site!

  • audrey witman

    I can not print out my coupons- please send me the clorox 2 coupon

    Audrey Witman
    173 hurst dr
    Ephrata,PA 17522

    thank you

  • Aimee

    I LOVE your site and been following for a while – THANK YOU for all the awesome deals!! I think I’m the first (finally!) to find a deal that is no where! This Getaway GIVEAWAY is a tribute to deserving victims of 9/11 plus an amazing giveaway for 3 lucky couples!!

    Best to you!!


  • Jennifer

    Do you know why I received a $14 citi pre-paid visa debit card from Procter & Gamble? It has the P&G logo on it and it did not come with a letter or anything. Just the prepaid amount and how to use the card. When I called the bank and asked why I received the card they said it was compliments of P&G for being a good customer. I asked how they knew I bought their products, how they knew my address, etc. and the customer service rep just kept repeating that it was compliments of P&G. I have never heard of such a thing, have you?

    • jasmine

      i got one too…so confused… it worth $49.00…should i just use it? so weird…

  • Lori Jones


    I have only been organized with couponing for a little over a month. I have been following different blogs and PYP. I just recently found you blog. I have to say you are one of my favorites. Your posts that allow me to create a shopping list is so wonderful!!! Thank you thank you!. I have no idea how you are able to do all this with 2 kids but I am amazed!

    Mom of 4 :)

  • Holly

    Has anyone been able to get the hugged wipes for $10.15 on amazon. I keep getting $15.75 for subscribe and save???

  • Rob

    Today Only at Dollar General, I’m in MS and all of the already marked down items(some up to 75% off) are BOGO. Check your area to see if it’s nationwide.

  • nikki

    I am soooo confused I live in Florida so the double coupons do not apply here :( although kmart will do double coupon days sometimes anywho reason for this is I was looking at your tutorials love em btw and I selected my state Fl I looked at walgreens and cvs well from the way you have scenarios and what to buy when and use what coupons n get these rr then the op expense I come out different in price is this because you are using a double coupon? Like on one you said it would be .93 op well taking all the info money q and rr i came up with 6.93 op which still isnt bad but not that deep figure like I want to see. I went to cvs today and I think I stink (granted my first trip ever with coupons so I did very little) but bought arm n hammer b1g1 used 1/2, crest toothpaste @ 2for5.50 used 2 $2/1q, degree (no q) but needed lol, 2 vics on clearance at 2.07 each used 3q and no previous rr to use. I spent 14.46 op so I didnt do very well at all what else can I do? So confused didnt realize it would be this hard!!! At the bottom of receipt says total saved today was 30.61 so when I see all these others that post 178 dollars and spent 5 op thats where I want to be or will I not really ever get there because of Floridas no double policy? Sorry this is so long just want to get the hang of it any and all advice would be much appreciated but please dont be rude as I am sure some of you were in the same boat once

  • Gretchen filgo

    in addition to the schtick razor deal at walmart this week, the 1.97 packages also contained $3.00 coupons off schick ST2 or slim twin 12 count that don’t expire until may 2012

  • Leslie Spence

    In the Food Network magazine I found an ad by Sara Lee with a link to a sweepstakes where the winner will receive $1000 plus when you finish filling in the info you can get a $1 coupon for your next Sara Lee product! I just did it and it took less than a minute.

  • gwenda

    Go to the Activia facebook page. Like their new product. Fill out info and they will send you a coupon to your email. I got a free coupon worth up to 2.49.

  • Dana

    As I was killing time before getting my hair cut today, I went into Walgreen’s and found a good deal! They had the Ben-Gay cold therapy on an unadvertised special of 6.99. (Normally 9.99) I had my coupons with me and with the $5.00 off coupon I got it for 1.99! This was not my normal Walgreen’s so not sure if it’s “local” only or not.

  • Tiffany Hunter


    Have any coupons that you don’t need? Try heading over to Qpon Trader ( to trade them for ones you do need. It is like Craig’s List for coupons!

    More than likely you have been contacted by me before but we have now decided to offer the 1st 1,000 users a whole year free. Yes, you read right… a WHOLE YEAR!

    After the 1,000 places have been taken we will be offering packages for the remaining users to choose from if they wish.

    Thank you,
    Tiffany Hunter
    Qpon Trader

  • Danielle

    For a limited time, Wisk Fresh Boost comes with a free laundry bag at Walmart.

  • lyda

    where can i sign up to get coupons ?

  • Taylor H is having a deal today only for 90% off all gift cards!! enter code “WOW” at checkout.
    I spent $12.50 for $275 worth of restaurant gift cards!!! so happy! hope you all enjoy!

  • Destiny Burke

    Hi Deidre I have been following your site for awhile and i love what you are doing. I Live in Texas and i was wondering if theres any way that i could maybe send you 5 Texas papers with inserts included and you could maybe send me 5 california inserts. Or if you can think of any other way i could possible get those inserts that would be great.

  • Janine

    Plumdistrict’s deal is that any piece on Jewelmint is $10 today instead of the usual $30. Enter code PDREWARD at checkout. The plumdistrict credit can’t be used on this but it still seemed pretty cool to me 😀

  • anna

    Dear Deidre, : )
    i had a BIG problem today @ Wal-Mart.. 1. They had run out of the bubble product so i was very sad.. :( But my major problem was with the Shick razor coupons. coupon is 2/ $6. I was trying to purchase the ones you posted about two weeks ago @ $1.97. Which i could get overage- (correct)? Well, the manager refused to let me buy the razors and argued with me that the razors had to be the ones in the picture and size, quantity etc. When i told her that the coupon had “Any Shick razors”, it doesn’t specify that i have to buy the bigger pack that is $5.97 she bega,n telling me that Wal-Mart has updated the policy and now it says it must be the same color, size and quantity and where it states etc.., that also means must be the same as in the picture. Plus, since i would be owed $ back, she will not let me get the overage just the exact amount for the product but will still take the coupon. I asked how would that be fair to me as a customer when i know that when the manufacturer will pay $6.00 to the Wal-Mart.. She than said “yes, I know, but am only going to let you purchase one coupon and no overage for your basket.” “Because policy says it must be the same as the picture..” I am letting you to go ahead and take one just for customer satisfaction.
    Question: Have you got the updated version for the coupon policy for wal-mart and if so What did i do wrong?

  • Kim

    Hi Deidre,

    I’m just trying to learn how to coupon and save. I’ve watched the Rite Aid video a couple times, and I’m going to go there tomorrow and attempt the Aveeno Coupon deal…6 Products for $0.74! I have a question though. I have a Rite Aid coupon $5 off $25.00 purchase. If I give this coupon up before all the others…Will it allow me to use the other coupons (The only one I will not have is the SS 9/11 coupon, since this is before I started learning about coupons). Also, will it still give me the 2 – $10 +UP Rewards?

    Another question I have, is I saw Rite Aid put…limit 1 SCR. Does that mean per person or per transaction?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Heather

    Hi, I was just wondering if you have ever received the $10 visa card from Kimberly Clarke for the Cars 2 products. I submitted for mine on 7/25 and haven’t received it yet. I love your site! Thanks for all your hard work!

    ~Heather B~

  • Jennie

    At Smith’s Marketplace they have BOGO Free on Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop. I used the $5 off coupons from the Hasbro Play Saver insert 10/02 for the RC Cars. My Little Pony was $22.99 and Strawberry Shortcake was $19.99. I scored them both for $14 after sale and coupons! If you wanted two Strawberry Shortcake RC cars you could get them both for $10, 75% off.

  • Jeanne Bonlender

    A friend of mine e-mailed me several coupons in a pdf format today. The coupons are for $3. off a case of Nestle water, $3. off Oscar Meyer Deli Select products and $3. off a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper. Have you seen these yet. If you could send me a personal e-mail where to send them to you I would be happy to do so. What’s nice about these is there are 7 coupons to a page and you can make multiple copies so you can really stock up.

  • Kelly

    Was wondering if you have an address to send expired coupons to service families? I’ve just started with coupons and have quite a few that will expire before I need to use them.

    Thanks for your help : )

  • Sandra Bailey

    I recently had several bad experiences using coupons at Walmart. I sent a complaint to the Corporate office and then added it to their Facebook page under feedback. I thought maybe if everybody went there posted their own experience of Walmart not enforcing their corporate policy, it might have an effect on Walmart. We can hope anyway. I was hoping you would share this thought on your page and encourage everyone to post.
    Thanks. Sandra.

  • Kate

    Kroger just changed it’s coupon policy today: lim 5 manf and lim 2 Internet coupons

  • carla

    kmart has lipton tea 12pk in ad for $3.99 use the pepsi coupon buy 2 for$5.98 or use the $1.00 coupon on 1 12 pk lipoton tea this is really good deal….just wnted to share a good deal

  • julie cothren

    I was trying to download your toolbar, but I can not find it anywere, am I missing something?….thanks…I really like your website, it is easy to navigate and has all of the best deals

  • gwenda has a great deal on AAA alkaline batteries. 40 batteries for $12.00. Comparable to Duracell.

  • Regina Smith

    The coupon for Arrid is back up. Not sure if you were aware of this so I wanted to let you know so you can post it. Thanks for everything that you do!!! Your awesome :)

  • Danniell

    on the icy hot coupon from 9/25 $1/1 it says excludes0.5oz naturals, will it still work?

  • Rhonda

    When I enable the iPad version of your site, i am unable to see the list of store matchups. Has anyone else had this problem and solution?

    • deidre

      right now, you have to switch mobile version to off to see printable lists

  • Betty

    Hi I ran into a problem at target, can you help me with a coupon problem target catolina printed out a 2.00 listerine coupon but it had target stamped on it well i had a manufac 2 coupon they told me i can not use the two together as the target coupon is a manuf coupon as well, from the book i read it states if it has the store logo on it it becomes there coupon, Please help this seems tricky

  • Jenni S

    Though I may have overlooked, I did not see this MIR on your site for Woolite Pet Urine Eliminator.

  • Sharon J.

    You supplied a link for Fischer Price store coupons. I have tried several times and am not able to print them. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Can you help? So frustrated! Sharon

  • MoriahMoore

    hello I was wondering if you had that link to that computer template for coupon organizing and calculation,as seen on extreme couponing on tlc Id really like to have it. thanks

  • Maricarmen Rivera

    Saludos, deseo obtener cupones de descuentos y muestras, pero no me permite terminar la registracion pues Puerto Rico no aparece en la seleccion. Aun a pesar de que todos estos productos se encuentran en venta en Puerto Rico

  • Kim

    Deidre, just wanted to let you know that kgbdeals (similar to living social) has 2 tickets for $12. Their specials usually run for a couple days.

  • April Camila


    I couldn’t find the $1 coupon for Hershey’s candy at Do you know where can I get it?


  • Kelley Floyd


    I do not have a site for you to link back to, but I just read this in todays paper. Great tip for Holiday shoppers.

    NEW YORK — Wal-Mart announced a new strategy that it hopes will pull in procrastinators early by giving them a big incentive: a guarantee that they’ll get the lowest price no matter when they buy during the holiday season.

    The discounter said Monday it will match prices on many of its products. Shoppers who buy something at a Walmart store between Nov. 1 and Dec. 25, but then find the identical product elsewhere for less, can get a gift card in the amount of the difference.

    The offer excludes some items, such as groceries.

    To qualify, shoppers need to bring in the original Wal-Mart receipt and the local competitor’s print ad. Gift cards will not be given out after Dec. 25.

  • Sandra

    Hi Deidre
    All the links that you post for printable coupons…i am having trouble getting to print….it will take me to the site and allow me to print but when it prints it comes out blank…..i know that i have to download the coupon printer but it sais that if i need it it will tell me and it never does…..I am doing something wrong?

    • deidre

      I am sorry, they should work :( have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the coupon printers?

  • Vanessa Burrell

    I have a question about stacking coupons. Can you use 2 manuf coupons for the one item, with different amounts on the coupon? For example; I want to buy Tide Washing Detergent and I have 1 manuf coupon for $1.00 off and I also have another manuf coupon for $.50 off, can I use both of those manuf coupons for that 1 item? Please let me know. I’m new and am eager to learn. I love you site, I am on your site just about 4 times a day. Thanks for all you do…….

    • deidre

      no you can’t do that

  • carla


  • stacy

    I got a great deal today at
    free photo mug just pay shipping. offer expires 10/31
    Enter promo code at checkout: PX7E-EKBX-TRED-AM09VP
    Offer ends October 31
    One free 11 oz. white photo mug offer valid for one-time redemption per member and shipped orders only. Taxes, shipping and handling will apply. For more details, please click here.

  • kamil

    Looking to connect with advertising options and required more information.

    Please e-mail asap.

  • Pat

    wasn’t sure where to post it but here goes, if you were lucky enough to print the coupon for 3.00 of celine dion perfume, Walmart has it for 3.00, which makes it free after coupon, WHAT A DEAL, great christmas gifts.

  • kathy

    Hi I live in Florida and I wanted to ask you about the Nationwide Stores like Walmart? I was told by the actual Store Walmart…. that all Stores have different Prices and Sales? meaning not all sales found in one state apply to other stores? Thanks

  • Julie

    Hi, I am wondering if you know what stores with price match? I know that Walmart and Target will. I saw the toy r us add for a $1 Toy Story Operation Game, but they were out of them. So I am wondering if any other stores price match other than Walmart and Target (the ones I called were out or did not carry them).

  • andrea crosby

    Just wanted to let u and everyone know that I spotted a deal yesterday. My Kroger in Louisiana has campbells great for cooking soups, cream of mushroom and cream of chicken, for $.29 when you buy 10. Plus you can print 2 coupons for $1 off 5 cans from the campbells website. thats a great deal.

  • carla

    welch;s coupon for 75 cents watch their video on facebook to get their coupon in email to print twice..

  • Vickie


    I am having trouble with receiving your email updates. I was getting them in my inbox for a while now and since Oct 22nd I have not received and new emails with deals…I am not sure what happened and your emails are not going into spam either, they just stopped coming. I tried to sign up again but it is saying I am already registered. Can you please help me?!?!?! I hate to miss out on any more new deals. Thanks for your help!


  • Vickie


    I am having trouble with receiving your email updates. I was getting them in my inbox for a while now and since Oct 22nd I have not received and new emails with deals…I am not sure what happened and your emails are not going into spam either, they just stopped coming. I tried to sign up again but it is saying I am already registered. Can you please help me?!?!?! I hate to miss out on any more new deals. Thanks for your help!



    ?made out like a bandit today at walgreens!….I got 2 blistex …5 packs of huggies diapers….18 rolls of scott paper towels ….1 john frieda hair color ….3 packs of baby wipes 216 count …1 box of bounce…6 boxes of kleenex….2 containers of Folgers coffee ….12 candy bars ….4 progresso soup …3 corn bread mixes…2 purells w/trial sizes attached to them…$80.11!!!

  • Lori Jones

    Please everyone who shops at walgreens ring up in cosmetics PLEASE. We need people to ring up there for us. If you are my walgreens ask for coupons! I clip the newpaper and if I do not use it it bring it in for you! Thank you!!!

  • Joy

    Where is the best location/site to get Lion King? I have the $5 off coupon ready to go.



  • Elizabeth

    I love your site. I’m having a hard time printing the coupons. How can I check and change the available printer?

  • Toni

    Went to Walgreens this evening and discovered a new book with over $25 in beauty coupons inside.
    “Make This Season Stunning”. If you need a picture I can email to you. Couldn’t paste here.

  • Pat

    Just wanted to let you know about a deal I got. Rite Aid has a printable coupon for 5.00 off Beyonce’s Heat, and there was a coupon in the Sunday paper for 5.00. I got the gift set for 20.00 and got 10.00 off. So I paid 10.00 for the gift set. What a great Christmas present. They also have the Heidi Klum for 10.00, minus the 5.00 coupon, makes it 5.00. Another great Christmas gift.

  • laurie pailes-lindeman

    CVS is having a great 90% off sale all Halloween supplies. I was able to score Sally Hanson nail art that usually sells for $10.49 a piece for $1.04 a piece. My total bill for everything at CVS today was suppose to be $129.96 after saving and coupons my price was $10.04 cents and received $15.00 extra care bucks for Black Friday so I actually made $4.98 to shop today. My CVS is in NH but I did ask and they said most stores are running the same 90% off sale for Halloween supplies

  • Donna

    Just wanted to ask how I could obtain the best chance of purchasing an ipad from No more rack room on Fri for our special needs granddaughter. Thank you for taking the time to help.

  • Sharon

    Where can we find the black friday ads in print? I haven’t seen any ads in the newspapers.

  • Rachelle C.

    Free $10 gift cards for your friends and family. Give up to 40 per day.

  • Tiffany

    I have just committed legal robbery at Rite Aid thanks to you! 48 rolls of TP, 24 Rolls of PT, 2 Laundry Detergents, 2XL Fabric softners, 3 rolls of Wrapping Paper, 2 Queen Anne Cherries, 3 Large Jar candles.
    Without you amazingly handy tips and tricks- I would have paid 8x’s as much as I just did. I appreciate everything you post! DONT EVER EVER STOP!



  • Soft Water vs Hard Water

    You are in point of fact a just right webmaster. The site loading speed is incredible. It kind of feels that you’re doing any distinctive trick. Moreover, The contents are masterpiece. you have performed a excellent activity on this matter!

  • jody cowan

    Hi! I’m trying to figure out how to add my giveaway. On that page it says to click on Read More. I can’t find where it says that. I love your page and i really want to get involved here.
    Thank you so much !


  • Helga

    I tried to enter your catrer’s giveaway and it was blocked!

  • Tracey

    Not sure where to send this information but I will be sending 3 boxes for the 3 families you asked for donations for Christmas…..Jennifer’s family, The Drains and The Ramos family…if you would like a list of items being sent, email me and I will give that to you.

    • deidre

      Thanks so much!

  • Maryx

    Hi I got a great deal for you :)

    Sprite soda is on sale at Target for .99 cents each. There are buy two get a dollar off coupons on some of the Sprite bottles. So I bought four for $3.96 – $2.00 in coupons then I used the Target buy 3 Coke brand products get one free (Sprite is a Coke brand so it shouldn’t be a problem) so -$.99 totals 4 bottles for just .97 cents! So awesome. Thought you would like to know :)


  • tammy

    I have never seen them offer free shipping without a minimum order. They imputed the free shipping code automatically when I checked out! I shopped some clearance and got some leftover Halloween and Valentine’s day deals.

    Cart Items Qty Price Total
    Valentine Animal Print Suckers
    Per Dozen
    Estimated Delivery: 12/22/11
    $1.49 $5.96
    Witch Finger Cupcake Picks
    24 Piece(s)
    Estimated Delivery: 12/22/11
    $1.29 $3.87


    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Oriental Trading Company
    Sent: Sunday, December 11, 2011 5:12 AM
    Subject: It’s Back – 2 Days Only! FREE shipping on ANY order

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    **Order $59 or more online and a free $10 promotional gift card will automatically be placed in your order. Gift card can be used on a future order. Contiguous U.S. orders only. While supplies last.
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  • Laurie Pailes-lindeman

    This week at rite aid in their flier is a $5.00 coupon for nexus and they had had a 12 oz bottle of shampoo for $5.98 use the coupon total cost $.98 cents.

  • Cameron Lindley

    I am new to EBates could you explain it? Can you use it instore or is it just online?

  • Michelle

    I have subscribed to Cuckoo for Coupons to get e-mail about the coupon deals… Why when as soon as I get the e-mail I go straight to the store, and everything is gone???? This has happened to me several times. I am wondering if there is some kind of conspiracy inside job before I get the e-mail?? Or, why do I get the e-mails about the deals so late that there is no chance of even getting the deal??? If this is the case, why subscribe>?

  • Michelle

    I have subscribed to Cuckoo for Coupons to get e-mail about the coupon deals… Why when as soon as I get the e-mail I go straight to the store, and everything is gone???? This has happened to me several times. I am wondering if there is some kind of conspiracy inside job before I get the e-mail?? Or, why do I get the e-mails about the deals so late that there is no chance of even getting the deal??? If this is the case, why subscribe>?

    • deidre

      My emails are a collection of all Nationwide posts in the last 24 hours. The top of the email are deals from the previous day, and if you scroll towards the bottom, you’ll get all deals I have posted that day (up until 1:30pm EST).

      Since the email shows all posts in the last 24 hours, no matter what time of day I send it you will see expired deals, however you may see a lot of deals you missed before!

      The best way to never miss a deal is to check my site periodically during the day. I know not everyone can do this, and tons of deals are still available each day when I send out my emails.

  • Cameron

    Hey I printed coupons off of the target website. Some have the target logo and some do not. The ones that do not say manufactor coupon. Even though I printed it from Target would I be able to stack that coupon? example ok I printed Save $1.00 on a multipack of Boost Kids Essentials from the Target website. Then I printed it off So would I be a to stack them or would I have to use the seperately?

    • MISTY


  • Rose Ellis

    I just wanted to say that I love your site, and your training video’s are just absolutely awesome. I have watched the oraganizing one several times and each time I watch I find something new that helps me. I don’t have a binder as of yet, but hoping to get one in the near future. I do have one question, are you still giving away the Slice cutters and if so how do I enter. Again thanks for all your help.

  • native terpie

    To Cuckooo,

    I am looking for a good deal price on a 32 inch tv. for grandkid. I am in the Apache Junction and Mesa area. Can you help me find or give me information on t.v. sales?

    Thank you very much.

