Posted: December 12, 2009


Disney is BACK!

We have this awesome theater in Spanish Fork where you can see new releases for $4, and kids under 3 are free! So I took my daughter to see the Princess and the Frog tonight.

Finally, Disney has gone back to their roots.  This movie had music with lyrics and the main characters dancing about.  That is something that has been missing from several of the latest Disney projects. This movie is going to be infamous like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast.  And the hand-drawn animation is stellar; the computer generation stuff was cool at first, but now it is too lifelike. My 2-year-old daughter doesn’t pay attention to computer-generated movies with all talk and no dancing and singing.  She was on the edge of her seat during this whole show, captivated by its magic.  Thank you Disney!

P.S. the New Orleans street-style voodoo magician was a truly unique villain!

Update: I just read other reviews of this movie and people who hadn’t even seen it were up in arms about it! Heated discussions everywhere. What are your thoughts?

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