Nov 8 2009
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  • alexis

    Just thought I would see if your ‘contact’ tab worked! Site looks great….have a great day. Alexis

    • deidre

      Thanks, worked.

  • michelle

    I am new to all of this. I mostly shop at Wal-Mart right now. I seen you stated that they will take store coupons from like target and such. I just wondered if they take the target internet printed coupons? They say target web coupon. So I wondered. Have you ever used other coupons from other stores and had problems with wal-mart? Any info would help. Thanks Michelle

    • deidre

      You could use a Target coupon, if it came in the newspaper BUT NOT A PRINTABLE. Also, you couldn’t “stack” a Target or other store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon like you can at Target because only one coupon per item is permitted at Walmart. Yes they do take internet printed coupons, if they say “Manufacturer Coupon.” There should be a valid remit address for the manufacturer and a scannable bar code.

  • debbie

    just wanted to say how much i enjoy your site. i also wanted to say that babies r us has huggies wipes in the tubs for sale 3 for 7.00. i used 3 coupons for 75 cents each bringing the price down to 4.75 for 3. keep up the good work. debbie

    • deidre

      Thanks! Great deal find!

  • Katie Burgi

    I’ve only been doing the coupon thing for about 3 months now. I totally love it and it’s saving my family a lot of money, but I just have one question? Do you find that you are still able to stock your food storage with ‘healthy’ food? I’m finding that I already have SO much hygiene products and plenty of snack and frozen entrees but not as much of the really healthy foods?

    • deidre

      There are coupons for Del Monte canned fruit and veggies that come out, and those are great for food storage. Also Quaker oats are great for food storage. And some of the healthier cereals often we can get for dirt cheap too. As for fresh fruit and veggies, these coupons are rare, but also you can’t really stock up on these as they would go bad anyways. The best way to save on these is growing a garden. I know that’s not possible for everyone, but you just have to do what you can. I love stocking up on laundry detergent, oil, TP and paper towels, these are all things I think should be in food storage as well. Couponing isn’t the miracle cure for everything, I still buy fresh produce every week, just pick what’s on sale the cheapest and eat whats in season. Hope that helps!

    • Shar

      Good question!

  • Tracy

    Hi Deidre, I just watched your video on how to organize coupons. I have mine in a small accordian file, which is nice and compact, but I have one problem; There are only 13 pockets in my file, so if I need to find a specific coupon, I need to pull out all out all of the coupons for that category and thumb through them until I find the one I’m looking for. If I did the binder method, how many coupons do you put in each pocket? Do you only put in 1 per pocket? (unless you have multiples of the same of course). What about the larger coupons that I print online?

    Thanks for your help!

    • deidre

      I do one coupon per pocket. Then I don’t thumb through coupons at the store. I open up a section and easily see pictures of each coupon so I can find them quick. There are organizer tabs that only hold 3 large coupons, I got mine at I have one of those, one 6-pocket coupon holder, and then a few 9-pocket coupon holders (known as baseball card holders) for each category. Hope that helps!

      • Shar

        You have a great system!

  • Jennifer


    Please let me know if you are interested in doing a reciprocal link with

    I’vs placed your button on my site!


  • Rebekah

    Hi Deidre! Just wanted to thank you again for my first circus experience! It was fun and very generous of you and your husband. You’re website is darling! Take care. :)

  • Lina

    I am still kinda new to the whole supercouponing thing…i like the binder idea that i keep hearing about and your video was great on explaining how you do yours..BUT I am not finding out from anybody how do you do a binder AND keep up with the dates they are from? all the sites list as 11/04/10 ss for example soooo if it is in a binder how do you find it by the date? thank you in advance..

    • deidre

      I don’t keep track of mine by date, I just list the date for people who do not clip their coupons and have to go by inserts to find their coupons. When I list a coupon, say for Mustard, I just look in the condiments category of my binder and find the coupon. I go through monthly and delete expired coupons, but I don’t keep track of the dates when they came in the newspaper.

      • lina

        thank you….we have a store that takes expired coupons for one year…i buy a lot of papers each week I am wondering if the binder will get to full to quick? one more question please and then I will leave you alone, do you carry your entire binder everywhere and do you get a lot of papers each week? okay sorry 2 questions lol…thank you again

        • deidre

          Is it a military commissary? They are the only places that can take expired coupons… I get 4 papers a week (I have 4 people in my family) the recommend you get as many papers as you have people in your family. My binder doesn’t get too full because I remove all expired coupons. Thanks for visiting my site!

  • Carl Tan

    Hi Cuckooforcoupondeals Team,

    Good Day!!!

    We from the nomorerack team would like to ask if it would be possible for us to contribute our promotion code to your site. Our company had started only last November 17, 2010 and we are giving $10 Gift Card for our potential customers we also offer up to 90% off on all authenticated items branded and non-branded ones. Please do contact us back regarding about this, we would appreciate it a lot.

    Hope for your response, thanks.

  • jason

    hello there, I noticed your hallmark $5 coupon had expired. Hallmark has since put out a $10 coupon. I am not sure where it is though. I appreciate your efforts. Happy Holidays

  • richard

    I was going to enter your sweepstakes at :
    when I noticed the Continental US restriction. Why is that ? Don’t you want your Chili’s in Hawaii to keep their customers ?

    • deidre

      I hope you’re not mad at me, I don’t create the rules for the Chili’s giveaway, they do.

    • deidre

      Emailed them, they decided to open it up to all usa! Wonder if they’ve had other complaints.

      • Richard T.

        Probable. That’s why it pays to speak your mind. My next step (after finding out it was them and not you) was to email them with the complaint. If that didn’t work, I was prepared to find out who owns the Chili franchises in Hawaii and address it to them. Squeaky wheel concept.

  • Tomorrow’s Harvest

    I am the internet manager for Tomorrow’s Harvest. I want to help you better understand TH.
    We offer food for an emergency, often called food storage or survival food. This is food that you store for up to 25 years, so when the feathers hit the fan you will be able to keep feeding the family [assuming everyone is hoarding the grocery stores].
    We receive thousands and thousands of samples each month- typically from people just wanting something for free. TH sample is for those interested in preparing their family, and the sample is more of a try before you buy.
    There is a disclaimer on our site that says one of our representatives will be contacting you.
    On Jan 15 2011 we will have our online store completed, so that you may purchase. We will send a sample [free] with any purchase.
    Our meals range from 2.80 per meal to 1.82 per meal… that’s pretty inexpensive, in fact we are the least expensive in the industry. Yes, it may be an significant investment if you are going to purchase a few hundred or even thousand meals, but then again how much would pay for one meal if you had not been able to eat for a few weeks?
    We do not give presentations. We simply need to know how big your family is, how much the family wants to be prepared with…etc
    We appreciate the comments here and have taken note of some in particular to help improve our site.


