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Jul 17 2011
Posted by deidre 77 Comments

Last week’s weekly giveaway winner: Myrel, h.broken08@…com  (pic of Myrel’s shopping trip) Paid: $17.06  for $98.90 worth of items at Walgreens.

Are you Cuckoo for Coupon Deals???

Let’s see those shopping hauls!  Since there were no RedPlum inserts in the paper today :(   I thought I’d make this weeks weekly giveaway even more awesome by throwing in two AMC Gold Movie Tickets ($25 value)! I got these tickets for free by using credits from this AMC Screamin Deals deal I posted; credits I couldn’t have gotten without all of you! So in order to say thanks, I thought why not give the tickets away??? Plus get a Women’s sizes S, M, L or XL and 5 SS coupon inserts from 07/17!

How to Enter:

  • Just submit a picture of any shopping trip this week  or last week, July 17-23! One picture will randomly be selected as the winner.  Photos must be 1,000 KB’s or under to upload.  Or you could post  a receipt picture if you’d like.
  • Make sure to comment on your picture- Where did you do the shopping trip at? How much did you spend and save? When was it?
  • *NEW*: if you can’t get your picture to upload because they are over 1,000 KB’s, post the url to the picture uploaded to tinypic.com!  Or Photobucket.com or any other free upload pictures web service.  Tinypic doesn’t even make you create an account, you just upload it and it gives you the url, I just did it in 20 seconds and it gave me the url: http://tinypic.com/r/2h7m0sh/7   If you do this option, make sure to still comment on where you bought stuff etc on this post with the link to the picture.
  • BONUS ENTRY: Get one extra entry if you share any unadvertised deals you score so others can score them as well!  Just leave an extra comment for that entry.

Ready, set, let’s see your cuckoo shopping trip pictures!

*Don’t know where to get coupon inserts? Read this coupon insert deals post!

USA only – Ends July 23rd  midnight EST and announced when I post the next t-shirt & insert giveaway (usually Sunday afternoons).  Winner will be chosen using Random.org and verified for entry requirements, and winners are announced on my homepage & giveaways rss feedgiveaways emails (subscribe now) and the new Giveaway Winners drop-down from my main menu.  Sponsored by Deidre from Cuckoo for Coupon Deals,  not in connection with AMC theaters.

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  • sonia guerra


    july 13- CVS had Seattle’s Best Iced Coffee at $1.25 and manufacturer’s coupon for $1 off hanging up- so I made sure I got 2 a day to take advantage of the great price and to add up towards the green tag $1 reward.

  • Shelley Snyder

    Well, I didn’t take any pictures of my shopping trip but this was my daughter’s reaction when she saw all the fabulous deals I got from Walgreen’s. Thanks for all your tips!
    [img]http://www.cuckooforcoupondeals.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Happy Valentine’s Day).jpg[/img]

  • Tara

    Great Giveway ! I am new to couponing & wanted to know why were there no RedPlum inserts this week in the newspaper ?

    • Kelly

      Hi Tara,
      I started couponing at the beginning of the summer and in my searches for information, I found the Taylortown Coupon Review for the 2011 Coupon schedule. And also, the Sunday Coupon schedule which will tell you what will be in the inserts for that week. They both give me a good idea for deciding if I am buying papers or not for the week.
      Hope this helps!!! It did me!

  • Christine Lentine

    This is a Great Deal I came across at our Kroger’s today. These cover girl concealer’s were on close out for $1.60 ea. I used the $2.50/2 cover girl coupon that expire 7/31. I purchased 6 of these for $2.10 plus tax. These were regularly priced at $6.39 each. I saved $ 36.24.

    • Christine Lentine

      Does this qualify for the bonus entry? This was an unadvertised deal I came across this morning.

