Posted: June 11, 2010

* by items that are new to this list

Free Photo Deals:
Free 8×10 Photo Canvas (Reg. $55)
40 Free Photo Prints from York Photo (use promo code: YMW4CP)
Get 25 Free Prints When You Sign Up at
Clark Color Labs: Get 40 free photo prints just for signing up!
USA Snapfish: Upload your digital photos and get 50 FREE prints
UK Only Snapfish Offer30 FREE prints for New Customers
USA only- New KODAK Gallery Members get 50 FREE prints
Canada Only- Kodak Offer: 50 FREE 4×6 prints

Health & Beauty Freebies
*EOS Shave Cream (page loads slow, just wait for it to load)
*Free movie tickets when you buy any specially marked package of Tampax Pearl or Always Ultra Pads
*Free sample of All Oxi-Active Laundry Detergent
*Free sample of Nivea Happy Sensation Body Wash
*Free Cottonelle Sample
Free Moist Sure Hand Sanitizing Sample
Free Sample of Zantex Heartburn Relief
FREE Sample of Philosophy’s Eternal Grace
Free Sample of Murad Eye Lift Illuminator (makeup)
Free sample of Shiseido White Lucent, it’s an intense skin spot targeting treatment!
Crest 3D Whitestrips (click on sample whitestrips tab)
New Playtex Gentle Glide Sample
Free sample of XYNG Energy Supplement.
Receive a OneTouch® UltraMini® Meter at no charge
Nursing Care Instant Relief System for nursing mothers
Free Gax-X Thin Strips Sample
Free Dental Protector from Plackers Grind No-More
Free Sample of Prilosec OTC + $7 off coupon.

Food Freebies
*Free Full Bag of Royal Canin Dog Food!
*7 or 8-lb bag of World’s Best cat litter (up to $12.99 value) for FREE after mail-in rebate
*free recipe books from California Olives
Three Dog Bakery All Natural Dog Cookies
Purina Smartblend Formula
Taco Bell Limeade Sparkler
Kraft First Taste (free product coupons for some members)
Free sample of Pero Instant Drink Mix
Free Full Size Better Oats Coupon
Free Dunkin’ Donuts Medium beverage
1 Free Can of Libby’s Vegetables (“like” on Facebook)
Mambo Sprouts Coupon Book
Free sample of Nature’s Select dog food
Free sample of Halo Dog Canned Food
Free Emeril’s 20th Anniversary Cookbook
Free Luna Protein Bar (must subscribe to their newsletter)
Free sample of Pet in Shape (dog treats)

Entertainment/Fun Freebies
*See New “Karate Kid” Free!
Discovery Health DVD (great freebie free sample freak!)
Kenmore Stamp Collector’s Catalog
Walmart Free MP3 Downloads (5 songs this week!)
Free Books: Choose Either *”Quest for Character (hardcover)” or “It It Real?”
Free Disney Song Everyday for 50 Days
Free Disney Digital Books
Free Trial of Netflix or Blockbuster. I wrote I guide comparing the two prices & what you get here.
AMF Kids Bowl Free Program
Try My Parent Rewards Free (get B1G1 Coupons to most local restaurants, no credit card required!)

Coupons Mailed to you Free
Home Made Simple coupon booklet by Procter & Gamble

Other Freebies:
Oprah DevOtee Online Research Panel
My First Hug (blanket for expecting moms- *I don’t know if this is legit or not– I didn’t sign up for it myself…*)
Apply to be in the Nielson Home Scanners program and get high-value freebies My readers are reporting great things about this!
Apply to be in the Nielson Digital Voice research program – they sent me $5 this week!
4 Free Pairs of Cleaning Gloves
Free Exclusive Toy Story 3 Light-Up Lunchbox
Free Batteries at Walmart and Target
Register for free baby stuff for an expecting mom
Register for free the Home Depot newsletter. Select “promotions” and “Garden Club” to get great coupons – I have got buy 1 tree, get 1 free coupons, see the fruit trees I got here. Every week they send out great coupons!
Register for the free Home Depot- Home Improver Club. Females can get free information about the Do-It-Herself workshops and dates.

22 Free Trade Magazines. No-credit-card-required magazines, no cancel fees, no fees in any way!

  1. *Virtual Dub (how to edit/process videos)
  2. Build Your Own WordPress Site Guide
  3. Free Flight Training Magazine
  4. Candy Industry Magazine
  5. Total Landscape Care
  6. Renewable Energy World
  7. Underground Guide to the iPhone
  8. Radio magazine
  9. Professional Remodeler
  10. Food Arts Magazine
  11. Wireless Week
  12. Seafood Business
  13. The Apple Mac Manual
  14. Accounting Today
  15. Financial Advisor Magazine
  16. Free Book Summary
  17. International Railway Journal
  18. eWeek Magazine
  19. Internet Retailer
  20. Free Guide to Twitter
  21. Golfdom Magazine
  22. American Spa Magazine
  23. TV Technology magazine

Free Events: JUNE 2010
Free Fishing Day – exact dates vary by state

Thanks for help in parts of this list to: The Motherload, Free Snatcher, MojoSavings, &and again Mojo here & The Coupon “High”, & Free Snatcher here again, & Free Sample Freak & coupon geek & Rose Knows Coupon


Posted: June 10, 2010

And the winner of any necktie on ABC Neckties selected by is…

Morgan Rayl: We are going camping for fathers day, the kids are making cards and hand/foot print clay things to hang on the wall.

