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Aug 28 2011
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Sign up to get Hot Deals Text Alerts:

Text the words: follow cuckoo4coupons   to this number: 40404

These will be sent once or twice per day on the very best full-size product freebie coupons and insane deals.   You will still need to follow in other ways, and many days you won’t get texts.  This is just for killer deals I don’t want you to miss.

If you have free text messaging on your plan, there will be no charge to you!  If you don’t have free texts, then you may not want to sign up for this.

No free texting / prefer email? You can sign up for Hot Deal Email Alerts!

Unlike my emails which are sent once per day with all deals from the last 24 hours, this email has is sent randomly, about once per week, headline *Cuckoo Alert* to let you know there’s a deal or freebie so hot you need to hurry and get it!

  • crystal

    follow cuckoocoupons to this number:40404

  • CORY

    Plz let me get some deals!!!

  • gjkl;

    This leads you to twitter. Don’t do it.

  • brenda chrisman

    im disabled so i need coup0ns i have limit so plee send me coupons

  • native terpie

    How do you undo this 40404????????

    • Heike

      @ native terpie : just send *stop* to 40404 and then again…it will unsubscribe you from Twitter completely :)

  • Darlene Judd

    What if I get an insane text message and I’m out on the road and I can’t print a printable? Does anyone know of a portable/smaller printer that works with an IPAD? Thanks!

    • Melissa

      My new printer(bought on black Friday) the hp officejet 6700 premium has e-print… it uses the internet connection and you can print from anywhere as long as you have internet connection and it will be awaiting you when you get home.

  • This is my favorite site, just signed up for text updates.

  • Christina

    I sent the text but didn’t get any confirmation. should I have gotten a confirmation text back?

    • yes you should have. make sure to text both words “follow cuckoo4coupons”

      • Christina

         I sent those 2 words exactly like that and didn’t get a confirmation back. Maybe it’s a problem with my phone. I’m using google voice for texting.

  • Gina H

    Is this for texts or twitter?  Someone noted below that the 40404 leads to Twitter.  I know nothing about Twitter :~)  Thanks!

    • This is for text messages sent to your cell phone. I use Twitter as a service to send the messages to your phone for free. You don’t have to have Twitter or know how to use it to get the text messages. You just have to reply to the confirmation text you get.

      • 465

        I replied to the confirmation text and got this message “Hmm, that username isn’t on Twitter. Want to create a new username? Reply w/ SIGNUP”

        • “follow cuckoo4coupons” should work…. you can even see I am here: that is the list of text messages I have sent. So far only a few per month, but I want to do about 2 -3 per week.

  • julie

    i have gotten the coupon bug! I totally DESPISE shopping but i love to save money and this site make it easy for me to organize so when i get to the counter i don’t look as if I’m in total disarray. I have actually been told by a cashier she didn’t mind dealing with me and will welcome me to her line anyday! Thank you so much!  

  • Rajanieg

    I send text and Got a follow me tweet I don’t have a tweeter

  • Elenurowitz

    Can it be sent just by text don’t know how to tweet either

  • Sara

    “(810) 355-4986”

  • Craig

    trying to sign up (210)300-7425

    • you have to text cuckoo4coupons to 40404 – then reply to the message you get, it’s from twitter

  • Dawn Redden

    I Received my Bath salt in the mail today!! Thank you so much!!!Took pics and they are on my page!! Thank you again!!

  • Ctoruno


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  • JoAnn


    • you must text to the number above, you can’t post it here to get signed up… I deleted the last of your number so you don’t get spammers

  • Derek

    How do I sign up? 702-354-1400.. email me if that doesn’t work Thanks!

    • Frank Saraceno

      Text me 856-404-4000 if there are any questions and I can help directly, I am an admin.

  • Rhonda

    I just saw a post from some other personal shopper that right now there are deals in the blue light special. The deals are corelle dinnerware for $10.00 4pc set. I can’t find it anywhere and i can’t find where I can contact Dierdre…anybody know anything?

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  • Kearie

    How do i unsubscribe from the texts?

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