Posted: January 4, 2011

Winn Dixie Deals Provided by Coupons Make Cents

Key: *** Good Deals, **** Great Deals, ***** Cuckoo ( Stock Up!)

This list will be updated throughout the week as I find more deals.
Add the items you plan to buy to create a printable shopping list! Then click the “Create List” button below.

Double Play – Buy this, get that free!

Add Buy Banquet 5.75-10.25 oz meal, get Banquet Fruit Pie 7 oz FREE! unknown
b3g1 Banquet Fruit pies, any (All You January 2011) – valid up to $1.00
Banquet Fruit Pie, Any (1) Free WYB (2) Banquet Dinners or Pot Pies – (no longer available)

If you have the printable and the ALL YOU coupon, you can buy 2 dinners and 4 fruit pies and only pay for the dinners and one pie!

Add Buy 3.5-4.4 lb Pedigree dog food, get 6.34-7.1 oz Jumbone FREE
$1/1 Pedigree Good Bites or Jumbone treats for dogs blinkie
$3/1 Pedigree Large Breed Nutrition For Dogs, Any BagPRINTABLE
$1/1 Pedigree Jumbone Treats For Dogs, Any – 12-05-10 RP
$3/1 Pedigree food for dogs or one pedigree can multipack 12ct+ or treats for dogs (home mailer)
$1/1 One (1) bag of Pedigree Dry Food For Dogs (8.8 lbs. or larger) – Pedigree Dry Food peelie
$2/1 Pedigree Dog Food, Any 8.8 Lbs. Or Larger – Manufactures Website, Sign Up RequiredPRINTABLE

Remember, of course, that you can use a coupon on the free item!

Add Buy 2 16 oz Oscar Mayer Beef Franks, get 1 free pack of Winn Dixie freshly baked soft pretzel rolls!
Add Buy 28-32 oz Rosina Meatballs, get 2 free 13 oz Celentano Ravioli

Spend $30 on groceries, get a free flu shot!!

The coupon will print on your receipt. I’m not sure if it’s based on the before coupon total or after.


Add Jazz Apples $1.69/lb
Add Broccoli (by the bunch) 2/$4
My personal frugal broccoli hint — always go for the broccoli heads — they are cheaper and I never use the stems anyhow.
Add Navel oranges 4 lb bag $2.99
Add 8 oz pkg sliced or whole mushrooms 2/$3
Add Red, white, or yellow jumbo onions $.99/lb
Add Dole Salad Kits 2/$5
$1/2 Dole Salad Kit Any WYB Dole Salad Blend – Found On Dole Salad peelie

Final Price = $4

Add 6 oz pkg blueberries BOGO $4.99
Add Large Cantaloupes BOGO $3.69/2

Grocery Buy One Get One FREE!

Add Progresso Soup (excluding Rich and Hearty) 2/$2.59
$1/4 Progresso Soups, Any four – 01-02-11 GM
$1/4 Progresso soups, any flavor, any 4 cans tearpad
$1/4 Progresso Soups, Any – 12-05-10 GM
$1/4 Progresso Soups, Any Cans –
$1/2 Progresso Products, any 2, excluding soup and broth winetag
$.50/1 Progresso Products, Any Excluding Soup And Broth (DND/DNT 5) PRINTABLE
$1/4 Progresso Soups, Any PRINT

Final Price = 4/$4.18 with $1/4 coupon OR 2/$1.59 with $.50/1 coupon!

Add Mott’s Medley 100% Juice 2/$2.99
Add Ken’s Salad Dressing 16 oz 2/$3.29
$1/1 Ken’s Salad Dressing 16 Oz only

Final Price = 2/$1.29 with $1/1

Add Cover Girl cosmetics BOGO up to $15.99
$2.50/2, $1/1 Covergirl Products, Any (Limit of 4 Like Coupons in Same Shopping Trip) – 12-26-10 PG
$1/1 CoverGirl Clean Foundation, any booklet
$2/1 Cover Girl Clean FoundationPRINTABLE

Final Price = Very cheap cosmetics if you use the $2.50/2 or the $2/1 printable!

