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Mar 2 2017
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The Best Ways

Part of the ABC’s of Couponing Guide


Sunday Coupon Inserts

In many of my posts, you’ll see references to use Sunday coupon inserts; look at the picture above to see what Sunday Coupon Inserts look like. Here is  an example of how I tell you which insert a coupon is in when I post a deal:

Buy (2) Olay Lotion, 12 oz, $2.99 each
Use $1/2 Select Olay Products, exp. 11-30-17 (SS 10/31/16)
Final Price: $4.98 or $2.49 each

What does the pink coupon information in the deal above mean?

  • $1/2 = $1 off when you buy 2.
  • exp. 11-30-17 means the coupon will expire on 11-30-17 and will no longer be useable.
  • (SS 10/31/10) means a coupon came from the Smart Source insert in the Sunday paper on 10/31/16.

Inserts in the Sunday paper

Inserts you get in the Sunday paper are: SS= Smart Source, RP= Red Plum, P&G= Proctor & Gamble (once per month).  Insert coupons can be used at any store that accepts manufacturer’s coupons.  Almost all grocery and drug stores do. Read more from my training guide.

Now I post printable coupon deals, but since you can only print 2 per computer, and many hot coupons are only in Sunday coupon inserts, you will need to have a multiple newspaper subscriptions to become a cuckoo coupon shopper.

Why multiple inserts?

Because if you use a $2.50 Tide Detergent coupon on a hot $4 Tide Detergent sale, in a few weeks you’ll run out of Tide. Since sale cycles are 6 weeks to 6 months, you’ll probably have to run out and pay full price before the sale happens again. Don’t waste your time running to the store to get a few items. You may as well stock up when prices are lowest and not have to buy again until the sell comes around. This saves you the most $$$.

My suggestion

Get 1 Sunday paper for every family member. My family has 4 members, so I get 4 copies of the Sunday newspaper. When a sale is hot, I use up all my coupons and almost always have enough  use product until the next sale and not too much that the product expires before I use it.

Does it save $$$?

It’s much cheaper to get a subscription than it is to buy the papers individually each week. My training videos here are free. You can always cancel if you decide you aren’t saving enough $$$ to cover the cost of the subscription.

Find your local paper and sign up for up for discounted subscription rates & save 50% or more on local newspaper home delivery here. Order coupons at My Coupon Hunter; a coupon clipping service.  She sends clipped coupons – you have to create an account FIRST to see the coupons available!

  • Nichole Hernandez

    Need more coupons!!!! Thanks!

    • Tommi

      Just a note on the Idaho Statesman: If you live in Boise and do not get coupons in the Sunday paper, they will replace them. If you live outside of Boise (like I do) there is NO guarantee that you will get coupon inserts every week and they will NOT replace them for you. Better off going to a store and searching to make sure the inserts are there – or going to a local recycler. FYI, I know a lot of people who hardly ever get coupons despite being subscribers.

  • charlie

    I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of all you info that needs to be given shared since i’d never seen the reason to buy the magazine!

  • Kristi

    So glad I have paid more attention to the Sunday paper ads & coupons.


    i like this

  • Mommy B


  • Modesty

    My sister loves using the Sunday Coupon Inserts.

  • Carol Santora

    Love coupon inserts

  • Shar


  • Jennifer C.

    Very informative…thanx~!!

  • thilak

    thanks for the information.

  • Shar

    Getting multiple inserts is a great idea – thanks

  • AmyJuhasz

    I don’t see Tooele County…I’ll have to see about the newspaper out here, just moved here from Davis a few months ago.

  • Tyne

    How much do you spend a year on papers?

  • Tonya James

    I just recently started buying multiple copies of the paper and it really does help!

  • kristen

    Excellent info. I do purchase my papers, but only because when I subscribed my papers would “mysteriously” disappear from my yard.

  • Kimberly S

    Thanks for the information!

  • Tonya James

    I just started buying multiple copies and it really makes a huge difference!

  • Nicole


  • Nichole Cianci


  • Eileen

    WE had a friend who told us to sign up for some couponing site online and she told us to buy doubles of papers. I thought that was ridiculous until I see it in print here….to double only costs a bit more per month…makes SO much sense when the paper itself doesnt cost, I assume it is in delivery fees for carrier. Light bulb moment right here folks!

    AND I didnt really know the coupons went in cycles like that. sigh…I have a lot to learn.


  • hborelli

    You mentioned coupons have cyclse between six weeks and six months. Anyone have a list of what common cycles are? I’m new to couponing and would really appreaicate any help or hints you might have to offer.


  • Danielle

    Thanks I live in Utah and this is really the best deal. I need to move up to 5 papers and I’ll be getting a better price.

  • Shanna Bailes

    That’s Awesome….Thanks!

  • tera evans


  • Maurine

    a lot of times, my CVS has leftover sunday papers on monday, so if it’s an awesome paper and I want more, it’s great to have the option to purchase more!

  • Susa

    Seems like a huge waste buying all those extra copies of news papers, isnt there an easier way to get all these inserts without wasting all those trees> I mean out sunday paper is huge without the inserts, What do you do with all the extra newpapers when you only want the inserts?

    • deidre

      you can buy the coupons you want from a coupon clipping service

    • Heather

      You could always donate the actual newspaper to your local animal shelter or veterinary clinic. We use them for the pets cages that are being changed out several times over in a day. Save yourself some money and help out the sweet animals in the process =)

    • Tracie

      I order my coupon’s from clipped or clumped coupons, they always have big inserts and shipping is really fast. They are .75 for inserts but am big and thick not small like the ones i get in my town. always had great customer service, here is the website

  • Jennifer Phillips

    I live in a town that doesn’t have the “Sunday” Paper with coupons and all and I miss it! We only have three grocery stores to also, and two of them are the super center ones, but here they don’t double coupons and just started honoring the match prices deal. I really miss the savings I use to get with matching, doubling and even tripling sometimes. I can still get some savings though, and knowing where to start finding coupons is a big help! Thank you.

    • Karen Cole

      Same here I live in Centreville, Alabama and can’t even get the B’ham new delivered;( Our new stand have papers with no coupons inside the Sunday papers:( Can’t wait to move to a better location.

