Posted: June 5, 2010

UPDATE: Lindsey guessed with $5 – I spent $68 – so I have emailed her for mailing info!

Winco is better then the best.  I was scared to go because it is a 20 minute drive from my house, and I couldn’t justify the savings due to using extra gas to get there.  I finally broke down and took the trip there today, mostly because I needed produce and I’ve heard its the ‘go-to’ for lowest produce prices.    As you saw in the Winco Deals this week & next week, they were also offering 4 products completely free.  So they lured me in.

I already want to go back.   Their prices were drop-dead low and their variety was fantastic.   I got 8 lbs of Strawberries for only $5.96.   I’ll be making my super-simple, yet foul proof Strawberry Freezer Jam tonight!  I usually add in Huckleberries but they aren’t in season yet.  I go to the mountains in Idaho and pick them myself, since they are too expensive to buy anywhere.

I normally do Guess What I Spent & Saved, but since my kids were climbing out of the shopping cart and I was in a hurry, I didn’t use many coupons.  Their food is about 50% off regular prices, so I did save a lot, but it’s impossible to guess how much I saved.

So it’s just Guess What I Spent day:

Leave a comment: Guess within $5 how much I spent and get $30 in clipped coupons!

If no-one guesses by Sunday night, I’ll just tell you.

Hint: their meat wasn’t that cheap – I spent $15.50 on fresh steaks and fresh cut ham alone! This was the only area of the store I didn’t see prices lower then regular grocery store prices.

Also, the diapers and Coppertone were from Rite Aid.  I always buy diapers from Rite Aid.  Stack a $5/25 coupon with a few $3/1 manufacturer’s and $1/1 video values coupons, and you can’t get much lower.  There’s a $3/1 Coppertone coupon on Rite Aid Video Values right now, plus I had a $2/1 I’d printed awhile back (it’s only $1/1 now), plus it’s on sale (I think $8.99) so it was  a great deal.  It ends tonight, but if you do it, look for the Baby Coppertone spray bottles, it has 50 SPF and is a “bonus” package with 50% bigger bottle.

Score any deals this week? Link up your shopping trips or guess what you spent & saved trips below!

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