Posted: July 13, 2010

Winn Dixie Deals Provided by Coupons Make Cents

Key: *** Good Deals, **** Great Deals, ***** Cuckoo ( Stock Up!)

This list will be updated throughout the week as I find more deals.
Add the items you plan to buy to create a printable shopping list! Then click the “Create List” button below.

Buy One Get One Free

Add Doritos 11-12 oz 2/$3.99
B2G1 Doritos Tortilla Chips Buy any two (2) bags, any flavor/varieties, 11 1/2 oz+ and get one (1) bag of Doritos Tortilla Chips, any flavor/variety, 14 1/2 oz or smaller FREE up to $3.99 – valid up to $3.99

Buy 4. Two will ring up as $0.00, and 2 will ring up at $3.99. The coupon takes off $3.99, so you pay $3.99 for 4 bags.

Final Price = $1 per bag!

Add Simply Potatoes 20 oz 2/$2.59
$1/2 Publix coupon – is a mfr coupon
$1/2 tearpad
Final Price = 2/$1.59
Add Aunt Jemima 12.3 oz waffles 2/$2.59
Add 24 oz Hungry Man XXL Dinners 2/$5.99
Add 6 ct Klondike stickless bars, sandwiches or Slim-A-Bear novelties 2/$4.69
$1/2 booklet coupon Sizzling Savings Save More All Summer booklet
Final Price = 2/$3.69
Add Popsicle novelties 2/$4.39
$1/2 booklet — Add Dairy to Your Summer booklet
Final Price = 2/$3.39
Add Kelloggs Cereal 12.6 oz – 25.5 oz 2/$4.99
Save $2.00 on Milk when you purchase any five Kellogg’s (Kelloggs) cereals 12oz. or larger, any flavor, mix or match. DND5 – valid up to $2.00 – flyer coupon

$1/2 Kelloggs Frosted Mini-Wheats, Crispix, Rice Krispies and/or Corn Flakes cereals (10 oz or larger any flavor, mix or match) Wake up to a Better Breakfast Pack #2 (found inside Rice Krispies)
$.75/1 Kelloggs Frosted Miniwheats Blueberry Muffin, Strawberry Delight or Maple & Brown Sugar cereal or Little Bites Chocolate or Honey Nut Cereal
$.70/1 Froot Loops, Corn Pops, or Apple Jacks blinkie

Includes Mini-Wheats, Frosted Flakes, Marshmallow Froot Loops, or Raisin Bran.
Add Fruity, Cocoa, Cupcake Pebbles, or 12.5 oz Honeycomb Post Cereal 2/$3.99
Add Old El Paso 10 seasoning mix, 12-18 ct taco shells, or dinner kits
B2G1 -Old El Paso Seasonings, Any Package Free WYB any (2) Old El Paso Product (Excludes Old El Paso Refrigerated, Frozen, or Soup Products) – Taco shells – valid up to $1.09 – on product – valid up to $1.09 peelie
$1/2 Old El Paso Products, Any (Excludes Old El Paso Refrigerated, Frozen Or Soup Products – DND 5, $1.50 Purchase Required, Good Only To Residents of AL, MO, OR, TX, WV Of Legal Drinking Age, NAPR (Tearpad)
$1/2 Old El Paso Products, Any (Excludes Old El Paso Refrigerated, Frozen Or Soup Products – DND 5) – Peelie Found On Corona Beer 12-Packs, NBPR

Final Price = 2/$2.99
Add 64 oz fruit and veggie, 4 ct or 64 oz Cran-Energy or Ocean Spray 100% cranberry juice blends up to 2/$4.39
$1/1 Ocean Spray Cranergy Energy Juice Drink, Any 64oz (DND 5) hangtag

$1/1 Ocean Spray, 64 oz. 100% Juice Fruit and Veggie or Light Fruit and Veggie Juice Drink hangtag

$1/1 or $.55/1 Ocean Spray Blueberry Juice Drink, Any 64 Oz. (DND 5 – 05-02-10 RP – Limit One Coupon Per Transaction)

Final Price = $1.20 each with the $1/1 coupons!

