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Oct 30 2011
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Hosting a free giveaway?

  1. Leave us a link all week long! This list will be refreshed every Sunday.
  2. Please be sure it links directly to your giveaway, and not your homepage.
  3. Please put the date the giveaway ends, example: (1/24). I delete expired links or links with no end date.
  4. Add our button to your site.

Looking for other sites with giveaway linkys? We also have a complete list is of free places to advertise your giveaways!. Also, I can list your giveaway on linkys if you want me to!

NOTE: Adding links to your giveaways won’t work in rss or emails, you must visit the site to add a link to your giveaway or view all the other giveaways to enter!

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  • reina

    love miracle whip.. i will love some for free thank you

  • kim haynie

    Thanks. I love Miracle Whip!

  • Susan McNeill

    Thanks for helping me share great giveaways! :)

  • Tina Peterson

    Hmmmm – there doesn’t seem to be a ‘continue reading’ button to go to the giveaway linky. Thoughts? I tried refreshing the page and that didn’t help either?

    • Random Deals

      Same here

  • Wealth Artisan

    Thanks! It’s really neat that you do this :-D

  • Kara

    Thanks for doing this!!

  • dsmyth57

    Newbie Needs Help! Badly!

  • Momndaughersavings

    Thank you for this linky.  I see some I’m going to enter!

  • Penny Minding Mom

    The Giveaway for Mary’s Moxee I accidently put the wrong end date, it should be 04/20/12

  • Shewolfsasha

    thanks. love free stuff

  • Me

    Thanks for the linky. Its a great way to share my giveaway.

  • Terrylee5151

    Thanks for the link

  • HomeJobsbyMOM

    Thanks for the linky! Btw, I liked you on FB and linked you to my page :)

  • Kristin Holt Duncan

    Thank you!  Linked my giveaway!

  • Trendy Mom Reviews

    Thanks for this awesome page!

  • IsabelleRemy

    Thanks for this great page!

  • giveawayalley

    Thank you

  • eBookMall


  • Murray644

    Love your site! Thanks for the link up and linky list!

  • IsabelleRemy

    Thanks for this great site!

  • Marymscrns

    Love this site!!

  • Swipea

    love this site…

  • April


  • IsabelleRemy

    Happy Canada Day!

  • Mydallasmommy

    Ends 7/4

  • Anna @ Diaper coupons 4 moms

    Hey thanks for the linky to my Huggies diaper giveaway

  • Couples Costumes

    Wow we were not very discriptive with our link but it is for $1000 worth of costumes and has a less than 100 entries so far, contest ends 4th of July!

  • Susanmcneill6

    Thanks for helping me share great fashion and beauty giveaways from some of my favorite brands like Kenzie Mac Beth pearl jewelry, SKM Artworks artisan jewelry and Shoes Under storage systems as seen on TV!

  • Malky

    Great Site with thoughtful resources. Thanks

  • Cristen Casados

    THanks for the linky opportunity.  

  • Scienceofcouponing

    Thank you for the linky opportunity 

  • IsabelleRemy

    Thanks for the linky! 

  • Cristen Casados

    Thank you!

  • Jenny

    Thank you!

  • jenn

    Not sure if i did this right…here’s hoping!

  • Denise White

    Thanks For The Linky!

  • Evelyn of Smallish

    Lovin’ the Linky. Thanks!

  • Athena

    Hey, sorry, but I wanted to say that whenever I try to subscribe and enter for the 100$, I never get an email. Any suggestions?

  • Printing Ray

    When it will appear on the site?

  • Suburban Style Challenge

    Thanks for the linky! <3

  • mirandakay

    Thank you for the chance to list my giveaway!

  • Pam

    Thank you for the space and opportunity to promote our giveaway!
    You have a wonderful blog going on here, keep up the good job and good luck to all!

  • Pala Pala Dresses

    Thanks for hosting!

  • Family Can B Fit

    Thank you for the linky!

  • Family Can B Fit

    Thank you for the linky

  • PowerSkin

    Thanks for the opportunity–good luck to the readers!

  • Teh Doll

    Thank you kindly for the linky.

  • Mrs LC

    Thank you for the linky =)

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