      • Candace Keasling

        I live in a very small town we have 2 grocery store and boy the prices are very high. I am needing all the help and suggestion please, I try to get coupon but you only get just few, when I say few I mean just a few last week i got maybe 10 coupons,,, plz help…. I am doing more research for coupons.

      • Stacy

        I would contact the newspaper directly and ask why there are no inserts in the rack papers. The advertisers may chose not to insert into rack copies or the people who put the inserts in the paper may not be doing their job correctly. There could be various reasons as to why they aren’t in there, whether it is intentional or by accident. If the newspaper isn’t aware of the situation then they can’t fix it, however I can’t imagine how they couldn’t know.

  • keely hostetter

    Our paper is no longer getting smartsource inserts. I heard there is a was to order them. Are you familiar with that?

    • deidre

      Yes, above I talk about Coupons By DeDe, you can order whole inserts from her!

  • keely hostetter

    Sorry about the duplicate, I comment and it doesn’t show up so I sent another. My computer must be slow today.

  • Rebecca Shockley

    I’m checking both third parties out now for the inserts!

  • Rebecca Shockley

    I just signed up for the Red Plum weekly mailings!

    • olga

      hi, u recive by mail? how?

  • Rebecca Shockley

    Thanks for the info on how to sign up!

  • Megan

    So, I want to get a subscription to the Daily Herald so I can get the red plum coupons. I can just call the number and get the Daily Herald on discount if I mention you, right?

    • deidre

      Yep that is it!

  • Tamara Burks

    There’s no Sundayu paper in this town. There used to be a Sunday paper from a city 130 miles away but now there’s nothing . Ther’s 2 grcery stores and they don’t double. I miss being able to match coupons to sales papers.

  • Ann Carter

    Thanks just signed up for ogden standard $16.50 a month 5 copies. Love it Just started couponing I thought it was going to cost a lot more. Thanks again Ann

  • carrie

    I have started couponing and I have saved lots alread

  • renee

    does anyone know where or how can get coke coupons I spend so much on soda and never seem to be able to find any coupons is there a center I could buy them from thanks

    • deidre

      They are rare, and are usually released as printable coupons. I post about them as soon as I see them.

    • PAULA

      I go to mycokerewards…you enter coke points from the carton or bottle and can earn coupons and many other items

  • yesenia

    how can i get the Sunday Coupon Inserts

    • deidre

      As explained in the post, you can order them through coupon clipping services or get them in the newspaper.

  • Reg

    With all of the changes with Red Plum, P&G and Smart Souce sueing dede is no longer selling complete inserts. I live in Texas and would like to purchase sunday papers do you have any leads for me? Thank you

    • Lona

      I live in Texas also. Most of my coupons come from the internet. I do get Redplum, P&G and Smart Source. I don’t subscribe to any newspapers yet but I will. I get some from my family and now some friends. I just recently started couponing again. Not sure where you live but I just did a search for Texas newspapers. Houston Chronicle…Beaumont Enterprise

      • ambernicole8484

        I too have been collecting inserts from family. We get red plums and smartsources in the mail and they save them for me.

  • carolina

    ANOTHER WORDS THERE TWO FOR $ 2/10.00 GOT $ 5.00

  • carolina


  • Marjorie

    Is there a way to get The Daily Herald discounted if you pay for a years subscription if I mention your name? We are moving shortly to Pleasant Grove and I am interested in getting the paper for the coupons.

    • deidre

      Yes when you call mention my name to get the best rates!

  • Leslie

    In AZ you can sign up for The Sunday Az Republic for $1 a week, or by calling 602 444-4444 promo code JYFSI…Thank for your tutorial :)

  • ambernicole8484

    I used to be able to go to the recycling center here but they’ve stopped letting people come up there :( I have been searching for other ways to save. Thanks for this post!

  • Brooke B

    Its hard to get the papers in my area. The coupons in our local delivered paper are not good. Maybe 2-3 pages of q’s. I have to drive 25 min to a neighboring town to get newspapers from a major city. It is quite a production every Sunday…..but worth it.

  • Catrina

    unfortuntaly getting newspapers deleivered is not an option for me… we live on such a busy street they always seems to be taken before we even wake up.. we have struggled with new papers to please deliver them on our front porch but after a few weeks of service they go right back to tossing in our drive way which pretty much means No Paper for me… so I stick to picking them every sunday :)

  • Tami H

    I wish you lived in MN so you could negotiate a good deal for multiple papers. For new subscriptions you can get the paper for $1.50 an issue for 26 weeks, but then it goes up to $2.55 per paper, which is $0.55 more than going to the store a couple of blocks away and buying it there. Also, if you want more than one subscription it will cost $2.55 per Sunday paper – how crazy! You would think that multiple papers would mean a discount not an increase!

    • Angela

      Yes! I checked that out, I live in SC in MN and sometimes you can catch a break on paper costs, but i’m from the north part and Couponing up there is harder than down here.. and up north they throw the papers on mon. so u can get the inserts out. But in SC they keep them for 6 mon. incase others want to buy them… I thought that was wierd… lol

  • Kate

    Cost of Sunday paper in Cincinnat went up to $2, but you still can subscribe for 1 for 99 cents

  • Lisa Moffett

    I never get enough inserts. I can’t afford additional papers.

  • Kelsey

    My husband and I go to a nearby coffee shop on Sunday mornings. This one has a huge stack of papers with a sign that says you can take one home with you. We raid them for the inserts and put them back neatly. We take about 4-6 inserts. We buy coffee of course, but it’s a nice way to score a whole bunch of coupons! Most coffee shops seem to get at least 2 Sunday papers it seems.

  • Tina

    Does anyone know how to get a deal on Sunday coupons in TN??

  • Tina

    Does anyone know how to get a deal on Sunday coupons in tennesseean paper in Nashville TN??

    • nina

      heres a number you can call 1-800-324-8237 or go online @
      also heres the Leaf Chronicle if intrested 1-877-424-0154
      Hope this helps happy couponing! :))

  • romy

    Does anyone know how to get a deal on Sunday coupons in South Florida? thanks

    • Kim

      I don’t, but I’d sure like to know of one too!

  • Lori

    Ask if they offer additional paper discounts or see if you can order them for your school and deliver them on mondays they do not need coupons only papers. And dollar tree sells papers just check to make sure coupons r in them. Nursing homes like newspapers ask if you buy them if they will keep coupons for u or take them there and most papers will give you a discount, but be truthful and do the deed.