  • Steph

    So I know that the giveaway ended for the gift certificate and tooth whitening system…but it said 4 winners!!
    The top three point wise and then a random winner.
    How come there are only three winners posted??

    Could you please email me the response?
    Sorry if this is a hassle.



  • Steph


  • Ashley Bowes

    There are some great deals on – including ones for the Salt Lake City area and Provo – like today they have one for Air Borne Sports (the trampoline house) and also one for Monkey Island Fun Center!

    I think you should be aware of this site as they have lots of deals every day.


  • Becky

    I must be over looking it. How do you sign up for a contest user name for your giveaways?

  • Shanna Bailes

    I just want to say that I love your site! I have been following you for a while through Facebook but I have to admit I never knew you had so much info on here. It truly is Amazing! Thanks to all the Valentine’s giveaways, I have discovered so much more about your site and I will continue to visit it often. Thanks for all you do…..I know it is a lot of work!

    • deidre


  • Sunnie

    Hi, new to the coupon world and loving your site thanks so very much! I know this ti-bit isn’t something that applies to all but I hope it can help some that may not be aware. Did you know that Walgreen’s offers a 15% discount to military personnel/dependents on Tuesdays? The days might be different depending on locations but here in Yorktown Va it’s every Tuesday. Just a little fyi, and hope someone else can benefit!

    • deidre

      Thanks – I will let people know!

  • Nicole

    I have a question. I bought tickets to brewvies cinema pub off your daily deals website on Jan 24. I havent seen the tickets or recieved any email confirmation. How am I supposed to get my tickets? It has been long enough that I thought I would have gotten them by now. The money has been taken out of our account.

    • deidre

      I would log into then click on Account, then Deals, and your voucher should be there! Please let me know if that works!

      • nicole

        Thanks for the advice. I found the voucher and was able to print it off!

  • Tammy

    The Flying J coupon for the hot beverage prints out the cookie coupon. Would really like to have a hot beverage to go with my fresh baked cookie FREE. :)

    • deidre

      What page did you see that coupon on so I can fix it?

  • SMKS

    Here is a great deal from State Fair Corndogs

  • anita

    I was wondering how I can link up with your site I would be willing to put you on mine as well.


    • deidre

      k will email you

  • Karen Wainright

    Hi, I am new to couponing and loved your coupon slicer method. Where can I find one? I searched google but didnt see anything like the one you use. Thank you so very much! I love your website,it is very helpful and informative!

  • Juanp

    Hi. I really like your website! My problem is that in my area we don’t get coupons for the things my family uses. Our newspaper carries P&G, RedPlum and SmartSource, but they seem to have the same coupons over and over. I have watched most of your videos and I see a lot of name brand stuff that I use, but never get coupons for. An example would be the Ritz crackers, Campbell soup, Florida Orange juice just to name a few. I am willing to use a coupon clipping service if I need to, but I don’t know which one to use. I would appreciate any help you have to offer.

    • deidre

      Most of those are printable coupons that I list on the site and in my coupon database, the others from a coupon clipping service I would use: My Coupon Hunter:

  • marisa

    HI Diedre,
    Im new to this site and I Love it! I have the coupon fever and with all of this being new to me, I hate to admit this but I am addicted. I live in a small town and the one place I do like to shop is at our Super Walmart, so my question is. Does Walmart price match on meat? If so how is it done on my part so I dont look like a goof at the registar.

    Thanks so much,

    P.S. with this all being new to me I am sure I will come up with other questions, like alot, so ….i have prewarned you.LOL :0)

    • deidre

      Marisa, no problem I’m hear to help! Just bring in the competitor’s ad which shows their price for meat, and show it to the cashier and she’ll price match it for you.

      • marisa

        On the meat subject..does it matter about the weight, brand, or anything specific that I need to do or look for when I am meat shopping?

        • deidre

          I would think if the ad says ground beef 95% lean 1.90 per pound, you would have to find an exact match

  • marisa

    So, here I am……wih my daily question for the day. Have you ever gone over the 40 coupons at walmart? or a better question how many coupons did you ever make out with at Walmart?

    • deidre

      You may need a manager’s approval, but I haven’t heard of a limit per trip.

  • Jada

    Hi, My name is Jada, and I heard about you from my sister Melissa Kelley. I want to do a giveaway with you. Check out my blog here – – . Let me know what you think..


    • deidre

      Can you email me with exactly what you want to do?

  • jessica

    Jjust wanted you to know that next week April 17th-23rd Walgreens will have Nivea body wash for men and women on sale for $3.89. there will be a $3 coupon in the sunday paper for the same product making it $.89 (i work for Walgreens. BTW I love your site!!!!!

    • jessica

      correction .79. Just checked ad for next week

  • Alex

    A bit of a dumb question.. are there Walmart instore printable coupons? I’ve been able to find Target, and even Kmart with their company name on their coupons (not manufacturers), but not Walmart. Any help? oh yes your site rocks lol. thank you for helping

    • deidre

      No, but since Kmart coupons usually list the sales price, the do accept those as competitor’s coupons!

  • rusti

    hey just found a free sample, didn’t know if you had it yet go to and you will get a sample of the new zout purex– I am new to your site, love it!! found you on facebook and I share the good stuff with my friends :) thanks so much!!

  • melissa m

    where can i get the P&G Everyday savings booklet. I see it posted often and I can’t figure out how to get it. Help!

  • Jennifer

    Scotts big pack of paper towels it 6 rolls that claim to be 9
    This is at giant eagle.
    Reg price 5.99
    sale price 4.99
    TOTAL 3.99

    GOOD DEAL!!!!

    • deidre

      where did you get this deal at?

  • Melissa :)

    don’t know if you know about this or not but you can get a free sample of purex @ by mail

    have a great day!!!

  • Chrissy

    Hi. Im new to your site and I’de love to grab your button for my blog but cant find the html for it. Can you help? Thanks!

    • deidre

      on the right hand sidebar, at the top, do you see Grab Button?

  • jessica

    I would just like to thank you for making your site so easy to use!! I searched for the longest to find a site that made it easy for me to fig out how to coupon! Sense being on your site and watching you videos and taking advantage of your weekly shopping guide I have been able to get my family what they need and want. Last shopping trip at walgreens ended in 4 air-wick, 6 Gatorade, 3 candy bars, and one Bic razors for a total of 2.48 with a redemption on a RR at 2. and a grocery trip that was cut in HALF!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!! Also would like for you to know that A lot of Walgreens are converting over to what they call CCR. So are marking down tons of items to get them out of the store! I work for walgreens so will keep you posted!

