Posted: June 15, 2010

Simple Chat! I added a fun chat feature on my sidebar. You don’t have to login or sign up to use it! Just click on “Guest” and type in your name, and you can chat with me or any other online reader! Yeah! Ask me questions or chat about deals. Click on “show all” to see if I am online or not, and see who else is online.  I will have my husband look into it more and make sure it is not slowing down my site, but if my site still is loading in under 2 seconds, we will keep it!

If I’m logged in, it will say “Deidre” with my picture by it so you know its me.  I will mostly be logged in at night time. If anyone says anything inappropriate while I’m not logged in, you can email me their name they were using, and I can ban their IP address.  No personal info is stored on the chat – again, you don’t register or sign up.  Just type in your name and start chatting!

Top 10 This Week! Also on my sidebar, this lists top posts within 7 days in order of most views.

New Picture! At the bottom of my site you can now see a picture of me and my husband.  He is hot eh’?  A sweetie too!  And yes, I know my hair looks better straight and with highlights in that picture then curly and dark (it is curly and dark in 1/2 my training videos) but don’t worry I’m changing it back soon.

New Coupon Training section: This is a large work-in-progress. I’m re-doing all my training info – expect more in weeks to come!

We’re Expanding: If you are someone who loves finding the best deals and wants to be on our team, let us know! This is a great money-making opportunity for people who don’t have time to run a full-time blog, but just want some easy money! Email me for details at deidre(at)

Any other features you would like to see or things you’d like my site to focus on more?

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