  • Lori

    One other thing you can call red cross, salvation army or family services at a local base and get some soldiers addresses from your hometown they love receiving sunday papers when so far away from home. Mail them to the fpo or apo address.

  • Jeanie

    I know around here in Alabama when you order a subscription, most of the time (if not all the time) you don’t receive the inserts in it!! Seems kind of pointless to me!!

  • pat

    i am new to the couponing deals i have tried before and i got a virus on my computer and since then i have been real leary of all these sites i am hoping this one is different i would like very much to do this as i am on disability income and to help my kids out as it is real hard to save anything anymore all your help would be appreciated. thanks

  • jessica franklin

    does anyone know about the atlanta journal constitution in atlanta, ga about buying multiple newspapers all i want is the coupons out of them

    • Lisa Evans

      yes I have plenty of inserts you can buy

      • jessica franklin

        ok thank you

      • jessica franklin

        how can i buy them from you lisa evans

      • Karen

        I am interested in purchasing Sunday 28th Atlanta coupon inserts, Please contact me at the above email.


    • 213`jv

      The Mundo Hispanico can be found in front of mexican restaurants and they are free , they contain inserts from the ajc. They are delivered on thursdays. It contains an insert from the previous sunday and one from the next sunday. Usually a redplum and ss every week.

  • jenny

    do you know if i can find sunday’s papers @walmart or @DOLLAR GENERAL??

  • Charlisa

    Just to let folks in Southern Ttah know, Red Plum inserts are available in the Spectrum for St. George and The Cedar City Daily News. Hope this helps.

  • Shawn

    Does anyone know who sells Southern California Inserts? I’m in a gated community & cant trust the papers being left outside. So I purchase inserts only, but I find that in the EAST (FL, GA) or in the SOUTH (TX area) they are completely different and I’ll like to find someone more local to purchase SoCal Inserts from. Thanks in advance for any help. Please email me directly at

  • Helana T

    It is next to impossible to get coupons in my siday paper. Our paper kept getting stolen from our we started getting it from the store..and they hardly ever have the inserts. The office says “well we run short so it only goes to the home people..which is not true..I use to deliver the paper to people and the stores..and they always had the inserts”. The person drop shipping to the store is stealing them. I’ve been buying them on ebay..but that’s just the leftovers others don’t use..mostly stuff no one uses. I need to get coupons ….our income changed hubby had a car accident. I can’t work..I had brain surgery and I am still having trouble..I run my business that is going slow…help!! I live in southern Indiana…also I have no clue really how to make this work..I’ve tried for months..I save some..but not like they do on tv. Sorry for going on..Blessings

    • Mercedes

      Blessings. a great way to get coupons when you can’t get them in the paper is online. But i am honestly not a fan of ebay.Why, because they are leftovers like you said. Two great sites I use are for individually clipped coupons and Actually they are cheaper but the drawback is that they take days to arrive so you gotta order them as soon as they post. Hope this helps. I also teach coupon classes so feel free to email me with any questions. I hope and pray things get better for you. Oh and by the way the people on TV are mostly nuts….no one needs 1,500 deodorants and such…lol. But a nice stockpile for the family helps. Mercedes

  • Lynette

    I have 3 extra subscriptions for our Sunday paper. The Sacramento Bee. The major city in our area. I miss my coupons all the time. This past week.. NO Replums. The first of the month… NO COUPONS. I was told that they were shorted from the companies that print the coupons.
    Does this not sound Weird? Every insert the first week of September was shorted??
    I can not believe the problems I have had with a major paper here in CA.
    I even went to the extent of contacting the companies that printed the inserts.. who now are investigating whether what I was told was true.. or some how some where.. coupon inserts are being taken from the papers.
    Not only that… What about store ads? I do not get those either?
    Told that the stores do not pay to have them sent from Sacramento to my town… though the paper is delivered there.
    Can someone tell me how to find out why I receive no ads?
    Thanks!!! Lynette

  • Crystal

    Thank you Deidre- I’ve learned a few things that I didn’t expect to learn- I will defiantly being doing my clipping differently tomorrow. :)
    You rock!

  • renee

    Does anyone know of newspaper deals in Alabama? I just started couponing so I don’t know alot YET!!!:) thanks!!

  • Deanna

    Is there a way to order the inserts only?

  • Trish

    I find this site so very helpful. Not to mentioned, very streamlined and organized. Thanks

  • Amanda Murphy

    SOOOO Excited to start getting the paper delivered to my house! Now I just have to hope that they can start it this week! lol (I just wish I could get the Daily Herald! I want my RP inserts! lol)

  • Tasha White

    I live in Dayton Ohio and I am the mother of two college football players. I have not worked in two years and I am really struggling. My best friend is very ill with major health problems and her father in law is not well either. When I am not looking for a job I am helping her and him. There are many nights I sleep at her house. I have a small collection of coupons but I am looking for more. Can someone tell me how to obtain coupons from other states. Because I am trying to help out with grocery costs for my house , my boys in college and my friends house. If there is anyone who has extra coupons or can tell me how to contact and order coupons from newspaper in different states please email me at

    Thanks Tasha

  • Jessie

    Hi all!! I’m new to couponing and as I been trying to figure it out it been pretty over whelming. Only time I’ve ever used coupons was for diapers years ago lol. But now we want to really get into it and really need to as well. I have three children 10,9, and 3. I also have a 14yr old and a 10yr old that is here most of the time lol. And I’m everyones babysitter, so there is always a group here. I stay at home and my husband just got layed off. Im on a tight budget anyways and it just got tighter! We bought 3 sunday papers the other day, clipped and organized, and I registered with some coupon sites. My husband printed off coupon policies from different stores, I usually just go to krogers or walmart and buy most generic products. If there is a way I can save more money and have some back for a rainy day Im intersted lol. I was hoping to find some one in Indiana that lived close to me (Beechgrove) that also did couponing and was good at it to sit me down and explain all this to me but haven’t found anyone that didnt want paid for me to take a class, If I had money for a class I wouldnt be in a bind. So I been trying to go the free route and teach myself and it is over whelming!! Any advice?

    • Kisha

      Hi Jessie!!