    • MISTY


  • MISTY has $1.00 of barilla pasta sauce and my safeway has barrilla pasta sauce on sale for $.99 just wanted to let everyone know.

  • Jessica

    Hey Deidre, thank you for this website, I’ve tried others but this one is truly the best…very organized and up to date. Just wanted to give you a heads up of a fantastic deal I saw for all of those ladies out there that have made weight loss a resolution. You already posted the target deal for their lean cuisines however if you register with lean cuisine now, you can build your points and get a beautiful lunch bag for free! Lean Cuisine Lunch Bag to get you started with 20 points, the code is LEANLUNCHBAG . Thank you and good luck with your baby!!!


  • Bojetanya

    how do i use my reward for 5.oo ecb at cvs as money not sure

  • Bojetanya

    never mind dede went to cvs and bought one all degerent and 5 sauve deordant for 1.25 use the copuns first then my 5.oo ecb reward  total price 1.25 thanks i figured it out love your site

  • Bunny

    Is there anyway that I could get a clean copy of the Desitin Target sign (with the dates).  My target will honor it, but I need the ad or sign with the dates.   Thanks.

  • Anniep4gsus

    i really like your site ,however there are problems ive had the last couple days not being able to bring up your database.also there are thousands of coupons when on the websitethat are not printable. why is that?is there some new trick to bringing up the database also?

    • Hi we are getting a new database soon! Within a few days :)

  • JoAnn Jones

    Just wanted to let other readers know that if you go to the Arm & Hammer website you can print a $1.00/1 coupon for their new “Ultra Last” Kitty Litter- 20lb carton. Now the best part is that they also have a “Try for Free” rebate on this item right now, so you wil receive a check by mail for the purchase price. So you make a dollar on this deal. ( A & H only allows you to print 2 of each coupon per year, so get them now)

  • Melly001

    What is Walmarts coupon policy in Florida?  Can you explain it to me in a simple way.  I’m new at this.  By the way thanks for the heads up witht he Band Aid coupon.  I went to Walmart and there where only 11 left, so I got those and they gave me 33 cents back.  WOW!

  • Im not sure if anyone else is having the same problem and I have checked my computer but your site takes a very long time to load. Any part of it is very slow moving. I am not having any other issues with other site or email so I figured it was worth letting you know.

    • Yes we are aware, we have a new site launching soon to fix that issue, I am pushing for next week, here’s a sneak peak (this is just the test site, my site URL will still be

  • Brittany

    just saw Mom’s Best Cereal on sale at Smith’s for $1.50.  I used my $1/2 to make it $1.  Great price for organic cereal.  They also had a lot of Cover Girls and L’Oreal cosmetic items on clearance that I used a $2/1 coupon from the Kroger mailer

  • Angela

    hi i live in MN and i went to my walmart today and the .99 off the coke zero is a fraud, they said someone hacked the coke’s fb page ??? So i was just letting you know they wouldn’t take it…  but i do go to your site everyday.. lol thanks you make it easy! lol

  • Theresa

    I used your linky but I am having trouble finding your button to post on my linky page.  Can you email me and tell me where to find the code?

    • On my sidebar at the very top, there is a button that says “grab button”

  • Kastenjudy

    My daughter and I are avid couponers, actually I have been couponing and doing rebates for 45 years, anyway we are often together using coupons. We have two Walmarts fairly close to us.  One is a Super Walmart the other a regular.  Lately we have found that they have been verrry nasty about couponing.  Completely refusing to take coupons at all,  not printed ones necessarily, ones from magazines and flyers.   Nasty doesn’t  even cover the different circumstances.   Recenlty I used a coupon at the reg. store  $3/3 nabisco coupons for the cookies in the cup.  I actually had three coupons since I had purchased 3 newspapers,  went to the super Walmart and tried to use the other two I had, it was blocked and the the clerk that was called over was very snotty and sort inferred that I was stealing.  I explained that it scanned (the only way they wil take a coupon) at the othere Walmart she was really nasty l  We both are having many issue with W are others

    • Laurie

      I had an issue with Wal-Mart on Sunday. I was using coupons for $5 off the Parent’s Choice formula. When I found the coupon I asked everyone I knew to print me some because it is the same formula that my son is on. I went and tried to buy 5 cans on Sunday. I had two color coupons and three black and white coupons. I have had issues with the coupons before because the system spits out a note saying that the product does not match the coupon but it does exactly, so the cashier would take them for me because it was very clear that they matched. My cashier on Sunday could not get them to scan and called over customer service. That lady told me that I copied them and she would not accept them. I was furious! Obviously, I did not copy them. I believe that their coupon policy says that black and white coupons are accepted. She took my two color coupons but refused the others. I was too embarassed to wait and talk to a manager. They made me look like an idiot. I did not know how to prove that they were not copies. I pulled all of them up on the website and it shows that all of them are valid. I do not know what else to do. I have $40 in coupons that I would really like to use but I am too scared to try it again because I do not want to be accused of trying to use copied coupons. Why would I do that… I am so irritated. My first mistake is that I went to a cashier that seemed well past retirement; I should have known better! Any suggestions… does the website prove that they are still good if they say valid. I am not sure how the website works, but the coupon tells the retailer to check to website…

  • Cowgirlbyebye

    I know you are into great Pet coupons and I just stumbled across another!  $10/1 bag of purina senior feed if you answer the questionaire.  Check it out and see what you think.  I signed-up for the reward program too. 

  • Torii1977

    kingsford coupon is gone…

  • Torii21

    kingsford coupon is gone…

  • MoriahLeevanMoore

    Target has Sing-a-majig singing toys for only $5.00! These toys are usually $20.00 retail.

  • Choppette

    Tilex is free at Walgreens this week as long as it is the right size.  I haven’t gone to check it out but it is advertised 2/$6 egt $2 RR.  If you use 2- $2/1 coupons it is free.



  • Marjie

    The Quaker deal is working again on Facebook.

    • Thanks for letting me know!

  • JustGlenda

    Love your new layout!!! its super fast to load. Question, whats a good price on pregnancy test? do you know any good deals at the moment? Never knew you can go through so many tests while trying =). 

    • I get the ones for $1 at the dollar tree and they are always accurate.  I have 2 kids, one on the way! 

      • Justglenda

        They have them at the dollar tree? OMG i did not know that?!?! .. must stop by during lunch to grab some. Congrats on your pregnancy btw!!! Hopefully ill get knocked up soon so we both can have Dragon babies =)

    • Shavon

      yep, dollar tree or most dollar stores.  I used Answer ovulation kit with my first.  It had, I believe, 4 pregnancy tests and 2 ovulation kits for 11.99 at walmart.  Needless to say I only needed one of each! I tested with dollar general and dollar tree ones to verify and they had the same result.  I only used the dollar tree and dollar general ones for my other pregnancies. I’d say if you are trying, get an ovulation kit, they include the tests, plus you have an idea of whether to send the soldiers swimming. lol  

      • Justglenda

        Thanks Shavon! Ive been using the ovulation test from target and I don’t think its working for me? (not sure if its bc im stressing since itll be our first! ekk) We’re just gona try to send them soldiers whenever we possibly can this month haha wish me luck =D

  • Terry

    Your new site layout is beautiful.


  • Deidre – the new site looks great. Thank you for all the info – I try to keep up daily.  sheshefoofoocards –

  • Leigh Ann

    Thank you for all the great help ! I was able to score $185.65 worth of product for only$34.42 at CVS!  and I have $3.00 extra bucks for next time!  Thanks again!  Also my CVS had Sally Hansen complete french manicure kits on 75% clearance!

  • Aschuck1

    Hello!! I just wanted to give you a heads up that the Tena Pad coupon from earlier in the week has reset and now instead of $6 off ANY Tena pad it’s now $7 off ANY tena pad!! YAY!

    Angie @

  • Sdennis4477

    I receive your daily email.. which I love!! I noticed this on there “List of Coupons in the 02/05/12 Sunday Inserts! is Copyright © 2011
    (you can call us CCD). If this content is not in your news reader, it
    makes the page you are viewing an infringement of the copyright. )  What does this mean?????

    • Sometimes other sites will have auto-bots try to steal my posts and that shows up at the bottom, so that if they steal my posts other people will know they are stolen.

  • Hrcg

    We should talk about the success of Savvi online and local shopping.
    So call or email me back and I will send you a demo link.
    — Rob J. Thurston, PresidentHR Consulting Group, Inc. 1202 Dover Drive, Provo, UT 84604phone (801) 765 4417, fax 4418email:  http://www.hrconsultinggroup.comskype: hrcgincConsultants & Developers in HR/BenefitsSocial Networking Design

  • Hrcg

    We should talk about the success of Savvi online and local shopping.
    So call or email me back and I will send you a demo link.
    — Rob J. Thurston, PresidentHR Consulting Group, Inc. 1202 Dover Drive, Provo, UT 84604phone (801) 765 4417, fax 4418email:  http://www.hrconsultinggroup.comskype: hrcgincConsultants & Developers in HR/BenefitsSocial Networking Design

  • sam

    I am using ur site since last 6 months and totally in love and forget to use another sites. love the way to submit deals. save  lot of money.
        I am plannning to travel out of the country  in summer  and need 8 luggage 29″ ( 2 for each person) + hand carry and its so expensive plz plz help me to find good deal.

    • Will look for one!

      • sam

        Thanks a lot :)

  • Jeanine

    I’d like to start off by saying I love love love your site and look at it a couple times a week, I really appreciate everything you do and your store match-ups are very helpful; but, I know you recently updated your site and since you’ve done so your android app no longer works as it used to, maybe you’ve already said something about it and I just missed it, but will there be an update coming soon, I like to use the app when I forget my printout at home and hope that I can continue to do so.


    • yes we are doing a new one! Probably won’t be ready for a week or two though.

  • Louann

    The BOGO Got 2 B coupon at WALGREENS is not working properly, it won’t go through as free products for 2, so I only did one transaction, which I bought 3 products with 2 coupons. Hopefully they can fix the problem soon.

  • Miasgrammy

    Searched zip code 30518 for Waggin Train treats for my pup.  Could not find.  Could you please  post a zip code that will bring up these special coupons for dummies like me.  Thanks.

  • MichaelThombsDeniseFitzgera

    Since Feb 12 I can not get anything. It shows the new stuff on my toolbar but when I try to open it says error404- Page not found?

  • Lori Pitcher

    First, let me say I love your site.  I’ve been couponing for about 5 months now and I check your site at least 3-4 days a week.   Wish I could check more oftern, but busy days prevent that.   I have a question on the Rite Aid Neutrogena deal.  You mention that there is a monthly deal offering a $10 +up when you purchase $25 in selected Skincare.  I’ve never heard of monthly deals at Rite Aid.  Is this something new.  I checked this week’s ad and didn’t see it anywhere, but I may have missed it.  Where can I find out about these monthly deals.  I am aware of the Winter Rewards program.  Thanks for any info you can provide.

  • Kimberly

    Hi! I don’t know if you seen the Dollar General 50% off 
    your purchase of ALL Home Décor, Housewares, Kitchen, Bed Pillows, Sheets & Rugs. at

  • coupon60

    Do you know of a Rite Aid store in the Chicagoland area that is not right in the city.  I’m thinking with all the links to deals on a lot of blogs I read especially yours, there must be more around that I’m not aware of that might be under another name maybe.  Thanks for your awesome site and the ease of navigation around your site and its integrity.  I really appreciate all your hard work and effort in helping us all save money during these difficult times.

  • Jkrn1

    “Like” Rayovac on Facebook and enter their National Battery Day Giveaway! You will have a chance to win FREE coupons, batteries and flashlights! All who enter will win a coupon for 55¢ off One Alkaline Rayovac Battery!
    *1 in 50 will win a $3 alkaline battery and 1 in 1000 will win an alkaline 4-pack and Virtually indestructible flashlight!

  • Jen

    I wanted to make you aware of two printable coupons that are available online from Schiff Nutrition.

    You can get a $1 off simply for liking each brand’s Facebook page:

    Hope you can use these!

  • MUGI


    • Walmart will price match it only if it is an advertised price, not clearance or reg. price

  • Angie

    I just want to say I have been a couponer for 25 years.I love your sight! I was wondering if you can get the word out that the people who go out and buy all the newspapers on sunday that there are other people that would like a paper.I got up a 7 am to go to the store to get a paper and they was no papers.Was told one person came in and bought them all.This is the second time this has happen.Just asking please stop and leave some for others.

  • Lauriegantner

    Quick question.  I printed out the Smart Source list of upcoming coupons, and when I got my Smart Source, none of the coupons listed, were in there.  Are Smart Source inserts different for different locations?

    • yes unfortunately they do vary by region

  • danielle

    I cannot find my fetch coupons button for my $5 Pedigree coupon!!!!  Please Help!!! My dog’s hungry:)

  • Marjie

    Free milk with purchase of 3 breakfast items is live again.  I just printed one.



  • Andrea

    Hi, i just wanted to let you know that there was a rite aid deal for softlips. It’s 1.99 each and there’s a 3 dollar off coupon in the ad. And when you 2, you get a $3 up reward. IT’S A MONEYMAKER! (:

  • Andrea

    Hi, for the softlips deal, the single ones are a better moneymaker! It’s 1.99 each, buy 2 then use 1 $3 dollar off in ad coupon and pay 0.98, receive $3 dollars up reward. = 2 dollars moneymaker.

  • Lori Pitcher

    I have a question about rebates.   The rebates that I have requested all require the original sales receipt.   I just relaized that the original receipt I sent  last week for a Pfizer rebate has other items that qualify for a Johnson and Johnson rebate.  Have you experienced this before?  Any suggestions?

    • Yes most require original receipts, but read careful as a few do allow photocopies.

  • I have a question about Fresh Market? Now my Publix’s takes their coupons, but do they take in store coupons? For example it says Welch’s grape jelly on sale 2/$4.00 but with in ad coupon 3/$4.00. Do they take that type of coupon? Please help because I’m thinking of going to Fresh Market to get this coupon and taking it to Publix’s.

  • Jimpegwilson

    Deidre, I have asked dollar stores about Sunday papers on Sat, they act like you are crazy, are there any in Mo or Ar that are selling them? thanks jim@

  • Stephanie

    I have a question about CVS. I went there the other night and tried using $5 in ECB (I got using my card) on a purchase from a different card. The cashier said I couldn’t do that. So can I do that? I e-mailed CVS and haven’t heard back from them, and looked on the CVS website and I couldn’t find anything that said I couldn’t. Thanks- Stephanie  *BTW love your site!

  • ruth

    I wanted to know what do you have to buy at target to get a code to use to get the spring beauty bag?

    • I haven’t got the code yet, I can’t figure out what you have to buy to get that code!

  • Sweetpeabonnie

    I find the site every hard to understand and even harder to det coupons I give up what ever happened to just printing a coupon thanks but no thanks

    • Laurie

      I personally love this site and think it is very easy to understand. It has saved me tons! I love it! If you only want coupons you should just go to!

  • Raquelle

    Hi Deidre,

    Half Price Utah & Shine Collision will be giving away a
    car at Classic Fun Center in Sandy on March 30th, 2012. We would like to give
    your Fan base (20) Free Family Passes valid for up to 4 people per pass. Each
    person will receive free skating and (1) activity (Laser Tag, Blast Zone,
    Inflatables, or the Jungle) from 6:00pm-9:00pm on the day of the event.  They would also have a chance to compete in
    fun games for thousands of dollars in prizes and a chance to win the car. If
    you wanted to come down and put up a booth and do cross promotion, you would be
    more than welcome to do so at no charge.  Each week leading up to the Giveaway event we
    are holding online contests.  In exchange
    for the tickets we would like you to do a post to your fan base that would
    encourage them to enter our weekly photo contest.  We are giving away really cool prizes from Zagg,
    Ogio, and Maverik Driveaway Vacations, and a chance to win the car.

    Here is the link; please let me know if this is something
    you would be interested in.

  • cc1951

    Just discovered that with an AARP membership card at Walgreen’s, spend $20 (after coupons) get coupon for $5 off next purchase
    Offer works once a week 4/1 – 4/28Here’s the link if you need more info change every month, so it’s a deal worth checking out.

  • Marjie

    Don’t know if all Kmarts are doing this, but when I was at Kmart in Bradley, IL yesterday, a manager told me that they are doubling coupons every day for the rest of the month.

  • Julie

    This deal site gives the following from Walgreen’s ad for this week:
     Reach Prevent Toothbrush or Johnson Dental Floss $.99 Use $1/1 from 3/4 RP
    Final Price= FREEThe problem is the 3/4 RP does not have the stated coupon. This is not the first, or second, time I’ve had this problem with this site. It’s very frustrating and time-consuming looking for something that isn’t there. Just wanted you to know.

    • Some coupons are regional, meaning many regions get them, but for some reason a few don’t.

  • Bonnie-okeefe

    Deidre, Me and two of my very best friends LOVE your site.  It is by far our favorite.  Please Please keep posting K-Mart stuff.  No other sites really do this store.  K-mart is the BEST for couponers.  I always do the very best there and never have any problems.  Thank you for all you do

  • Ck4coupons




  • Aingram1287

    How do i print or get dollar general coupons? I clicked on the link and it don’t work.

  • Jenn

    $10 off at outback if you “like” them on facebook.

  • Socanibeyoursl

    Vocalpoint giving away free samples from crest and coupons

  • Aingram1287

    Great deal…at meijers the heluva brand dip is on sale and there’s a .75 cents off one coupon, use 3 and pay only 1.43 and you’ll get a $3 off next purchase. Now buy 5 koolaid slammers boxes and use the $3 coupon pay only .45 cents!!

  • Alison M

    Just wanted to tell you that I appreciate all the good Kmart deals that you post for us. Your site is the first I have found that is so positive about Kmart- it will definitely keep me coming back every week! Thanks again!

  • target is having a sale (ends tomorrow 3/24) 2 for $5 Herbal Essences n Aussie products
    Use $2/1 from P&G 3/4/12
    making it $0.50 each wyb 2 

  • Tina

    Hi Deidre!
    I happened to notice on the $2/2 Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner manufacturer coupon it reads, “Cannot be combined with any other coupon.”  Does this mean I can’t combine the manufacturer and the retailer’s coupon?

  • Jennifer

    14yr coupon/rebater.i absolutely love your site. for the most part it is the most informative all in 1 place which is what i have been looking for as a busy mom of 6. my only request is for a more complete list of printable rebates, i use 2 sites but it would be great if they were listed here for a 1 stop pre shop tutorial. Living in the boonies i have to drive 100miles 1 way to shop which i only do once a month so i have to be sure to have everything well organized and this site has been very helpful with that-thank you so much for all the wonderful info!

  • Speedymd2

    Had to share my shopping trip to CVS, I bought 2 Bertolli sauces 3/5.00, 6 milky way bunnies 2/1.00, 1 speedstick1.00, 1 physcians formula makeup 3.36, and two colgate toothbrushes b1g1. I used 1-1.50 off 2 Bertolli, 3/1.00 off 2 mars products, 1.00 off speedstick, 1.00 off physicians formula and 1.00 off two colgate manual toothbrushes. I had .25 off cvs coupon for the bunnies and 5.00 in ECB’s from last week, so I saved 25.96 and oop I paid 3.33 after taxes. I love CVS!!!!!

  • Speedymd2

    FYI my CVS has the crystal light singles for .25 and .50. So you can use your coupon for 1.00 off 2 and flavor up your water. What a steallll.

  • Hi, i just wanted to let you know on the deal at albertsons/walmart! Bread would be as low as 75 cents! Albertsons has the nature’s own bread for 1.29 you can price match it at walmart and use your coupon for the nature’s own 55 cents off any. (:

  • Torii21

    just went to the walgreens on nimmo and upton…they wouldnt take my $1 off any 2 mars easter items coupon…said it was only for the bigger size…said that 2 of the small size doesnt even equal $1 so how could they give me $1 off?….unreal…i was heated by the time i left…

  • Jennifer

     Target has a printable $1/1 Belvita breakfast biscuits coupon, there is also a manufacturer $1/1- i believe they sell for 1.98 at walmart not sure about target but assume it is a similar price so they should be free or close to. if anyone knows for sure plz lmk

  • Mattynjax

    Hi. Love your site however I think you should be aware that there are some very nasty people posting comments on here. One in particular, Kiradaprincess, needs a lesson in manners. She’s got a vulgar mouth and should be ashamed. Real classy lady!

  • patti

    Just wanted to let you know today I went to walgreens and there pepsi next 12 packs are 2.99 use there in store coupon to score them for 1.99 per 12 pack!

  • Kendra Puterbaugh

    Thought I would let you know that I came across this today. We have all got this product in the last 6 months for free with our coupons. Hyland’s Teething tablets. here is the link about the info.

    Kendra Puterbaugh

  • Vester27t

    cant find wesson oil free for kmart scenio????????????  also going to do all kmart scenios- on the one with hair dye- what could i replace that with because i would not use it?

    • A lot of people are using Venus razors instead of hair dye. Go to Find My Store and scroll to Kmart to see all the scenarios for this week.

  • Samantha

    How do you sign up for your mailing list?

  • Dawn Mccoy

    $.75 off One McCormick Spice, Herb, Extract or Food Color. Think you should know that this coupon makes the sauce mixes price drop as low as $.04 each at Smith’s this week!  If you have the coupons, go get your mixes!  My cashier though I was out of my mind buying 30 different mixes as a transaction. . . until she realized I was paying $1.20 for all of them!!!
    I appreciate all you do D!  Thanks so much for helping me save money for my family!!!


