Posted: May 27, 2017

Kids Reading

Who doesn’t love free books? As a mom, I can tell you books are life for kids in the summer. And, free books are WAY better than having to pay for it. The good news is that Barnes and Noble is offering free books to kids this summer. It’s a basic way to earn books, but I love it. All your child needs to do is read 8 books and they can earn a free book.

Here is how to get in on this action.

Download the reading journal and print it out

The first step is having the reading journal from B&N in your hand. Fill out the information as your child reads the books. Keep in mind a signature is necessary for your kiddo to get that free book. Make sure you fill in ALL of the info, such as title, author, and a little sentence on the book. After you’re done, bring this in for a free book between the dates of May 16, 2017 and September 5, 2017.

Get in on the free book action

Hey, a free book is a free book. There is already a predetermined list of books your child can pick out once they are done reading. You can help your child pick out a book or let them choose it all on their own. I’m sure they’re going to love knowing they put a lot of hard work into earning their free book.


A few rules to remember

This is a program for students who are in first grade through sixth grade.  Also, keep in mind that only one book is available to each child. So, even if you finish it, you can’t do another round. How awesome would that be though? Last, but not least – the book has to be from the list that they have provided.

After all of this, you may be wondering “why” to sign up your kid for this.

  1. FREE Book – If you live close to B&N, this is a great way to let your child earn something on their own.
  2. Reading skills – Your child needs to practice their reading skills over the summer. Even with it being summer, kids need to keep up on their reading. It helps them retain their reading capabilities, even when they’re not in school.
  3. Reading can be done anywhere – The great thing about reading is that it can be done anywhere. Your child can bring their books with them while traveling this summer.


Do you plan on signing your child up for the Barnes and Noble Reading Program this summer?

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