      Just a suggestion, if you are still hoping to meet up with other like-minded couponers, you can go to and look in your city, state and/or zip code. You might find some local couponing groups in your area. Where I live, there are groups of people who meet up to learn from each other and they do coupon swaps. Wish you the best. Sounds like you have to be real creative with your budget! Praying for you and your family for provision, creative ideas and witty inventions.


  • Polly Barnette

    Hey Deidre,
    I enjoyed your video. I live in NC and am looking to buy coupon inserts. Our local paper does not offer any deals on sunday papers. couponing is not that big here like it is out west. I noticed out west they also have different coupons. Can I get Utah papers delivered in NC? I have friends who live out there but never thought about getting a paper from another state. Hope to talk to you soon

    • Sarah M. Blanton

      I am also in NC, and would love to get the Utah paper as well. you can get 2 of the Utah papers cheaper than one weekend subscription of the Charlotte Observer.

      Any info regarding the subscription of the Utah paper is greatly appreciated!



  • Anita Napier

    Hey Deidre:

    Is it possible to order complete inserts from different states, which will have higher values? I have skimmed through your site, and I am wondering if I could order California Sunday papers?

    Thanks – Anita

    • deidre

      I do not sell coupon inserts, so I am not sure about that

      • Carrie

        check out ebay!

  • Destiny Burke

    If i just want the sunday paper for california how do i pay for just sundays.

  • Why are there so many songs for Christmas but barely any for all the other holidays?

  • Katie

    I live in Louisiana and I’m interested in ordering Utah Sunday papers. But I was wondering if it gets mailed or shipped to me or what? Do you possibly know?

  • Anna Anderson

    Hello Deidre, my name is Anna Anderson and i am from California and i found your website on the computer. first of all i would like to say that i enjoyed it very much. I am trying to start couponing however, do not know how to start. I need help with getting a binder first off and getting them sorted by catagories. Can you please help a beginner that needs help. Thank you all the way from California. Thanks Anna Anderson

  • Monet

    Thank you very much for your video! It has really helped. I am still having a hard time finding out how to order just the coupon inserts from the Oregon sunday paper. Do you have any tips? Thanks :)

    • Julie Eastman

      Hi Monet~
      I live in Vancouver Washington and buy the Oregonian every week, twice a week. I was wondering where you live and if you would be interested in trading with me? I am having a difficult time getting papers delivered to me with the actual ad pacs in them. I would be willing to buy you how ever many Oregonians you needed and send just the coupons to you (which is three inserts every week, unless it’s a holiday weekend) and in return you could do it for me? I buy for personal use 6 Oregonians, so would like to get a few of your newspapers. I am very interested in couponing this way. I hope you would be interested in swapping like that.
      Julie Eastman

      • lisa

        i live in pa if anyone would like to trade?

        • Julie Eastman

          Hi Lisa~
          I am looking to be trading with other women in different states. I would love to trade coupons with you. The inserts. I buy the Oregonian as their coupons are better than what I get here in Vancouver, Washington. Would you like to trade the inserts with me? My e-mail address is
          Feel free to e-mail me if you want and we can figure out how to exchange the coupons.
          Julie Eastman

        • Julie Eastman

          I would love to trade with you. Please e-mail me at

          • Kisha

            Hi Julie!

            I am interested in swapping coupon inserts with you. I typically get multiple copies of the local paper here, which is the Houston Chronicle. We usually get RP, SS & once a month we get the P&G. Please contact me via email if you would like to do a swap sometime.

            Blessings to you and yours,

        • Kisha

          Hi Lisa!

          I am interested in swapping coupon inserts with you. I typically get multiple copies of the local paper here, which is the Houston Chronicle. We usually get RP, SS & once a month we get the P&G. Please contact me via email if you would like to do a swap sometime.

          Blessings to you and yours,

  • lisa

    hi i do a lot of couponing ad i buy alot of papers. but i was wondering how i can go about buying papers from other states. can you helpp me. or if anyone would like to trade pappers every week let me know. i live in pa.

    • Julie Eastman

      I would like to trade coupons. I left my e-mail in the previous message.

  • Vickie Musselman

    I live in Indiana. I would love to trade coupons or buy them from people in different areas of the U.S. to get possibly more savings on some items. Looking particularly for meat and laundry coupons.Please email me at and we can talk about getting started trading.

  • Jessi Pfaff

    I love in Louisiana. They don’t give many coupons out here. I would love to trade or buy them from people in different states. Please e-mail me.

  • sharon Hewitt

    Hello i live in Houston Tx and as many of you have stated. i coupon and would like to know how to get coupon inserts from other states. I also would love to trade coupons please email me at

  • Hazel

    Please, please tell me how to order papers from other states. I live right outside of New Orleans and the papers are $2 each to buy without a sub and $12 monthly with and they won’t give me a break. I buy 6 papers a week and if you can help I would really appreciate it.


  • stacy

    i live in mckeesport Pa would love more coupons would like to know how to get to get other state coupons also thank you

  • Tanya

    How do you know if all of the Sunday papers even have inserts?

  • Charlene

    Today’s Date :Nov.4,2011 . Hi Deidre, My Name is Charlene .I Live near ERIE,PA. . I am looking for a Coupon Clipping Service or Services in California. I am aware that California Coupons are higher in Value. Can you help me out with this. I would be Greatly Appreciate any help in this .That you could help me out with. I have been couponing since I was 16. I learn more and more about coupon every day.Very Sincerely, Charlene

  • vickie

    Your binder video was very helpful. I am three weeks into couponing, its a full time job right now, hope i get faster.

  • Jo

    I would love to be able to receive coupon inserts weekly from CA. If you have them forsale on Ebay, please leave a comment so I can bid for or buy them.
    Thanks! Blessings!

  • Charlisa

    FYI, the Cedar City Daily News Sunday paper does get Red Plum inserts. Thank goodness!

  • Crystal

    Is there somewhere you can get PAST Sunday paper inserts that you missed? I just started couponing and now receive Sunday papers, but some deals are for Sundays before I started and I don’t have newspapers for those inserts. Or maybe not the entire insert but a coupon or two that I’m looking for?

  • Kim

    How did you negotiate to get a cheaper price on multiple papers? I live in Denver and called about getting more subscriptions of the Denver Post and they want $65 per year for EACH additional paper! What?!!

  • brenda

    I really loved and appreciate the video 101 training for beginners like me! I just started couponing and it’s been a little tough, but fun, I’m getting the hang of it! I will be reading your website daily now because I have found it so helpful!! Thanks!