  • ceis8009

    Question about giveaways: I assumed that the comment entries should be relevant to the post. I have seen 3-5 word comments posted one after another on the same post by the same author seemingly just to rack up points. What is your policy?

    • deidre

      I have not seen that until recently – I think I will start trashing non-relevant comments. I had no policy previously.

    • Rebecca Shockley

      comments, not stories. HUGE DIFFERENCE

  • Rebecca Shockley

    Wait a minute, each of my comments have been related to the posts and if you look at the video showing you how to get these extra points and entries, the example showed was GREAT DEALS, so what, mine have all been relevant. Each related to the topic, if I want to seperate my comments into 1 liners rather than a story what’s the big deal. Just because I have more time on my hands then you do obviously, don’t complain, seriously. NOTHING specific was mentioned about what had to be mentioned in the posts. Just make a comment to any of my posts and thats it. WOW, really I happen to be interested in this website and the content, so hold that against me. Should I separate this comment into 10 different ones, ummmm NO!!! Please, give my 5 entries to the girl who can’t comply with the simple instructions.

  • Lisa Orr

    Couldn’t see it but maybe it’s been mentioned. On Tuesdays at the Walmart in Lindon, UT they will double coupons up to $1 in value so .50 becomes $1, .75 will go up to $1 also. They won’t truly “double” anything over 50 cents. They did this because the Ridley’s in Orem is doing the same thing on Tuesdays. You do have to mention it to the cashiers that you want the doubling/price matching or else they won’t ring it that way. I have been saving all my $1 and over coupons for my regular shopping day because on Tuesday you actually have to put the coupon on the conveyor with the product. Takes a bit of time, but it sure saves. If the coupon is for $1 or more you can just hand it to the cashier at the end. By doing this I’m really cutting some of my purchases down. Happy couponing!

  • Sarah

    I just wanted to thank you for putting the cuckoo deals in pink. As a newbie I’m sometimes afraid that I’m not getting as good a deal as I can so having the pink to refer too is great. Thanks for the best format I’ve found on couponing sites.

  • marisa

    so my question is this….if I price match an item at Wal-Mart, am i able to still use a coupon as well for that item?

    • deidre

      you should be able to

  • heidi wilson

    I live in Oregon. We have Fredmyers here. Will the Kroger coupons work at freds? Kroger maybe wrong. If so what store’s coupons can I use there?

  • Nicole

    I want to say thank you for being the kind of person to share all of this information. I want to be in the club. I want (scratch that) I need to learn to extreme coupon. The economy is really bad and although we are surviving we have to learn to save ever possible way because it get’s harder everyday. We are spending way too much money for food as it is now. Are you having any training classes coming soon? If so I would love to be a part of it.
    Thanks for reading

    • Chris G

      Yes I have an online class that I teach once per month! I post about it on my site when it’s coming up.

  • Jeff Roney

    Hi there. I’m a couponing newbie, and I’m a guy. My wife is very busy at work, and I promised her to do all the leg work with this new couponing adventure. It’s a lot of work and research, but I wanted to thank you for your great videos explaining scenarios and the steps to put a great deal together. Thank you so much for taking your time to make videos that explain it to others. I’ve seen a lot of couponing sites, and this is the one I’ve learned the most at. You rock.

    • deidre

      Thanks a bunch! More videos are coming including a new rite aid one with their new coupon policy!

  • Crystal

    How do you get multiples of the RedPlum coupon ads? I only receive one in the mail. Thanks for you help, Crystal :)

  • Matt

    I love your site, it helps me understand how coupons work and saves me tons. Which is good when your an engineer student with a huge school load and little time for work!

    My college apartment actually has coupon inserts mailed to each of our mailboxes as a courtesy. Needless to say countless students don’t care to use these inserts and just toss them aside near the mailboxes. I’m that dorky kid that goes around picking them up. :)

  • Linz Correia

    hello Im new to the coupling world and would like to know where to start in your coupon training and anything else you recommend for more learning. I want to learn as much as I can before I jump right in!
    Thanx a ton

  • Amanda Murphy

    I just heard a rumor today about the Walmart in Spanish Fork Utah. I was told that they double coupons every other tuesday. Any idea if this is true or not? I would call myself but right now things are so tight that we don’t have a phone. (hoping to change that once our grocery bill shrinks).

  • Amy

    I am having trouble understanding what I can use this coupon for…it states $1/1 Cascade Rinse Aid. The reason I’m asking is because it shows a picture of a bottle with “jet dry type stuff”(I know not to go by the picture but I would like to know before I go to the store and be wrong. Thanks for all the help!

    • deidre

      If the text says cascade rinse aid and doesn’t specify the type, it can be used on any. It always is what the text on the coupon states.

      • Amy

        Ok thanks. Just wanted to make sure I could use it on the cascade tablets for the dishwasher.

  • Amy

    I wanted to know who designed your website. I have started a blog for couponing but would like it to be a little more user friendly and I really like your layout.
    I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction.

  • Tasha

    do you know of any stores ( grocery/ other) in northern california that double coupons ?

    • deidre

      from my research Northern Ca does not double coupons – most people shop at Safeway there. I post safeway deals on Wednesday nights.

  • Michelle R

    Hi Deidre! Not too long ago, you had done a series of different lists (toiletries, meat, groceries, etc) of all your stock-up prices, but I can’t find the links…can you please send that to me?

    Thank you! Michelle

  • Kim

    I was wondering what do you do with any unwanted coupons or even expired coupons? I live on Guam and our commissary accepts expired coupons up to 6 months after the expiration date.

    • deidre

      I send them overseas and use addresses from this site: Make sure to add your base to that list!!!

    • Jennifer

      Hi Kim, I saw your post from June on and I see that your base isn’t on the list for donations of expired coupons. I’d be happy to start mailing some to you! I have friends working at Skydive Guam and I myself have worked as a civilian instructor with all branches of the military at a freefall training site here in the US. Thank you for your service. Please contact me if you would like to start a coupon donation for you & your friends that are couponing, too.
      Cheers! Jennifer

  • Rikki

    Hey Deidre,
    I just wanted to let you know that I just got my scanner from the National Consumer Panel!!! Thanks so much for posting the sign up on your page. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to earn some great rewards and to aid manufacturers in developing awesome products.

  • sue ellen huber

    i am wondering how to enter your weekly contest. I have one that I think will be a winner for sure.

    • deidre

      Hi! You just upload your picture on the contest page, it is right under the Comments area where you upload it.

