Posted: August 11, 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you use Boost Mobile? I just found out that if you sign up for auto-payments you get a $2 monthly credit, plus a one-time $20 credit for ringtones, wallpapers, or downloads!

Boost Mobile phones are no-contract, so you buy the phone and pay by the month or by the minutes you want to use.  If you run out of minutes, or your month ends, you can Re-Boost and easily add minutes to your phone or sign up for another month.   Boost Mobile has made it easy to re-boost:

  • on-line: one-time payments or set up auto-reoccurring payments with credit or debit cards
  • in-person: enter your zip code and the closest location available will appear
  • pay by phone: one-time payments or set up auto-reoccurring payments with credit or debit cards

You don’t have to own the phone to make a payment on it  –  any friend or family member can make a payment on it.  They just need your Boost Mobile wireless phone number and your name as it appears on their Boost account.   I would consider this a great gift!   If you have teenagers you can get them a Boost Mobile phone and then not pay if they are bad, as their punishment! Also, Boost Mobile phones are great for teens because they connect to Facebook and Twitter and are very social in applications.

I use Facebook daily and Twitter sometimes too. Access from a phone is vital to those of us trying to watch out for every deal!

For example, thisBlackberry is a Boost Mobile phone that can access Facebook and Twitter. The $79.99 one has a digital camera, multi-media, full QWERTY keyboard, wireless web email access, texting, and all the things teens love – plus you can sign up for monthly unlimited calls, web, and texting plans or pay as you go plans for $.10/minute or text.
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