Add Filippo Berio 16.9 oz organic extra virgin olive oil 2/$8.99
$1/1 Filippo Berio blinkie
Final Price = 2/$6.99
Add 8 oz tomato sauce or 14.5 Hunts tomatoes 2/$1.69
Add 24-27 oz Minute Maid Juice bars 2/$3.39
Final Price = 2/$2.39
Add Keebler Vienna Fingers cookies 2/$4.29
$1/1 Milk wyb any ONE package of Keebler Vienna Finger cookies (any brand, flavor or size)
Add Luzianne 24 ct or 10-12 qt Crystal Light up to $4.99/2
$2/1 Crystal Light Pure Fitness (Vocalpoint coupon)

$1/1 Crystal Light Pure Fitness

$1/2 Crystal Light 10-12 qt tearpad
Final Price = $.50/1 with the $2 Vocalpoint coupon.

Add 5 oz can Bumble Bee white chicken or 20 oz Sara Lee Soft and Smooth Classic White bread up to $2.69/2
$1/2 Bumble Bee Premium Chicken Breast or White Chicken Cans, any 5 oz or 10 oz. Manufacturer’s coupons says redeem at Publix. – Smart Savings, Publix

$.50/1 Bumble Bee 5 oz can peelie

Final Price = varies

Add ACT Total Care Mouthwash 18 oz 2/$5.99
$1/1 ACT Mouthwash 6/6 SS

Add Wet N Wild cosmetics up to $5.99/2
Add Revlon, Fingr’s, or Nailene nail products up to $16.99/2
$2/1 Nailene So Natural, chip proof tearpad
Add Renpure shampoo or conditioner 2/$6.99
$3 Mail In Rebate found on the shampoo bottle
Add 7 oz Gillette, Satin Care, or Fusion Shave Gels up to 2/$4.99
$1/1 Gillette Fusion Shave Gel 6/6 PG

$1/1 Gillette Series Shave Gel (coupon inside pkg)

$1/1 Gillette Fusion Hydragel (coupon inside pkg)

$.55/1 Satin Care Shave Gel 7/4 PG

$.55/1, $1/1 Satin Care Shave Gel 6/6 PG

Final Price = $1.50 each with $1/1 coupon


Add BOGO Boneless Chicken Breasts $4.39/2 lbs
Add T-Bone Steaks $6.99/lb
Add Center cut boneless pork chops $5.69/2 lbs
Add Boneless beef stew $2.99/lb
Add Ground Sirloin $3.99/lb
Add Boneless chuck short or western style ribs $3.69/lb
Add Boneless round steaks $3.49/lb
Add Boneless chuck eye steaks $4.49/lb
Add Porterhouse steaks $7.99/lb
Add Lamb Chops $3.99/lb
Add Chicken Leg Quarters BOGO $1.79/2 lbs
Add Boneless Pork Loin country style ribs BOGO $5.69/2 lbs
Add Chicken wings $2.19/lb
Add Center Sliced smoked ham steaks BOGO $4.99/2 lbs
Add Boneless chicken thighs $2.59/lb
Add Whole Shoulder Picnic roast $1.29/lb
Add Boneless asst pork chops BOGO $4.99/2 lbs
Add Boneless chuck roast or steaks $4.99/2 lbs


Add Plums or peaches $.99/lb
Add Northwest red cherries $1.88/lb
Add Blueberries pint size pkg or 1 lb pkg strawberries BOGO 2/$4.99
Add Iceberg or leaf lettuces $.79/each
Add Cantaloupe $1.99 each
Add Dole Salad Blends 2/$5
$1/1 Fresh Express or Dole bagged salad peelie
Final Price = $1.50 each
Add Green snap beans, zucchini, or yellow squash $1.29/lb
Add Red, Yellow, or orange bell peppers $2.49/lb
Add Dole Tropical Gold pineapple $2.99/each
Add Fresh Mangoes $.89 each
Add Maridol papaya $.89/lb
Add Kiwi Fruit 2/$1
Add 3 lb bag clementines $5.99
Add Gala, Braeburn, Pink Lady, or Jazz apples $1.69/lb
Add 5 lb bag Winn Dixie russet potatoes 2/$5
Add Nectarines $1.69/lb
Add Casaba, Orange Flesh, Crenshaw, Galia, or Honeydew melons $2.99/each
Add Cut Seedless Watermelons $.49/lb
Add Seedless red and green grapes $1.79/lb
Add Blue Bell Ice Cream 64 oz $3.99
$1/1 Blue BellPRINTABLE
Final Price = $2.99