  • Tamara

    Found a freebie on f/book: Shout color catcher free sample

  • Jen

    I have found some good deals for NY I am not sure how to post them or get the information to you so everyone can enjoy the savings.

  • Amanda Murphy

    I just got the new Harmons ad in the mail today and they have Kraft dressing on sale for 2/3 then there’s an in-ad coupon for 1/2 and yesterday there was a 1/2 coupon in SS making the final price .50 a bottle. Altho I’m sure that fresh market and maceys will be doing the same sale this week.

    • deidre

      Oh I will look for those in the ads tomorrow!

      • Amanda Murphy

        Well it looks like Harmons is the only place doing this deal but you should be able to get walmart to price match the 2/2 price instead of the 2/3 because that’s what’s in big bold letters. If not I believe you have a Harmons in Orem.

  • Cathy Lawson


    I have a ? but don’t know where to ask it. So sorry if this is the wrong place. I wanted to know about Google
    Crome. Do you use this. I heard it is faster than explorer. I thought you might since you suggested doing google reader….do you know anything about this….?

    • deidre

      YES! I use google chrome and it is great. When you click on things, they open in a new tab not new window every time! LOVE IT!

  • Melissa

    I just recently started using coupons and I was wondering if there is a website I can check out to find out what coupons are coming up in the future. I have used but they only went to June 19, 2011.

  • Rosemarie Patrizio

    There is a $1.00 off off Pure Spring coupon on the Rite Aid Facebook page

  • Marie

    Hi Deidre,

    I hope you can help, I am having trouble printing from certain sites….The instructions say to click on the start button ect.,I am on a mac and the home page is different than windows, are you familiar with this problem?

    Thanks, Marie

  • Kendra

    Hi Deidre,
    On my shopping trip today I found a great deal on the Finish Quantomatic originally $12.00 at Walmart, marked down to only $4.00 with my $3.00 Printable MQ it was only $1.00. I am not sure if Walmart’s markdowns are similar in all stores, or just this particular one in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

  • Jen

    Is your coupon database down? I can’t seem to get it to work.

    • deidre

      Yes it is down – they are re-syncing it and hopefully have it done within an hour

    • deidre

      It’s fixed now

  • Amy

    I have several Ragu coupons that I was given from someone that works at Dollar General. It says Dollar General on them along with Manufacture coupon. Can I use these at Kroger?

    • deidre

      depends on your cashier, they should take them

  • Alena

    Amazon has Pampers Splashers Swim Diapers from as low as $5.48 (depending on size) when you combine Amazon Mom discount with coupon discount and subscribe & save. Shipping is free. Thanks deeds
    Note, you may cancel your subscribe & save subscription any time after your order ships.
    Sign into your amazon account
    Join Amazon Mom (free to join)
    Click here for coupon page (coupon may appear on item page for some)
    Click on “Save $1.50 on Pampers Splashers Diapers”
    Click on 24-ct Size 3 $5.48, 22-ct Size 5 $6.54, 21-ct Size 6 $6.75
    Select “subscribe now” (right side of page)
    Checkout, total should be Size 3 for $5.48, Size 5 for $6.54, Size 6 for $6.75.

  • Stephanie L.


    I purchased the Disney Orlando vacation back in May. I purchased two packages becuase I have a family of six and they are saying that I can’t use the other one because it would be considered a group and that I could uprade to a condo for an addtional 70+ dollars a night. I am at my wits end, can you help me? If I remember correctly you have a contact there.


  • Michelle R

    Hi Diedre, I just found your site a few weeks ago when KMart had their big double event and was pleasently suprised when I saw that you match ups for Cub Foods. The only other site that I was using wasn’t that great. So I am wondering what day that you generally post the Cub Foods match ups? Thanks so much for all that you do, you are my new favorite site!

    • deidre

      I post these on Sundays

      • Michelle R

        Thanks! So I didn’t know if you knew or not, but this weeks match ups are not posted yet. Just a heads up, thanks!

  • Amanda Murphy

    I’m just wondering how your weekly insert and t-shirt giveaway winners are chosen? Cause let me tell ya I could really use it this time! lol I haven’t had the money to buy newspapers the last 2 weeks (last week and this one) because this are just too tight financially!

    • deidre

      They are choosen by

  • Kristin

    Hey everyone, I got my weekly ads today but there was no red plum?? Anybody know if there just wasn’t one this week or if somebody took it??

    • Amanda Murphy

      Unfortunately there wasn’t one this week ;(

  • Jennifer

    hi deidre not sure if this deal helps out too many people but i wanted to share anyways . if u anyone lives in the hampton roads virginia area and receive the virginian pilot , living social has a deal for 15 dollars for a 6 month wed and sun delivery . the zip code for the deal is 23462 and if anyone uses my link to purchase it helps me out . my link is wanted to send this to u to see if u wanted to post it or not . thanks so much ,Jen

  • Amanda Murphy

    Ok so I signed up for the Kraft First taste thing but I”m having trouble finding where the coupons are! Anybody know?

  • Mary

    Hi there
    can u tell what the best way would be to buy printer ink? would it be wise to buy the refill kits on ebay to save money or is there a better way that you can suggest. Thanks!

  • Michelle R

    Hi Deidre, Is it possible for you to check to see if the people that I referred to your site have signed up? Hopefully, I got the 5 to get the shirt!!!

    • deidre

      I see 4 people have confirmed their emails. It is actually 10 people to get the shirt.

  • keegan

    Nestle drumsticks facebook page is giving away a $1 off coupon.

  • Jennifer

    HI deidre , I heard that u can mail in your expired coupons to companies for money , how does that work and is it worth the effort to do so . thanks ,Jen

    • deidre

      Hi, you can’t do that but you can send them to Military families who are overseas!

  • Sara

    I just started seriously couponing and LOVE your site! I think there is a good deal at Walgreens for Dove products since they are buy one get one 50% off and then there are BOGO coupons in RP. Not being that familiar with the Walgreens coupon policy and assuming each Dove Hair Care product is $4.49, would you be able to get 4 bottles for $6.75 total if you used two BOGO coupons from RP (Buy one, get one half off and then get a free product off of each item making it $1.69 each. I thought you might be able to tell me if my logic is correct and others might be interested if this is right. Thanks!

  • CC

    Hi, I live in MI and I am new to your site. I shop at Meijer and I noticed your tip is to load coupons to the MeijerOne card through UPromise. This isnt correct anymore. Meijer no longer works with UPromise for any in store purchases.

  • glenna

    8/4/2011 I am watching for your deals for Giant Eagle for this weeks ad. The deals posted expired yesterday (8/3). I love this site and check it almost daily. Will the new one be up soon?