    Where can I find a slice? And how much newspapers do you think is reasonable for me to buy just because I’m starting and don’t want to over spend on buying.


    • deidre has the slices!

  • Debbie

    I live in S.C. and we never get any of the good coupons that your area does. For example, in the paper today we did not get the razor coupons. Could you please tell me how I could get copies of the inserts from your area. This is so frustrating becaus I love couponing but we dont get the good coupons. Thanks so much for your help.

  • Patricia

    I just watched your video on getting organized and it was SOOOOOOO helpful, thank you!

  • Patricia

    Do certain stores have schedules for their double coupon days? thanks

  • Vicky

    I collected the insert for yesterday’s paper and I got $2.00 off coupon for Huggies diapers…..but when i want to buy the insert, the coupon I see is for $1.50 off, where can i find the $2.00 off coupon. Oh and also the huggie wipes coupon was for 75 cents off not .50…

    Please let me know….


  • Tierra

    Hi ladies…. I am afraid I am also having the same problem. I am helping my mom out with couponing and she asked me how to get coupons from other states and i have no idea!!!!! Please Please Please help me!!!! Contact me at

    Thank you

  • kimberly rose

    hey i would love 1 of those splice cutters im a big coupon fan ?

  • Exchange

    You really make it appear so easy together with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something which I think I would by no means understand. It sort of feels too complex and extremely broad for me. I’m taking a look forward on your subsequent put up, I will try to get the cling of it!

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  • Michele

    How smart to get a paper from another city if yours is too expensive. Sacramento delivers for 35 cents cheaper every Sunday than our local paper. Wonderful tip…thank you so much!

  • Atlanta GA

    Its like you read my thoughts! You seem to understand so much approximately this, such as you wrote the e-book in it or something. I believe that you simply could do with some p.c. to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, that is great blog. A fantastic read. I’ll definitely be back.

  • Vicki

    I live in Sarasota, Fl.
    Can you get us southerners discount on Sarasota Herald ????
    Thank you I will wait to hear from you….

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  • Anita O’Quinn

    I hoped when I started couponing that the stores who accept coupons and even go so far as to double would be happy to see couponers, but…not in Danville Va. I went to Kmart a few weeks ago and 4.6 oz. colgate toothpaste was .97 cents; It is obvious that the manufacturers of products advise retailers that they are issueing coupons to the public (such as tear tabs) because when I went to Kmart today to double my coupons for .75 cents for the colgate toothpaste Kmart had marked it up to 2.99. Nice huh? as a matter of fact everything that I had coupons for was marked up from last month. I have been finding this issue more often as time goes on. It is clearly price gougeing; Any ideas on how to combat this issue? I will be writing to Kmart and posting an ad in our local shopper but I was thinking of contacting manufacturers and inquireing as to why they follow this practice if the coupons are supposed to be incentives for shopper’s.

  • chantel

    So i have been trying to do the whole coupon thing and I live in northern California so my best savings was about 55% because of coupon restrictions. Anyways I had a question about organizing the coupons in the binder. When I get my coupons they regularly have very different expiration dates and the way I have tried to organize them by date and also by isle/category but mostly by date. I have trouble keeping things together and I always seem to miss a few that were important and end up throwing some away because it has passed the expiration date. Do you have a recommendation for my problem.

  • Poteau

    Fantastic site. A lot of helpful info here. I am sending it to some friends ans also sharing in delicious. And obviously, thank you on your effort!

  • Dsgermick

    Get a craft light cutter!!!

  • Rjs311974

    I found that by cutting a index card in half and then inserting one in each pocket, allows you to use each pocket for 2 coupons front and back

  • Chaniebudtrease

    Will the Daily Herald come with all the inserts or just the red plum?

  • ginger0709

    Great info.  I do get 4 papers a wk and I buy the troy record at $2.50 each.  Is there a cheaper way to get the inserts.  I live in Au Sable Forks, NY which is in upstate NY.  I have only weekends off so I like to do all my shopping on Sunday.  So if I do order would I get the inserts before the weekend???  Thanks for all your help I go to your website every week for all the great buys.

  • Audrey Stewart

    dede no longer offers full inserts just clipped coupons.

  • Todd

    I can also recommend New England Coupon Saver. They have package Deals and coupon inserts for 50 cents each

  • Well I live in Orlando area and I alreay recieve a subscription to the newspaper and tried to change to Sunday only. They told me for 13 weeks for Sunday only it will be 17.60 for each Sunday paper. Wish they would lower the rate because that’s crazy!!:(


    The sacramento Bee isn’t showing .77 each but $1.54 so cheaper to buy it at the dollar store. LMK how I can get the .77 rate

  • missi411

    i might sound really really dumb, but what do i do with all these coupons?? i am brand new to couponing and i am following a lot of your advice, but now i have all these coupons, some are almost ready to expire…so do i just go out and purchase the items that are about to expire?? sounds so silly but am i supposed to wait for an incredible sale first? a bit overwhelmed…

  • Sk8a2007

    This was helpful. If only I lived in any of those counties. I live in the sticks of NE Utah (Roosevelt). Half the time i get to the store for papers the inserts are not included, I actually look thru the paper prior to buying it. I get a few weird looks but hey I’m saving money. lol Thanks.

  • shay

    So Ive been couponing for 6 months, but for some reason I dont get all the coupons that you post from the sunday papers. why is that?

    • Some are regional, but since they vary from paper to paper even in the same state, there is no way to really list which ones are going to be in each region

  • queen

    Do Atlanta Georgia do the coupons deal . I need more coupons

  • thankfulwife

    Hi Deidre:) Love your site! You are a God sent:)  Anyhoo, I purchased my first Sunday paper yesterday and my SS & Red Plum did NOT have any of the coupons that I heard others using nor did I have the ones that was listed here on your site. I’m new to this and was left feeling really discouraged because I could not make my list and utilize what I needed effecticvely. Why is this? 

    Discouraged mom from Chicago, IL

    • alaskagrown

      Thankfulwife. I order coupons or coupon inserts from, they usually have different coupons then what we get here in IL. and, as well

      • mahagony

        It seems that these sites are more expensive than just buying multiple newspapers. For a 4-pack bundle, they want $11 but if I was to go to the store and pay $2 a paper I would only be paying $8 for 4. Anyone know of any sites in which I would actually be saving money as opposed to buying from the retailer? $1 per newspaper would be great.

