Posted: February 16, 2011

It’s a video contest- read below on how to submit your videos! The best video (as voted on by my readers) will win a $100 Gift Card! There will be other fun prizes too 🙂

There’s Only 2 Rules to Enter:

1.  Create a video on how to coupon at a specific store.

  • Examples: How to coupon at Kroger.  How to coupon at Dollar General.
  • Have fun! Make it informative, silly, goofy, long, short, whatever you want!  Choose any store you want – even if I have already done a video on it! Ideas: Take a shopping trip  – show us your favorite ways to score coupons at that store.  Show us your haul and describe how you rolled your deals! Do a powerpoint.  Make up a song about the store  -here’s a hilarious example!  Do whatever you want.

2. Upload the video to YouTube by Feb. 28th: you MUST select to have the video as a reply to this video.  That is how I will know it is entered into the contest.   In order to make your video a response: on the video page, you have to go to the comment box and click until you see your cursor ready to type. Then, a link appears off to the right asking to “attach a video”. You click “attach a video” and continue on to upload your video.

  • Title:  put in “How to Coupon at NAME OF STORE”
  • Description: put in “ how to extreme coupon at NAME OF STORE video.”
  • Example below:

Then it will be listed as a response to my video, and I’ll know it’s entered in the contest!  If you submit a video as a response and it’s declined, then you didn’t follow the 2 simple rules – re-submit following the rules.

Bloggers: You are welcome to enter as well!

I will post March 1-8 a form to vote on your favorite video! The votes will be done so as soon as you submit a vote you will see how many votes each video has!  I am trying to make it so you can only vote on a video once per IP address per day, so you can come back and vote each day, but only once per day to make it fair.

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