Add Oral B Crossaction manual toothbrush 2/$4.99
$1/1 Oral B Pulsar, Crossaction, Advantage, OR any TWO indicator OR Cavity Defense manual toothbrushes – 11-28-10 PG
$1/1 Oral-B Manual Toothbrush, Any “Limit 4 Like Coupons in Same Shopping Trip” – P&G Everyday Savings

Final Price = 2/$2.99 with $1/1 coupon

Add Winn Dixie spices or extracts 1-8 oz up to 2/$10.99
Add 50 cct Thrifty Maid Lunch bags 2/$2.19
Add Doritos 2/$3.99
Add Peter Pan 13-16.3 oz peanut butter or Welch’s strawberry or grape jam 22 oz squeeze bottle 2/$3.29
$1/2 Peter Pan Peanut Butter Jar, Any – 01-02-11 SS
$1/2 Peter Pan peanut butter All You, January 2011
$.50/1 Peter pan Peanut Butter – 01-02-11 SS
$1/1 Peter Pan Peanut Butter, any – 12-12-10 SS

Final Price = 2/$1.29 if you have the $1/1! still a good deal if you have the $1/2 – 2/$2.29!

Add Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip 22 oz squeeze or 30 oz 2/$4.99
$1/3 Save $1 on a 2-liter soda or 6-pack wyb any two (2) participating Kraft products (bull’s eye bbq sauce, kraft mayo, kraft deluxe mac & cheese, A.1 steak sauce, kraft BBQ sauce, miracle whip dressing, velveeta shells and cheese) tearpad
$1/2 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip Dressing- site: Huddle to Fight Hunger PRINT
$1/2 Kraft Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip, Any 22 Oz. Or Larger – Found On Miracle Whip peelie

Final Price = 2/$3.99 with $1/2

Add Nabisco Single Serve tray packs 2/$6.29
Add Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers, or Fruit Roll Ups 2/$2.99
$.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes, Fruit By The Foot, Fruit Roll-Ups Fruit Flavored Snacks, Any Boxes – PRINT
$.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers Or Fruit Roll-ups Fruit Flavored Snacks, Any – 01-02-11 GM
$1/3 Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes, Fruit By The Foot, Fruit Gushers, Or Fruit Roll-Ups Fruit Flavored Snacks, Any BoxesPRINT

Final Price = $2.49/2 with $.50/2

Add Valley Fresh Chicken 12.5 oz can $3.59/2
Add 10-12 qt Crystal Light, 10-12 ct singles or 8 qt Kool Aid or Country Time Drink mix 2/$4.79
Add Taco Bell Dinner Kits 2/$2.99
$1/2 Kraft Cheese WYB Taco Bell Home Originals Dinner Kit, 12 CT Shells, or 3 Taco Bell Home Originals Seasoning Mix Packets tearpad

Final Price = $1.50 each

Add Weight Watchers ice cream novelties 4-12 ct 2/$6.19
$.75/1 Weight Watchers Frozen Novelty Item, Any Or (2) 2-Pack Cups Or (4) Single-Serve Cups, Any – AllYou, January 2011

Final Price = 2/$4.69

Add Green Giant 14.5-15.25 oz (excluding asparagus) canned veggies 2/$1.39
Add 12.2 Kellogg’s Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, Corn pops, or 14 oz Frosted Flakes 2/$4.29
$1/2 Kellogg’s Kids Cereals: Apple Jacks, Corn Pops or Froot Loops, Any Packages PRINT
$1.50/2 Kellogg’s Froot Loops, Apple Jacks and/or Corn Pops Cereals (10 oz. or Larger, Any Flavor, Mix or Match) PRINT

Final Price = 2/$2.79 with $1.50/2 coupon

Add Post Selects 13-16 oz, Shredded Wheat, 20 oz Raisin Bran or 24 oz Grape Nuts $4.49/2
$2/2 Save $2.00 now wyb any of these 3 post cereals and fruit – Pictured is Grape nuts, Shredded wheat honey and original peelie

Final Price = $2.49/2 with $2/2 coupon

Add 16-17 oz Entenmann’s variety pack or frosted donuts or 6.12-15 oz Hostess Twinkies or Cupcakes 2/$4.49
Add Lysol toilet bowl cleaner with bleach 2/$2.79
$.75/1, $1/2 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner – 01-02-11 SS

Final Price = 2/$1.29 with $.75/1 coupon

Add Famous Amos 15 oz box or 9.5-15 oz Nabisco Chips Ahoy cookies 2/$3.99
$1/3 Famous Amos (2) pkgs Cookies 12 oz + any flavor, mix or match, and (1) milk any flavor, brand or size tearpad
Add Ocean Spray 4 pk Ruby Red grapefruit juice or 4 pk or oz Ocean Spray cranberry cocktails 2/$4.19
Add Sundown, Nature’s Bounty, Ester C or Disney supplements up to 2/$40.99
$1/1 Sundown Or Marvel Vitamins, Any – 01-02-11 RP
$1/1 Sundown Naturals Vitamin Product, AnyPRINT
$3/2 Sundown Naturals Vitamin Products, AnyPRINT
$1/1 Disney Childrens’ Vitamin Product, Any –PRINT
$1/1 Disney Vitamins, Any – 01-02-11 RP
$1/1 Disney or Marvel Multivitamins, Any – (Manufactures Coupon)PRINT
$1/1 Nature’s Bounty Vitamin, Any PRINT
$2/1 Nature’s Bounty Your Life Multi’s,PRINT
$1/1, $2/1 Nature’s Bounty Your Life Multi Vitamin, Any – 01-02-11 RP
$1/1 Nature’s Bounty Your Life Multi,PRINT

Final Price = varies
Disney and Spiderman Gummies should be really cheap!