      • deidre


  • Charrise Cuevas

    My Shopping Trip from Walmart – Original Total was $33, but I only Paid $0.15 thanks to Overage! =)

    -Similac Ready Feed Bottles $3.84 used (4) $5 Off Similac Coupons = FREE + $4.64 OVERAGE
    -Hot Pockets Snackers $2.88 Used the $1.00/1 Hot Pockets Snackers = $1.88
    -Pull Up Wipes $1.64 – $2.00/1 Off Any Pull Ups Wipes Coupon = FREE + $0.36 OVERAGE
    -Eggs $1.55
    -So Delicious Ice Cream Sandwiches $4.88 Used FREE So Delicious ANY Product Coupon = FREE
    -Oscar Meyer Sandwich Combo $2.48 Used $1.00/1 Off Oscar Meyer Sandwich Coupon = $1.48
    -(2) Cascade Trial Pack $0.97 each Used (2) $1.00/1 Any size Cascade Coupons = FREE + $0.06 OVERAGE
    [img]http://www.cuckooforcoupondeals.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/$0.15 WALMART.JPG[/img]

  • Charrise Cuevas

    Forgot to leave the date of my Shopping Trip – I think it was 7/12.
    Thanks for the Fun Contest =)

  • Kimberly

    Everyone keep your eyes open if you are shopping at meijer, I found angel soft 12pk for $2.99 or $0.24 a roll!!!! Limit of 4. The regular price was $5.99.

  • laurie pailes-lindeman

    Todays trip to cvs. Saved 70.85 spent 23.54 earned 8.00 ecb back..7/17/11 Epping NH

    • laurie pailes-lindeman

      Todays good deal rite aid in raymond nh arizona ice tea the big cans usually 99 cents are 67 cents a piece.

  • laurie pailes-lindeman


    CVS Epping NH July 17th 2011
    Savings were 70.85 Spent 23.54 and earned 8.00 more in ECB

  • laurie pailes-lindeman

    top saving of the day at Rite Aid in Raymond NH Arizona Ice tea 23 ounce cans usually 99 cents now 67 cents no limit.
    Also Highlighters at Walgreens Raymond NH 9 cents a piece

  • bethany


    Took my daughter school shopping today. Spent $49.45 for 2 shorts, 1 leggings and 3 shirts at Kohl’s. Used a $10 off $30 coupon and I had a 30% coupon for using my Kohl’s card. I saved $110.65. Not the best Kohl’s trip, but my daughter has expensive and very particular taste, so to spend a little more than I’d prefer is okay if she loves the items.

  • Michelle

    07/17/2011–Walmart SCORE! The Watermelon flavor Mentos is reg priced .43 (other flavors were higher) and I used TEN $1/3 coupons for the 15ct. The M&M’s were .50 each and I used FOUR $1.25/3 coupons for the reg size packs. My total was $6 even! BTW- I got the M&M Q’s from http://www.couponsthingsbydede.com WELL worth it!

    • Michelle

      I hope my pic shows up but if not I purchased 30 of the Mentos and 12 pks of m&m’s lol

  • Melinda

    My recent shopping trip was very unexpected. While doing some normal grocery shopping, my local grocery store had a GREAT clearance sale on some beauty/medicine items. These items are about a year from their expiration date too! =)
    What I got:
    Oral B floss, 3 packs of DayQuil Plus, Headon migraine relief, Dove deodorant, Aveeno hair gel, 2 Nexxus leave in conditioner repair treatments, Alka Selzter cold medication powder packs, Aveeno hair foam, John Freida conditioner, and a pair of scissors (sorry, they are opened, I REALLY needed a new pair! lol)

    I found a lot of these items on clearance for DIRT CHEAP, and with the use of some coupons, including a $1/1 Alka Selzter (which was on clearance for .99 making it FREE) and a $2.00/1 scotch scissors (on sale for $2.79 in the school section-making them $.79 each!!) everything cost a little over $15.00!! All of these items my family or I will eventually use, so this was an AWESOME steal.