  • Dawn Mccoy

    $.75 off One McCormick Spice, Herb, Extract or Food Color. Think you should know that this coupon makes the sauce mixes price drop as low as $.04 each at Smith’s this week!  If you have the coupons, go get your mixes!  My cashier though I was out of my mind buying 30 different mixes as a transaction. . . until she realized I was paying $1.20 for all of them!!!
    I appreciate all you do D!  Thanks so much for helping me save money for my family!!!


  • Themaainee

    Hi, Is the deal for the johnson’s natural regional? Or what? I didn’t see it in my ad. :(

  • is scott  a p&G product?


    petco would not give me 2 free with the BOGO beneful snack

  • I got the lysol bonus pack from wags. can i use it for my MIR for (dual action). Do you think it will work?

  • sueandjp

    Just got my letter from P&G Beauty rebate. Myself and both of my daughters received notice that our rebate was denied because all of us forgot to send in the original receipts. come on now all 3 of us received a letter stating this fact. we all live at different address’s and sent in the form at different times.
    Do you have any idea what I can do about this scam.

  • Stephanie

    I love your sight!  I friend told me about it and i’m HOOKED.  The only thing I was wondering was if you could put a time stamp on your posts, because many times I see a deal and click on it only to realize it was posted earlier in the morning. 

    • There is a date stamp on the top right-hand side, kinda a tab looking thing that sticks out from the post. But I don’t know how to put a time of the day stamp on it, that would be cool though!

  • kim

    just wanted to let ppl know the stop&shop has b1g1 free on kens marinade!! If u still have the $1.00 off 1 coupon you can use both making it only .69 for 2 bottles :)

  • Angela

    Pantene deal at kmart is good, buy 8 pantene, use two $1/2 from p&g April ( this is good is Monday 30th), use four bogo free pantene from p&g may, buy one febreze car scent, use $1/1 febreze coupon from p&g may, total will be around $6 plus tax then get $10 catalina back!!!

  • Jgeering9710

    I had a question. Do I get a $10 CRT for the P&G promotion each time I get $30+ worth of products, all transactions being on different days? Or is it only 1 $10 CRT per SYWR customer for the week?

    • It is one per transaction, you can do it as many times as you want.

    • Camillajs

      I found out you can double 5 coupons per TRANSACTION not per day at my Kmart.  So you can do the P&G promo as many times as you want in one day as long as you break it up in separate transactions your coupons should all double.

  • Tyannaf14

    Deidre,  Is one of the Kroger matchups compatible with the “central” region (Missouri)?  Please advise.  Thanks!

  • Is dollar General doing $5.00 off of $20.00 from May5 thur. May 25?

  • Samanthaware22

    To answer your question, I generally buy 2 or 3 newborn packs and the rest is a size 1-2. Because they dnt stay newborn very long.

  • Heather

    Just curious if there’s anything you would recommend buying at warehouse stores like Sam’s or Costco or is it not worth it? 

  • Jigaskins

    Love your site and daily post. I am looking for Build -a Bear coupons. Can you help. Thanks for all you do :0)

  • Hi Deidre,

    i tried to ask you on facebook for your help regarding coupons and i have used coupons here and there but i got 2 inserts worth of coupons they all say manufacter coupons how do i start? do i go looking for the cheapest deal on sale then use the coupons with them? please help me as iam deaf and i need clarification so i can understand. my goal is to stretch to the lowest price with my budget. any tips anything is welcomed thanks!:)

    • Yes I match the sale items for several stores weekly to the coupons, so you know what is the best deal to use the coupons on. Scroll over Find My Store at the top of my site to find stores near you and view their coupon deals.

  • Ccporter11

    Was just wondering when you might update the Giant Eagle deals for this week? This site is my favorite! Thanks!

    • I emailed tammy but I haven’t heard back from her yet

  • Michele

    Hi Deidre.  I really like your site.  I have a quick question about the double coupons at Kmart.  I know that you can only use 5 coupons a day.  Does that mean you can only use 5 coupons or does it mean only 5 coupons will double?  So could I use more than the 5 coupons but only the first 5 will double or will they not accept any above the 5?  I hope I am making sense.  Thank you for all the helpful information.

    • you can use up to 25 coupons in a transaction, according to the Official email I received from Kmart, of course only the first 5 coupons you hand them will double.

  • mrl

    Hi Deidre. Love your site. Especially the Kmart match ups. I’m getting great deals and having a lot of fun with it. Was able to replicate your Transaction #2 from this week and it worked exactly like you said it would. 

    I know you mentioned you’ve received some picnic coupons. I got one today. I do not plan on collecting them. If you are in need of one more, let me know and I’ll mail it to you. I assume you could use it and it wouldn’t go against any store rules to share it with you.

    • I think you are the only one who can use it because it could be tied to your SYWR card, at least I know that CRT’s can only be used by the person who got them.

  • I have a question about promotions and returns at CVS. There is a promotion for spend $10 on Crest get $5 Extrabucks. I mistakenly bought the mouthwash that qualified for this promotion instead of another mouthwash I was looking for, so I promptly returned it. However, on my receipt it still says that I have spent $6 towards the $10 ($6 was the price of the mouthwash) and only need $4 to get the $5 ECB. Is the $6 still counting toward the promotion, even though I returned the mouthwash? Will I receive the $5 ECB if I buy something to get to the $10 total?

  • Miasgrammy

    Tried to find coupon for McDonald’s BOGO frozen smoothies … could not find.  Can you guide me to it please.

  • happimom

    I have noticed that no one is gathering Krogers weekly sales. I live in Alabama. I know that passionate penny pincher used to do this. Is she no longer doing this? and what does it entail to start doing this store?


    • I just emailed her to see if she still wants to trade lists.

    • Mez975

      Hi!  Just happened to see your post on the feed bottom right :)  I don’t know if this helps but I know does Kroger ads.  HTH!

    • I just got them from PPP, she had just forgot to send them over. Should have them up on time from now on!

  • Elke

    A few weeks ago, you posted the explanation of the order sequence for handing in coupons for Kmart.  You had finally figured out how to get your manuf. coupons, catalina and SYW Bonus points to hit everything in your transaction to come out just right.  My husband lost my Kmart folder.  can you please re-post that explanation again.  It was brilliant!

  • Vanessa_214_Texas

    Hello I love your web site helps me a lot especially now that the prices in food items and gas have gone up but I am having trouble seeing your web page on my computer. For some reason it won’t pop up and at the bottom it says view full screen and I click it and still the same thing. I was wondering if you know why this is happening. Thank you

    • Are you using a tablet or real PC? Mac or PC? What operating system or what internet browser?

  • bjcollins

    There is a Walgreens sale going on where you buy $20 worth of Bayer and/or Aleve you get $10 RRs back. There will be a $3 coupon in this weekend’s inserts for $3 off 20 ct or larger Bayer. 20 count Bayer included in this promotion is $3.19.
    A good scenario:

    Buy (7) Bayer priced at $3.19 = $22.33
    Use (7) $3/1 Bayer MQ = $21
    Total OOP = $1.33 get back $10 in RRs!

    $8.67 MM!

  • Dawnlrr

    The $1.50 coupon for Purex on is not there.  Guess the print limit was reached before I got to it.

  • bjcollins

    Deidre, Feel free to use this photo for the Walgreens Bayer scenario. I did this at 9:35 am 6/23/12

    Buy 7 Bayer 32-36 count boxes for 2.99 each = 20.93
    popcorn (filler) .25

    Total= 21.18

    Use 7-$3/1 SS 6/24/12 ex. 8/18/12 coupons
    Pay .17 plus tax ($1.95 total)

    Get $10 RR

    $8.05 MM!

    • SCORE!  You must live somewhere where Walgreens starts the ad a day early

      • bjcollins

        Lol! This sale has been going on since Sunday 6/17. It will continue until next Saturday 6/30

  • Lissarenee

    In the emails I get from you daily, at the bottom of each description, it says to download the Cuckoo toolbar. I had this at one time, for some reason, now I dont, but I cannot find on your website where I can download it. Could you please help?

  • Michelelianne

    Hello, I just came across your website and I noticed it said

    “California (Sacramento Area) Get Multiple Copies of the Sunday paper JUST $.77 each! These have RP & SS weekly, and P&G once a month!”

    I’m in the area, so i thought this was perfect.  However, when i clicked on the link to order, it states the price is $2.00 per copy.  How do i get the $0.77 price?

  • Frogp29

    I’ve been subscribed to your website for a few months and love it. This is the first post I am making. I just wanted to tell you that at my local CVS the CVS supreme diapers are showing on the shelves as 25% off however when I took it to the scanner it came up 75% off and I got a coupon from their coupon printer yesterday for $1/1 CVS supreme diaper. So I got a 56 count pack of size 5 diapers and paid $2.37. I thought this was a great deal and needed to share!

    • Hurray! That is great deal.

  • Jenifer

    Not sure if this is the kind of thing you like to post, but if anyone purchased Nutella in the past couple years, there is a class action settlement. Deadline for filing is July 5. Website for claims is Easy online claim form. Can claim up to 5 jars purchased. Time frame for your Nutella purchase date varies depending on if you are in California or out of California. Potential settlement is up to $4 per jar.

  • Sabrina

    I went to Rite Aid to get the awesome fuji waterproof camera deal but they were out of them so I asked for a rain check but they didn’t know what ad the $5 monthly +up came from so they said they could only give me the camera for the sale price minus the $3 +up.  Can anyone tell me where the ad was for the monthly +up?  Thanks for your help in advance!

    • Frugalegg

      the $5 monthly reward is a dead deal. i contacted Rite Aid yesterday about some ups that didn’t print and was informed that the Fujifilm and Carex promotion has been discontinued.You will still get the $3 up, but not the $5. Also, when you get a raincheck they have no way of producing an up reward unless your manager works something out for you

  • Kimconstantine

    I sell Mary Kay for women, men and teens.  I always sell at a minimum of 20% off; however have lots of 75% specials . Deirdre, how to post on your site.  Should I write something up and submit it to this comments area or do you have an e-mail address I should send it to?  Thank you.  :)

  • There is also a good buy on powerade, and dasani. They are on sale for $.97, and there is a ad perk video good for $1.50 off 2. That would make them $.22 each. Even lower if you have a wellness discount.

  • Ck4coupons

    Hi, I am trying to plan out my shopping trip. My Kroger has “Buy 10 save $5” deals.

    After I reach the 10 mark, does everything automatically ring at sale price for that deal?

    For example, if I buy 11 items – will the 11th item ring up whole price or sale?

    I’m just wondering if I have to reach 20 to get the deal on the additional items.

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

    • only the first 10 will auto-ring up , you’d have to buy 10 more for the 11th one to ring up too

  • Lewbarbc5

    ok I posted this as a comment on ur newest k mart post but wanted to make sure u see it. On page 13 on the k mart monthly sales flyer it says huggies big packs $5.99 with a pic of a box of diapers this must be a misprint or something then it says in the corner members get a $5.00 coupon to use on two boxes so the math would be $5.99x=$11.98-$5.00 coupon=$6.98 for two big boxes. I just dont know if i want to deal with the hassle of them honoring the ad would it even be right to?

    • I called, they are not honoring this price mistake. It is $19.99 (but you can use the $5 off 2 coupon)

  • Crystal

    Ok so i didn’t really know where to post this, but I wanted to tell everyone that I found that if you purchase 6 of the Dove Beauty Bars and use 3 of the $1.50 off 2 coupon at Walgreens you will get them for .25 a piece. Ya’ll might already know that but just wanted to check. Have fun couponing.

  • Kap85

    i went to my local walmart (MA) and they have cutter wasp and hornet killer for $1. The best part is that the can has 3 coupons on it and u can use the middle coupon for $1 off which makes it FREE

  • Michelle

    Went to Walmart today to use the glade expressions $2/1 item coupon and the Lavender & Juniper Berry and 
    Fuji Apple and Cardamom Spice starter kit rang up $1.98 (shelf price $2.98). Also the refills for the Fuji Apple and Cardamom Spice and Lavender & Juniper berry rang up $1.50 (shelf price $1.98) so free starters and 50¢ MM on each refill! The other scents rang up regular price. 

    • MichelleErckert

      Oh, and the starters had try me free rebates on them!

      • Nbt Htpt

        I got the starter kit with the rebate tag, which rang up 2.98, then used the $2/1 coupon.  So I end up making $2 after the rebate.

  • Pinkladies44

    Walgreens deal regarding Blue Diamond B1G1F 6oz. cans, there are coupons in ss5/13 for .60c off 2can and then in ss7/22 .75c off 2 cans as well. I buy lots of blue diamond almonds and look forward to them on sale! thanks again for your wonderful website and your hard work for locating everything for your readers.

  • Nbt Htpt

    Ok, so there have been some great coupons for Always and Tampax in the new Always and Tampax Radiant boxes.  Some of them have been $2 or $3 dollars off Tampax, Always, or Venus.  There has also been a small Always/Tampax combo pack (in a pink/purple zippered pouch in a box) floating around.  Well, my local Walmart was selling them for 1.47, and I was able to use one of the 2.00 off Tampax Radiant product coupon and get it FREE plus .53 cents overage.

    • Nbt Htpt

      What I’m calling a “combo pack” is a small box of samples in a pouch.  Because it’s Always and Tampax, I’d assume you can use both the Always and the Tampax coupons on them.  Also, the coupons from the Tampax/Always Radiant boxes say nothing about excluding travel/trial sizes, so it’s totally legit as far as I can tell.

  • Kjc7217

    Right now at Walgreens they have Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers (Size 3) on sale for $3.19 each. They are not advertised as $3.19 so get your Walgreens -$4.00 Coupon and get them for $0.29 tax. I got 4 for $1.12 TOTAL!!!

  • Eyesayve

    Hi Deidre I just wanted to tell you that I ordered a slice and OMG I am in love with it. Thank you sooooooooo much for giving and sharing advise to make your followers (students) lives alot easier, Also I got a pair of those pearl earrings that you listed as a freebie one day YAYYYYYYYY!!!!! I love your site, you are doing an awesome job…you have taught me so much :) Thanks

  • Couponsforlisa

    Got a question.  I live in Utah, and I think you live in Utah as well.  But there are no CVS’s in Utah anywhere.  I wish there were, but sadly there aren’t.  How are you getting CVS coupons than? 
    Thanks so much.

    • I have a helper who does the CVS matchups and who shops at CVS who doesn’t live in Utah

  • Niceguy2230

    I have a question: If the store is advertising Buy A and get B free, but both of them are from the same brand let say H. If I have a coupon with $1 off any two of H brand, would this deal work? A=$1 B=free so would I be paying 0 for both?

    • yes that should work – but not at Rite Aid, you can’t use a coupon on a free item at rite aid

  • Choppette

    Just wanted to let you know that I received a coupon in the mail today for a free pack of oscar mayer selects hot dogs or cold cuts up to &6.50.  So be watching your mail :)

  • I also got a message from Flings Pop-up Recycling and Trash Bins today that said I got a coupon and it will be mailed out next week.

  • marlenerose

    web site needs work will not let you select deals to print. No more little boxes on the side of store deals that can be checked. I like to check which walgreen one and then print it

  • Please fix the web site and bring back the little boxes that were on the side to check. So we can pick out the % dollar deal that works for me with the amount of rr I have. I like to print out the deals so I can take it to the store. I wish that you would put in a way to print out the other deals also. I do not wnt to have to print pages and pages, just the ones I like. Otherwise I have to write it down on a paper so I can remember when I go to the stores.

    • The little check boxes are there in Chrome and Firefox, we don’t know why they aren’t there in Internet Explorer.

    • Please use Chrome, our checkboxes are only working on Chrome right now.

  • Lauren

    I’m confused about the giveaways, I never know how to enter for them. Please help

    • Some of them the sponsors only want people to comment on the post, like that is how it was for Famous Footwear. Others the sponsors do a Rafflecopter giveaway, where you sign in to rafflecopter and click on the entry methods and do them, and it tracks your entries. Let me know of a specific giveaway you are a having a hard time entering.

  • Hi, I’ve never couponed at Kmart before but would like to try this week because of the free Glade. This is the scenario I was thinking of doing:

    Buy 4 Glade Expression oil kits $8.99 each BOGO
    Buy 2 Glade Expressions refills $3.39 each BOGO
    Buy 3 Velveeta Mac and Cheese $2

    Before: $27.37

    Use (4) $5.00/1 Glade Expressions oils
    Use (2) $1.00/1 Glade Expressions refills
    Use (3) $1.00/1 Velveeta shells

    After: $2.37, get back $2 catalina from Velveeta and $1 from Glade

    Is this correct? I’m not sure how the coupon doubling works.
    Thank you!

  • Patty

    There is a crazy deal going on at Rite Aid right now on Children’s Advil. First, there is a $1 off coupon in this weeks Red Plum, I also printed out 2 coupons for $1.50 ea. off of Advil is $5 at Rite Aid. If you purchase between 9/5 and 9/14 there is a Rite Aid rebate of $2.00 when you purchase one Advil up to a maximum of $4. In this weeks Red Plum there is also a manufacturers rebate of $10.00 when you buy 3 Advils. You get $8 back if you spend $25 at Rite Aid right now. Have to work out the deals and see if it is best to purchase this week or wait until 9/5 and get both rebates.

  • Margaret Turner

    Ace Hardware has their filters at a great price in the Labor Day flyer. Three pack pleated for $7.99 normally $16.49. Plus they have the $5.00 off coupon good today only. Great stock up price.

  • Amber

    I started a small group on facebook for Rhode Island and some friends, I mentioned your site and it is my personal favorite. Its so easy to read. Thanks

  • melly001

    Why am I getting this deals so late in the day? I live in Plantation, FL

    • Are you getting them later then 5 pm?

  • Lynn

    The Walgreens Glade deal for the week $2.99 – get $1RR is BETTER than free, because for some reason 2 – $1RR came out! SCORE! :)

  • Theresa

    I am a little confused on coupon policies. I used this scenario at Rite Aid last week and it worked:

    – 1 gillette mach3 razor $7.99, plus
    – 1 gillette venus & olay razor $8.99

    Used coupons:
    -$7.99 b1g1 mach3 razor wyb gillette razor or disposable razor (exp 09/30/2012) 08/26/2012 p&g

    -$4 venus refillable razor (exp 09/30/2012) 08/12/2012 rp

    Paid 4.99 plus tax and received (2) $4.00 ups.

    Now this week Walgreens Deal is the Gillette Fusion Proglide.
    Can we do this transaction?

    Buy (2) Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razors, $9.99 each, plus
    Buy (2) Mach 3 Razors

    Use (2) $4/1 Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor coupons from the the 8/12 RP
    Use (2) b1gi Mach 3razor wyb gillette razor or dispozable razor.

    Pay $11.98 OOP, Get $10 RR

  • Candy A Leal

    Just wanted to let you know in my area the cashers have been insructed to throw away/ void 2nd $1 RR for the glade expressions ??? Why???

  • Candy A Leal

    I just wanted to let you know about the 2/$1.00RR printing for the Glade expressions the cashers have been instructed to toss/void the 2nd one

  • Marie

    there is a coupon in this weeks smartsource for $3.00 off any 2 olay body wash or bars excluding trial/travel. olay white bars are .97 at walmart and aren’t considered trial and travel so for every coupon you get 2 bars free plus walmart pays overage so you also get 1.00 back in change for every coupon you have

  • alyssa

    i found an even sweeter Scrubbing Bubbles deal at my kmart. They had the 22 oz. Lemon Scent Bathroom Cleaner (Scrubbing Bubbles) on sale 25% off in the clearance area with d/c items. it was $2.24. when I doubled the $1/1 coupon you had posted. I got it for $0.24!!!

  • mrl

    I’m thinking that the Charmin toilet paper (24 double rolls) and Viva paper towels 8 giant rolls) on sale at Shopko this week for $9.99 would be a good deal, especially if you received a $10 off $40 purchase in the mail (they send these to store members from time to time). I plan to buy four (3 tp and 1 pt) and a filler item and use the $10 off coupon.

  • Guest

    Ok just sharing my experience with balance
    rewards at Walgreens…I redeemed my previous earned points to purchase
    items that were suppose to earn points again but the points did not show
    up in my receipt , so i called the balance rewards hotline and told me
    that I can’t accrue points while redeeming at the same time and pointed
    out the terms and conditions (under earning points) which is this one :
    Points will not be earned in a transaction where Redemption Dollars or
    Store Credit is used. So if you are redeeming points don’t buy items
    that has reward points because it will be useless.

  • Montana C


  • Ele

    First of all I want to say that you have the best coupon blog online, and my flyer in Maine this weeks says ALL coupons $1 or less will double

  • alma

    how can i remove my cell # . I no longer will like to get the text.

    • Elizarae

      Reply to the texts with “STOP”

  • Lori Pitcher

    K-mart pampers and huggies sotre coupons were on the store shelf: Giant pampers $2 off and $1 off large boxes of pampers and huggies.Stack these with PG coupon for an even better deal.

  • Betty

    Hello, I’m a newbie and I’ve been reading some of my stores coupon policies. I have a question: Only original manufacturer coupons accepted and retailer specific coupons will not be accepted. What does that mean? Sorry I’m a little confused. Thank you for any help.

    • HelperJen

      Retailer specific coupons have a logo of another retailer on them or say “redeemable at…” on them and list another store.

