Posted: February 9, 2010

UPDATE: We’ve got both winners, Ann and Erin! I spent $57.17 and I saved $135.28. And I still have a $8 Walgreens register reward leftover for this week’s trip! Also note I saved $10 with coupons and free gift cards from facebook promos at Toys R Us, which I added to my saved total already but may have thrown off some of the guesses. My k-mart trip was free after the $10 rebate, plus well I actually made some $$$ on it.  Anyways here the other receipts:

Walmart $15.18 (mostly for Baby Formula which I had no coupons for, boo!)

K-Mart Spent $6, getting a $10 K-mart gift card back! $4 moneymaker!


Walgreens Sorry the Walgreens receipt pictures which are SO fuzzy.

Rite Aid: spent $6.35 and I am getting SCR’s back totaling $11.99

The above items were everything I purchased this weekMy weekly budget of $100 includes everything I buy from groceries, prescriptions, to gifts I buy for my kids birthdays. Keep in mind after going over last week, I compensated for it this week!  Also, if you are new to my site, I stock up on what is on sale, so the reason not much “food” was purchased this week is there weren’t any great sales I needed to get. See here.

Please include in your guess the following which I didn’t get a picture of:
1 gallon milk, 1/2 gallon chocolate milk, 1 dozen medium eggs, 12 ounce frozen strawberries, & $15 which I spent at Toys R Us on my daughter’s 1st birthday present.

Please leave a comment to win one of 2 prizes:
guess how much I saved (rebate savings & coupon savings combined)
& guess how much I spent after rebates and my $13 in Rite Aid gift cards/gift of savings I used

The first person to guess within $5 how much I saved will get 3 coupons for free 6oz pouches of Purina dog or cat food, plus other dog & cat food coupons, $60 total value, etc… mailed to them from me.

The first person to guess within $5 how much I spent will get a3 coupons for free Marcal Small Steps single roll bath tissue, plus 10 other random household cleaner & pharmacy coupons, $50 total value, mailed to them from me.

If you guess them both first, you get both prizes!

I will post my receipt to verify One of my winners from last week emailed me to say she got her coupons, and thought the event was so fun that she decided to hold one on her site as well, here.

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