    Also, not sure if this will count for a second entry considering the items are on clearance…but I found these items at my local Strack & Van Til…a grocery store chain in NW Indiana and IL. If you have one, I HIGHLY recommend going and checking out their clearance often and matching with your coupons. You can walk away with a lot of things practically FREE. There health & beauty/medication is ALWAYS on clearance because it does not sell as fast as say Walgreens or Wal-mart…so it’s often put on sale too get rid of it. Go, go, go!! =)

  • Melinda

    Oops, I didn’t remember to add my extra entry as an additional comment…but it is included in my post =) thanks!

  • Marsie Ziesmer

    My Walgreen’s trip from 7/17. Total retail price $63.36. My out-of-pocket after coupons and RR’s…..(drum roll, please!)… $6.29 !!! I have been couponing since the end of May, and this is my best shopping trip EVER! I am so excited!! :o)

    • Marsie Ziesmer

      Photo looks kinda small on line…here are the contents:

      2 lbs. bacon
      4 Milka chocolate bars
      3 cans tuna
      4 mini highlighters
      3 pks #10 pencils
      3 pks mechanical pencils
      1 pk dry erase markers
      2 pks erasers
      Revlon eyebrow kit

  • Jay

    Unfortunately I don’t have a camera so I had to scan these receipts. My shopping trip wasn’t big but I did only pay 20 cents for both a 4 pack of Starbucks and Post it. The coupon that was used for starbucks is no longer available it was only for the first 1,000 people. I was also able to take a couple of buses for free because of the whole carmageddon in LA.

  • Heather

    This is my recent trip (7/15) to Kroger during their Mega Sale . After coupons I spent (including tax) 35.45. This total also includes 4 monster energy drinks which I forgot to include when I took the picture.

    • Heather

      might help if I include the picture huh? lol

  • Patty Perry

    Kroger. Individual mac n cheese cups 50cents each when you buy $10

  • Patty Perry

    Kroger…..10 Kraft Mac N Cheese cups for $5

  • Myrel

    Thank you very much! I am very excited. I already reply to your email. More power! :-)

  • Janis G

    I spent $9.88 and saved $43.58! This was all stuff we use.

  • Cathy

    I cant post a pic of my grocery trip, because part of my groceries go to a friend and a shut in. And my receipts go to the neighb orhood church. But I bought $150 worth of groceries and saved $117.64. That is feeding at my house 6 people and I do this on a weekley basis at Winn Dixie with coupons and their Rewards Card.

  • Tiffany


    I went to CVS today and bought:

    2 Pantene hair products for 6.97 and used a $3/2 coupon.

    2 Oral-B Indicator toothbrushes for 1.99 each and used a $2 off coupon.

    1 Crest toothpaste for 1.99 and used a 0.75 off coupon.

    From the clearance section, I got 2 mini bottles of lotion and 1 mini bottle of Axe shampoo+conditioner for 82 cents for all three.

    I used 7.99 ECB that I got from a previous trip. I saved $19.21 and paid only $0.02 oop. I also got 5 ECB back to use on my next trip!

  • Catherine

    I went to Rite Aid, Walgreen’s, and Dollar General. The retail value was $94, I spent $28 with $12 of Up and RR left over. That is about a 87% savings rate.

    • Catherine


  • Jen


    Wow! What a score today. Got everything pictured and only paid $.31 oop(yes that is only 31 cents). We don’t have tax in Oregon so I didn’t have that either. I got 2 resolve spray and wash, 6 boxes of Kleenex, Children’s Advil, Always pantyliners, Oral B toothbrush and a piece of candy. I used +Up rewards to pay and came out with another $2.50 +Up for my next trip.

    • Jen

      Forgot to mention that I get all of this at Rite Aid. I went today, July 18, 2011.

  • Jen

    For my extra entry: At Kmart there were reach toothbrushes on temporary markdown from $2.69 to $1.39. I had a one dollar off any Reach toothbrush(All You magazine) so I only paid $.39!