  • Patty

    Kmart Preview ad for 10/21 is showing on their website already!! I had to log in then I was able to view a “newspaper insert” version on their site for next week, I don’t remember them having a link for this in the past… maybe their being nicer about their previews! 😀

  • rose

    I dont understand how printing the coupons work… it just keeps printing my list no coupons what am I doing wrong

    • Elizarae

      If the coupon is printable, you will see it underlined and you will be able to click on it. It will redirect you to the website that you can print the coupon from. Hope that helps!

  • laura

    On Saturday the 27th I went to kmart to buy luvs diapers and get the 10 dollar coupon but it didnt print and the manager said that deal expired. I was really disappointed especially since I purchased 4 boxes and expected 20 dollars back. They even still had the sign up by the diapers that said when u purchase 30 dollars in p&g products u get a 10 dollar coupon back. She just said she was sorry that the sign was still up when it shouldn’t have been. I will not b doing coupons at kmart anymore.

  • leyla jones

    yesterday at CVS, I bought 10 herbal essences.[2.99 each] (5 shampoo and 5 conditioner) and one Dawn Hand Renewal [.99 cents each]
    I used 5 BOGO herbal essence (up to 6.99 value)
    and one .75 cents off Dawn
    I payed 2.38 and got 10 ECB back!!!!

  • mac

    Is a coupon still good on the day it expires?

    • Elizarae


    • HelperJen


  • ashley

    i have a question about the P&G MIR… i bought the Pantene shampoo and conditioner at Kmart when it was BOGO50%… this is how they rang up…
    times 4 since i bought 8

    so my question is this…

    when i go to do my MIR do i have $4.99 + $4.99=$9.00 x 4 so $36 towards my rebate..

    OR is it

    $4.99+$2.50=$7.50x 4 for a total of $28???

    also bought4 CG at CVS for 8.99 ea but they rang in as so..
    CG ….$8.99
    CG…$4.50 BOGO50% saving of $4.50
    so i dont know how P&G counts these.. one reciept actually rang at full price and shows full price.. so i would think they would take that… but CVS actually rang/printed at 4.50 for one of them .. so idk what to do …. CAN anyone PLEASE HELP!!! im going crazy over this!!! THANK YOU

    • Elizarae

      I would just put the price you paid, which is half price for the sale items, just in case.

  • Coach Kelly

    Hi Deidre! I have been having a lot of questions about Kmart lately and my Team not getting coupons to double at all. Have you heard anything about this? I am also going to look elsewhere, but wanted to ask you too! Thanks for all the great posts! I pass your stuff onto my Team all the time! Coach Kelly

    • It is in the ad, did you check to see if your ad is different?

      • Coach Kelly

        Okay, thanks! I did find it in my ad! On Page 20 for the current week. Coach Kelly

  • Crystal


    Price Chopper has a coupon for Friskies Buffet Cat Food 20/$9 and there is a FB coupon for a Friskies Plus cat food.

    How would I carry out this transaction? I’m new to this and was confused as to if I should get more than the 9.

  • Lisa

    free betty crocker calendar on their site, got an email today.

  • savingsangelguy

    Deidre – I have tried to reach you by email – please call me about your matchup lists – we’d like you to be part of an elite group of bloggers. Stan 231-557-4824

  • Lynn

    I’m hoping someone sees this and can help me out. I have a holiday book of coupons from Kmart, and on the bottom of each coupon (they are store specific for Kmart) it says, “Cannot be combined with any other coupon for the same item(s).” THis may be a silly question, but Kmart has strange couponing rules, I think. Does this mean I cannot combine it with a MF coupon? I think I’ve used their in store coupons with MF coupons, but never read if that was a disclaimer. I’m hoping Deidre can help me out.

    • It will really depend on your cashier as each store has their own policy on this

  • MarthaDawn

    Deidre, have you looked into the Walmart Black Friday stuff yet? There is a cell phone for 97 cents and you get a $100 gift card. I am just wondering what the “catch” is on this. I am hoping with your “coupon eyes” you can see what I am missing.

  • leyla jones

    I bought a smurfs bag, flashlight and sleeping bag for $5.08 last night at Toys r us! they have $5 off all sleeping bags and the smurfs one was on clearance! Great Christmas gift and great price! ( The $5 off any sleeping bag does NOT say ‘excludes clearance’.)

    • Wow thanks for sharing! hope other people fine those sleeping bags


    Right now… Go to — print out a coupon for FREE Advil *** 1 per Household. Today only.. 11-13-12 — No purchase necessary.

  • Bonnie

    Heads up: Rite aid now has a load to card for $1.00 when you buy two ziploc bags and $1.00 when you buy two ziploc containers. You can now get them for $0.50 each! Glad I waited to get them!

    • HelperJen

      I’m not sure you can combine those coupons. The Load2Card ones are regular manufacturer coupons and well as the ones from the paper.

  • Angela Willoughby

    Got an email today that said 5000 shop you way rewards points towards shoes. They have kids slippers for $5.00 (dora, batman, elmo, etc) and if you pick up in store it makes them totally free. No tax because it takes it off the subtotal. Got a pair for my 2 yr old son for free…can’t beat free!!!

    • Thanks for sharing! Do you know what the subject line of that email was so I can do a search for it in mine?

  • wasanasan

    At toys r us online you can pre order the black friday playstation 3 its going to be 199 on black friday and I was just able to purchase it online for that price and they will ship it to me on friday……this beats standing in line for 6 hours only to be told that there gone :o)

    • wasanasan

      PS thank you for this site you have saved my family sooo much money and my hubby now even enjoys going with me to use the deals (he cant believe how much we save) !!

    • HelperJen

      How do you do this online? I can’t find it.

  • Stormy

    Do you have other people working for you, or writing reviews for your site? (just doing my due-diligence)

    • Me and Jen both do reviews for my site.

  • Robin

    Tell everyone to check their Shopyourwayrewards email. At the very bottom there is a Earn $10 in points on a $10 or more purchase. You can either load to card or print it. Good at Sears and Kmart.

    • HelperJen

      Awesome! I just found it in mine! Thanks Robin, I’ll write up a post!!!

  • leyla jones

    There’s TONS of shampoo, conditioner and stylers at my CVS marked 50% off!!!

  • Jennifer

    Just wondering where you got your information for this policy. I’m having trouble using it. Thanks!

    NEW IMPORTANT INFO! In order to stack Kmart in-ad coupons with manufacturer’s coupons, you MUST hand the Kmart coupons over first, then the manufacturer’s ones! The fine print on Kmart coupons means you can’t stack Kmart store coupons, it doesn’t have anything to do with manufacturer’s coupons.

    • Elizarae

      I think that it depends on your store. At my Kmart, you actually should hand over the manufacturer coupons first, then the Kmart coupons. If you hand over Kmart coupons first, then the manufacturer ones don’t scan.

  • ashley

    Hi all….

    I have a major favor to ask … My sons school is doing a canned food drive for the less fortunate this holiday season. last year the entire school was able to collect 1000 cans… this year my son has made it his mission to collect half that (500 cans) himself because “i coupon and i stockpile everything else i should be able to do this with him right ?” lol–that was his comment… well, i dont and have never bought canned goods( always used fresh produce-alot home grown) so i dont even know where to begin… if anyone knows of any GREAT deals going on or coming up please let me know … plz and thank you… i dont even know what to expect cost wise( or whats a great stock up price) any info would be great

  • angelica6000

    Hello i’m new to your site and i’ve been trying for hours to print coupons off your site and it wont print anything. I never get the option to install a coupon printer or anything either. Can you help me figure out what the problem because there are several coupons that i need for some deals i’m trying to put together. Thanks

  • Andrea

    Just saw that toys r us has the leappad1 for only $59.9
    9 today only!

  • Morgen

    FREE Similac SimplySmart™baby bottle — IN STORE Only

    Want to try a Similac SimplySmart™
    baby bottle? Purchase a Similac® Advance® or Similac® Sensitive SimplePac® (23.2oz)
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  • Jennifer

    on this weeks toilet paper paper towel round up, as usual amazon’s prices changed, however i did find a new deal on 3ply tp. Quilted Northern ultraplush for 0.22roll

  • Reb

    Where can I buy extra inserts?

  • Terry

    Can you do a video on the IBOTTA?

  • Patricia

    Was just at CVS a got a coupon from the scanner for $10 off any probiotic and this week they have Culturelle, 30 tablets for $10 and you get $10 ECB bucks back, Don’t you love making money?

  • Sharon

    I have been following your deals weekly, however, more and more I am noting errors when I actually go to find coupons to do the deals. Example of this week…on the ProGlide razor at CVS, you use the coupons for razor and refills yet your deal shows never buying the refill.
    Coupons need to be used as they are intended. I would expect you would not want to be advising others to misuse them. Noting many errors like this as of lately.

    • That was a mistake which has been updated. We try to always use coupons as required, if our database has an error, we fix it as soon as we find out.

  • tarincarin

    Hi Deidre I think your site is the best so far. Im not sure if you discussed this before, as I am new to this coupon thing. Im getting very confused when a store has a BOGO item and then I have a manufacturers coupon for Buy 2 get 1 free on the same product. I used it in a transaction but I didn’t understand it in monetary terms. ex: Stayfree had a sale in a store Buy 2 get 1 free I purchased 6 and used a BOGO manufacturers coupon. Please help in explaining this!

  • Boo Fancy Nelms

    can coupons be mailed to your house

  • Stella Fair

    It’s a fact: more people find out about your business on
    Facebook or Twitter than on search engines.
    Making these sites work maybe tricky for you, but it’s business as
    usual for us. Let us improve your
    visibility and enhance your image.
    It’s part of our complete
    Internet Marketing package.
    We’ll be more than your friends — we’ll be your partners.

  • leylajones

    childrens place has free shipping today use code: H3JY6RJ102 for an EXTRA 20% off (including clearance!!!)

  • Linda Norton

    Deidre…I just contacted Amazon about the $5.00 promotion courtesy of Ford. I was given a $5.00 credit, however, the representative told me that it is not up to Amazon to give the credit, but Ford should be sending the credits. The credit I received was a “courtesy” credit from Amazon.

  • heather

    how do you sign up for the rite aid weekly offers email? my friend has it but i don’t even tho i have a card and am signed up for video values etc?

  • Barbara McCabe Donohue

    Hi Deidre, first of all, I love your website. I live in Florida and I find great weekly deals at Winn-Dixie. I was just wondering if you could include this store in your store list for coupon matchups with the weekly deals. The Couponmom website does, but I don’t find it as helpful as yours. I like the format of your website so much better. Thank you for continuing to save us $$$! Best regards.

    • I will see if I can find a deal contributor for that winn dixie!

      • Barbara McCabe Donohue

        Thanks! :)

  • Jackie

    Hi Deidre,

    How can i email you personally. I wanna ask you something.

    • yes my email is on my sidebar of the site

  • Angelina

    Just got $4 off $20 email from CVS. Check your email to see if you got yours! I wasn’t expecting it so I have done most of this week’s deals already :( Might have to wait and use Sunday!!

  • Beccaa

    Was just at CVS and they had unadvertised deal of Tide pods 2 bucks!!!! Then you could use the 3 off of 3 P&G coupon. Said excludes PODS but manager said they still would use them. I paid 1 dollar for each pack of Tide PODS!!!!!!

    • Elizarae

      You should never use a coupon for an item that it excludes even if the manager says they will accept it. The store will not be reimbursed for this because it is coupon fraud. $2 for Tide Pods is an excellent deal without coupons!

  • Crystal

    i have no coupons in my newspapers but on the cover it says somethinn like “114$ and more savings inside with coupons” so shouldnt there be some ughhh :/ BAD DAY! somebody plz help me figure this out plz thank you :)

    • Elizarae

      Your newspaper carrier probably didn’t put them in your paper.

  • crystal

    hello :)
    i was wondering if im expecting 20-30 coupons for a product but only want to get them at walmart for the price, but im not sure if the company is going to send ALL of them so im not sure if i should special order them or not, because i should get the coupons on the 13th of march and they expire a week later. unsure what to do. and if you special order do they make you take the whole order if you later decide not to???

    • Elizarae

      It’s OK to special order and not buy them all. That’s why stores have storage in the back.

  • Jenniff

    I am becoming a huge fan your site. It is my favorite go to site for my couponing. I don’t have enough money to get all the great deals so I have to focus my grocery money to my emergent needs at the moment. Your pink highlighted deals and especially your section on “stock up” prices this week for types of items and stores who have the best deasl for those items this week are my favorites. I am going to recommend to all my new coupon converts, old coupon buddies and all my facebook family and friends to start hear first. You explain things so well. Thank you Deidre. I’m Crazy for CuckooForCouponDeals!

    • Thanks! Glad you like our site.

  • Rebeca

    for pink nation members FREE
    BANDEAU WITH PINK PURCHASE also they have the secret cards they give with a $10 purchase i couldn’t print the coupon but got the code from the PINK app

  • Liese

    Hi – I checked the Walgreens cpn. for Bayer Contour Next EZ and I love the deal however I checked the Bayer site for the print out coupon and it stated that I had to have a prescription, insurance etc. in order to get the deal. Well, I went to Bayer’s site, 24/7 support (1-800-348-8100) and wanted to know if I could just use the coupon since I wanted to give it to someone else like a relative. Well get this…they are sending me on Monday a FREE Contour Next EZ and I will receive it on Wednesday! I don’t get the 2,000 points but I’ll still go to the store tomorrow with the cpn. and maybe get another one. There are needs for many of us and medical deals are hard to come by. I try to help in any way possible. Oh yeah I forgot. There may be coupons in the box. Last week at Rite Aid with their deal I found out that the Bayer Breeze 2 has a rebate for $14 I better stop now. I’m a newbie and getting coupon fever!

  • disqus_fJ7rAHWKPx

    My apoligies i was looking at a diiferent website and was directed here and did not realize it was for coupons. Sorry about that! :) i actually love to coupon and have just been checking out your website and will be back everyday! Love it

  • Paula

    I agree with disqus_fJ7rAHWKPx comment on how to enter contests, etc. If you don’t do Facebook .. you are OUT!

  • Jennifer Bausch Karabin

    old orchard has a rewards program and some good printable coupons

  • Xatheart

    I really love endorse and I think it’s getting neglected standing next to ibotta all the time…. But I’ll take them both. There’s a great deal for people who have the right offers to check out. Endorse is offering 100% cash back up to $3 on any brand coffee and ibotta is offering up to $1.50 back on folgers classic roast 33.9 oz or larger. I don’t know about other stores but my grocery store here in Reno has the big canisters on sale for $5.99. Just thought I’d share how great these two apps are without any clipping coupons at all. It’s nice to give the scissors a break :)

  • Lynn

    Where do you post the list of stock up prices for items. I know I’ve seen it before, but I’ve looked and looked now and cant seem to find it. Thanks!

  • DaveB

    CVS has Cinnamon Burst Cheerios for 75% off making them .94 cents. There are multiple online $1.10 off 2 coupons. You will also receive $2 ECB for each 2 up to 6. Moneymaker.

  • I purchased a deal of 5 Gain Liquid Laundry detergents for $25, used 2 coupons for $2 each & 1 for $1 bringing my total down to $20 at Wal Greens. I earned 3000 points, but did not get any register rewards. The Gain was the only things on this transaction. Why did I not receive register rewards?

    • HelperJen

      There is no RR deal on Gain detergent this week. Only points.

  • onlyfair

    Did you know that if you have a Giant Eagle ecoupon it will stack with a manufacturer coupon for even better deals.

  • Scarlett

    Can anyone explain exactly how K’mart store coupons work? I’ve used them before but only on one item. For example, if there is a K’mart coupon for $1 off Scott toilet paper, and I buy 5 packages of toilet paper, will the coupon take off $1 for every package (like Walgreens coupons) or only $1 off of 1 package. Thanks!

    • HelperJen

      When you use a Kmart store coupon it will list a limit. If it says Limit 5 then it will work for up to 5 items and you only need one coupon to get it off each product. Reg Manufacturer coupons do not do that at Kmart.

      • Scarlett

        Thanks for the clarification!

  • Jennifer

    There are signs in my Kmart that say that they only double coupons on Wed and Sat. Now my Kmart is not always on top of things, so I wanted to check to see if doubling coupons everyday was a national/corporate thing or just a regional thing. Thanks.

  • Heather Appleman

    I just purchased a 5.1qt. Valvoline motor oil and a fram tough oil filter for $19.99 as advertised and then used an $8.00 mperk for the oil making my oil and filter just $11.99 plus tax. With the price of oil I just wish I could do this deal twice.

    • Heather Appleman

      Sorry at Meijer. ad for week of 4/7

  • Mom42boys

    I don’t know if this is posted anywhere on your site, but I am a member of AARP, and if you register your card @ Wallgreen’s, a single shopping trip of $25 or more earns you 5,000 points! So if you are old 😉 like me (51), spend the $16 and join-up. I have already more than made up the price of the membership.

  • Mom42boys

    Also…I luv this site!!! I have gotten some major good deals from here. You do an excellent job, Deidre!

  • barbaralboucher

    In my local paper there is a 20% off 7 day shopping pass It is good from the 14-20th

    • barbaralboucher

      For CVS

  • barbaralboucher

    Free gift cards there is a app called viggle for your smart phone sign up and link your phone with direct tv get 5000 bonus points. Ive gotten 15.00 in free CVS gift cards just for watching tv

  • barbaralboucher

    Physicians formula mail in rebate offer

  • Crystal Humes

    I noticed that the Giant Eagle Deals were not posted this week. Is this going to be a permanent change? I really love the deal posts, it helps my family save a TON of bucks! : )

  • mrswaz

    i tried subscribed and the email did not come tru I could not also get the mountain dew coupon to print

  • Danielle Diamond Jackson

    2 questions i am planning on going to cvs for the gillette deal i have 2 b1g1 coupons and two $2 off gillette disposable product coupons and a 20% off will i be able to do the transaction as i present it? and then question 2 i see walgreens has a b1g1 deal on mens dial body wash next week i have a coupon for b2g1 can i use the coupon on the following walgreens deal!!!

    • Danielle Diamond Jackson

      hoping transaction can be as is:
      (4) Gillette Venus disposable razors @$7.99 my store
      use (2) B1G1
      (2) $2 OFF
      20% OFF
      OOP=$9.59-($10 ECB)=$.42 PROFIT
      this is what im hoping

      • Elizarae

        P&G coupons specifically exclude using a $$ off coupon with a BOGO coupon, so you wouldn’t be able to use them together unfortunately.

    • Elizarae

      Yes, you can use the B2G1 Free Coupon on the B1G1 Free sale. You will pay for 1 and get 2 for free.

  • Sam

    I just got my Cuckoo TShirt in the mail, and I wanted to say thank you for picking my brag last week! 😀

  • Blue Ribbon Baker

    What does OOC and SS mean

    • SS means Smart Source sunday coupon insert, Do you mean OOP? That means out of pocket.

  • nessamarie003

    $6 of 2 Doc Mc Stuffins DVD on DMR! =)

  • Ruth

    does anyone know is albertsons having the sizzling summer giveaway this year?

  • Diane T

    Hey I love your site so much but I shop at Meijer and often there is no shopping guide. It seems like this is happening more frequently. Is there a problem? Do you have any suggestions on where a good site would be to get a list for Meijer if you don’t have one? Thanks

    • I apologize, Angie usually posts those I just emailed to ask her why they are late. I just got them up right now, so if you go to the Meijer category they are live now.

  • Kim

    Did I miss the CVS transactions for this week 5/5/2013? There is usually a breakdown if you have 1.00 ecb, 3.00 ecb, etc. I saw the ad but no specific breakdown.

    • Elizarae

      No CVS Transactions this week, sorry! The deals aren’t fit for transactions for under $5. Next week looks a lot better, so hang on to your ECBs for then!

  • Shannon

    Any ideas on what a great stock-up price would be for denture cleaning tablets? 50% off regular price? 40% off? I try to keep my granny well-supplied with these things, so is there a general rule of thumb when looking for a stock-up price?

    FYI: The normal price for a store brand (Equate) is about 3 cents / tablet; name brand (Polident) is about 5 cents / tablet.

  • Samantha


    • HelperJen

      Thanks! I’ll post a deal for this!

  • bakkia

    30% off CVS email received today.

    • Elizarae

      Is it valid in stores? The one I received is online only. I’m hoping for an in-store coupon later this morning.

  • kitty hubris
  • kitty hubris

    cvs gum orbit coupon

  • crickt878

    I was at Wal-mart late yesterday and found that they have clearanced their Sally Hansen nail polish: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 0.5 FL OZ for $3.00. I used a $4.00 Sally Hansen coupon for nail polish and made $1.00 profit. I’m not sure if this is in all Wal-mart stores, but it is worth checking.

    • Elizarae

      I believe that coupon requires a minimum price of $4.99, so you wouldn’t be able to use that coupon on the $3.00 product. Sorry!

      • crickt878

        I was able to use it and did at Wal-mart. The coupon says that the nail purchase must be a minimum of $4.99 or more, so I bought more than 1 nail polish. $4.00/1 nail purchase coupon. I bought 9 nail polish the Complete Salon Manicure, not the ones that are excluded that are printed on the coupon. I had no problems at checkout with them and made a $9.00 profit.

  • cathy

    Hi…since there will be no inserts this Sunday, will you still be posting any new deals you find? Thanks and have a blessed weekend and a wonderful Memorial Day!

  • kluck33

    there is a bogo friskies coupon in the target coupons and I have used them with the big bag of friskies cat food that is on sale with the free party mix this week!! great deal!!!

