Posted: April 25, 2011


Ever heard of Shelf Reliance?

Why Food Storage?
Food prices are expected to rise – dramatically.   Here’s just one article from USA Today. In it, Walmart’s CEO talks about the expected price increases coming.

How long will it last?
As I describe in the video, most Shelf Reliance products that are freeze dried last between 10-30 years.  You can click on Shelf Life as shown in this example picture, towards the bottom of each products individual page you can see the Shelf Life tab. You can see the shelf life unopened and opened.

Buy now when prices are low – and when there’s a natural disaster or economic disaster, you’ll be ready.  These are in sealed #10 cans that can survive floods.

Your $80 value Q Platinum membership will get you the lowest prices available on Food Rotation shelves, Food Storage, and Emergency Preparedness items!

What is the Q Club?
The Q club is a way  of planning your food storage all at once, so you can plan what you need only once, but pay as you can afford it. You can use their Food Storage Calculator to calculate what your family needs. Then set your monthly budget, it could be $20 or $100, whatever you choose.  You setup your own product Q. Shelf Reliance will automatically ship you your food based on the items you said you wanted on the Food Storage Calculator.  You can cancel/change orders at any time.

To get the platinum membership of the Q Club, for a normal customer it costs $80 first year and $20/yr after that.

Luck for you, I am giving you ALL a free lifetime membership to the Q club (full detail here):

  • You get a 3% rebate on all orders
  • You always get the best price even when they shop online.  This can be up to 30% off their sale items!  These prices are not shown to other members.
  • You will get Q-pons monthly
  • You get gifts!
  • For each dollar you spend, you get 1 point that can be used to purchase Shelf Reliance products and merchandise!
  • Q points never expire and you can use them immediately or save them up!
  • You get discounted shipping.
  • Discounts of Food Rotation Shelves!

To get your free membership is easy! Just click on  “click here to enter this giveaway” and leave your email address.  Email address entered can’t be an email that has been used to place orders on before – this giveaway is for new people who are part of my virtual party, or in other words people who read this post and who haven’t attended another Shelf Reliance party.

Once you enter your name and email, you will get an email shortly with your Q Platinum Membership login and password, and the membership will be all setup for you!

BONUS: 5 people who enter will receive FREE Shelf Reliance products to try – $20 value each!

No yearly or monthly fees will be applied because you’re a platinum member! You don’t have to order anything either, you can just get the membership if you want it for a later date.

Only people who fill out the form BEFORE May 2nd at midnight will get the free membership.

If you have any questions email   Giveaway sponsored by Deidre, not Shelf Reliance.

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