  • Amanda Pendergraff

    [img]http://www.cuckooforcoupondeals.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/kroger trip.jpg[/img]

    I went to Kroger and got (2) Wisk Laundry detergents, (3) Reach Toothbrushes, (2) Colgate Toothpastes, and (3) ChiChi’s Salsa.

    All 10 items I bought were in the Mega Event. Mega Event prices were $3.49 for each Wisk then I used $2/1 cpn on each making them only $1.49 ea. Reach toothbrushes were only .99 and I had $1/1 cpns for each of those making +.01 ea. Toothpaste was also .99 ea. I used a .50/1 cpn on one which doubled up to the .99 making it FREE and used a .75/1 cpn on the other makin it only .24. and the Salsa was on sale for $1.49 ea and I used .50/1 cpn on each one making them only .49 each!

    Regular price would have been over $35 … I paid only $6.03 OOP and saved $29.69 (86%)

    The cashier said, “Wow! That’s less than the price of one Wisk!” :)

  • amanda cottrell

    My deal of the day was at petsmart I bought 2 seperate transactions of esquiste cat litter in a variety of scents including cedar ,lavender and fresh cent and it is very very similar so tiday cats texture wise ,but there were 2 rebate forms hanging with this litter only 2 left anyway for buy 25 dollars worth of litter you get 25 dollar gift card back for petsmart and it allowed 2 of these per household so i bought 50 dollars worth of litter in 2 seperate sales for 50 dollars and some change each so I ended up getting it for 5.00 and some change I already mailed my reciepts so i dont know the exact change but it was 5 something for 50 bucks worth of litter !! how cool is that I started couponing 16 days ago and i love it and wonder why i didnt do it before i feel like i have wasted so much money …also i went to target with the bic coupons everyone has been talking about and got 6 packs of 10 ink pens free …..love!!! and my total at target was 58 before coupons and 27 after ,i had a coupn for every single item in my buggy except 1.69 for paper clips and I am starting to not enjoy how the cashiers look at me when i have coupons :-( ….

    • Christine Lentine

      That is the look of envy….They wish they took the time to shop they way we do…That’s what I tell myself anyway.. Good Haul

      • amanda cottrell

        Thanks!! i thought that too lol maybe they have to work too much and dont have time for couponing …lol

  • amanda cottrell

    I have one more trip i did on saturday at rite aid ,i have been buying the nivea products to get to my 100 dollars for my 40 dollar u p rewards for quite some time and i reached it the other day and i had another up rewards for 15 dollars for buying 40 dollars on select skincare products ,i picked up my prescription which was 10 dollars and i got 3 tubes of mascara and a box of u tampons some cover girl blush and some rainbow eyelashes for my daughter and a few more things but i i used my 55 dollars in up rewards and only had to pay 10.92 but remember 10 was my script so i only had to pay 92 cents for 55 dollars worth of stuff!! it was great !

    • amanda cottrell

      here is my reciept !! i found it !this was july 14th

  • Leigh

    I’m not up to the expertise as some of you guys…yet. I only started couponing in June. Anyway, I went to WalMart yesterday, and here’s a picture of what I bought. I had coupons for most of it. My bill would have been about $110.00, but with coupons and comp.s, I paid $50.33.

    • Leigh

      Not sure why my picture isn’t uploading. I spent a lot of time arranging my items :(

  • Kendra

    this was my sister and I trip to walgreens and walmart last week. total retell 260 dollars. and we spent a whopping 30 dollars for everything!. I do you live in kansas city area so we didn’t get all the register rewards at walgreens but this week will be using our points which add it up to 15 dollars to use on our scenarios this week. in the good news is everything listed in the walgreens scenarios we can buy and get register rewards. Thanks cookoo.

    • amanda cottrell

      awesome!!! rite aid last week had those airwick compact if you buy one for 9.99 you get 2 for free so that is 30 dollars but i bought 6 for what would have been 60 dollars but with my rewards i ended up only paying 16 !!! i am addicted to this now!lol good haul !