  • Guest

    Free Donut At Dunkin’ Donuts Friday, June 7th – 10am to 4pm

  • patricia webb

    I got this at cvs for 3.08oop after tax and received 11.00 ecbs for next week

  • Mari

    For the Redbox rentals do they have to be returned by 9 p.m. on the same day it is rented or the following? Also, is it 9 p.m. pacific time? Thank you.

    • HelperJen

      9pm the following day – it goes by your own time zone.

  • elisabel

    in rite aid can i use my manufactures coupons and the coupons i loaded at my rite aid card?

    • HelperJen

      The Load2Cards are manufacturer coupons and cannot be stacked with another manufacturer coupon.

  • Em_Elle

    What is the “Pick up the Value! Booklets”? I see that you have this posted on the Kleenex scenerio for walgreens and I can’t seem to get a grasp on if that is a walgreens coupo book? Can you please let me know because I am trying to get this kleenex deal. Thanks!

    • HelperJen

      It’s just a regular coupon booklet found in grocery stores.

  • mari

    FYI: Get a free roll of Scott Extra Soft toilet paper mailed to you at Scott Shared Values. Need to sign up(free) and be a member if you are not already.

  • BMath

    Regarding the Hellman’s Mayo deal for $2.99 at Walgreens, there is a $2/1 30oz or larger MQ found in Winn-Dixie’s “Make Delicious Meals for Less” coupon book. I found this book at the customer service desk. The coupon expires 8/11/13 and makes the 30oz only $.99. Here is what the booklet looks like:

  • greenthumbgirl

    At Kmart Angel Soft 24pk regular roll is also on sale for $5 and the peelie you posted will apply to it, however, there is a do not double printed on the peelie. The BONUS is that there is a Kmart store coupon for $2 off a 24pk of Angel Soft in the monthly flyer making it $2 for 24 regular rolls with the peelie not doubling! If the coupon still doubles, $1. Can’t beat that! I have not tried it but I am going to!

    • Let us know how that goes! My store doubles all manufacturer coupons automatically – as long as you hit the $25 limit

    • Tiffany

      I tired to use that coupon and it did not work for me. The cashier scanned it but the $2 will not come off. We tired it for the 12 double rolls and the 24 regular rolls. It only worked on the 24 double rolls that equal 36 regular rolls. I guess you can argue that the coupons does not say 24 double rolls but my store would not let me do it.

      • greenthumbgirl

        I will try it and prepare to be disappointed! Double checked the wording and it does not state the size of the rolls!

  • Paula

    I read your emails every day. I tried to enter a contest once and pop-up said I was already registered. So, my question is … how do I enter contests on your site?

  • mrswaz

    I am looking for any deals on freezers, washers, and dryers since all went at once can anyone please help. I rather not buy used this time around.

    • Elizarae

      I don’t know of any right now, but for future reference, try sales during holidays such as 4th of July. Usually Home Depot and other stores will have deep discounts or special financing during that week.

  • Amanda

    Hi Deidre,

    Just wanted to mention that the Clear Deal at Rite Aid is even better, there is an Ibotta offer for $1.25.

    • HelperJen

      Thanks Amanda! I added that to the post.

  • Tara

    These new Rounds are regular price at my Walmart (Idaho) for $1.88, making them only $.88ea per box after the $1/1 coupon in the Sunday paper today (7/14/13). Score!!

    • Tara

      Hmm, the picture didn’t load. :( Its the Premium Rounds (same manufacturer as Saltine crackers). They have a wheat option too for the same price which I always appreciate. :)

  • Lisa

    I have received two emails about kohl’s rewards. It’s saying that I need to enroll and I will get a $5.00 reward. I have never heard you guys talking about this, so I just wanted to know if it was legit. Thank you!

  • Becca

    where did my comment go??? Did I post something I shouldnt have???

    • HelperJen

      What was the comment? I don’t see any others from you.

      • Becca

        I posted about the 5/2 clairol products in the p&g. You could use on clairol herbal essence at cvs making them 50 cents each. Then the Pantene at cvs is 2/6 and the scanner is taking the full 4.99 off each coupon for the b1g1 from the p&g making them 50 cents as well.

  • Ashley

    Walmart sells the Friedman Face Masks for $1.37
    There’s an on pack coupon for $0.50/1
    Making it just $0.87 each!!

    Walmart sells Angel soft bath tissue four packs for $1.17
    And the 4 double rolls for $2
    Use the on pack peelie and save $0.50
    Making a four pack $0.67-$1.50!!

    Also Kmart also frequently runs the four packs for $0.99 so free after doubles.

    Walmart has the boxes of Angel Soft tissue for $1.17.
    Use the $1/1 peelies found in store.
    Pay just $0.17!!

  • Ashley

    Carmex is a money maker today.
    The cold and flu books have $1/1 Carmex lip products.
    They are on sale for $1 if you buy 5 or more.
    This month you get points 1,000 when you buy three
    So buy six use six coupons and pay just tax. You’ll get back 2,000 points

    Well one variety is giving 500 points for each one
    So buy six use six coupons pay tax and get back 3,000 points
    Working phenomenally!

  • Jim1389

    I really wanted to post this as I am a pretty new couponer, and I am a guy some times even a rarer thing, anyways this morning I went to target ended up spending 9.00 and change walked out with 60 in product! Thanks too the copper tone deal found two two packs way in the back they didn’t scan or have a price I told cashier price from last week 4.19 so she i putted I had 2 (5.00/2) and 2 (1/2 target coupons) which made it a smaller money maker

    Well see pictures and let me know if it was a good deal also bought two 2 liters dr peper 10

    • HelperJen

      Send you hauls and pics to for a chance to be the Cuckoo Shopper of the Week and win a FREE Cuckoo Tshirt.

    • Sounds great! You can upload pictures right in the comments, click on the little picture button as you are typing to upload a picture.

  • Jim1389

    Here’s pics

    • Thanks for sharing your shopping pics with us!

  • Ashley

    Hurry to print $1/1 crayola markers no size restrictions. Zip 33033 on under toys and games!! These often go on sale for $1 or less before school goes back!!

  • Erin

    I just wanted to let you know that your printable Crayola product coupon for one dollar off a purchase of five dollar coupon has expired

  • Ashley

    Free after points first aid with $15 coupon books at Walgreens!!!

  • Diane T

    I love love this site but recently there have not been updates for shopping at Meijer. Why is this happening and where would you suggest I go if it is not available here. Thanks

  • Marlene Bakner Martin

    just to let you know, I bought the Conair curling iron (in Chambersburg PA) which had the monthly and weekly $7 sign on it and only received the one of the @7 ups. When the manager called rite aid they told her you only receive one ups. I talked to the lady on the phone and she told me the same thing. But I’m going to call rite aid on my own to see if I’m lucky enough to get someone who knows the way it works. They did say they were getting a lot of calls.

  • Lisa

    Not sure if anyone else experienced this but my computer was infected with a virus when I opened up the link to print the Bausch & Lomb coupon.

  • nancy

    I know I am new to getting back into this, and my math maybe wrong and if so I will I am sorry but when I did the math for this weeks Walgreens —

    U By Kotex Maxi Pads,14 – 18 pk – $3.99

    $2/1 U by Kotex Pads (Walgreens, Aug)
    $1/2 Kotex U Pads, exp. 9/28/13 (SS 08/18/13)
    Final Price= $1.49 Each wyb 2

    I came up with $2.49 each wyb 2 – did I miss something if so what? I am trying to figure it out but I am just not getting this.
    Thank you

    • Elizarae

      Coupons from the Walgreens booklet will apply to as many items that you are buying that the coupon will apply to (up to any stated limits). So in this scenario, since you are buying 2 Kotex, and the Walgreens coupon is for $2/1, you will get $4 off total for that one coupon. Hope that helps.

  • jessica

    So I went to CVS yesterday to beat the crowd! And I received some pretty interesting stuff. Herbal essence (2), skinny Cow chocolate (4), Revlon eye pencil(1), soda (1), 24 pk of water(1), colgate travel pack toothpaste(1), Always infinity(1), mentos gum(3), colgate toothbrush(1) gillete venus razor (1), and suave kids shampoo. well the mentos were on clearance for 1.32 and I had three $1 off coupons. As for the colgate toothpaste the deal didn’t work and it listed that I had to buy a toothbrush if I wanted $3 ECB but didn’t get them. So after all the coupons and the $10 off $50 plus the 20% off I paid out of pocket $16.90. I also received $11.00 in ECB!! So excited for my shopping trip. :)

  • Ashley

    Target has a promotion right now buy four Chapstick 3pk and get a $5 gc. There’s a cartwheel offer for 10% off and manufacturer peelies on Advil products for $1.50. If you buy the regular price ones pay just $4.40 with a $5 gc back. If you’re lucky like I was, buy clearance ones at $1.48 each and pay nothing, and get a $5 gc back!!

  • sweetginger

    Check your emails… I just received an email from shop your way rewards titled “name, you have $6 in points expiring 08/28/13″. The email said that ‘you have been awarded $6 worth of surprise points (6,000 points) to your account for being our valued member”. I hope you guys got it too.

  • Dawn Mccoy

    There is a great deal at the Albuquerque area at Smith’s stores on Quaker cereals. They are on sale for $2.49, when you buy 5 you get $5 off. If you still have the $1/2 coupon for any Quaker product, this makes each item 99 cents. I just left the store; all flavors of Life cereal and all flavors of Cap’n Crunch are included in this sale.

    Happy Shopping.

  • jonme75

    john l merrell 271 gaskey road salisbury nc 28147-8950 usa i like coupons send please thank you god bless you.

  • Tracey

    What has happened to the CVS and Walgreen’s scenarios? The past 2 weeks there have been nothing…I love this site and have been using it faithfully the past 2 years….

    • Elizarae was taking a break, today is her first day back, so those will be posted this week :)

  • jac

    Where would I find the GoodNight Mats for $1.47? Is it just regional? Are they placed somewhere else besides the diaper isle in Walmart?

  • Rebecca Acosta

    I wanted to share a link to a new Eight O’Clock Coffee Coupon! This can be combined with the ibotta coupon and I believe at walmart the final price will be under $2.

    Here’s the link-

  • Rebecca Acosta

    I believe you can get 2 dove chocolate bars for free at walgreens this week with the printable 1/2 dove bars on with their $.49 sale. I am going to try this tonight.

  • Rebecca Acosta

    I emailed Elizarae yesterday about the shopper of the week contest. Will that be posted soon?

    • Elizarae

      Reviewing all the entries now, stay tuned!

  • April

    I am confused about how to get the coupon for the free burger at Ruby Tuesday? I liked this site on Facebook and signed up for the emails, but no coupon/voucher. What am I missing? Thanks!

    • HelperJen

      Maybe you could ask them on their Facebook page or email them. It was supposed to be emailed to you and other readers got it w/n 30 minutes.

  • Kristy

    Are you not posting the Publix sales and match ups anymore?

  • Selene

    Hello, I want to learn how to buy with coupons… Please help me… I am trying to help the church I attend to buy food for people that need a helping hand. I have bought a membership with our local news paper to receive the sunday paper and get coupons but I don’t know how to combine them. My email is please someone help me, THANK YOU SO MUCH in advanced for your help.

  • ali

    There are actually $1.50 peelies on the cottonelle 30 packs…and no wipes to buy….

  • alison

    The cottonelle is in fact $10.25 each…not $9.25 each

  • Leler

    how do i cancel the cukoo4coupons text alerts on my phone?

    • HelperJen

      Text STOP to 40404.

  • HelperJen

    You should be able to send the same STOP text one more time to finalize it.

    • Leler

      it’s not working

  • ivy

    Tresemme shampoo/conditioner is free at Target after stack up coupons and also Suave Professional Color protection.
    (2) Tresseme 3.49 reg price
    use (2) 2.50/1 MQ AND (1) 2/2 TQ
    (2)Suave shampoo/conditioner color protection $1.99 reg price
    use (2) 1.50/1 MQ and (1) 1/1 TQ , 5% CARTWHEEL.

  • Rebecca Acosta

    I saw that there was no shopper of the week for last week. :(
    I submitted through email.

    • HelperJen

      Don’t worry we are still looking at all entries. Elizarae does those posts for us and she had a baby last week.

      • Rebecca Acosta

        That’s wonderful to hear! :)

  • sweetginger

    I just used my free $4 from SYWR the other day and few minutes ago I got another email congratulating me for: You have been awarded $5 worth of surprise points
    (5,000 points) to your account for being our valued member.

    so Guys, don’t forget to check your account. :)

  • Rosa Pena

    Today i went to cvs and bought 4 Advil congestion relief.I was very surprised when i paid and got my receipt there was a 6 dollar ECB for the Advil. unadvertised deal.

  • greenthumbgirl

    Thank you for posting a complete list of Kmart deals, I feel as though Kmart gets overlooked on other sites, I love shopping for paper products there, this week the Kimberly Clark Scott deals are wonderful! Especially since the Scott Mega Paper towel rolls are HUGE rolls and pick your size. Much better deal than the Scott Naturals deal at Walgreens…I may have missed the post or it was not a great deal but the Advil Film coated 20 ct is 3.99, buy 1 get 2,000 pts, $1/1 Advil printable that will double, so $1 for 20 ct….AND as of 10/14 when I purchased 2 Tums Chewy Delights I received 3,000 for EACH item, it was a money maker!

  • J.C

    I have a question On some printable coupons they have the Wal-Mart or Target or Cvs logo on them but they do not state that you have to use them at those places. I understand some do state that but those that do not can you use them at walgreens or other places?

    • Yes at most stores. But at CVS, if it has another store’s logo on it, you can’t use it.

  • Colleen

    There is a new deal on Topcashback for a free girls monster bracelet from KMART!

    • HelperJen

      I’ll post that and thank you!

      • Colleen

        Ur Welcome :-) Thank you all for all u do!!

  • simone

    i found some 10$ coupons for fisher Price, Little People and imagi next. all you have to do is to share it with a friend and can you print each coupon two times =D

    • HelperJen

      I posted it and thanked you!

  • Sandy

    Last week you posted a question from a reader on how stores make you feel bad about using coupons, as if you were stealing. Today, at my local CVS, as I paid the balance of my bill, the cashier called me a thief. I was speechless, and so embarrassed. I responded, I am not a thief just because I know how to combine my coupons with the sales and get the best deals. Again, he said, yes, you are a thief. The lady behind me didn’t say a word. I took my stuff and left. I called the manager and will be meeting with him tomorrow. :(

    • Ginger

      This really surprises me from a CVS store!! I live within walking distance to one (so ya im there a lot it seems LOL) The staff at my local store always comment on how many people coupon and the amazing deals people get. They even encourage me to coupon and help me find some amazing deals and sales I might have missed. I hope the management straightens this out ASAP!!
      Keep couponing girl!

      • Sandy

        Thanks Ginger….. I have been shopping at this CVS for the last 8 yrs….and dealt with this gentleman for the last 2 years and never had an issue…..that’s why I was so surprise…My husband said the same thing…continue couponing…..I hope so too…

    • Wow that is awful. He probably doesn’t realize stores get reimbursed for the coupons.

  • sheree

    ewp1234.Did you get my email for the bath salt winner with my address

  • ivory

    Kroger… $1.99/lb for Tyson Chicken. Tyson Save $1 on any Tyson Frozen or Fresh chicken product. Exp. 12/31/2013

  • celestial032

    Is there a way to tell how long a catalina runs for. I was wondering how long the cottenal tp was running?/

  • J.C

    So I have a question. I was told at Kmart that in order for coupons to double your purchase has to be more than $50. How could this be if they only allow you to use 5 coupons per transaction? Is this true or false? I hate going to places and they make up their own rules even if it states it in the coupon policy. Thanks!

  • Kellyann Finn

    Walmart and Best Buy ads for Black Friday Ads have been released!

  • Kelly Hendrickson Brantley

    I need some help if someone could please help me with my stores lists.

  • Pookie

    As many know, we have the amazing deal on Nature Made vitamins at Wags. But did you know you can make up to $2.30 cash with them at Walmart?
    Some of their vitamins are as low as $2.70
    Use the $5/1 manufacturer coupon from Diabetes and You.
    Get paid $2.30!!
    To me, that’s cash for Christmas!
    You can also use the $3/1 and get $0.30 for each.

  • Colleen

    On Topcashback you can earn $0.50 for going to and signing up for cyber deals with an email address.

  • J.C

    yesterday I went to Walgreens and I got the Norelco shaver for 4.99 on special for 34.99 and I had printed the 30.00 coupon from great deal just an FYI!

    • celestial032

      which type of Norelco shaver?

      • J.C

        It was on any of the norelco shaver they had. But thuds week they have them for 24.99 so they will make them free plus overage. :)

  • Wendy Brassbridge

    Please help can’t find: Verizon
    LG Optimus Zone nocontract Android Smartphone, $19.99 deal online

    Yes, I am shop your way reward member, Thank you

  • laura

    I have a question about the nail gel giveaway,i just saw my name under the winners,i’m not sure what i do now,please let me know.This is the frist time i’ve checked my email,i’ve been busy,i hope i didn’t miss anything.Thanks Laura.

  • laura

    Helperjen,i tried to email you regarding the nail gel giveaway,but theres something wrong with my mail.Can you please email me with the info,on how to claim my prize.Thank you so much.Laura

    • HelperJen

      I emailed you earlier. Please check your spam/junk folder. I will email you again. Don’t worry you still get the prize because you claimed it in time. We will make contact.

  • Nikki

    I’m a newbie and I apologize in advance if this has already been answered but are you guys not doing cvs or Walgreens scenarios? It really helps for someone that is learning! Tia

    • Elizarae

      We are still doing them! With the holidays, it gets a little hectic around here, but they will be back next week!

  • Colleen M.

    Just wanted to give you all a heads up that there is a new Topcashback offer for KMART where you buy a Cannon throw priced at $4.99 get $5.75 back w/in-store pick-up

    • Elizarae

      Thanks! I just posted this deal :)

  • liz

    quick question about getting free things at dollar tree.i went to their website and it states that the only way you can get free things is if you use a buy one get one free coupon.Is that correct?

  • Gaby

    Hi I have a quick question. I am 16 and am fairly new to couponing but it is literally so much fun doing with my mom. I have a save 1.00 coupon on Jergens Moisterizer and the walgreens ad says that it is BOGO 50% off and the price for one bottle is 6.99 is it a bad deal ?

    • I’m don’t use that moisturizer but it should be an okay deal since you can use two of the $1/1 coupons when you buy 2. Not necessarily a stock up price though.

  • jennifer

    I have a question, do you have a stock up pricing list? Have you updated it for 2014? I was just curious, as I saw another coupon site mentioned something on Facebook that they updated their stock up pricing list for 2014 as prices keep increasing.

  • becky b

    Do you have the Rite Aid match=ups yet

    • those will be up later tonight – jen is returning from a vacation

  • Irene

    Hello I had a question iam able to get a lot of Sunday paper coupons I usually have a lot of coupons left over and i hate that they go to waste I hear that there is websites that sell coupons do u know of a way I can do that I could really use the extra money

    • I don’t know how you’d go about selling your coupons, but if any are expired I know you can send them overseas and members of the military can still use them.

    • bettyrr

      I don’t know about the web site but I always donate my extra and expired coupons to the military

  • laura

    Good day.I won the nail gel kit a while back,and i never got it.Please contact me.Thank you

    • HelperJen

      I emailed you Laura.

  • CoupCrazy

    Hello! I am new and have only been couponing for a couple months but I love this site; it’s really helped me save a lot more money than I imagined when I started!
    I am puzzled though about the match ups. I selected my region and can see that the ads match up to the ones in my area, but the coupons don’t seem to be where I need them. Recently I tried matching up to the huge toothpaste deal going on in CVS this week and the Reach toothbrush $2/1 and Colgate toothbrush/toothpaste $1/1 are not in the SS 1/19 as it says.
    For the most part, other coupons do match up (although I just got around to this week’s couponing today), but I’m wondering why SS isn’t matching up? I’ve cross-referenced other sites but they should be there…
    I’m in the 22204 zip area of Virginia, if that helps. I buy the full pack of newspapers from the store (Washington post has 1/2 the inserts the one from the store has!) so I’m getting double inserts of those.
    Thank you ladies for all your hard work, you’ve (literally) saved me a bundle!

  • Janet

    Hi i just wanted to see if youre working on any valentimes day deals like candy or the gift cards the kids pass around in school i know you have school aged children and i was just wondering thanks for reading

    • Yes for sure! Will post when it’s ready.

  • Leslie

    Hey target has free shipping til tomorrow! I got an email with my weekly add stating this.

  • linda yang

    hi, today i went to Woodmans and they had a sale on their covergirl makeup. The nail polish were $.99 each and i had two coupons $3/2 covergirl products. when i went to checkout the cashier crossed out the $3/2 and wrote $2 on the coupon. She said since they were only $.99 each she can not allow me to have $3 off so she can only take $2 off and there can not be any overage. I don’t understand this, I don’t believe you can just change or overwrite a coupon just because there was an overage. should i complain or let the corporate know? Or what should i do if this every happen? Or do they even allow to do this? i thought i would ask a coupon expert.

  • Linda

    Got my freebies in the mail today along with a coupon! Did anyone else get there’s?

    • Linda

      I guess I can’t upload pic

  • Rachel Kirk

    Why aren’t there current match up for Marc’s?