  • Ted

    Kim over at Capri’s Coupons offers some great deals.  She has whole inserts from atleast 3 different regions….she does not upcharge on her shipping either.

  • Diana

    I never find smart source inserts in my paper and was wondering what the easiest way would be to find out how and where to get these.

    • Debby Edwards

      A coupon clipping service usually. I live in North Texas and my local paper doesn’t get SS either, but I get the Dallas Morning News and they are in there.

  • Amanda

    I’ve accumulated several newspapers so far, have been the entire month of October. Your videos have been very helpful, Thank You!! I am having trouble trying to figure out where to obtain coupons online… So the goal is to match coupons from newspaper and put them with the coupons I find online, so that I get the balance as close to free as possible? Is that correct?

  • Midnitedoctor

    Can someone tell me how to get inserts from other locations or geographic areas of the country; e.g. I live in the Mid-West and i would like to get inserts from a neighboring state, or even the northwest part of the counrty. Anyone have any advise or info? It would be greatly appreciated…thank you

    • Deborah H

      I have wondered this too. I live in Illinois but I would really LOVE to get Rite Aid weekly circulars to use at HyVee, which takes competitor coupons, or even at Walmart or other places that price match.

  • Crystal Rangel

    I live in South Texas where can I get inserts?

  • Vyara
  • tlady568

    The most irritating thing about coupon inserts in the paper is when some rude people go through papers and remove the inserts so that people who pay for the papers don’t get them!!

    • HelperJen

      I’ve had that problem before. I started subscribing and now the newspaper guarantees the inserts are there. If not they will get them to me. This seemed to solve the problem for me.

    • BarbaraG69

      I agree with you completely! So frustrating! I was sick with the flu & missed out on the 1/27 inserts. After calling around for several days I found a store that had 12 Sunday Papers still for sale. I drove 25 minutes to this store only to find out that ALL 12 papers were missing the coupons inserts because someone stole them. How horrible. People that steal inserts are part of the reason us ‘Coupon Ladies’ have such a hard time using coupons we pay for at most local retailers. Sad really. Mean people suck!

  • bucks 11

    how can i get discounted news papers in tehas, like the houston chronicle.

  • BarbaraG69

    Coupons by DeDe does NOT offer FULL inserts. Does anyone know where I can order them? I was sick with the Flu the weekend of 1/27/13 & missed out on the BIG 4 insert paper. Tried to find them all week but no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. :)

  • Michelle Z

    I live in the St George and we get the specrtrum paper and it STINKS.. I had a subscrition and numerous times I did not get all my inserts and I was getting 5 papers and I would call them and was told they would bring me the inserts I was missing. HA HA I never got them and I called again the next day and was told S.O.L for you. So I cancelled my subscrition. So I started getting my papers at Walmart or another store and my Albertsons double up are not in those papers. I called and the circulation manager told me ” sorry but you live in a out lying area and if we run short we dont put them in those papers! WTF. You can go through the paper and see if it is the paper before you buy it if you want! Grr that goes back to that whole rifling through the paper. I can’t wait to move to Vegas and get a different paper!

    • Elizarae

      Many coupon clipping services offer whole inserts, so you can order those and it will save you the hassle of buying papers without inserts.

      • Michelle Z

        What are one of the better ones?

        • Keisha Mebane

          I have a coupon clipping service. I just started a page on FB called “Coupon Fever”. As of tomorrow it will be a closed grouo so you might wanna just send me an email and I can get you my prices!

  • Jessica

    I live in Central Florida, how can I get a listing of news papers available?

  • Michelle

    Anybody know how to get the Kansas City Star or Springfield News Leader (MIssouri) at a cheaper subscription rate? I’ve tried repeatedly but their “best” offers are outrageous.

  • Adeliz

    Hello I am from New York and I would like to know were can i find coupons for vitamin water,soft soap , Gatorade. I would also like to know were can I get high value coupons .

    Thank You

    • Follow our site as we post the latest coupons each day in our Coupons category

  • Dawn Boland

    I got my Sunday paper today didn’t have any inserts. How do you know who do you call

    • Which paper did you order from? All the ones advertised above are guaranteed to have inserts.

  • i was wondering were can i get the houston chronicle at in victoria or subscribe to it and any deals on victoria advocate

  • illustratedman

    Just got my So Cal SD Union Tribune papers this past Sunday I went with 20 Sunday only for $20+ $10 per each additional. totaling $50 Thanks so much for the deal! Well sadly I received 4 papers and one insert. I called customer support and was not offered any credit nor inserts sent to me instead the person filed a “missing coupons complaint” and said hopefully it won’t happen again.

    • So frustrating! That is the reason for getting multiple papers. If it happens again, email me and I’ll have the rep that I get these orders from contact the paper directly to fix the issue.

      • illustratedman

        I really hope it doesn’t repeat. But I will email you if it does, thanks for everything you do. Love the page!

      • illustratedman

        UPDATE: I was contacted by a rep yesterday about my experience so far. I brought up what happened and they said they would take care of it. This morning I walked to my front door and found 3 complete Sunday newspapers with SS and P&G inserts intact! I feel much better now.

  • savvyshopper

    Hi, I live in Arizona & I just love this site- I have learned so much from many of you & saved so much Thanks to many of you. I get alot of coupons but sometimes when the coupon previews come out I look forward to seeing certain coupons & some are not always in my inserts or we will have coupons here that my friends need that they didn’t get in their inserts so I am really thinking I would like to trade inserts with a few people, I think it would be great to get coupons from different areas, this would give us all access to the coupons we need & if we are trading we can keep it reasonable as far as costs go because as friends trading with one another we can just trade inserts for inserts. If anyone is interested in this please E-Mail me. My E-mail address is I would love to trade inserts so let me know if you would too!

  • Teresa

    What about New Jersey! I would love to have my papers delivered. I would get saturdays.

  • Telle McDaniel

    hi, i live in wisconsin and i’m looking to buy florida inserts. any help would be great.

  • Timeka Jacqui

    I’m in FL. Where do I type the discount code? I tried and failed.

