Posted: June 10, 2010

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I know what you are thinking – why aren’t your kids posing in the picture like they normally are?!?! No excuses here, sometimes kids just aren’t in picture taking moods.

We received the Your Baby Can Read Volume 1 set from Your Baby Can about 2 months ago.  It has a complete guide on how their system works.   One part of it is to do each volume for 2 or 3 months before moving onto the next volume.

The first volume includes:

  • A DVD explaining how to use each of the following to maximize their effectiveness, and how often to do each:
  • Another DVD which shows teaches words incorporated in the flop-open book and cards.   This was my 1 year old’s favorite part of the system.   She never watches t.v., but she really liked watching the kids on this dvd and seemed interested in learning the words.
  • A book with flop-open pages with a word on one side, and when you flip the tab there’s a picture of what the word represents.   This was my 3 year old daughter’s favorite part of the system.   I believe she enjoys reading and even though it wasn’t about story lines, she just loves opening the flaps and reading with me.
  • 5 hard cards with words on both sides and tabs to pull them open.  Inside are pictures representing the words on the card. Also their is a blank card you can use erasable markers on.

The system is really for people who are good at doing repetitive things and I learned I am not one of them.  At first we were really on schedule and never missed a day.  Then a few days would go in-between sessions.  Then we’d remember and do our sessions, but hardly twice a day as we were supposed to.

If you are good at keeping schedules and make sure to do the sessions, I think you could see improvement in your child’s ability to understand written words.  My 1 year old daughter would put her arms up when the words “arms up” came on the screen.  I thought that was pretty cool.  I don’t think she was reading, but more understanding it meant to put her arms up.

My 3 year old daughter is not the type that can hold still and wander away during the DVD time.  But she came back and loved the flop-book and sliding cards and was more interested in those.  I wish I had been more diligent in doing this everyday, I am going to continue on with the system to see if she learns the words.  Right now she hasn’t yet.  She has, however, figured out that when I point at the picture of a tiger, and then point at the word tiger that the word represents the tiger.  I’ll point at the tiger and then at the word and say “what’s this word” and she says “tiger”.

Giveaway: 1 Winner Will Get the Entire Your Baby Can Read Volume 1 Set including: 1 training DVD, 1 watching DVD for kids, 1 flap book, and 6 slide cards.


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