  • sarah

    I went in to Dollar Tree last week with my friend and thankfully I had my coupon book with me and they had Got to be dry shampoo 6 of them and I had $ 2.00 off any one I got paid to take them out of there I also scored 4 reach tooth brushes and 4 crest tooth pastes I’ll never leave my book home again!!

  • Linda

    Looking for a good deal on Men’s Fitness or Men’s Health Magazine, and cant seem to find one, anyone know of one? Tried Recycle Bank rewards and My Coke Rewards and didn’t see anything in there either. Thanks!

  • Lala

    What do I do qpons that aren’t expired but I don’t need?hate to see them go wasted..thanks

  • Michelle

    I need help…. Please :) I live in Indiana and saw your post regarding the groupon for mattress firm! I used it 2 years ago when it was offered here. However, when I go to groupon it pulls up my city and state. I tried to find what location you are using to pull up this great deal but I’m unsuccessful. What city and state has this groupon deal for mattress firm?
    FYI- I love your site ! We have 7 kids and you are a Godsend!
    Thank you!

  • elizabeth

    Hi there, I wanted to know if you could repost you tutorial on making foaming hand soap like from bath and body works? I missed it the last time. Thanks!! Love your site!!

  • MsT

    I cant print the coupon for the purex at my local library is there a way to print without installing the coupon printer?

    • Elizarae

      No. Sorry, the coupon printer is required in order to print coupons.

      • mst

        Is there a way to email me one?
        Someone help i dnt wanna miss this deal!!!!

        • Elizarae

          Unfortunately, no. Coupons cannot be emailed.

  • Janet

    Omg thank you i did awsome today at kmart .1 cent oop no points redemed or nothing just 1 penny

    My ad stated unlimited (but must reach $25)
    And only 4 like coupons per identical items

    • Nice! Glad to hear they are at least working for some people.

  • Lexy Dobbins

    Target has a great deal on loreal. B3G1 free and today a $5/15 target hair care coupon came out. You can get it out of the ad or text TARGETHAIR to target. Use $2/1 loreal hair coupons on each (including the free one). At 3.99 each with one being free. Using (5) $2/1 and (1) $5/15 target hair. The total should be $.96 for all 5 before tax.

    • Lexy Dobbins

      oh and I used the target web printable on another transaction $1/1 and got 6 of them for $0.94

  • Mary Ross

    Free Paper Towels at CVs scan your card and get coupon the paper towels are on shelf by the scanner and also light bulbs are 75% off

  • Teresa

    VIP shop your way benefits just started. So there are many rewards to choose from.

  • doris

    FREE Entrance to 100+ National Parks! {4/19 – 4/20}

  • greenthumbgirl

    Just to let you know you ladies are awesome! My 13yr old son was thrilled when I “couponed” tool organizers on the Shopyourway points deal for him, yes, he wanted spend him money on them, and rolled my points so he could “clean his room”. Happy son, VERY happy mom!

  • Brenna

    Was wondering if anyone else received a letter from build direct that they were not aware of the $15 free?? What does this mean then?

  • jessicaccu06

    I need help…. I cannot locate a coupon slicer anywhere in South Carolina. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Trina Semino Dodd

    Diedre, It’s been quite sometime since the Free $15 from Build Direct was offered. Last I heard, they were trying to come to an agreement to get everyone their money, but that’s where it ended. What’s going on with the situation? I sure hope that one isn’t bogus.
    Please advise.

    • UPDATE: Build Direct has decided not to honor that offer – top cash back is still working with them to try to work something out, but as of now I would not plan on getting the $15.

  • Trenda Tumblison

    Please post a large article about “The Upper Respiratory Real Facts, Real Relief Offer Program that was offered back at the end of April. I got an e-mail today from them claiming that the offer had expired and they ran out of supplies. They required that you cut out the UPC codes on two boxes of Benadryl and one box of tissues. I AM LIVID. I NEVER would have bought these items if I had known they were going to pull this on people. This is a total scam to get people to rush out and buy their products when they knew very well they had no intention on honoring hundreds of these offers. I have NEVER had any other reputable company pull a scam like this one in order to sell thousands of their own product. In addition, I cannot even return the items now because they required that you cut the UPC codes off the boxes, so now the products can’t be returned. I hope you will warn all your customers and tell them to call the 800 number at the bottom of the e-mail. If enough people complain, maybe they’ll honor their promise. What a joke. I’ll NEVER buy another product from McNeil.

    • greenthumbgirl

      I also was burned on the purchase, I guess when this type of deal comes up again I will have to act fast! I also called the phone # before I mailed in the rebate as I had printed it long before I purchased the products and when they said the supplies were out, that was that, it does say it in the fine print at the bottom of the rebate until 5/28 or supplies are exhausted. In super fine print.

  • cj

    please see comments on the cheerios/chirpify deal you just posted.

  • Trenda Tumblison

    Please print something stating that the $1.00 cashback on Dial through Ibotta is NOT valid. Ibotta will not honor the money through Target. It’s only there though other stores, but not for Target. They claim something happened with Target that caused them to not be able to honor the Dial. Unfortunately, that’s where the good deals were on the Dial Body Wash this week, so, once again, people are going to be shafted on their upload to Ibotta for Dial.

  • couponwnat

    Hello, posted a diaper deal on your facebook post about the amazon huggies diapers. The deal I got came out to .05, .06 and .07 per diaper. If you would like pictures to go along with the deal, I have some available.

  • Kemontasmom

    Free arm and hammer toothpaste with Smiley360 mission.

  • tia

    sweet baby rays is not bogo @ publix

  • Kristine

    On that John Frieda deal does that mean I have to buy 4 of their products to get 2 deals because they are bogo 50% off? Or is there some way to buy 2 on one receipt?

    • Elizarae

      You can just buy 1 product per transaction and not get the BOGO 50% off sale. The way that the submission for the rebate works is only one reward per receipt.

  • Kristine

    Oh boo lol I don’t want to lose out on that 50% off, thanks

  • Tiffany

    Are there any great coupon match ups to use our $10 P&G coupons from KMART? Since they are only good for 1 week.

    • I am working on Kmart matchups for next week soon and will post any scenarios to use the $10 CRT in my weekly matchups list.

      • Tiffany

        thank you

      • Tiffany

        Also I don’t know if your aware but in the comments in $6 prepaid card giveaway there are some pretty rude conversations going on.

        • I deleted one just now

  • Kimberly Klug

    Do you have any information about the Energizer batteries promotion for “Back to School Bucks”? It appears similar to the “Bunny Bucks”. I found this but was hoping you could point us in the right direction for some deals. :)

  • Tiffany

    Check your emails Kmart is having a deal until 7/27/14. When you redeem your points they are giving you back your points. So basically free items with points, or cheap.

  • Tiffany

    Remember I told you last month about P&G working with certain stores and giving to spectator chairs, blankets, and a world flags soccer ball. Well, mine arrived today and they are beautiful and it didn’t cost me a thing. Thank you P&G

  • Tiffany

    Those that live in the Everett WA area, KMART is closing Sept. 30th in Everett and everything in on sale. So today I scored brawny paper towels and angel Soft tp for under $1 a pkg.

  • Tiffany

    The pinchme samples website just sent me an email telling me that they have free samples for men.

  • Tiffany

    TOPCASHBACK has free slip n’ slide with toys r us 6.98 and get $8.00 back

  • cheymarie80

    Why did

  • cheymarie80

    Why did my $5 bonus points for sywr disappear?

    • Elizarae

      Bonus SYWR points usually have an expiration date. If you’re talking about the most recent time they were rewarded, most expired by yesterday

  • Tiffany

    Free Jamba Juice on August 6th 9am-11am

  • Tammy

    Don’t forget about texting the word Movie to 78787. for the I just received a $30 credit on my cable bill. This ends on Aug 10 at noon ET

  • Kirsten Freeman

    Does anyone know how many times you can apply for the $10 gift card when you spend $25 on the Back to School Must Haves from GP? I have read the terms and conditions listed on the website and I cannot find that it says there is any limit per person or household or anything? I have already submitted one receipt and it got approved so now I am wondering if I can submit for a second one?

  • Tiffany

    Shutterfly is emailing codes for free magnets.

  • Jackie

    Do you have a list of school supplies lowest prices list?

  • sweetginger

    Hi Deidre / helperJen!
    I haven’t seen this feature but if it is then please delete it. There’s a good deal going on at Kmart but ymmv. On page 6 of the monthly ad there’s a 5,000 back in points that is good until 9/1. there’s no restriction on what department or how much you need to spend to use it. Here’s the bad part: the coupon will beep (coupon expired) but the cashier just ask the manager about it and they override the price of the item so I can also use my points. There is also NO limit on how many times you can do it. I did it twice today. I bought coffee mate priced at $6.79, cashier adjusted it to $1.79 which I paid with my points. then I bought the sandals on clearance priced $9.98. then again, Cashier adjusted the price to $4.98. Paid with my surprised points. I ended up getting 2 items for free. I’m thinking about going back tomorrow, the possibility is endless. love it!

  • Yelena

    Hi, I have a 20% off pads and liners at CVS, do you know if they have a limit (i.e up to $99) ?
    Thanks :)

  • Erin

    Here’s a deal on Purex!

  • sweepstakes

    Enter to win up to $1,000,000 – Easy and FREE to enter

  • jay

    Hello……I could use some help with the P&G deal at walmart with the wyb coupons and with your site where do I find the coupon policies? do the wyb coupons come off fight at the rigister or on the next purchase?

    • HelperJen

      Which deal are you talking about?

      • jay

        I’m sorry I meant Kmart I need to know do the wyb deals are oop expenses in the beginning and do they roll right away I checked the coupon policy but I didnt see anything in there about them

        • HelperJen

          OOP means Out of Pocket. If we say OOP that means what you actually give the cashier in the payment amount.

          • jay

            Ok say for example right now I want to go to Kmart and do the Charmin, Tide pods, and Bounty….For the Tide you give different scenarios with the coupons…..I’m confused on how many of which to use….and then ok say I want to do this….what order would I do this in? and like I asked before are we able to use those offers several times? for the $10/10 and the $20/20?
            Buy (2) Bounty 8 Giant Rolls Paper Towels $10 each
            XBuy (4) Tide Pods 16 ct., Gain Flings 16 ct., Downy Liquid 48- 60 load Fabric Softener, $5 each
            XBuy (2) Charmin 16 Double Rolls TP $10 each

    • jay

      I actually meant the wyb deals at Kmart and do they roll right away…are the first $20 oop expenses, do they roll over roght away, say for example I go in and do the toilet paper then I can do the laundry detergent then use that for the paper towels etc etc and another question was can I use the same wyb coupon deal several times? and how?

      • jay

        I’m also a little confused on the different coupon scenarios maybe you can help me with the math or maybe I’m doing it wrong maybe someone can help me a little I’m fairly new to couponing

        • HelperJen

          If you are talking about earning Points they will be able to be used on your next transaction. If you leave a comment under the post you are talking about it will help us to know which deals you are asking about.

  • Kim

    Hi, 24 years old with some questions about something that I’m planning on buying. I just started couponing on Monday, not enough time, but I wanted to see how I could do with a budget of $20. I normally go food shopping for the house of 7 people. All girls too. I have a big learning disability and normally learn from hands on and one-on-one/face-to-face. So trying to do this on my own is very hard, frustrating, and confusing.

    (never used +up before, so I don’t even know how that works either.,,)

    The tide deal… I read about it, saying: spend $30 to get the $10 +up. and that the final price will be $1.98.
    I did the calculations on paper and I’m not getting that price.

    Does it mean 3 tides are 5.94 each, giving us 17.82
    used the $2/3 coupon, giving us 15.82 minus the $10 +up
    leaving us to have $5.82.. so the 3 tides together would be 5.82 plus the $12.18 that’s left from the $30’s we had to pay, so the total for everything would be $18’s? Or am I completely lost/wrong? lol

    Also wanted to know ( we go through laundry detergent like crazy here and most have to have tide cuz of our skin) Could I buy…

    5 tides giving me 29.70 and buy something for a $1. to give me 30.70
    would I be able to use the $2/3 ( this would be 3 out of 5 tides) and use another manufacture for $2/1 for ( 1 out of the 2 tides) and another $1/1 on the last tide? I have all 3 of these coupons.. is that possible?
    or buy 6 tides and use 2 of the $2/3 coupon?

    I still don’t understand this and how to use the +up rewards… or how the final price be $1.98….

    Finding a way to get a lot of detergents would be a blessing to this house-whole or 7.

    Please help me. I would like advice about how to go about this. I have 2 of each coupons for tide ( $2/3 , $1/2 , $1/1 , and $0.20/1 and $4/1 tide oxi ) If anything, I could get another thing of PG coupon packet when I go back to the store, giving me 3 these.

    I’m sorry that this message is so long. Please let me know what you think. Thank you so much for your time. I would have e-mailed someone but couldn’t find it.

    • You can buy 6 tides to get $35.64, because you need to be over $30 before coupons to get the $10 +UP back. You can’t just buy anything for $1 because not all items are participating in the promo. then use (1) $2/3 and (3) $1/1 coupons if you have that many, to pay $30.64 OOP, then you’ll get a $10 +UP on your receipt, PLUS get the $10 Mail in Rebate (since the price must be $30 after coupons) so final price = $10.64 total or $1.77 per tide. It’s best if you ask questions here rather then email because then more people can help answer them :)

      • Kim

        Ahhh, so in the store, I’ll be paying the 30.64 for all of it after the coupons.
        The $10. +up goes to my card? then how do I use those for later? (still don’t understand the +up rewards) Sorry. But I’m very thankful that I’m getting answers. Also, How do I get the $10. rebate in the mail?

        • Click the link in the rite aid post to print the rebate. It’s easy to use +UPs they will load to your card and you can go in the next day to use them and you’ll have 2 weeks to use them. Just buy your items and scan your card and they will come off.

          • Kim

            Ohh, so I have to use the +UPs within 2 weeks. understandable. well, I’m too late to do this deal. That’s my fault for checking 2 days after writing my questions. I’ve been busy getting use to my new schedule for college. The rite-aid close to me said, their not sure they have them in stock, and that they’ll call me back. The rite-aid that I went to that I saw the sale was an hour train ride away close to my bf. I don’t think I have time to run to the rite-aid at this time, no car. Well, I got new knowledge of how to use the +UPs and I’m glad that I can always ask questions on a next sale and get a reply really fast. Thank you sooo much for helping. I’m hopping I get the hang of this.

            • Sorry you missed it, but don’t worry more deals will always come around.

              • Kim

                It’s okay. I’m just glad to know that I can get a quick response here and it’ very helpful. I really enjoy this site. Now I just need to find and buy the baseball hard holder for the binder to start organizing the coupons and grow from there. Also, having someone next in my area to help too. lol But Knowing that I can stop by and ask here is good enough. Thank you for all the help and sorry for having long messages.

  • Tiffany

    Wanted to let you know if you didn’t already, my target had these cute little back to savings coupon books at the registers and they have several coupons in them. They are all target coupons and mostly for target brand products but there are a few name brand products and can be stacked with cartwheels or manufacturer q’s

  • Als127

    I noticed that you stopped posting the paper product deals. Is this something that you are done posting, or just taking a break?

  • Melissa

    Hi! I always use your site to add coupon deals to my list. However I have been having a hard time doing it lately. I went through several pages adding all of the deals to my list and when I went to print they were gone. I figured out that when I go to a different page that is when they erase. Do you know why this is happening? I love the ease of your website for printing lists. Any help would be greatly appreciated! THank you!

    • kluck33

      this is happening to me also

  • kluck33

    if you did the keebler cookie deal at target….kellogs family rewards has bonus points with the cookie codes right now.

  • Roberta Hensley

    Just did the downey infusion deal on topcashback but its not showing up on my dashboard under kmart followed your instructions to the letter and ebay isnt showing up as well HELP

    • What day did you do the downy on top cash back? I posted early this morning that deal ended last night. Ebay should show up in a few days if not email them.

      • Roberta Hensley

        Did the downey today and it was 5 bucks and it acted like it was going through! It was on fb like it was for today in my newsfeed.thanks for the heads up :-)
        Subject: Re: New comment posted on Contact

  • Julia

    Hello, just curios if anyone has done the p&g rebate for purchase of 30 in products, recieve 10 dollar mir. i went shopping at kmart on double coupon days and had a couple of 30 dollar purchases but went below after coupons. will that qualify for mir? thank you

    • Shouldn’t matter on that one

  • Voung

    Hi Deidre—just wanted to say your website is awesome and I been saving tons of money by visiting your site everyday. I notice something though. I have your apps on my phone and one of my friend wanted to download it onto her phone too. How come we are not able to find the apps?

    • We couldn’t update the old app, and it had issues with the back button not working, so we are releasing a new app in 2-3 weeks that is AMAZING! All new features and finally a working back button. We are testing it out now. I will post as soon as it is available for download.

  • munyan

    Christmas deal for DAD

    Napa has a great deal on GearWrench Flex Ratcheting wrenches. These are usually around $99 a set but are currently on sale for $44.99 until the end of the month.

    part number APX 9700 for SAE (standard)

    part number APX 9900 for metric

    Because you know they will want one of each!

  • julsinsincity

    How does target do their black Friday? I’m interested in two things electronics Thursday at 6 pm do they do the line thing or are they more like walmart with separate lines throughout the store in different areas?

  • Jackie

    Everyone should think TWICE before buying the 40 inch led Emerson Very bad reviews, alot said it died within the first 6 months, the reviews were from today all the way back to 2012. The company will not refund money and won’t honor the Guarantee

    • The Walmart black friday one going on tomorrow?

  • munyan

    I don’t know if it can be used again, but I just put in a kelloggs reward code from a cereal box and it gave me 200 points.

  • julsinsincity

    anybody? any info on the target black Friday situation on thanksgiving day at 6pm??? I’ve never done target. Line out front? chaos? organized? good stock? run out of stuff?

  • Wendy

    Hi Deidre! Did not receive my 5000 personal shopper points at Kmart from you for use today. Do you know when points will be added? Thank you!!

  • Chelsey

    Hey Deidre I just checked both my shopyourway account and kmart account, and my $5000 points were not there. :( Did I do something wrong?

    • They are still adding them, some people won’t get them until tonight but keep checking during the day

      • Chelsey

        ok thank you :)

  • Chelsey

    Hey Deidre I still did not get my 5000 points. :(

    • can you message me in SYWR? You should have them by now – also make sure to email SYWR today as soon as you can and let them know you are my client and you didn’t get your points.

      • Chelsey

        Hey Deidre I messages SYWR and they are asking me for the information regarding the promotion so they can award me the points. I cant find the info on your site though. Can you email it to me?

        • yes I will forward you the info

  • Christy

    Amazon has A Million Ways to Die in the West on Blu-Ray for $9.99, and also Lone Survivor on Blu-Ray for $7.99. Also Best Buy has A Million Ways to Die in The West, and Purge: Anarchy both on Blu-Ray for $9.99. These are all items from my son’s list at a great price, so I thought I’d share.

  • Dawn

    I just left Target and they have Back to the Future Trilogy on DVD on sale for 29.99 (regular price 49.98) and there is a 57% cartwheel today only and was able to pick up the set for 12.89. Just wanted to share the deal

    • HelperJen

      Do you have a pic of your receipt and DVD? I’d love to post it.

      • Dawn

        i see u posted it do u still want a copy

        • HelperJen

          Got the copy and will add it to the post. Thanks!

      • Guest

        here is the receipt

      • Dawn


  • Michelle

    I ordered something from Plow and Hearth website and was offered a ‘free shipping order refund’ on the order I placed from but have never heard of them and was wondering if anyone else has or is it just another advertisement scam as they are offering free shipping and 10% cashback like ebates and shopathome.


    Hello! I received something in my e-mail from you for $5 off; however, I cannot locate it. Can you please let me know how it is listed?

    • look for: Your Personal Shopper has found you a deal! I sent it over a week ago though so it is likely expired now.

  • charlotte

    I was in Kroger last week I had a extra coupon for hilos I had my binder open and checking items and I offered the extra coupon to a lady who also had a few coupons in her hand————-turned out to be your aunt who lives in Somerville al where I live —small world –she told me about you and your husbands web site

  • Tony Burton

    that 10 crt from kmart can that be use on toys or cloths?

  • Jenessa Bohlman

    It appears at that any hot wheels toy priced above $15 is giving back $5.xx in points :) You can only add one to your cart though, you will only get points for buying 1 :)

    • Wow great tip – thanks Jenessa!

      • Jenessa Bohlman

        I found it works on other toys as well, imaginext, power rangers, they all had $5 back as well :) plus the hot wheels are bogo 1/2 off so thats a nice stack :)

  • Lou

    I was looking for a rice cooker or pressure cooker and ran across this cooker…. Notice sale says 74.99 but regular price is 29.99 … I called Kohl’s and they honored the price, that was a few hours ago. I also, applied my 30% off that I got in the mail today and $10 in Kohls cash that I had. I bought two of these for $37.17… I used PRESENTS30 for my promo code.

    • Sweet deal thanks for sharing!

  • wasanasan
  • wasanasan

    I found a good deal at Sears online little tikes activity garden reg 89.99 now 45.00

    thought you might want to know

  • Trina

    Your website seems to be very messed up all the time. Why isn’t Publix listed as a store anymore?

