Posted: June 13, 2010

Someone is building a house across the street from us, and I see in the junk pile tons of 2×4 pieces of wood that have nails in them, but aside from that are near perfect.  A true frugalista, I head over and ask the contractor why they would toss those.  He mumbles something about must only use perfect pieces.  I say I want them and he says go for it.

I started daydreaming of what the wood could become in my head.   I am doing a giveaway for CSN stores soon and while browsing their sites ran across a nice picture of some twin beds that had built in storage in them, and a pull-out bed underneath, and thought, wow what a great use of space!   My daughter has a wooden twin bed so I thought, maybe my husband can take this wood and make a pull-out drawer underneath the bed.  I even show him the picture.

Well yesterday I peek in the garage to see what he has been working on all day, and wouldn’t you know -he’s made some saw horses.   I asked him about his plans for the rest and he said he’s making his own windmill base.  He’s planning on making our own windmill in our backyard.  He even shows me the pictures online of the motor he’s going to build (or alternator? I can’t remember) Anyways, I wonder if I should blog about the windmill project as he does it.

It is funny how men and women look at wood and dream of totally different projects! Truth is, mine probably wouldn’t have worked with 2×4’s anyway, so here’s to you my hubby, good luck on your windmill!

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