  • Sarah

    Walgreens & CVS shopping trip today! Left home with $20 came home with $6 and some change plus $8 RR and I think $5 EB. I had a few RR and EB from previous trip too. My favorite deal my CVS had Huggies in size 1 marked down to $3.12 with a $1.50 off each coupon= $3 for both! Cereal deal from Walgreens was also Great!! They are 3/$6 I had a $5 off 5 coupon, plus a $2 off 5 catalina
    [img]http://www.cuckooforcoupondeals.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/walgreens &cvs-1.jpg[/img]

  • wesavemoneytoo

    All these deals look *Fantastic*. I’m having NO such luck.Almost every store I go into,I’m being told,I can only use one coupon per trip to the store.I’m not allowed to use coupons that are more than the item.Trial sizes are being restricted,even though the coupon doesn’t exclude trial sizes.

    Snotty,nasty cashier’s with *huge* attitudes,when I quote the coupon policy.I even whipped out a copy of the stores coupon policy,and the manager wouldn’t even look at it.She told me,she would call corporate office,then started to check out a teal(cash drawer) and expected me to wait while she did that….nope I left.

    I also have noticed,that *A lot* of cashier’s seem to let their racism show,when presented with coupons…smh

    And last but not least,MF coupons aren’t being allowed to be stacked with the stores coupons.

  • Michelle Donham

    I went to Walgreen’s yesterday (7/18). I actually called around to see which ones still had the Dove men+care bar soap. The one that I went to had only 2 left and held them for me. I explained that they were for my son’s box to send to Afghanistan, then I asked her about all the “crazy coupon people”; she laughed and said yes many come in with binders. I said well, I am one of them, but this is an awesome deal so I needed to stock up for my son. My intention was only to do one transaction (taken from your transaction scenario list), but I ended up doing 3. The cashier was very nice even though it “beeped” several times. She was patient and laughed with me. I only spent $4.06 out of pocket and save $48.30. I was very excited about it. Not sure if this qualifies since it was from your list, but I still thought it was a great save.

    • Michelle Donham

      The picture didn’t upload for some reason.

      • Kelly

        Michelle, just wanted to say, I appreciate you and your son’s contribution to our wonderful nation. Thank you!

  • evelyn

    enter me thanks

  • Deborah Stawiarski

    My shopping trip was at a market with my daughter and her friend.

  • MyScratchOff Giveaways

    Your giveaway is live Good luck everyone!

  • Omeshia

    [img]http://www.cuckooforcoupondeals.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/41 items for 40.41.jpg[/img]
    Just moved to SC from FL and landed in the world of DOUBLING, EXTREME COUPONING, and STOCKPILING! Here is one of my first major attempts at couponing on 7/19:
    Trip to Wally World (Wal-Mart) and managed to purchase 41 items for just $40.41! (avg. to just about .99 ea)

    Coupons used:
    (1) $1/1 Vanity Fair
    (1) $2/1 Noxzema razor
    (1) $4/1 Gillette razor
    (1) $3/1 Bic Soleil
    (1) $0.50/1 Snuggle
    (1) $1/1 Arm & Hammer
    (2) $1/1 Edwards Singles
    (1) $0.50/1 Lipton
    (1) $0.75/1 Taster’s Choice
    (2) $0.50/1 Curad
    (1) $0.50/1 Johnson’s & Johnson’s
    (4) $1/1 Crest Pro-Health Family Dollar coupons (overage.03 each)
    (4) $1/1 Crest Toothpaste Family Dollar coupons (overage.03 each)
    (4) $0.50/1 Old Spice Body Wash & (1) BOGO Old Spice Body Wash
    (1) $.0.75/1 Great Day Eggs
    (1) $0.50/1 Dannon
    (1) $5/1 Bengay
    (2) $1/1 NYC makeup
    (1) $.50/1 Nesquik
    (1) $1/2 UP2U
    (1) $0.50/2 Milky Way
    (1) $0.75/2 M & M’s
    ***items not pictured: Sunny Delight & Bag of Wise Chips (eaten before picture, lol)

