Posted: March 1, 2010

Who would look at my daughter (above) and know how dramatic she can be?

It all started yesterday at 9:00 I realized I had left my girl’s diaper bag at church.  It is a separate bag from my purse, so luckily nothing was in it too valuable.

Then today I went to get my driver’s license; it is my Birthday so I had to re-new.  Anyways, I was not expecting a 2 1/2 hour wait.  And I had only my purse – no diaper bag, AKA no toys for my 2 little girls to keep them occupied.  Things started off bad and got worse rapidly, and 1/2 hour in to the waiting time both my daughters were on the floor, literally worse than the movies, kicking the ground and screaming.

I had no toys and was trying to sing to them or do anything to get them to stop.  Everyone in the room was trying to help, but there was no end in sight.  I was so mortified and felt like such a bad mother. I should have brought toys! I had one daughter (2 1/2 years old, the one in the picture above) on the ground RolLinG around and the other (1 years old) I was bouncing on my hip as she kicked me.

Tears were forming in my eyes and I was thinking of ceasing the operation and trying again another day when a lady walked across the room and handed me her ticket.  She was the next in line. I told her my place was 2 hours away.  I couldn’t make her do the long wait again.  But she gave me a squeeze and I could feel the light of Christ in her, and knew she genuinely wanted to help me. We traded tickets and the lady at the checkout desk smiled and told me she had been trying to figure out a way to squeeze me to the front of the line without upsetting anyone.

To that lady: Thank you.  You may never read this or know it, but I won’t forget your service to me.

Need is not always financial – there are plenty of other ways to serve others.

I won’t forget this Birthday.

P.S. to make my day better, I got an email from Disney Movie Rewards stating that every member gets a free Blu-Ray mailed to them just for it being their birthday! Make sure you sign up – I have only been a member 8 months and I enter in codes from Disney DVD’s plus mail in my receipts if I go to the theater and see Disney movies, and I get points that can be used for Disney items/dvds. Anyways, I got one free movie out of 5 pre-selected choices.  Mine choices were Enchanted, Meet the Robinsons, High School Musical 2, National Treasure and The Game Plan.  I picked “Meet the Robinsons” and I can’t wait for it to get here – I am giving it to my 2 1/2 year old on her upcoming birthday.

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