Posted: July 1, 2010

Well she just seems so innocent doesn’t she?  9 days ago She was screaming and I wanted to work on my site.  After several unsuccessful attempts at getting her to play with her older sister, I decided to hand her my cell phone just for  a minute so I could finish my post and then go play with her.

Well she ran from the room quick as can be, and 9 days later my cell phone has still never returned.  We’ve even looked in the vents!

We don’t have a house phone.  So for nine days I have been phone-less.   I emailed friends and family to tell people to email me because I didn’t have a phone and didn’t want to buy a new one. You would have thought I said I was going top-less; people were really shocked that someone could go without a phone.   I decided I am too frugal to buy a new one, I know people lived for centuries without phones, well I could do it too.

I decided to be The Ultimate Frugalista – no cell phone or home/land phone!

I have had a cell phone since they first got big 11 years ago.  I have been texting details about my day to my husband for years.  I had no idea what a big role my phone played in my life.  With my phone gone, I couldn’t just text my husband and ask him what he wanted for dinner.  I couldn’t call the repair man when our door broke (it’s under warranty) and I couldn’t get a hold of the BYU Intern office since they don’t answer emails.  I have wanted to call them for 9 days but haven’t been able to.   I couldn’t call my friends and say “let’s go to the park”, which we often randomly do with our kids.  I emailed them, but my friends are stone-age (no offense, you know who you are 🙂  and only check their email once per day, often long after I wanted to randomly go to the park.

Well you get the picture.   Life without a phone was not as easy as I thought it would be.

So today I decided it is not going to just  “show up” as I was hoping it would, and decided to buy a new phone on eBay.  I did a ton of research and picked my phone.  I waited impatiently for hours to make sure I won it. I was the high bidder with 10 seconds left.  Then I refreshed the page and I’d been outbid!   What a waste of time!

I am sitting here waiting for another bid to end at 4:30. This time I did a “max bid” so it will automatically up my bid to if people keep out-bidding me.  Wish me luck!

Morale of The Story: Don’t hand your phone to your toddlers, even for a minute.

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