Thanks to all those who entered!  I will select a new winner in 24 hours if Morgan doesn’t email me back. Make sure to enter my Your Baby Can Read giveaway (low entries!) or my $100 Gift Certificate to A Candy giveaway.

Posted: June 10, 2010

Purchase NasaDrops Saline at CVS between June 10th and July 15th and get 100% back via NasaDrops mail-in-rebate!

Thanks, MojoSavings

Posted: June 10, 2010

You can get coupons 4 ways:

Print coupons at home
eCoupons (uploaded to your store loyalty card)
Sunday Coupon Inserts – mandatory if you want to extreme coupon!
Mailed to your house

1.  Printed Online:

How do I find printable coupons?
Next to each match-up on our site we list what coupon to use, and have  a link of where to print it from, normally one of the following 3 reputable sites:

How many times may I print each coupon?

You can print nearly all coupons two times per computer by using the back browser (the little < sign in your toolbar).  Hit the back button and then click “resend” to print the coupon a second time!  Some printable coupon sites, you have to manually go back and reselect the coupon a second time.

What does IE or FF mean? These are the 2 most recommended Web Browsers for printing coupons since you CAN’T print coupons using Google Chrome (please email me if you find a way to print from Google Chrome)

IE= Internet Explorer

When printing coupons from ( the url is different for those browsing in firefox than it is for internet explorer.  Click the link next to IE if you’re in explorer or FF if you’re in firefox.  You can’t print twice from both.

When printing from IE, letters in code should be “vi” or “wi”
A Firefox (FF) link will read “vg” or “wg” (change a IE link to Firefox by looking for the “vi” part and changing it to “vg”)
If you are using Safari on a Mac, change any of these codes to “xs”, then hit enter and you’ll be printing.

2. eCoupons:

What is an eCoupon, Loadable or Clipless coupon?
An eCoupon is an electronic coupon get online in a similar manner to a printable coupon.  Instead of printing the coupon, you load it onto your store loyalty card.  When you scan your loyalty card at the cash register, or give your phone number, you will automatically receive the savings if you’ve made a qualifying purchase.  These work at Albertson’s, Smith’s, Kroger’s, etc...full list here.

Where do I find eCoupons?
ECoupons may be loaded to your store loyalty card from the following sources:

  • UPromise – you can load coupons to Smith’s, Krogers, Albertson’s, Rite Aid, and more!

3. Coupons in the Sunday Newspaper (Coupon Inserts) – The Most Important Part To Successful Couponing!

In many of my posts, you’ll see references to use Sunday coupon inserts; look at the picture above to see what Sunday Coupon Inserts look like. Here is  an example of how I tell you which insert a coupon is in when I post a deal:

Buy Olay Lotion $2.99
Use the $1/2 Select Olay Products, exp. 11-30-10 (SS 10/31/10)
Final Price= $1.99

What does the pink coupon information in the deal above mean?

  • $1/2 = $1 off when you buy 2.
  • exp. 11-30-10 means the coupon will expire on 11-30-10 and will no longer be useable.
  • (SS 10/31/10) means a coupon came from the Smart Source insert in the Sunday paper on 10/31/10.

Inserts in the Sunday paper: SS= Smart Source, RP= Red Plum, P&G= Proctor & Gamble (once per month).  Insert coupons can be used at any store that accepts manufacturer’s coupons.  Almost all grocery and drug stores do.

How do I get the coupons?

  • Subscribe to the newspaper! In fact, we suggest you subscribe to 4-6 copies of the Sunday paper. I get 5 copies of The Daily Herold in Utah.  I have worked out a deal with them to get you the lowest rates! You’ll need multiple copies of the Sunday paper for coupon inserts!
  • Non-Utah: discounted newspaper home delivery here.
  • Order them at My Coupon Hunter;  a coupon clipping service.
  • Talk to your local convenience store to see if they’ll give their old papers to you.
  • Check coffee shops and fast food restaurants where you’re a patron.
  • Ask your friends, family, co-workers, church members if they’ll save their inserts for you.
  • Buy coupons (pay a handling fee) by purchasing coupons

4.  Mailed to your house:

    • Kraft Foods. Get access to freebies and coupon booklets when available.
    • Sign up with Mambo Sprouts to get healthy and organic coupons by mail.
    • Target coupons by mail. No one really knows the rhyme or reason Target uses to decide who gets these. But it doesn’t hurt to stop over and create a faves list.
    • Want a lot of one particular coupon? Order them at My Coupon Hunter;  a coupon clipping service.  She usually charges $.05 per coupon, but if it is a high-value coupon and you know a hot sale is coming, its worth the $.05.  Also, note that if  you know a sell is going on right now, since it can take a few days for the coupon to get to you, you might be too late. Smith’s Mega Events are usually 2 weeks long so there is plenty of time to order the coupons.
    • Order whole inserts through Coupons By DeDe
Posted: June 10, 2010

Quizno’s Meal with small sub, chips, and drink for $2.99 coupon went quick last time, so hurry and print if you want it!