  • Tiffany

    I noticed you have a “military commissary” option in the “Find your store” tab but nothing is in it. I found a thread that is updated each month and also regularly as new deals are found. The link is below if you want to check it out and maybe add to your site.

  • LC

    I just heard about you sight and let me tell you i love it! I relized that on your video clip all the coupons you have gotten, how do you get all of them? I am trying so hard to get good at this couponing deal but its so hard and i am giving alot of time to it and its just not working like i see it is for everyone else…what can you suggest?

  • Carla

    please help me! I am new to this…what is a swag giveaway? I know I want to do it but don’t know what it is

  • Jennifer

    Diedre, did you see there is another Double Manufacturer’s Coupon event at Kmart from 08/21/11-08/27/11. I am so excited. I hope you can share this with everyone so we can all get ready! I found this on the Shop your way rewards booklet in the small red bubble on the front.

    • deidre

      WAHOO! You know I will have huge list of deals for you all that week!

  • Elizabeth

    Just found a great deal for Huggies Baby Wipes (184ct, all varieties) at Walgreens (AZ-Phoenix area). Sale price is $5.99, use $2 off from August coupon book, stack with $.50/1 from 7/17 SS to bring it down to $3.49. Grab a filler and use some register rewards from last week (if you have them), I just left the store with 3 packs of baby wipes and 3 notebooks my out of pocket was $2.70. Yay! I think $3.49 is still a decent deal if you need the wipes and don’t have the RRs, and no filler required to stack the coupons. Happy Friday shopping everybody.

  • troy

    how do you get that coupon free binder

  • Leisa

    Hi, I was wondering if you have a list of restuarants, retail stores, fast food chains, etc., that give senior discounts fo 50 +, 62 +, etc. ?

  • lcfay
  • Carol

    Thanks for the great site and VERY helpful tips. A few weeks ago you had posted about the free Wall Street Journal. I did the questionaire etc and have not seen the journal. Was wondering if you had gotten yours or how long it may take to start receiving this?

    • deidre

      It takes 4-6 weeks

  • deedee329

    Hi Deidre,
    I follow your blog and reccomend it on my blog. I emailed you to tell you that I started a blog and asked you to follow back but I see that you haven’t. Maybe a giveaway will coax you. I have a giveaway on my blog. I reccomend Cuckoo on my blog and would really appreciate if you reccomended my blog back. Please enter giveaway and spread the word. THANKS !

  • tammy

    I have a questions regarding the CVS gas card deal. I went today and bought 16 dawn and 3 tide which was over the $30 before coupons and I never received the print out for the gas card, does anyone know why?

  • Melinda

    I am having a hard time getting on your email subscription..I put in my email and says i should confirm my address but i don’t get anything in my inbox…could you please advise??

    Thank you!!

    • deidre

      did you check your spam box?

  • amanda martinez

    hey i wanted to thank you for all your work in finding all these deals!!
    I was wondering if you could please help me out? Please help me out and spread the word! We need a couch so bad its falling apart and its just gross. There is actually a board under the couch holding it up.We have 2 kids and need something nice and safe for the to sit on.
    You Can Vote Daily

  • Nicole

    I looked in the stock up price list, but couldn’t find anything for aluminum foil. I don’t know if I just overlooked it, or if it’s not listed, but could you tell me what a good stock up price is?

  • shopaholic chick

    I am not sure why but when i type your web address into my phone it starts trying to load the page and before the page even appears it reboots my phone turning it off and on!!! i tried a few dozen times just to test and it ALWAYS does it! i am on a non-android non-iphone that has web access – i have a samsung rogue. i can view you on facebook fine but when i click to see the deals and it tries to go to your page the phone reboots!!i tried clicking from facebook and typing the address directly and no matter what it does this…

    any ideas whats going on why it would cause my phone to reboot?

    • deidre

      No ideas at all. I need to get a new mobile page designed for my site!

  • audrey witman

    I can not print out my coupons- please send me the clorox 2 coupon

    Audrey Witman
    173 hurst dr
    Ephrata,PA 17522

    thank you

  • Aimee

    I LOVE your site and been following for a while – THANK YOU for all the awesome deals!! I think I’m the first (finally!) to find a deal that is no where! This Getaway GIVEAWAY is a tribute to deserving victims of 9/11 plus an amazing giveaway for 3 lucky couples!!

    Best to you!!


  • Jennifer

    Do you know why I received a $14 citi pre-paid visa debit card from Procter & Gamble? It has the P&G logo on it and it did not come with a letter or anything. Just the prepaid amount and how to use the card. When I called the bank and asked why I received the card they said it was compliments of P&G for being a good customer. I asked how they knew I bought their products, how they knew my address, etc. and the customer service rep just kept repeating that it was compliments of P&G. I have never heard of such a thing, have you?

    • jasmine

      i got one too…so confused… it worth $49.00…should i just use it? so weird…

  • Lori Jones


    I have only been organized with couponing for a little over a month. I have been following different blogs and PYP. I just recently found you blog. I have to say you are one of my favorites. Your posts that allow me to create a shopping list is so wonderful!!! Thank you thank you!. I have no idea how you are able to do all this with 2 kids but I am amazed!

    Mom of 4 :)

  • Holly

    Has anyone been able to get the hugged wipes for $10.15 on amazon. I keep getting $15.75 for subscribe and save???

  • Rob

    Today Only at Dollar General, I’m in MS and all of the already marked down items(some up to 75% off) are BOGO. Check your area to see if it’s nationwide.

  • nikki

    I am soooo confused I live in Florida so the double coupons do not apply here :( although kmart will do double coupon days sometimes anywho reason for this is I was looking at your tutorials love em btw and I selected my state Fl I looked at walgreens and cvs well from the way you have scenarios and what to buy when and use what coupons n get these rr then the op expense I come out different in price is this because you are using a double coupon? Like on one you said it would be .93 op well taking all the info money q and rr i came up with 6.93 op which still isnt bad but not that deep figure like I want to see. I went to cvs today and I think I stink (granted my first trip ever with coupons so I did very little) but bought arm n hammer b1g1 used 1/2, crest toothpaste @ 2for5.50 used 2 $2/1q, degree (no q) but needed lol, 2 vics on clearance at 2.07 each used 3q and no previous rr to use. I spent 14.46 op so I didnt do very well at all what else can I do? So confused didnt realize it would be this hard!!! At the bottom of receipt says total saved today was 30.61 so when I see all these others that post 178 dollars and spent 5 op thats where I want to be or will I not really ever get there because of Floridas no double policy? Sorry this is so long just want to get the hang of it any and all advice would be much appreciated but please dont be rude as I am sure some of you were in the same boat once

  • Gretchen filgo

    in addition to the schtick razor deal at walmart this week, the 1.97 packages also contained $3.00 coupons off schick ST2 or slim twin 12 count that don’t expire until may 2012

  • Leslie Spence

    In the Food Network magazine I found an ad by Sara Lee with a link to a sweepstakes where the winner will receive $1000 plus when you finish filling in the info you can get a $1 coupon for your next Sara Lee product! I just did it and it took less than a minute.