  • nher

    I’m from Oklahoma and I want to buy Southern California inserts. Please help. Thanks

  • Jane

    You list several different papers for Utah area. The Daily Harold is $6/month or $72/year. The SLC Tribune and Deseret News are only $39/year, which is clearly cheaper if you subscribe for a year. Is there a difference in the coupon selection between the 3? Is one paper better over the others as far as coupons go?

    • yes the Daily Herold is the only paper in Utah that gets Red Plum inserts – if you can, I would get that one

      • Jane

        Ok, good to know. Thanks for all the great info!!!!

  • bradley

    I am interested in couponing and I live in Pembroke pines, FL what do you suggest I do for newspaper?

    • Trish Reagan

      sun sentinal

    • Denise Whitaker

      contact me my name is Denise Whitaker and I teach coupon classes and have a clipping service

      • Frankie

        Hi Denise!

        I am greatly interested in learning more about
        your coupon class and clipping service. Please help! 😉

        • Denise Whitaker

          please send me friend request to discuss

          • Thomas Bailey

            Denise I live in northwest Florida is there any way you can help me?

            • Denise Whitaker

              send me friend request

    • Denise Whitaker

      send me a friend request

    • qharm1968

      Would you like to buy bundles follow me at qharm1968 instragram every week for only only $10.00

  • Jazmine

    Hi I live in Americus, GA and really don’t receive coupons like many other places. What would you suggest to help me save? I have three little children who eat like grown people and one on the way. I’m in desperate need to save money. Thanks.

    • Shells

      See if you can get a subscription to the Atlanta newspaper or try to locate a store that sells their Sunday paper. I know Publix in Columbus, GA usually sells them but maybe there is somewhere closer to you. Also, go to the redplum site. You might be able to get their flyer mailed to you each week for free.

    • Jazmine

      Thank you for the advice.

  • Christina

    Sacramento Bee (Northern California) does not deliver to Colusa County :( so heartbroken I was really looking forward to discounted papers

  • EastCoastCouponSwag

    This woman in the video is a genius
    Going to buy a spliced STAT!
    I am from north nj and in SOUTH CA now
    Should I have multiple subscriptions to everything in both areas?????????
    Or are they the same??
    I envy any1 that’s ever gotten $1000+ for less then a $100

  • Hoagie6

    Anyone in WI ???

  • Vivian

    I live in MN, where can I find these coupons?

  • cmarroletti1

    I live in clay county fl. Are there any good sunday only deals here?

  • Viethers

    I Live in Cambridge Md…what are the best ways to get coupons here?

  • Nancy Dobson

    I live in Panama City, FL and I attend a church with a food pantry that we are trying to fill. Any suggestions for me?

  • Johnnie Owsley Carroll

    What stores takes coupons from your smart phone? we only have a Kroger, Wal mart and Walgreens, hope one does

  • SapphireCitrineAquamarine

    thanks! i had let my subscriptions go…fallen behind on coupon’g. getting back into & you had a great deal for the So. Cal – LA News Group. Great rate! You’re the best!

  • Etta Miller

    Here in my part of NW PA we get the Red Plum insert with no coupons…just adds…luckily a friend at work has access to the recycle bin at her small town post office and gets handfuls for us. She gathers and I cut!

  • Gabrielle

    I live in Michigan and I am looking for coupons from other states. So how can I get my hands on these coupons. Can u help thank u Gabrielle

    • Regina McCoy

      I am looking for coupons from other states as well. Did u ever find out how?

      • shymal

        Hi Regina! I know how you can get coupons sent to you from another state. email me at

  • Aminee

    I live in Guam a US territory do you think i can just print or show it on my phone with these coupons and where can i get them? In general all coupons are accepted at any grocery stores right? Sunday newspaper here have no coupons.

  • Gloria Medina

    I am live in Salisbury nc , I want to receive inserts in my mail please help me.

  • Vanessa

    A group of friends and I are just starting to coupon. Does anyone know where we can buy inserts for cheep? We have tried so many ways to try and collect inserts but in our area it is really hard unless you buy a bunch of papers. If anyone can help please let me know.

    • shymal

      Vanesssa.. email me about getting coupons. I know how you and your friends can get them cheap!

  • disqus_M7ihgOuVdJ

    can anyone tell me where people are buying just the inserts with out buying multiple newspapers I see you have coupons by DEDE but does she get them from newspapers or buying them a different way?

  • Jen

    I always buy mine off eBay:)

  • FanninFocus

    I m a publisher of a weekly newspaper in North Ga, with a print run of 9000. Any suggestions on who I can contact to get these inserts in my paper? Ive called several 800#s for smart source, news america, etc and can’t get a call back. Pls let me know if you have any suggestions.

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  • DanielleKay

    awesome video!! Thank you!!

  • Lucy

    Hola, I’m live on the island of Puerto Rico. Here we don’t receive the inserts. I already signed up to receive from Red Plum, however I can’t find where to sign up to receive inserts for Smart Source. Any ideas?

    • Can you order them from the coupon clippers?

    • shymal

      How many inserts would you like to receive? I know where you can get red plum, smart source and p&g shipped to your door! I can be reached at

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  • shymal

    I know where you can get inserts. email me at

    • Kim Case


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  • shymal

    I am liquidating my coupon inserts for a very low price. I need them gone. If you are interested please email me at


      hi i live in omaha ne in my city is hard to get cupons unless you buy news paper. and i dont have any idea where to get.

      • Rhonda

        You can get coupons from online sources. Just google coupons and check out what comes up. You can find them in magazines,,in tearpads by where their products are displayed in the stores. You can get just the sunday newspapers,,,I buy 2 a week and trying to get my sons to save more than that for me…

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  • Taelyr Padgett

    I live in Michigan, i am always looking for coupons. Any suggestions ?

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  • Stacey G Soto

    hi does anyone know where i can get inserts from different state in bulk and every month for cheap pricin am disabled and on limited budget so i wanna do this couponing so if anyone can help please let me knoe thank you my email is

    • Stephanie

      I would like to know the same thing. Did you get any answers?

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  • Sariona63

    Hi, Just moved to Pueblo Colorado and would like to know if anyone locally has access to inserts or where a good recycling bin is?

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  • Bsmith

    I live in Cambridge, MD and I am looking to by bulk coupons too. We don’t get very good ones in the papers around here because we are in the Rural area. Can someone please let me know where to go to buy them. Thanks

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  • Stephanie

    Could someone tell me how I can order inserts from a different state than where I live, please?