  • Elizabeth Owens

    I went to my local bookstore this k and they had a GREAT Sale. If you bought two Debbie Macomber books, you got one free. I am a huge fan of hers, so I got three books of hers that I do not have. I also am a part of their member club, so I received an additional %10 off the already %20 off books. My grand total for this book shopping trip $12.56. I was happy with this. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Myrel

    Thank you very very much! I just received my prize today. I am very excited to use the coupons. More power to you and more blessings to come. :-)

  • Enter your full name here

    OMG got a ton of markdowns thanks

  • Marcia G

    Hope I am not too late……at our Walmart here in Kansas they have a special 3 boxes of Tampons all wrapped together for$9.43. Hubby works there, I have him check these things out for me! :)
    Now since there is 3 can I use 3 coupons to purchase this packaged special> With my $3.00 of coupons I could virturally get 3 boxes for approximately .45……………..

  • Marcia G

    Shopping trip yesterday at our Military exchange:

    5 Bic Soleils razors $3 off each was 3.69each
    1 Nivea Lotions $2 off was5.07
    2 Vaseline lotion .75 off ea was 1.99 ea
    4 Pantene 3.00/2 was 2.69ea.
    total 38.76
    my cost after coupons 13.76 savings of 24.05
    I’m happy

  • Renee C

    Shopping trip on 7/17 at Rite-Aid:

    2 Packages Pampers Cruisers jumbo packs
    2 Oral-B Cross Action toothbrushes
    2 U by Kotex packages of pantiliners
    1 Precise Heat Patch 4ct
    1 Excedrin 24 tablets
    total $36.94
    oop 13.20 & $8.00 Up+ Rewards

    • Renee C

      Also, great deal at New York & Company if you like their clothes. 5 pairs of pants, 1 sweater, 1 t-shirt, & 4 dress shirts for $112 including tax. And got $45 City Cash for September shopping. With school starting (ugh) that made me happy!!!

  • Molly Capel

    Target on 7/19. Spent 13.91. Saved 33.49. Walked out with 7 packs of pens, sharpie markers & two scotch tapes for FREE.:) Had coupons for everything I bought. I did stack the Target coupons with Manufacture ones whenever I could.

    • Molly Capel

      Hmmmm. I had a pic not sure why it didn’t go on here. I bought 4 mens Dove Deoderants w/bonus travel sized deod., 2 Dove mens Body wash w/bonus travel body wash, 2 boxes of Hefty Storage bags, 2 Oral B Floss, 2 Travel Sized Wet Wipes, 2 Benadryl Itch Stick, 2 J & J Travel First Aid Kit, 6 packs of Bic Pens, 1 pack of Papermate Pens, 2 pack of Sharpies, 2 Scotch Tape, 1 pack of Trident gum & 4 water bottles.

  • Tawny

    I went to Target to get a few things that I actually needed and had coupons for. I also used a reusable bag at target to receive 5 cents off my total. I saved $9.05 and only spent $0.21 for my Bengay, Benadryl Anti-Itch stick, Scotch Tape and Marshmallows! I just bought my items on the 19th.

  • Jennifer

    I bought all this for $10.09 at Kmart on 07/26/2010. I will be donating the 24 cans of dog food I got for free to the Humane Society
    [img]http://www.cuckooforcoupondeals.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/cuckoo entry1.jpg[/img]

    • deidre

      They will appreciate that! ALSO, this is last week’s giveaway, make sure to enter it in this week’s in order to qualify

  • Lisa M.

    Some people did really great on deals! WooHoo!

  • angie

    love it

  • angie

    like it

  • angie


  • angie

    cant beat

  • angie

    right on

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  • Laura

    That’s great!

  • Laura

    =) Love giveaways!

  • ambernicole8484

    You do some really awesome giveaways!

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