  • gwenda

    Go to the Activia facebook page. Like their new product. Fill out info and they will send you a coupon to your email. I got a free coupon worth up to 2.49.

  • Dana

    As I was killing time before getting my hair cut today, I went into Walgreen’s and found a good deal! They had the Ben-Gay cold therapy on an unadvertised special of 6.99. (Normally 9.99) I had my coupons with me and with the $5.00 off coupon I got it for 1.99! This was not my normal Walgreen’s so not sure if it’s “local” only or not.

  • Tiffany Hunter


    Have any coupons that you don’t need? Try heading over to Qpon Trader ( to trade them for ones you do need. It is like Craig’s List for coupons!

    More than likely you have been contacted by me before but we have now decided to offer the 1st 1,000 users a whole year free. Yes, you read right… a WHOLE YEAR!

    After the 1,000 places have been taken we will be offering packages for the remaining users to choose from if they wish.

    Thank you,
    Tiffany Hunter
    Qpon Trader

  • Danielle

    For a limited time, Wisk Fresh Boost comes with a free laundry bag at Walmart.

  • lyda

    where can i sign up to get coupons ?

  • Taylor H is having a deal today only for 90% off all gift cards!! enter code “WOW” at checkout.
    I spent $12.50 for $275 worth of restaurant gift cards!!! so happy! hope you all enjoy!

  • Destiny Burke

    Hi Deidre I have been following your site for awhile and i love what you are doing. I Live in Texas and i was wondering if theres any way that i could maybe send you 5 Texas papers with inserts included and you could maybe send me 5 california inserts. Or if you can think of any other way i could possible get those inserts that would be great.

  • Janine

    Plumdistrict’s deal is that any piece on Jewelmint is $10 today instead of the usual $30. Enter code PDREWARD at checkout. The plumdistrict credit can’t be used on this but it still seemed pretty cool to me :D

  • anna

    Dear Deidre, : )
    i had a BIG problem today @ Wal-Mart.. 1. They had run out of the bubble product so i was very sad.. :( But my major problem was with the Shick razor coupons. coupon is 2/ $6. I was trying to purchase the ones you posted about two weeks ago @ $1.97. Which i could get overage- (correct)? Well, the manager refused to let me buy the razors and argued with me that the razors had to be the ones in the picture and size, quantity etc. When i told her that the coupon had “Any Shick razors”, it doesn’t specify that i have to buy the bigger pack that is $5.97 she bega,n telling me that Wal-Mart has updated the policy and now it says it must be the same color, size and quantity and where it states etc.., that also means must be the same as in the picture. Plus, since i would be owed $ back, she will not let me get the overage just the exact amount for the product but will still take the coupon. I asked how would that be fair to me as a customer when i know that when the manufacturer will pay $6.00 to the Wal-Mart.. She than said “yes, I know, but am only going to let you purchase one coupon and no overage for your basket.” “Because policy says it must be the same as the picture..” I am letting you to go ahead and take one just for customer satisfaction.
    Question: Have you got the updated version for the coupon policy for wal-mart and if so What did i do wrong?

  • Kim

    Hi Deidre,

    I’m just trying to learn how to coupon and save. I’ve watched the Rite Aid video a couple times, and I’m going to go there tomorrow and attempt the Aveeno Coupon deal…6 Products for $0.74! I have a question though. I have a Rite Aid coupon $5 off $25.00 purchase. If I give this coupon up before all the others…Will it allow me to use the other coupons (The only one I will not have is the SS 9/11 coupon, since this is before I started learning about coupons). Also, will it still give me the 2 – $10 +UP Rewards?

    Another question I have, is I saw Rite Aid put…limit 1 SCR. Does that mean per person or per transaction?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Heather

    Hi, I was just wondering if you have ever received the $10 visa card from Kimberly Clarke for the Cars 2 products. I submitted for mine on 7/25 and haven’t received it yet. I love your site! Thanks for all your hard work!

    ~Heather B~

  • Jennie

    At Smith’s Marketplace they have BOGO Free on Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop. I used the $5 off coupons from the Hasbro Play Saver insert 10/02 for the RC Cars. My Little Pony was $22.99 and Strawberry Shortcake was $19.99. I scored them both for $14 after sale and coupons! If you wanted two Strawberry Shortcake RC cars you could get them both for $10, 75% off.

  • Jeanne Bonlender

    A friend of mine e-mailed me several coupons in a pdf format today. The coupons are for $3. off a case of Nestle water, $3. off Oscar Meyer Deli Select products and $3. off a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper. Have you seen these yet. If you could send me a personal e-mail where to send them to you I would be happy to do so. What’s nice about these is there are 7 coupons to a page and you can make multiple copies so you can really stock up.

  • Kelly

    Was wondering if you have an address to send expired coupons to service families? I’ve just started with coupons and have quite a few that will expire before I need to use them.

    Thanks for your help : )

  • Sandra Bailey

    I recently had several bad experiences using coupons at Walmart. I sent a complaint to the Corporate office and then added it to their Facebook page under feedback. I thought maybe if everybody went there posted their own experience of Walmart not enforcing their corporate policy, it might have an effect on Walmart. We can hope anyway. I was hoping you would share this thought on your page and encourage everyone to post.
    Thanks. Sandra.

  • Kate

    Kroger just changed it’s coupon policy today: lim 5 manf and lim 2 Internet coupons

  • carla

    kmart has lipton tea 12pk in ad for $3.99 use the pepsi coupon buy 2 for$5.98 or use the $1.00 coupon on 1 12 pk lipoton tea this is really good deal….just wnted to share a good deal

  • julie cothren

    I was trying to download your toolbar, but I can not find it anywere, am I missing something?….thanks…I really like your website, it is easy to navigate and has all of the best deals

  • gwenda has a great deal on AAA alkaline batteries. 40 batteries for $12.00. Comparable to Duracell.

  • Regina Smith

    The coupon for Arrid is back up. Not sure if you were aware of this so I wanted to let you know so you can post it. Thanks for everything that you do!!! Your awesome :)

  • Danniell

    on the icy hot coupon from 9/25 $1/1 it says excludes0.5oz naturals, will it still work?

