Posted: March 19, 2010

I posted a giveaway previously of the Danny the Dragon Book with CD.  I just wanted to mention also that I received an accompanying DVD.  This is not a normal DVD.  It reads along with the book and shows the artwork from the book yes; but it has a feature that is truly unique. It has a lady off to the side of the screen signing (using sign language!) for the entire book as it is being read out loud.

If you have a child who is deaf, the chances of them getting left out of many children’s sound books and DVD’s is great. I think if either of my children were deaf I would love for them to have this special DVD that makes them feel like they are being read to.  Many parents of deaf children have a hard time learning to sign, and if more DVD’s like this were made, it would make learning to communicate with their kids much easier and enjoyable.

Kuddos to the author Tina Turbin for being an advocate for deaf children!  She is also an advocate for celiac disease; which is why I asked her about gluten-free recipes in her upcoming Danny the Dragon cookbook.

I recently interviewed Tina and asked her about some previous projects and upcoming ones:

DEIDRE: Will the Danny the Dragon cookbook be mostly gluten-free recipes? TINA: The first one will  most definitely be for gluten-free individuals but with activities for everyone. So far it uses items such as an Easy Bake Oven, now and then too.
DEIDRE: I think if I was a parent of a deaf child I would want all my children’s DVD’s to have sign language so they could feel less left out and enjoy it with other children.  Such a great idea!
TINA: Thank you Deidre….:)
DEIDRE: Are you making all of the Danny the Dragon books available on DVD with sign language for deaf children?  TINA: At this point we have not decided. We will need to see after the release of this first one, April 15th.
DEIDRE: Does this increase the ease of teaching deaf children to read, having the words signed along side the book? TINA: Yes, and it also helps the child to be included in “being read to” with a picture book to look at next to the signing, and makes reading fun. When a child attributes FUN to something they are more inclined to do it more- hence learn to read.

DEIDRE: I am so glad I was able to review the DVD and books with my children, thank you so much!

TINA: You are very welcome and thank you for all you are doing too.
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