  • carla

    Staples is offering super cheap copy paper! Use this coupon in-stores when you make the purchase of a 5-Ream Case of Staples 8.5? x 11? Multipurpose Copy Paper. When you get home, submit your receipt through the Staples Easy Saver program and you’ll get yours for only $1 total! You’ll also find a $5 off $25 Staples coupon if you need to stock up on anything else! Good through 1/3.-



  • Krystalle Rundlett

    Hey everyone! I was searching for a decent lightning to USB cable for my iPhone 6 and found Cell Labs via Amazon. List Price is $15.99 but I got it for only $6.59 (I saved $9.40!!!) using the coupon code EM9J2XCK upon check out. Coupon expires Jan 20, 2015.

    It’s 25% thicker than other USB lightning cables and compact Connector Head that is compatible with all most phone and iPad cases including OtterBox, Belkin, Apple. Compatible with iPhone 6 / 5 / 5c / 5s, iPad 4 / Mini / Air, iPod Nano 7th Generation, and iPod Touch 5th Generation.

    Here’s the link:

  • loralee

    Wal Mart here in Utah is now 90%off Christmas .There is still a few items left. Wrap paper .29, boxes for coats.34, felt stockings .09, glitter for writing .09, just to name a few.

  • kristi

    kohls has some good deals on certain car seats..if you have a kohls charge use the codes-
    “shippingmvc ” for free shipping

    “bundle10” to get 10 off 30 baby purchase

    “newyear30” to get 30% off total purchase

    I got the Evenflo Chase LX Harnessed Booster Car Seat in black its also available in purple for only $35.62 shipped retail $59.99 – other seats also available with great deals!!

  • Warren

    I got this email from Kellogg’s family rewards. The title is
    “Spice it up with 100 BONUS POINTS! Details inside”
    I got a free $20 shutterfly promo code and 50 KFR points when I entered the unique code that came with the email.

  • Warren

    And.. One more…
    Today’s special deal at Home Depot.

    Model # SK140
    Internet # 205721717
    Steam Cleaner Easy Spray Steam Mop DLX $48 ( reg $ 79.99)

    Oops..At Walmart $34

  • loralee

    K mart is now 90%off on Christmas wrap and cards and decorations.
    They have the Scotch brand wrap medium weight for 65 sq ft. for .39 . Can be used for every day wrap too.

  • Warren
  • Warren

    hmmm.. DD promotions is targeted…I think..

  • Warren

    I will edit it.. so deleted.

  • Warren

    I got this email 20 minutes ago:

    10 FREE LINDOR Truffles Offer is valid only in Lindt Chocolate
    Shops for those who enroll in the Lindt Lovers’ Rewards Club at a Lindt
    Chocolate Shop through Sunday, 1/25/15. Must present email (printed or
    displayed on digital device) to redeem. No purchase required. One per
    customer. One time use. No Cash Value. Promo Code: L10. Free gift offer
    not available online.

    So Don’t register the Lindt Lover’s Rewards Club online!
    You have to go to YOUR LOCAL LINDT STORE to enroll in the Lindt Lover’s Rewards Club and get 10 free Lindor truffles. PROMO CODE ” L10 ”

    I called the Lindt customer service because I registered that online! :( then she replied, ” Only at the Lindt stores to get the free 10 Lindt truffles ” Bummer!!! But my husband can. :) The details above are on the very bottom at the end of the email with small letters.

  • Warren

    You guys already might know.. but it is just a reminder:

    1. Subway deal: 50 points free bonus when registering Subway Reward program, which you can get a free 6? sub sub.

    * I strongly suggest to NOT to register Subway Rewards using an old one, get a new one at your local Subway. You might not get 50 points. You also see the ad in-store.

    2. Cumberland Farm: Free Coffee ( you can get any sizes)

    Text SEE4YOURSELF to 33733 for a free Farmhouse Blend!

    Yesterday’s Cumberland Farm’s facebook.

    I gonna go now… I don’t know when its expired.

  • Warren

    I went to Buca tonight. I recommend to order ” Baked Zitti” using a free pasta coupon. When you sign up Buca eclub, you can get the coupon by email. You also get the ad at your local restaurant.
    I also ordered a small salad was $16.19 including tax. So the total was 16.19 for 2 adults and 1 kid. We couldn’t finish them all… they will be our lunch tomorrow. 😛

    If you order only one baked zitti, the total will be zero. Just pay tip for your waiter or waitress. I did before.. :) $4 for tip and done.

    * Be careful: The free small past is not for all kind of pasta. Only for marinara, Fettuccine Alfredo or Baked Ziti. You better show the coupon to your waiter or waitress at first.

  • Warren

    Free bloomin’ onion with any purchase ( dine-in or curbside take away ) Feburary 2, 2015.
    To say ” Free Bloom”

    You can take out !!!

    **FREE BLOOMIN’ ONION® OFFER. VALID WITH ANY PURCHASE ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 2015 ONLY. No coupon necessary. Say “Free Bloom” to your server to receive the offer. One offer per check, per table. Offer valid for lunch or dinner, dine-in or Curbside Take-Away® at participating Outback
    Steakhouse® locations in the U.S. Offer is not valid in conjunction
    with any other discount, coupon or offer and has no cash value. Offer
    valid while supplies last. Price, product participation and restaurant
    hours may vary by location. Void where prohibited by law.
    EXPIRES 2/2/2015.

  • Warren

    May be too late… Target deal:

    Buy 2 pantene shampoo and 2 conditioners. $4.99 each

    4.99 x 4 = $19.96

    Target deal: Get a $5 Target giftcard wnb 4 selected pantene products.

    Use two
    Pantene Conditioner or Styler wyb Pantene ShampooFREE 2/8/15 P&G 01/25/15Excludes 6.7-oz.; Up to $5; ETS; Limit 4
    $19.96 – $10 ( two -$5 MFC) = $ 9.96 get a $5 target gift card.

    I just came home from Target. It worked. but it is too late… This deals will be expired by today …

  • Melissa

    I wanted to share a little joy with Florida couponers. Walmart savings catcher works for BOGO. This week Beneful dog food was $10.98 BOGO at publix.

    Qty: 2.00

    $18.96 ($9.48 ea) at Walmart
    $10.98 ($5.49 ea) Publix
    $7.98 recieved back with savings catcher.

    I used (2) $2.00 off coupons from last weeks inserts.
    I paid $14.96 at check out.
    With savings catcher and Blue bird i received my dog for free and i made a $1.00.

    I did (4) BOGO that were at Publix, Beneful- Air Wick- Ritz crackers and Lysol wipes and received savings catcher.
    Total Saved $16.68 Blue Bird $33.36

    I did purchase (2) BOGO deals that were at Winn Dixie and savings catcher did NOT catch them but i will do further investigating on that.

  • erlees

    FYI – I just received an email from Kellogg’s with several coupons. They are:
    Save $1.00 on any two packages of Keebler or Sunshine Crackers
    Save $0.70 on and One Special K Gluten Free Touch of Brown Sugar or Protein Cinnamon Brown Sugar Crunch Cereal
    Save $1.00 on any Two boxes of Cheez-it Grooves Crackers
    Save $1.00 on any two Frosted Mini Wheats cereal
    Save $1.00 on any two boxes of Nutri-grain Bars
    Plus there are several opportunities to earn 100’s of bonus points.

  • Holly

    Just got an email from Kmart for a free beauty sample subject reads Gorgeous! FREE beauty product samples, so be on the look out!

  • dee

    Just tried to get the $1/1 L’Oreal Paris Product printable and it said it is no longer available.

  • Warren

    I just got home from Walmart. There are lots of stuff are clearance.
    Book cover 10 cents each, all of the candy and gum in the picture are 25 cents each etc… I also checked their expiration dates. they are good to go by late july and next year.
    The one of workers told me that they are cleaning some stuff out to put more new products in.
    Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday, and I was looking for some candy. :)

    Happy couponing!

  • May Thao

    I don’t know how to get more ppl to reach out to Kmart to include their store on I live by Kmart in Clearfield and all the household, groceries, and beauty products that I see on Walmart and Target, I wish Kmart was on the list. Is there a way to get more ppl to request Kmart to go onto and include their store to the list.

  • Denise

    I have just signed up for you app but I don’t see any of my stores such as Harris Teeter..Publix..Food Lion…I don’t know if I have to change my settings and if I do…where..I don’t see Aldi as a drop down either..please tell me what is going on because I am ready to be a real couponer…

    • We cover CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, Walmart & Kmart

  • donna

    I did the swiffer refills from Kmart with Topcashback and I don’t see anything in my account or a notice on my dashboard that I did this offer. Should I be concerned. Thank you for your help

    • HelperJen

      At this point I think you should email them.

  • Warren

    Now lozo dot com has $4/1 zantac manufacture coupon at page 20!
    At Target, it will be 54 cents for the $7.54 zantac using $3/1 target coupon and 5% off target cartwheel as I remember that Deidre posted recently.
    the coupon site has very good value coupons. one of them is $1/1 for King Arthur flour coupon at page 1.

  • Warren

    Staple rewards offered some good deal by email, which is targeted.
    The tile is ” $5, $500, even $1,000 could be waiting for you.”
    I got $5 credit so, I bought 12 rolls of Scott kitchen towels is on sale for $7.99. I used 75 cents mfc, so the total cost is $2.24. Expiration date is 3/25/2015

  • Warren

    Score a Free Movie Ticket when you buy a $25 limited edition gift card.

    *Up to a $10 value. Additional fees may apply. Must purchase gift card between 2/16/15 and 4/30/15. Must register for movie code by 5/7/15. Reward code and ticket void if not used by 5/14/15. For further promotional details, visit
    Movie ticket powered by Fandango Loyalty Solutions, LLC. Movie Artwork
    TM & (C) 2015 Columbia TriStar Marketing Group, Inc. All Rights

  • Warren

    If you are looking for a wooden train table for your kids, it would be a saver. It is $ 40.93 now and you also get 5.25% back at Topcashback dot com.

  • Warren

    Hi I have a question,
    Do you think that I can get cashback from Topcashback for Audible ?
    I signed up Audible before..

    I fugure it out. It is only for a new Audible member. bummer!

    I contacted to the customer agent, then he will look into if I am qualified to get $31. I will wait because this deal has been going on and on. so I am no in rush.

  • Warren

    Aeropostale deal: Spend $25 and get back $10 e-Aeropostale gift card and $5 cash back from Ibotta ( Get $5 back with $25 purchase)

    1. Free $10 e-Aeropostale gift card with $20 purchase using Visa card ( I got the gift card using Walmart debt giftcard) ( Expires by April 18th)

    Buy over $25 purchase at Aeropostale.

    2. Rebate at Ibotta. ( I got $5 back within a day.)

    The final price is $10 for $25.

    * Check out your Ibotta before you purchase. I don’t know the expiration date.

    • HelperJen

      I would be very careful doing this. I checked and “trial play” is asking your to give out your credit card number without making a purchase. There should be no need to ever give your card numbers out like that. You may want to watch your CC statement for false charges.

      • Warren

        Thank you for notice! I used a Walmart giftcard and also checked out all the transactions, which was fine. Thank you for your warning!!! I certainly appreciate it!

  • Warren

    I got an email from Ebates will be through 3/31/2015.
    The title is ” Spring It On! Here’s a $5 Spring Break Bonus Just For You.”

    In addition to that, we can get $5 Walmart eGift card with $25 worth of purchase on selct Spring Cleaning products.

    So, I bought two Scott Extra Soft Bathroom Tissue 30 Double Rolls $12.97 Total $25.97

    Get back $5 bonus from Ebates and $5 Walmart egift card.
    The final cost is $15.97.
    ( 27 cents / double roll)

    When I use cashback sites, I always take a shot of the shopping trip number so I can consult to the customer agent without any problem if they can’t track my shopping histories.

    • HelperJen

      Yes Ebates is sending those out to certain customers. I didn’t get one. But readers should check their emaisl for these offers. They are great!

      • Warren


      • Warren

        I just got $5 back from Ebates. For the $5 Walmart gift card was really quick. I got it as soon as I sent the receipt.

  • Warren

    I just got a free pretzel ( any pretzel!) from Auntie Anne’s after I downloaded their app. ( It took a day for me)
    I was wondering about the exclusive reward. This is completely free!!


    Exactly one month from today, on April 26, we will invite pretzel lovers everywhere to celebrate our hand-rolled, freshly-baked pretzels with us! Auntie Anne’s will be celebrating ALL weekend long!

    Download the Auntie Anne’s My Pretzel Perks mobile app by 11:59 p.m. on April 23 to receive an exclusive mobile app National Pretzel Day reward. Then, visit your local Auntie Anne’s sometime between April 24-26
    to redeem your exclusive reward. The reward will be available for
    mobile app users and registered physical rewards cards holders only who
    are in the My Pretzel Perks system by April 23. Valid at participating U.S. locations only.*

  • maria

    $5.00 MONEY MAKER!!!
    New TopCashback members only: snag a free 20-count box of Tampax tampons after cashback plus five bucks MM!

    Visit Kmart through TopCashback, purchase a 20-count box of Tampax tampons priced at $3.89 and within seven days $9.50 cashback will have posted in your TopCashback account.

    please use my link:

  • Warren

    I got an email from Subway.
    The tile is ” We want you to win FREE subs”

    Win subs for life!! and movie tickets …and more…

    I didn’t win today. :(

    *Subs for life prize awarded via random drawing as $27,781 check. NO
    WINNING. The SUBWAY(R) Where Superheroes Eat
    Sweepstakes starts 3/31/15 at 12:00 PM ET and ends 6/15/15 at 11:59:59
    PM ET. Open only to eligible legal residents of 50 US/DC, 13 years or
    older. Void in PR & where prohibited. Subject to Official Rules
    available at SUBWAY.COM.
    See Official Rules to learn how to enter, how to obtain free codes,
    odds of winning, prize information, restrictions, etc. Msg&Data
    Rates May Apply. (C) 2015 MARVEL. Marvel Entertainment, LLC is not a
    sponsor of this Promotion. Sponsor: SUBWAY Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust Ltd., 325 Bic Drive, Milford, CT 06461. (C) 2015 Doctor’s Associates Inc. SUBWAY(R)
    is registered trademark of Doctor’s Associates Inc. All rights
    reserved. Super Hero is a co-owned registered trademark. All rights

  • Warren

    I got the email from Panera bread:
    xxx ( my name) It is your special day…
    Free daily coffee in April -4/30/2015
    But when I checked on my app, It seems like I have to order something else.. hmm.. Please let me know if someone tried it out.

    Somehow the one of two pictures are tripled… hmmm. I deleted and edit though sorry for this mess.

    • Barbara Jones

      where are the list of coupons this week

  • Sandra

    There is a $2.00 coupon printable that can be used at CVS for the multipack Colgate travel size, making it a money maker. Just did the deal this afternoon, there is no size restriction on the coupon. You OOP $1.49 get $3.00 ECB, and can do the deal twice

    • Warren

      Where is the $2 coupon? It may be too late to do that but I am curious about the coupon. :)

  • Warren

    I just got two $10 movie tickets(can be used for any movie through 8/31/2015) by buying two boxes of 24ct Eggo. $4.78 each and used two $1/1 mfc from kelloggs family rewards.

    1. Buy a 24ct selected eggo ( the Avengers pictures on the box)
    $4.78 and use $1/1 mfc from kellogg family rewards.
    The final price is $3.78

    2. email to by 7/31/15.
    Text didn’t work, Emailing is much better. put the title ”

    3. you will get a unique code from them and go the link that is given and pasted the code and download the file to print out.


    I got an response within a second and I got the code within few minutes.

    If you have trouble to print it out, Go here:

    and click the link on the bottom to contact. They will send you the file so you can print it out without any problem.

  • ginger

    Hi Deidre / helper Jen,
    Went to Cvs yesterday afternoon and bought 2 Cheerios 12 oz pack priced for $3.99 each. Used BOGO + .50/1 MQ. I paid $3.49 and get $6 back. The limit is 3. This is a glitch so I don’t know when they are going to fix their computer.

    • Warren

      Wow, that is nice!! I have a question: The bogo and .50 coupons are manufacture coupons? On the receipt, it read that are MFR.

      • ginger

        yes they are MQ. The BOGO coupon is from the previous cheerios box and the .50 is an ip.

        • Warren

          Thank you! Wow, the bogo coupons is very nice!

  • ginger

    HOT!!! CVS Sistema to go… it was tag 2/$10 at my store but ringing up .59 cents. There are salad, cereal, and soup mug sistema to go to choose from. adding pictures for you to see.

    • Warren

      That a great deal! Thanks, ginger! I will check out at my CVS. :)

      • ginger

        you’re welcome. another thing you can check are the socks & other bargain buy (blue box) stuffs. Mostly they are 90% off. Plus blankets was .33 cents.

        • Warren

          I have ever seen the blue box at my CVS.. I am very new to CVS so I will look for the box for now. :) Thank you so much, ginger!!

        • Warren

          Daaaa..!!! ginger, I forgot to take a look at the stuff! :( I focused on the other items to find, and forgot. LOL Although I got 2 oz Jergens original scent cream $2.57 used 30% off MCM and a $3/2 MFC the final cost 60cents and got $5 ECB. :)

          the other stuff was Eucrin cream $5.79 2oz
          bought 4 of them and the cost $23.16
          – 10 ECB when you spend $20 over—
          used 30% any body lotion MCM ( – $7)

          Used (4) $1.5/1 mfc ( -$6)
          The final cost $10.16 got $10 ECB.

          And the last one was Almay deodrant $3.79
          used $4/1 any Almay product mfc
          but the Almay eye shadow… I didn’t see anything below $5 for the eye shadows neither any Almay cosmetics. ( most of them are over $8) Almay cosmetics buy 1 get 50% off. though I can’t find anything to get it for free.

          Happy shopping!

          • ginger

            lol… well, great job on the Jergens, you got almost $5 MM there (and other stuffs u got today). I did the Jergens deal too except the 30%. CVS never send any coupons on my email anymore. another deal I did was the buy $15 juicy fruit gum get $5 CB. It was priced 3/$3. Bought 15 and used 15 $.50/1 MQ + B2G1 Free CRT = oop: $6.50 get $5CB = .10 cents/pack of gum. 😉

            • Warren

              Thanks, ginger!
              My macaw always says ” I FORGOT!”. He got the word from me. LOL

              Wow, that is a terrific deal that I ever seen for the 10 packs of the gum! Does your CVS allow you to use 10 coupons on the same item? I never have used more than 4 identical coupons on the same transaction yet.

              I need to learn how to survive without these CVS coupons someday like you!!

              • ginger

                Oh, my dd would love your Macaw. :)
                You can use as much coupon as you want as long as there’s no limit on the coupons. The coupons I used only says “one per purchase”. If there’s a limit on the coupon, you can separate your transaction and it will still track on your card. so, you still get your ECB. btw, Walgreens/Kroger is where I got my Gum coupons. Every time I stopped by I grabbed a few.
                another thing, don’t forget to scan your card (at the price checker) until it says that “you already printed all your coupons” on the screen.
                Next week: Tena pads will be free or MM depends if you get CRT coupon. Tena 2/$10. use $5/2 MQ (sunday paper) + $3/$5 CRT + $2 CVS coupon ip (not confirmed yet) = get $2 CB
                Schick razors: buy 2 get $5 CB and there’s a $10/2 MQ on sunday + $4/$10 CRT. I’m going to use my raincheck to get my razors even cheaper. :) Reminders: Don’t forget to get a raincheck (it doesn’t expire) because sometimes you get a better deal after the sale. Talk to the cashiers about your CRT/MQs, sometimes they let you use MQ few days past the expiration date. You can also stack CRT coupons like % off (regular items) + $/2 items + $/$15 on items to get it real cheap.
                hope this info doesn’t confuse you more. lol

                • Warren

                  Oh yeah, I feel like I have vertigo after reading yours. lol Thank you for taking your time to wirte up for me,which is so cool!

                  *Reminders: Don’t forget to get a raincheck (it doesn’t expire)
                  That is really helpful!! Thanks ginger! I did it at Walgreens for purex Crystals before, but I forgot it to use the tech at CVS. LOL
                  Oh, Do you know if we can also do a raincheck at Target?

                  The Tena deals: that is nice! $2 money maker! I have the $2 off tena cvs/mfc coupon. I saw on the ad online.

                  The Schick razors: Sarting at $10.99 by the ad. so.. 10.99×2=21.98
                  -$10 mfc, -$4/10 crt pay : $7.98
                  get back $5 ECB. $2.98 for 2 Schick!
                  you’re gonna make it cheaper??? ( I ‘m claping my hands.)
                  Am I keeping up with you, ginger??? l0l

                  I am so happy to talk to you… people around me don’t appreciate when I talk about deals.

                  by the way, do you have mobisave? ( cashback site) When I looked it up, the mobisite has some negative reviews…

  • Warren

    Hi Deidre and Jen and the other Cuchoo for coupon team.

    This is a just thought.. Would you guys have a plan to set up ” PRINTER” in your blog? So we can easily print out any deals you guys post in here.
    I usually write down every deals,but sometimes I don’t have enough time to do so.. It will be very convenient.

    • HelperJen

      Did you know you can print the deals and it all goes on a list? Pick a deal and where it usually says “here’s the deal” there is a little box you can check to print it.

      • Warren

        Thanks, Jen! I didn’t notice about that. So I just checked all of the posts,but some of them don’t have the little box.

        • HelperJen

          Post that have store deal ideas with coupons will have them for you.

          • Warren

            Thanks Jen!!

  • Warren

    From Sunday, Staples will sell Ipad air 2 for $399. I saw the ad today. I think that is a good deal if you are looking for.