  • Rhonda

    When I enable the iPad version of your site, i am unable to see the list of store matchups. Has anyone else had this problem and solution?

    • deidre

      right now, you have to switch mobile version to off to see printable lists

  • Betty

    Hi I ran into a problem at target, can you help me with a coupon problem target catolina printed out a 2.00 listerine coupon but it had target stamped on it well i had a manufac 2 coupon they told me i can not use the two together as the target coupon is a manuf coupon as well, from the book i read it states if it has the store logo on it it becomes there coupon, Please help this seems tricky

  • Jenni S

    Though I may have overlooked, I did not see this MIR on your site for Woolite Pet Urine Eliminator.

  • Sharon J.

    You supplied a link for Fischer Price store coupons. I have tried several times and am not able to print them. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Can you help? So frustrated! Sharon

  • MoriahMoore

    hello I was wondering if you had that link to that computer template for coupon organizing and calculation,as seen on extreme couponing on tlc Id really like to have it. thanks

  • Maricarmen Rivera

    Saludos, deseo obtener cupones de descuentos y muestras, pero no me permite terminar la registracion pues Puerto Rico no aparece en la seleccion. Aun a pesar de que todos estos productos se encuentran en venta en Puerto Rico

  • Kim

    Deidre, just wanted to let you know that kgbdeals (similar to living social) has 2 tickets for $12. Their specials usually run for a couple days.

  • April Camila


    I couldn’t find the $1 coupon for Hershey’s candy at Do you know where can I get it?


  • Kelley Floyd


    I do not have a site for you to link back to, but I just read this in todays paper. Great tip for Holiday shoppers.

    NEW YORK — Wal-Mart announced a new strategy that it hopes will pull in procrastinators early by giving them a big incentive: a guarantee that they’ll get the lowest price no matter when they buy during the holiday season.

    The discounter said Monday it will match prices on many of its products. Shoppers who buy something at a Walmart store between Nov. 1 and Dec. 25, but then find the identical product elsewhere for less, can get a gift card in the amount of the difference.

    The offer excludes some items, such as groceries.

    To qualify, shoppers need to bring in the original Wal-Mart receipt and the local competitor’s print ad. Gift cards will not be given out after Dec. 25.

  • Sandra

    Hi Deidre
    All the links that you post for printable coupons…i am having trouble getting to print….it will take me to the site and allow me to print but when it prints it comes out blank…..i know that i have to download the coupon printer but it sais that if i need it it will tell me and it never does…..I am doing something wrong?

    • deidre

      I am sorry, they should work :( have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the coupon printers?

  • Vanessa Burrell

    I have a question about stacking coupons. Can you use 2 manuf coupons for the one item, with different amounts on the coupon? For example; I want to buy Tide Washing Detergent and I have 1 manuf coupon for $1.00 off and I also have another manuf coupon for $.50 off, can I use both of those manuf coupons for that 1 item? Please let me know. I’m new and am eager to learn. I love you site, I am on your site just about 4 times a day. Thanks for all you do…….

    • deidre

      no you can’t do that

  • carla


  • stacy

    I got a great deal today at
    free photo mug just pay shipping. offer expires 10/31
    Enter promo code at checkout: PX7E-EKBX-TRED-AM09VP
    Offer ends October 31
    One free 11 oz. white photo mug offer valid for one-time redemption per member and shipped orders only. Taxes, shipping and handling will apply. For more details, please click here.

  • kamil

    Looking to connect with advertising options and required more information.

    Please e-mail asap.

  • Pat

    wasn’t sure where to post it but here goes, if you were lucky enough to print the coupon for 3.00 of celine dion perfume, Walmart has it for 3.00, which makes it free after coupon, WHAT A DEAL, great christmas gifts.

  • kathy

    Hi I live in Florida and I wanted to ask you about the Nationwide Stores like Walmart? I was told by the actual Store Walmart…. that all Stores have different Prices and Sales? meaning not all sales found in one state apply to other stores? Thanks

  • Julie

    Hi, I am wondering if you know what stores with price match? I know that Walmart and Target will. I saw the toy r us add for a $1 Toy Story Operation Game, but they were out of them. So I am wondering if any other stores price match other than Walmart and Target (the ones I called were out or did not carry them).

  • andrea crosby

    Just wanted to let u and everyone know that I spotted a deal yesterday. My Kroger in Louisiana has campbells great for cooking soups, cream of mushroom and cream of chicken, for $.29 when you buy 10. Plus you can print 2 coupons for $1 off 5 cans from the campbells website. thats a great deal.

  • carla

    welch;s coupon for 75 cents watch their video on facebook to get their coupon in email to print twice..

  • Vickie


    I am having trouble with receiving your email updates. I was getting them in my inbox for a while now and since Oct 22nd I have not received and new emails with deals…I am not sure what happened and your emails are not going into spam either, they just stopped coming. I tried to sign up again but it is saying I am already registered. Can you please help me?!?!?! I hate to miss out on any more new deals. Thanks for your help!


  • Vickie


    I am having trouble with receiving your email updates. I was getting them in my inbox for a while now and since Oct 22nd I have not received and new emails with deals…I am not sure what happened and your emails are not going into spam either, they just stopped coming. I tried to sign up again but it is saying I am already registered. Can you please help me?!?!?! I hate to miss out on any more new deals. Thanks for your help!



    ?made out like a bandit today at walgreens!….I got 2 blistex …5 packs of huggies diapers….18 rolls of scott paper towels ….1 john frieda hair color ….3 packs of baby wipes 216 count …1 box of bounce…6 boxes of kleenex….2 containers of Folgers coffee ….12 candy bars ….4 progresso soup …3 corn bread mixes…2 purells w/trial sizes attached to them…$80.11!!!

  • Lori Jones

    Please everyone who shops at walgreens ring up in cosmetics PLEASE. We need people to ring up there for us. If you are my walgreens ask for coupons! I clip the newpaper and if I do not use it it bring it in for you! Thank you!!!

  • Joy

    Where is the best location/site to get Lion King? I have the $5 off coupon ready to go.



  • Elizabeth

    I love your site. I’m having a hard time printing the coupons. How can I check and change the available printer?

  • Toni

    Went to Walgreens this evening and discovered a new book with over $25 in beauty coupons inside.
    “Make This Season Stunning”. If you need a picture I can email to you. Couldn’t paste here.

  • Pat

    Just wanted to let you know about a deal I got. Rite Aid has a printable coupon for 5.00 off Beyonce’s Heat, and there was a coupon in the Sunday paper for 5.00. I got the gift set for 20.00 and got 10.00 off. So I paid 10.00 for the gift set. What a great Christmas present. They also have the Heidi Klum for 10.00, minus the 5.00 coupon, makes it 5.00. Another great Christmas gift.