    • Stacey G Soto

      just type in browswer for buying sunday inserts in bulk and it will bring up a bunch places will can buy at different places so good luck and i truely hope this helps you. good luck stacey

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  • Diane Rogalski

    I just moved to Punta Gorda FL and I was wondering if anyone knew why Southwest FL gets 1 coupon insert when the rest of the country gets 5. Just sayin!!!

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  • All of my Inserts come from Washigton. Since we don’t Double or Triple Coupons here. The Manufactures gives us higher coupon values. I ship every single Saturday and my Customers get them on Monday. There will be no talking of Deals or Sales in this group. This is only for asking me about my Inserts and Placing an order thanks.

    Coupon Clipper Currently ships coupons throughout the United Stat…es for $20.00 (Plus $5.00 Shipping) per pack of 10 of each coupons for a given week. One set is the equivalent of 10 newspapers worth of coupons.

    There are two options for ordering.

    Weekly orders are available first thing Saturday mornings. Once you have reviewed the weekly coupon preview you may request coupon inserts as a one time order. Individual orders are filled and shipped on a first come first serve basis until our coupon supply sells out.

    We also offer a Monthly Coupon Service subscription option for those of you who would like to receive coupons each week without having to place weekly orders. Monthly orders will begin shipping each Saturday and they are given top priority seems they have been preordered. The cost for monthly service does change from month to month according to how many weeks of coupons that month will have.The cost is factored by the weekly cost of $20.00 per week times the number of weeks with coupons for that month. We do not charge for the weeks that there are no coupons. All weeks that are expected to include coupons for our Monthly Coupon Service are calculated off the coupon schedule

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  • Linda C

    I live on Guam, a US territory, and our local paper does not nave any coupon inserts. Luckily, I’m able to shop in the Military Commisary and I ‘ve been using printable coupons. What I would like to do is suscribe to just the Sunday papers who carry the most coupons. Any sugestions regarding which Newspapers I could get the most bang for my money? Thanks. Linda

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  • Kim Case

    I live in ky and we never have good coupons

    • Becky Fouch

      Kim, I know a girl here in Delbarton that orders the inserts. If you are interested, let me know.

      • Rachel Mckenzie Blanton

        Hi….I’m interested in ordering the inserts. How do I do it?

      • angela

        I live in Kentucky,I’m interested in ordering the inserts. How do I do it?



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  • Rachel Mckenzie Blanton

    Can a deal be made with the newspapers in Kentucky?

  • Rhonda

    Dierdre I really need a break on the price of Sunday newspapers. Could you try to negotiate a deal with “The Wichita Eagle” in Wichita KS? I’d really appreciate it. I looked online for over and hour yesterday to get a break on the price which is $2.00 each issue. I found nothing. Thanks even if you can’t …I appreciate all that you do. 😀

    • Yes will let you know if I can

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  • Angel Tigner

    what about the ” Times Daily” In North Alabama”? Including Florence, Muscle Shoals etc. Thanks In Advance!!!!

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  • MARA


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  • mar

    Groupon has 1- year Sunday subscription for The Press -Enterprise for $5.00 ends 9/20/2015

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  • Diane Jones

    Can you try and negotiate a deal with the Richmond Times-Dispatch in Richmond Virginia Phone: (804) 649-6000

    • HelperJen

      We will look into it.

  • Angel Tigner

    I haven’t seen anything for Florence Alabama??? Anyone know any tips??

    • bambi

      I’m fro fort payne al. The best choice for us as far as I could tell is a subscription to the Huntsville times. That was like 11.00. If you get it from the stands up here its 3.00 each.

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  • Gigi Waters

    Any newspaper discounts for the Pensacola, FL area?

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  • april sullivan


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  • Anitha White

    Hi, im looking for a reliable supplier in Los Angeles.. please contact me

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  • Meagen

    The guide specifically mentions SunSentinel in Broward County but when I click on the link it only lists Orlando Sentinel. Has SunSentinel been taken off or is it just the wrong link?

    • the sunsentinal has been taken off

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  • tanya

    I live in Southern Louisiana and our newspaper has the coupons sometimes. we never get the red plum coupons. Is there anyway that I can get the coupons in the mail or maybe a discounted price with the Times Picayune Newspaper?

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  • Olivia

    I live in Southern Indiana….Looking for cheap inserts and possible local coupon buddy :)

  • Olivia

    I live in Southern Indiana….Looking for cheap inserts and possible local coupon buddy :)

  • Tonia

    I live in Whitakers NC. I am trying to get papers inserts from out of my area

    • TAkyla

      Too funny, I’m up here trying to get these too. I live in Battleboro. did you have any luck?

  • Tonia

    I live in Whitakers NC. I am trying to get papers inserts from out of my area

    • TAkyla

      Too funny, I’m up here trying to get these too. I live in Battleboro. did you have any luck?

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  • TIQ62

    Nevada link for the Review Journal is not working:(

    • Patty White

      Okay I tried Nevada and it didn’t work.

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  • New

    None of the links work

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  • Patty White

    Deidra we do get the Red Plum in our Sunday paper the SS and P&G we also get them in the area of Las Vegas that I live in, Summerlin a local little free paper we get in the mail that also has all 3 coupons. The only people who don’t get them in the Summerlin View don’t want inserts. But Las Vegas Review Journal does have the Red Plum at least in zip code 89117. But I’ve bought the Sunday paper at 7-11 all over Vegas and they have all the inserts. I hope that helps. Thank you for the link and I don’t get a Subscription. Now I will. Thank you

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  • Jill

    I’m looking for cheap coupon inserts in MN. I moved from fridley to blaine. There use to be those newspaper stands everywere in Fridley. Just blocks away. I can’t find any around my new home. Now we pay higher mortgage, and really looking to save money, and need multiple copies of inserts.I usually would get the early edition sunday paper for a $1. I did the subscription for $14.99 special for 6 months. But is only allowed to do 1 promotion.

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  • carol

    Do you receive the Kimberly Clarke or Scott coupons?

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  • Tyne Pepers Schnebly

    Thank you for the information and discounts on papers trying so hard to learn this to save money for my family

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  • Sara

    Sara haider

  • Linda Mott

    I am looking for All laundry detergent coupons

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