Packaged Meat

Add Hormel Black Label Bacon $3.49
Add Johnsonville Beddar with Cheddar, 12 oz breakfast links, or 14 oz beef bratwurst 2/$5
$1/2 Johnsonville Brats, any 19.76 oz. packages(NBPR, DND 5, valid in all states excluding ID, IN, LA, VA, and WA) – Budweiser Summer Grilling

$1/2 Johnsonville Smoked or Cooked Sausage, any 16 oz. packages (NBPR, DND 5, valid in all states excluding ID, IN, LA, VA, and WA) – Budweiser Summer Grilling
$1/1 Johnsonville Smoked And Cooked Sausage, Any – 05-23-10 RP

$.75/1 Johnsonville Sausage Any Flavor Or Variety – Woman’s Day July 2010
$.75/2 Johnsonville Smoked and Cooked Sausage, any – 05-02-10 SS

$.55/1 Johnsonville Smoked And Cooked Sausage, Any – 05-02-10 SS


Final Price = varies

Add 16 oz original or bun size Angus beef Ball Park franks 2/$6
$1/2 Ball Park Products 6/6 RP

$1/2 Ball Park Franks PRINTABLE
$.75/2, $.75/1 6/27 RP

Final Price = varies

Add Oscar Mayer meat bologna or weiners 2/$4
$1/1 Kraft Real Mayo Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip Dressing wyb Oscar Mayer Bologna, Turkey or Ham (found in Publix meat dept)
Free WYB -Kool-Aid Fun Fizz FREE WYB any 2 Oscar Mayer hot dogs – Oscar Mayer Classic hot dogs – valid up to $1.99
$1/2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs 6/20 SS
$1/2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs PRINTABLE

Final Price = 2/$3
Add Land O Frost sliced meats 2/$5
$1/2 Land O Frost Bistro Favorites 4/25 RP

$1/1 Land O Frost Product (sign up required) PRINTABLE

Final Price = 2/$3 after $1/1 coupon

Add Winn Dixie smoked sausage 14 oz or 16 oz 2/$5
Add Winn Dixie pulled pork or beef 18 oz $4.59
Add Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches 13.6-18.4 or 16 oz Hillshire Farms Ultra Thin meats $4.99
$.75/1 Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches 5/2 RP

$1.50/2 Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches 5/2 RP

$1/1 Jimmy Dean Product FACEBOOK PRINTABLE

Final Price = $3.99

Add Oscar Mayer Fun Pack Lunchables 10.5-12.5 oz 3/$6


Add Hot dog or hamburger buns 11-12 oz or Winn Dixie potato chips 5 oz $10/10
Add Winn Dixie mustard or ketchup 16-18 oz or barbecue sauce $10/10
Add Winn Dixie Fun Pops 10-12 ct 10/$10
Add Winn Dixie relish or hamburger dill chips 10 oz or 16 oz $10/10
Add Valu Time foam plates 40 ct, foam cups 20 ct., or 25 sq ft Winn Dixiie aluminum foil 10/$10
Add Ronzoni pasta 13.3-16 oz or 26 oz Hunts pasta sauce 10/$10
$1/1 Ronzoni Smart Taste (if included) Better Homes and Gardens June 2010, Rachel Ray June 2010, Better Homes and Gardens May 2010, Family Circle, May 2010
$.50/1 Ronzoni Quick Cook Pasta PRINTABLE (if included)
Ronzoni Healthy Harvest $.75/1 4/11 SS

Ronzoni Healthy Harvest $1/2 PRINTABLE (if included)

Final Price = FREE after coupon!

Add Nature’s Own 100% whole wheat bread $2.19
$.75/1 Nature’s Own Premium Specialty PRINTABLE – use 27601 zip code
Add 100 ct tea bags or gallon Thrifty Maid drinks 10/$10
Add Chef Boyardee Pasta 7.5-15 oz (exluding overstuff, jumbo and big beefaroni $10/10
$1/4 Chef Boyardee (from Conagra booklet, Make it a Summer of Memories)
$1/5 Chef Boyardee (ALL YOU JUNE 2010)
Add Pillsbury Cake Mix 18.2 oz $10/10

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