Posted: March 31, 2017

How to Save (1)

You may think you can automatically save money at the Dollar Tree because everything is $1. While you’re onto something, there are ways you can REALLY save money at the Dollar Tree. Stay tuned!

Stick with quality

dollar tree

There are good items at the Dollar Tree and there are some bad quality items. I try to only buy what is of good quality. For example – buying toys at the Dollar Tree always end up in the trash. However, the batteries work great for our toys.

Stick to your budget

Dollar Tree Store Front Feature

Almost everyone walks into the Dollar Tree wanting a few things and the next thing you know, you’re walking out with the whole store. To combat this, I make a budget and stick with it. I also only carry a certain amount of cash into the store with me. This guarantees that I cannot spend more.

Shop here for everyday items


One thing I have come to notice is the Dollar Tree can help you save a ton of money. Here’s why: you can buy a cheaper version of almost everything you need. Instead of buying a $5 toothbrush, you can grab one here. Instead of spending $50 on an Easter Basket, you can throw your own together with items from the Dollar Tree.

Stock up when you can


You should know that sometimes the Dollar Tree gets specialty items in. If you see something you love, don’t count on it being there the next time. The Dollar Tree doesn’t make a promise as to what they will keep in stock and what they won’t. I say to stock up *within reason* when you can. You probably don’t need 100 cans of Vienna Sausages, no matter how much grandma loves them.

Know what to buy


There are a lot of items that I buy at the Dollar Tree and always will. A few of those items include canned goods, hair accessories, bathroom items, pregnancy tests, cleaning supplies, and dishes galore. Okay, my favorite thing to buy at the Dollar Tree are kitchen items. Don’t pay an arm and a leg for expensive kitchen items, when you can buy them at the Dollar Tree.

There isn’t a special trick to saving money at the Dollar Tree. Basically, know what you’re buying and stick to your budget. How do you save money at the Dollar Tree?

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