Add KC Masterpiece 18 oz 2/$2.19
$1/2 KC Masterpiece Marinades 16 oz. + wyb KC Masterpiece Barbecue sauce 18 oz.+ hangtag

Final Price = 2/$1.19

Buy One Get One Free Meat

Add 2 lbs/$3.69
Pork Steak or Country style ribs 2 lbs/$3.69
Pork Loin back ribs 2 lbs/$6.99
Plumrose deli sliced meats 12 oz $3.99/2
Butterball variety pack 12 oz $3.59/2
Center sliced smoked ham steaks 2 lbs/$4.99
Boneless center cut pork chops 2 lbs/$5.69
Boneless chicken breast 2 lbs/$4.59
Boneless bottom round or rump roast 2 lbs/$4.79
Boneless bottom round steaks 2 lbs/$4.99
Chicken thighs or drumsticks 2 lbs/$1.79
Boneless chicken breasts or tenderloins $10.99/2 40 oz pkgs
Tyson steak strips or Tyson chicken strips 6 oz pkg $3.49/2

I love the Winn Dixie meat BOGO’s!!

Add State Fair Corn Dogs 13.3 oz beef or 16 oz classic $3.99/2 pkgs
$1.50/2 State Fair Corn Dogs when you LIKE them on Facebook PRINT

Final Price = $2.49/2 pkgs — makes for some really cheap lunches! 🙂
If they are out when you go to get these, GET A RAINCHECK! $1/1 coupons come out frequently in the inserts, making these really cheap!

Other Good Deals

Add Yoplait 4-6 oz cups 20/$10
$.50/1 Yoplait Kids Cup Yogurt PRINT
$.50/1 Yoplait Kids Cup Yogurt PRINT
$.50/8, $.40/6 Yoplait Yogurt Cups (Includes Original, Light, Thick & Creamy, or Whips), Any – 01-02-11 GM
$.60/2 Yoplait Greek Yogurt, Any Flavor, on two – 01-02-11 GM (if included)

Final Price = varies

Add Kashi 10.4-18 oz Cereal, 6-9 oz crackers or cookies, 6.7-8.4 oz bars $2.99
$3/1 Kashi GoLean Crisp cereal, Vocalpoint mailer
$1/1 Kashi Golean Crisp Cereal, Any Box PRINT
$3/4 – Fresh Fruit AND any (3) Kashi products – Kashi cereal peelie
$1.50/1 Kashi Cereal Or TLC Snacks, Any (Bricks Link – Must Join Community – Only For First Time Sign Ups) PRINT

Final Price = FREE with $3/1 coupon!!

Add Lean Cuisine 5.25-11.5 oz pizza, paninis or entrees 5/$10
$1/2 Lean Cuisine, any variety 6-13.25 oz. All You, January 2011
$1/2 Lean Cuisine Market Creations Varieties – 01-02-11 SS (if included)
$1/3 Lean Cuisine Varieties, Any – (Manufactures Coupon) PRINT
BOGO Lean Cuisine market creations entrees, Any (Facebook) – valid up to $3.99 PRINT

Final Price = $1.50 each with $1/2

Add Egg Beaters 2/$4
$1/2 Egg Beaters, Any – AllYou, January 2011
$.35/1 Egg Beaters Carton, Any – 01-02-11 SS

Final Price = $1.50 with the $1/2.
There are about 8 “eggs” in each pkg. I saw a dozen fresh eggs yesterday for $2, so these are comparably priced, and you can freeze these!

Add Quaker Oats 42 oz old fashioned or quick 2/$5
$1/1 Quaker Instant Oatmeal or Quaker Quick or Old Fashioned Oats on one – 01-02-11 RP

Final Price = $1.50 each

Add Clorox disinfecting wipes 35 ct $1.88
$.75/1 Clorox Disinfecting Wipes 35ct & 75ct (DND 5) – Stay Prepared Stay Healthy booklet
$1.50/2 Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, Clorox Regular Bleach, Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner Or Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Any (single page flyer)
$1/2 Clorox Disinfecting product, save $1, wyb Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, 35 ct. or larger tearpad

Final Price = varies

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