  • ginger

    In my CVS next week ad: buy 2 Nivea get $5 CB, with price starting at .99 cents. so, its a MM

    • HelperJen

      Thanks Ginger! We will post this.

  • ginger

    ok, I’m not sure if the size are the same as the coupon is but next week ad. Crest mouthwash is $4.79 and you get $3 CB. With $1.10 MQ from (77477) it will be .69 cents only. And if you have the $3/$8 mouthwash CRT…then you get a good MM. I hope its the same size.

    • Warren

      Thanks ginger!

  • Warren

    How about a Sure deodrant at CVS from 5/3-
    buy 1 ( $2) get $1 ECB use $1 mfc.. free.

  • Warren

    I got the email from Kellogg’s Family Reward. The title is ”

    Happy Mother’s Day! SURPRISE inside”

    Save $1 on any (1) Kellog’s, Keebler or Sunsine product. ( 3.48oz or larger)

    I could print out twice. :)

  • Warren

    Hi Daidre,

    I have a favor… I uploaded the picture that my CVS store’s number in one of my comment. Could you deleted the picture???

    Thank you for in advance. Sorry!!

    • done

      • Warren

        Thank you, Deidre!

  • Laura

    Can you please send me Free Coupons in the mail as I don’t have a printer yet?

  • Laura

    I have a favor to ask, How can I get coupons mailed to me as I dont have a printer? I was told that I can get them for free is this true?

  • ginger

    I have a not so good news about new CVS Coupon Policy. One of the cashiers told me that we can only use 1 CVS + 1 MQ coupon on 1 item. The bad part is that ECB are consider coupons. So, if we have small ECB amount, we won’t be able to use let say 5 ecb to pay for 1 item. I told the cashier/s (manager in training joined our conversation) ecb is money back in the form of store coupon. They say 1 item = 1 cvs + 1MQ is that how they interpret the policy unless they get another memo about it. It doesn’t matter if it ECB, ip CVS item coupon, red machine coupon, or mailed coupons. attaching the policy I mentioned (last paragraph).

    • Elizarae

      Thanks for posting this. It seems that this is how your particular store is translating the 1 mfg coupon & 1 CVS coupon part of the policy – that ECBs are considered CVS coupons. I see that this memo is dated 2014 and I haven’t seen this enforced anywhere else. We’ll watch for this, but in the meantime I would try another store – they may enforce the policy different, as it is being enforced in the stores we shop at. Thanks again!

  • Ildico

    The target coupon $3 for nivea is not available anymore. I can’t find it.

    • HelperJen

      It ran out of prints so I updated the post.

  • Warren

    If you have $1.5 off on any DOVE hair products ( over $3.00 ) on Checkout51 ( limit 5) you can make money or free, especially if you have shoprite near by.

    Shoprite: 2/$6 12 oz shampoo or conditioner

    buy (4) 12oz DOVE shampoo or conditioner $3×4 = $12
    use (2) $3/2 mfc ( 6/21 RP) ( -$6)
    Pay $6 plus tax
    submit $6 ( $1.5×4) checkout51
    submit $2 saving star wnb 2 dove hair products.

    about a month ago ?, checkout51 offered the same thing for DOVE products without any restriction ( limit 10)
    that was really good.. I bought 10 travel shampoo/conditoner, 10 travel soap to make money. I wanted to post it but it was gone after I submitted. now they have the restriction. :(

  • Darlene

    I have a question and I hope someone can assist me. My question is where can I get a listing of the coupons that come out in the Sunday Papers? I am so new to this and it is hard to understand it all! Thanks for your help. Darlene

  • ilaria tomat pravisano

    Hello, I love you posting but I want to write to you about the Skylanders Swap Fierce at $ 9.99 at Target well I’m leaving in Norfolk VA. I went to three stores and not only they didn’t have but the answer was “they have been discontinued at least a month ago” you can still find them on line but on line the cartwheel offer is not valid.

  • Warren

    Eddiebauer offer extra 25% off on clearance now. If you have a shoprunner, it will be a great deal.
    The hoodie is $29.99, but it will be down to $22.49 after the promo code ” CAMP”
    I ordered the Tall ( L) 4 months ago, it was $26, but I returned it because the sleeves are too short for my husband ( 6’4 195lb). So, I just ordered XL now. This hoodie seems tighter, smaller than the regular EB clothes.

  • Warren
  • Orc Jaw

    free money at shopyourway sweeps
    got me $7

  • Warren

    If you like J crew factory, it is good to go shopping there now.
    With the code ” BANANAS “, any orders will be 40% off plus free shipping. I thought that I need to pay for shipping unless I spend over $100, but it turned out it is free shipping!!

    J crew has Tall size for very long arm sleeves. TL – 35-36 XLT – 36-37

  • Warren

    I got a free code of 5×7 notepad from shutterfly today. I won’t use it.
    Here is the code: KE96-AER4-06G6-E30FYD plus shipping.

  • Uic

    Hi there, I just snatched my box of free samples from Pinchme..not sure if it is available for check it out :)

  • Warren
  • Jasmine Ross


    Panera Bread sent out two rewards.

    1: $2 off a sandwich (expire 09/15/2015)

    2: $5 off order [Order has to be made online or thru the app] (expire 09/15/2015)

  • Warren

    You may win kindle paper white of a free chipotle britto!

  • Nina Rowell

    Shopyourway Doorbuster!! Fab15:

    $7 instant surprise points

  • Nina Rowell


    Slicing n’ dicing INstant Win

    $3 surprise points instant!

  • Pingback: FREE $3 to Spend at Kmart/Sears! | Coupons()

  • HelperJen

    Thanks! I sent you a gift card.

  • mar

    Groupon has 1-year Sunday Subscription for the Press Enterprise for $5.00 ends 9/20/2015

  • Beth Bolton

    How do I get you as my personal shopper with Shop Your Way? I was told by a friend that there is a link here, but I can’t find it

  • Diana


    gave $3 at Kmart doorbuster

  • See

    The great outdoors doorbuster
    $5 off $30

  • Pingback: Shark Easy Spray Steam Mop Dlx (sk140) | Dyson Stick Vacuum()

  • Alps

    Doorbuster for $2 instant winner choice : hot turkery

  • Sara

    Smooth movers will be a doorbuster at 11:32 pst time which means about 17 minutes from now! Not sure how much it will give but it will be a doorbuster!

    • HelperJen

      I’ll be watching, but don’t see anything, yet. Let us know when we find out how much and if there are any restrictions.

    • HelperJen

      I sent you a gift card!

      • sara


      • brandi lee

        that’s awesome how do you earn those?

        • For commenting first about a live doorbuster that is giving away points

          • brandi lee

            oh that’s neat, thanks for letting me now,i normally post them on your facebook page ill post them on here now :)
            thank you for everything you do btw im almost done Christmas shopping from all the awesome deals you have posted! iv only been at this for a couple months now and I learned a lot.

  • Wanda

    Hello….Are the Huggies jumbo packs for $8.99 giving back a 5.00 catalina as well. Please advise. Thanks so much for your insight and hard work. It is greatly appreciated.

  • brandi lee

    My little pony skates for $5 (reg $20) also have planes ones same price,
    Tinker bell fountain (was 50% last time I check I cant wait till they restock my store)
    more $5 newborn and 0-3 months outfits(reg $26) great for baby showers or friends with newborns for Christmas

  • Pingback: FREE $1 to Spend at Kmart or Sears! | Coupons()

  • Nina Rowell

    50% carving pumpkins at lowes online ($1.99 for medium pumpkins) $3.99 for large!

  • Warren

    This is the lowest price for Cloudpets at Target. I love this toy..
    I couldn’t wait until the price goes down…
    Only for bunny and cat. $29.99 on sale plus 10% off with the promocode EXTRA10
    You should check if your and your family’s devices are compatible.
    Most of APPLE products are fine,but android device require over android 4.4
    Here is the list of devices are compatible:
    Apple iPhone (6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5c, 5 & 4s), iPad (Air, Air 2, Mini, Mini with Retina Display, 3 & 4 with Retina Display)
    Google Nexus 9, Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 6, Nexus 5, Nexus 4
    Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Tab 4, Galaxy Tab A
    HTC One M7, One M8
    Motorola Moto G (1st gen)
    Here is who it works.

    Dog cloudpet is $29.99 at Toys”R”us is you need..
    I got $20 toysrus gift card by buying children’s cold medicine at RiteAid, I am going to buy a bunny one for my neighbor’s kid for her Christmas and birthday.

  • Warren
  • Sara

    there will be a doorbuster on monday! the time is not fixed i will try to tell the time asap or the link. so far the doorbuster name will be the starting letters of PPS. ill try posting a link!

    • Sara

      Did anyone see this? doorbuster is today i will let you know what time also asap when i find out. the initials of the doorbsuter is PPS

      • HelperJen

        Yes but we need more information. Let us know when you have more. Someone else already told us, too.

      • yes so far you have been first to tell us about this one but we do need a link to it or the name of it

        • sara

          yes i will let you know as soon as i find out also. for now thats the only info so far. thanks fo rthe reply

  • Warren

    Sprint will offer 50% off the most of Verizon and T-mobile rates plan. Nov 20th- Jan 6th to sign up. 50% offer remains valid until Jan8th 2018 . For activation between Nov 20th and Jan7th.

  • Warren
    Sprint customers will get a free tablet with one year of free service
    while supplies last. Sprint says this offer is a $360 value.

  • mickeyma4

    does anyone have a link that works for the wet n wild coupon?

  • Warren

    I got an email from Justice to get some money back. Did you get it?
    The tile is
    ” Legal Notice about a $50.8 million class action settlement with Justice stores ”

  • I just found this deal and didnt know where else to get it to you in case you wanted to share it…

    Route 66 Men’s Straight Leg Denim Jeans

    Sold by: KmartRegular price$19.99


    While quantities last

    Intermediate markdowns may have been taken.

    Eligible for Shop Your Way Points

    Wasnt available for my area

    Hope someone can get these…

  • s.a.

    I keep getting 404 page error when i try to go tot he next page while viewing weekly deals.

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      try clearing your “cache”

  • Sara

    There might be a doorbuster today! the code words so far are CSSS. Probably in the evening but I will keep you more updated as i find out more :)

    • Sara

      the name of the doorbuster is coupons+ sweeps= super savings. it will be live in about 2 hours! :)

      • HelperJen

        Do you know how much it is giving?

        • Sara

          Nope not yet. We find out the amount when it goes live.

          • Sara
          • Sara

            never mind now it changed from 1 minute till live to 15 days remaining for live. thats so strange!!!!! but thats the link to it even for when it becomes live.

            • HelperJen

              Yes I’m sitting here here waiting on it now.

              • sara

                its live but the video isnt working not sure for the amount for now

                • HelperJen

                  Ya, I’m still waiting on that part, too.

                  • sara

                    lol doorbusters drive us crazy 😉

                    • HelperJen


        • Sara

          Its going live in 50 minutes! Around 2:10 central time

  • Pingback: FREE $2 to Spend at Kmart/Sears! | Coupons()

  • Sulis

    Did anyone get something in their surprise points like what I got:
    You have $11 to use on Kmart Tide Liquid Detergent. 72/96 Load 138/150fz. Asst scents
    You have $8.5 to use on Kmart Gain Liquid HE Detergent. 96 load. 150fl oz.

    You have $8 to use on Kmart Tide Liquid Detergent 100 FL Oz Assorted scents
    And more… The total of $44.5
    Any advise what the best way to use these?

  • mandy

    today i play sweeps ” win what you want ” and i win 5000 points and my husband played and he win 2000 points .. i think we are getting points for this sweep …

  • May Thao

    Sweeps “Winner Wonderland” is giving out points. Shared on FB and Twitter and got more points too. Spread the Cheer and Best Holiday Ever are still giving out points.

  • Rhonda

    Where do I submit a request for my personal shopper to find me the best deal on a water pitcher filtration system, ( just for me at home) I’m wanting to take into account the price of replacement filters. Thanks, Rhonda F.

    • If I am your personal shopper, just go ahead and email me and I can help you out!

    • Rhonda

      Thanks,,,sent to your email.

  • Warren

    Check this out! Amazon Prime subscription $73 this weekend

    • HelperJen

      Thanks! I was just about to post that.

      • Warren


      • Warren

        I need to get it today. :)

  • Warren

    Cloudpets bunny is $19.98 with free shipping at Toyrus.

    When I put it in my cart, it says, ” Congratulation! shipping is on us ”

    If you need one.

  • Gillu Tri

    Till the end of the month refer 3 friends and get a $25 Amazon giftcard! Schoola: Save on kids clothes & 40% funds school programs. Plus get $20 free when you sing up through my link! right now they are offering free shipping also. Thanks!

  • Warren

    Wal-Mart Stores announced plans to close 269 stores in the U.S. and globally.
    Read more at Here is more details. You can see which location will be cloesed in Janurary.

  • Warren

    Chobani coupons $1 off any three (3) chobani simply 100 4.2oz -5.3 oz products.

  • May Thao

    It’s awesome to see free surprise points again. Husband got $5 and I got nothing. Something is better than nothing.

  • Janet Perkins

    Where can I find tide coupons.

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      Tide coupons are available in newspaper coupon inserts and online at sometimes.

  • error reporter
    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      What are you trying to do? I’m not sure I understand.

      • Warren

        I guess as this person’s screen name, this person is looking for the site is in error because she/he is a error reporter.. Helping ?? Bothering?? not sure.

  • Warren

    The chicken of the sea buy one get one free coupon.
    Buy any one (1) Chicken of the sea 3 oz Tilapia pouch, get one free ( max value $3.00)

  • Katie

    Hey, I was just on Amazon Prime Pantry and found a coupon for 50% off one 480 count baby wipes. That makes them $5.50 or $.01/each! It’s only good on one package and it needs to be part of a Prime Pantry order, so there’s $5.99 s/h. However, I ordered something off Amazon earlier and god a $5.99 Prime Pantry credit so I just got this amazing offer for $5.50!!! Just wanted to share!

  • Katie

    Hey, I was just on Amazon Prime Pantry and found a coupon for 50% off one 480 count baby wipes. That makes them $5.50 or $.01/each! It’s only good on one package and it needs to be part of a Prime Pantry order, so there’s $5.99 s/h. However, I ordered something off Amazon earlier and god a $5.99 Prime Pantry credit so I just got this amazing offer for $5.50!!! Just wanted to share!

  • Donna

    Where do i find the link for the Target College Registry? I am getting an error code 404 when I click on the link from your email

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      it has expired now.

  • Heather

    So I’m plotting to get a new oven. I found the one I want- maytag 6.2 mer8700 something something. I found it on the spin to win from shop your way. (thanks for that, btw, I’m averaging $10 a week, and used it to find my dream oven- excuse me, electric range) I found it at a local sears outlet for $664- free pickup (and don’t forget to buy a new plug!) So far this is what I have:
    $50 in sywr and growing.
    $50+ in gift card points from shopkick ( I’ve been hoarding points )
    18,813 points from mypoints.
    If I get a $100 giftcard from shoppable through mypoints I’ll get 2500 points, making my mypoints total 21,313. or $150 in sears cards.
    I don’t know if you can get sywr points from a sears outlet, so I’m not counting that.
    That gives me $350 and change and I’ve only put in $100 of my own money. Anybody have any other ideas?

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      Nice! I love it too – I keep winning as well!

  • ann

    I don’t under stand new site don’t know how to make my shopping list

    • The shopping list feature is not working yet, I will do a post when it is!

  • Sarah Bill

    The home page to your new site doesn’t appear to download correctly. The top of the page is blank and only has partial icons and photos?

  • Andrew

    When attempting to connect to the new site using the latest version of Chrome on Windows 10, I’m getting an ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS message. It appears to work fine in Edge and in Chrome on Windows 7.

    • Thanks for letting us know I will try to figure out what could be causing that.

  • Victoria

    I am working on completing the current P&G rebate offer, but I am needing further clarification. I found some old posts regarding previous P&G rebates, but I would love to see a new post with recommendations on how to properly complete the form while making sure you reach the qualifying total to earn the rebate. The part that is the most confusing is attempting to figure out how much was actually spent on a qualifying product for which coupons were used on (the form states the value listed for each product must be after coupons). I am using multiple receipts from different stores that contain qualifying products. It will be hard to remember which coupons listed on the receipt correspond to the P&G products. Any help or suggestions are appreciated, thanks!

  • ann

    when I open my list it goes behind the adds

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      The printable lists? Yes it seems you have to scroll up a bit to see it.

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      it should be fixed now

    • We have fixed that! Refresh it should work now.

  • kari

    Found some kids cleats on sale at k-mart. (soccer style but will work for baseball). used my surprise points…so

  • Lynn

    Where can I find the list of current Catalina’s that are running?

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      there’s not an actual list of them we just post deals when we find them.

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  • Chrystal

    I’m trying to get the free bottle of Dawn from Walmart but it won’t let me get the pick up at store any suggestions?

    • Jen

      No, if you can’t get store pick up you won’t be able to do the deal.

  • A couple of Coupons are NLA just thought I would let you know so you can update the deals!
    Dreft $1.00 off any Dreft Product Printable is NLA
    Scrubbing Bubbles $1.00/1 Bathroom cleaning product Printable is NLA

    These deals were at Target!

  • May Thao

    You can get a free Vo5 shampoo or conditioner from MobiSave. There is an offer on Ibotta for Smith’s and Walmart. There is printable coupon on common kindness.

    • Jen

      We just posted that – thanks!

  • Regina

    I sent you an email yesterday regarding a deal on pots at sears. Just wanted to see if you received it.

  • mgossam

    Member sinceJul 2011
    LocationArnold, mo

    Followers 0

    + Give Rep


    There is a db under $250 points instant win this morning

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      how much did you get?

  • May Thao

    Kmart double coupon finding: have a $1 off dentek floss. Price reduction is $1.99, makes it FREE! Also, I don’t know it’s a good deal, but Clorox2 is $0.99 after $1 Clorox2 any product (excluding pen)

    • Jen

      Thanks! I added the Clorox deal in our main list. The floss deal ended on 8/29.

  • ruchiii

    Hi, I got few clearance clothes from my kmart. They had a sign of 30% extra off the tag price but its not showing up in my receipt :-( just the tag price. What should i do?

    • Jen

      Go show them at customer service in the store.

    • You’d take them to the customer service desk and they’d have to refund you and re-ring them up manually.

  • MillerTime

    I am still learning how KMart works! With that being said I have seen the post on here where one can get $15 back in points if you spend a minimum of $15 in clearance. When I shop online and click on the box of special offers it does not say that is one of my options. Is this surprise points or should I use this as a possible guide and check with my store in my area? I don’t want to buy a bunch of stuff and not get the points! Thank You All!!!!

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals
      • Kellie Miller

        Can I ask more questions?? I see where she says not to use points to pay. Why is that and when do you use points?

        • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

          its best not to use points on point back offers, because they are now stating points are an estimate. You can use points to redeem anything at Kmart/Sears or even Lands End on anything until they expire (expiration dates vary).

          • Kellie Miller

            TY SO much for answering all of my questions!!!!

            • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

              anytime! :)

  • May Thao

    I just signed up for SYWR Max Member. Does the free max shipping applies to Kmart and Sears only, or does it apply to Sears Outlet, Lands Ends, and their other SYWR partners?

    • Jen

      It applies to Kmart and Sears.

  • Aaron Nance

    there is another doorbuster on shopyourway same as before it gave me $2

  • May Thao

    Unadvertised Smith’s sale of Energizer 4ct AA and AAA, 1ct 9V, 2 C, 2 D batteries for $2.50. Use the printable $1 energizer product on (Must buy 6 to equal $15) There’s a energizer rebate that was next to the 10/9/16 SS $0.75 coupon.
    Spend $15 in a single transaction, get a virtual $5 visa. Limit 4 per
    email/household/phone. You can text “Holiday5” to 811811 or email the
    receipt to Makes it $0.66 per pack after coupons and rebate.

  • Jodi Keener

    wild wins wednesday is a doorbuster!!!!! but mine isnt working good!

  • terri

    I see SYWeverywhere has $15 back in points for a $30 purchase thru an affiliate. Not much information on what partners are included. Do you think it is for any partner?

  • Tami

    I have always had only you as my personal shopper but some how when I went to SYW page they have a different shopper for me. I was wanting to straighten this out so I can get the coupon you are sending out. Also I have a personal email and a couponing email. Disqus has some how gotten a hold of my personal email and won’t let me use my couponing email How do I straighten this out. I had to go ahead and verify my personal email otherwise I couldn’t contact you.

  • Amy

    I’m looking for Illinois coupon blogs. Does anyone know of some? Thanks!

  • We are looking to run a giveaway campaign for a free wood fired pizza party, it would be in the Los Angeles area only and interested in any ideas you might have to customize your services for that need? We are looking to gain more viable long term back links and social media presence (vs short term linking and social media fluctuations).

  • Dianne St. Laurent

    Why am I not able to get the $4.99 deal on the saw from Sears. I’ve tried everything and it comes up as $10.99. Is there something special I need to do?

    • Coupon Dan

      Looks like the deal has expired. Thanks for letting us know! The post has been updated.

  • Helena Wong

    Free McDonald’s 6 pieces chicken nuggets and Signature Craft sandwich. I live in Southern California and I downloaded McDonald’s Apps on my iphone. Everyday there have new deals. Check it out yourself.

  • May Thao

    Doorbuster: Points Sprouting Everywhere

  • User

    I’m showing Riteaid’s last update is Nov 15th when i click ‘Stores -> Riteaid’.

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