  • laurie pailes-lindeman

    CVS is having a great 90% off sale all Halloween supplies. I was able to score Sally Hanson nail art that usually sells for $10.49 a piece for $1.04 a piece. My total bill for everything at CVS today was suppose to be $129.96 after saving and coupons my price was $10.04 cents and received $15.00 extra care bucks for Black Friday so I actually made $4.98 to shop today. My CVS is in NH but I did ask and they said most stores are running the same 90% off sale for Halloween supplies

  • Donna

    Just wanted to ask how I could obtain the best chance of purchasing an ipad from No more rack room on Fri for our special needs granddaughter. Thank you for taking the time to help.

  • Sharon

    Where can we find the black friday ads in print? I haven’t seen any ads in the newspapers.

  • Rachelle C.

    Free $10 gift cards for your friends and family. Give up to 40 per day.

  • Tiffany

    I have just committed legal robbery at Rite Aid thanks to you! 48 rolls of TP, 24 Rolls of PT, 2 Laundry Detergents, 2XL Fabric softners, 3 rolls of Wrapping Paper, 2 Queen Anne Cherries, 3 Large Jar candles.
    Without you amazingly handy tips and tricks- I would have paid 8x’s as much as I just did. I appreciate everything you post! DONT EVER EVER STOP!



  • Soft Water vs Hard Water

    You are in point of fact a just right webmaster. The site loading speed is incredible. It kind of feels that you’re doing any distinctive trick. Moreover, The contents are masterpiece. you have performed a excellent activity on this matter!

  • jody cowan

    Hi! I’m trying to figure out how to add my giveaway. On that page it says to click on Read More. I can’t find where it says that. I love your page and i really want to get involved here.
    Thank you so much !


  • Helga

    I tried to enter your catrer’s giveaway and it was blocked!

  • Tracey

    Not sure where to send this information but I will be sending 3 boxes for the 3 families you asked for donations for Christmas…..Jennifer’s family, The Drains and The Ramos family…if you would like a list of items being sent, email me and I will give that to you.

    • deidre

      Thanks so much!

  • Maryx

    Hi I got a great deal for you :)

    Sprite soda is on sale at Target for .99 cents each. There are buy two get a dollar off coupons on some of the Sprite bottles. So I bought four for $3.96 – $2.00 in coupons then I used the Target buy 3 Coke brand products get one free (Sprite is a Coke brand so it shouldn’t be a problem) so -$.99 totals 4 bottles for just .97 cents! So awesome. Thought you would like to know :)


  • tammy

    I have never seen them offer free shipping without a minimum order. They imputed the free shipping code automatically when I checked out! I shopped some clearance and got some leftover Halloween and Valentine’s day deals.

    Cart Items Qty Price Total
    Valentine Animal Print Suckers
    Per Dozen
    Estimated Delivery: 12/22/11
    $1.49 $5.96
    Witch Finger Cupcake Picks
    24 Piece(s)
    Estimated Delivery: 12/22/11
    $1.29 $3.87


    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Oriental Trading Company
    Sent: Sunday, December 11, 2011 5:12 AM
    Subject: It’s Back – 2 Days Only! FREE shipping on ANY order

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    **Order $59 or more online and a free $10 promotional gift card will automatically be placed in your order. Gift card can be used on a future order. Contiguous U.S. orders only. While supplies last.
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    Copyright © 2011 Oriental Trading Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Laurie Pailes-lindeman

    This week at rite aid in their flier is a $5.00 coupon for nexus and they had had a 12 oz bottle of shampoo for $5.98 use the coupon total cost $.98 cents.

  • Cameron Lindley

    I am new to EBates could you explain it? Can you use it instore or is it just online?

  • Michelle

    I have subscribed to Cuckoo for Coupons to get e-mail about the coupon deals… Why when as soon as I get the e-mail I go straight to the store, and everything is gone???? This has happened to me several times. I am wondering if there is some kind of conspiracy inside job before I get the e-mail?? Or, why do I get the e-mails about the deals so late that there is no chance of even getting the deal??? If this is the case, why subscribe>?

  • Michelle

    I have subscribed to Cuckoo for Coupons to get e-mail about the coupon deals… Why when as soon as I get the e-mail I go straight to the store, and everything is gone???? This has happened to me several times. I am wondering if there is some kind of conspiracy inside job before I get the e-mail?? Or, why do I get the e-mails about the deals so late that there is no chance of even getting the deal??? If this is the case, why subscribe>?

    • deidre

      My emails are a collection of all Nationwide posts in the last 24 hours. The top of the email are deals from the previous day, and if you scroll towards the bottom, you’ll get all deals I have posted that day (up until 1:30pm EST).

      Since the email shows all posts in the last 24 hours, no matter what time of day I send it you will see expired deals, however you may see a lot of deals you missed before!

      The best way to never miss a deal is to check my site periodically during the day. I know not everyone can do this, and tons of deals are still available each day when I send out my emails.

  • Cameron

    Hey I printed coupons off of the target website. Some have the target logo and some do not. The ones that do not say manufactor coupon. Even though I printed it from Target would I be able to stack that coupon? example ok I printed Save $1.00 on a multipack of Boost Kids Essentials from the Target website. Then I printed it off So would I be a to stack them or would I have to use the seperately?

    • MISTY


  • Rose Ellis

    I just wanted to say that I love your site, and your training video’s are just absolutely awesome. I have watched the oraganizing one several times and each time I watch I find something new that helps me. I don’t have a binder as of yet, but hoping to get one in the near future. I do have one question, are you still giving away the Slice cutters and if so how do I enter. Again thanks for all your help.

  • native terpie

    To Cuckooo,

    I am looking for a good deal price on a 32 inch tv. for grandkid. I am in the Apache Junction and Mesa area. Can you help me find or give me information on t.v. sales?

    Thank you very much.

    • MISTY


  • MISTY has $1.00 of barilla pasta sauce and my safeway has barrilla pasta sauce on sale for $.99 just wanted to let everyone know.

  • Jessica

    Hey Deidre, thank you for this website, I’ve tried others but this one is truly the best…very organized and up to date. Just wanted to give you a heads up of a fantastic deal I saw for all of those ladies out there that have made weight loss a resolution. You already posted the target deal for their lean cuisines however if you register with lean cuisine now, you can build your points and get a beautiful lunch bag for free! Lean Cuisine Lunch Bag to get you started with 20 points, the code is LEANLUNCHBAG . Thank you and good luck with your baby!!!


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