Posted: June 10, 2010

Are you still trying to sort out all the “One Hot Daily Deal” sites in your brain? It’s crazy – I believe I see a new one once a week!

Here’s Deal of the Day sites I’ve found and I’ll try to break down the differences for you:

National: Groupon: Groupon covers cities nationwide.  They offer a different deal for each city.  You can sign up for email alerts to be notified each day for your specific city.  How it works is they will get a low price, say 70% off at McDonalds.  They can only get that low price if 100 people request the deal.  Once 100 people request the deal, its set in stone and you get you 70% off gift certificate for McDonald’s. If not enough people “group on” the deal, it busts and no-one gets it.  Buying in bulk is how they get their low prices.

  • Pros: You also get $10 for each friend you refer to a deal who actually does a deal; I love this aspect!  I love how they separate and give different cities different local deals.
  • Cons: Some days the deals are not hot or local – like today’s $15 for $35 at Joe’s Coffee House online.  You’d still have to pay shipping, and with coupons could easily get a better rate in-store.

Boston, Pheonix, New York, Austin, Houston, Philidelphia,  San Diego, Washington D.C., & Dallas:
Buy With Me: Works just like Grouponstrength in numbers buying.

  • Pros: Unlike Groupon, some deals can last many days.  There is one new deal a day, but old deals may still be purchased if their limits haven’t been reached.
  • Cons: You don’t get anything for referrals- you get $10 at Groupon.

Northwest USA & L.A.- Screamin’ Coupons: They have some great deals daily, a lot in Utah.

  • Pros: You also get $10 for each friend you refer to a deal who actually does a deal within 3 days; I love this just like Groupon!  I love how they separate and give different cities different local deals.  They also give 10% off all the profit they make from your purchases to the charity of your choice in your local community.
  • Cons: I’m new to Screamin’ Coupons, so I haven’t had a chance to find them yet… Today’s deal was a photography deal (super common in Utah).

Utah: City Deals: City Deals has 100’s of deals daily. Sometimes they only last one day, but others, like 50% off at Rod Works, seem to always be on City Deals site.

  • Pros: For things you actually use or need, such as local restaurants, car care, beauty, etc…
  • Cons: Usually the same deals daily

Utah County Only: Their deal today is 10 Sonic Gift Cards for $5.

  • Pros: Local. Snag One deals are usually coupons, so you don’t have to purchase anything and not end up using it.
  • Cons: New, not too many deals yet.

National: Woot: I don’t like Woot.  Woot’s deals are usually big-ticket items that I’m not looking for  – like laptops. But if you are in the market for these, check out Woot for one deal a day.

National: 1SaleADay: 1 Sale a Day’s deals are pretty cheap, I have got them before and felt they were low-quality. But they are very cheap – sometimes free, just pay a small shipping fee. 1 Sale a Day’s deals change daily.

  • Cons: You don’t get paid for friends you refer to them.  Cheaper quality products.
  • Pros: Very cheap.

National: I haven’t used it much, but it offers one hot deal that is similar to, it is not a local deal but an online deal that everyone can do.  They look like pretty good deals so I’ll watch them and let you know if there is ever a real hot one.

Walmart, Target and Amazon all do “Deals of the Day”, most of them great deals but not cuckoo deals, not worth mentioning usually.

Any I left off the list? Which is your favorite?


Posted: June 10, 2010

UPDATE: Giveaway has ended, view winner here

I know what you are thinking – why aren’t your kids posing in the picture like they normally are?!?! No excuses here, sometimes kids just aren’t in picture taking moods.

We received the Your Baby Can Read Volume 1 set from Your Baby Can about 2 months ago.  It has a complete guide on how their system works.   One part of it is to do each volume for 2 or 3 months before moving onto the next volume.

The first volume includes:

  • A DVD explaining how to use each of the following to maximize their effectiveness, and how often to do each:
  • Another DVD which shows teaches words incorporated in the flop-open book and cards.   This was my 1 year old’s favorite part of the system.   She never watches t.v., but she really liked watching the kids on this dvd and seemed interested in learning the words.
  • A book with flop-open pages with a word on one side, and when you flip the tab there’s a picture of what the word represents.   This was my 3 year old daughter’s favorite part of the system.   I believe she enjoys reading and even though it wasn’t about story lines, she just loves opening the flaps and reading with me.
  • 5 hard cards with words on both sides and tabs to pull them open.  Inside are pictures representing the words on the card. Also their is a blank card you can use erasable markers on.

The system is really for people who are good at doing repetitive things and I learned I am not one of them.  At first we were really on schedule and never missed a day.  Then a few days would go in-between sessions.  Then we’d remember and do our sessions, but hardly twice a day as we were supposed to.

If you are good at keeping schedules and make sure to do the sessions, I think you could see improvement in your child’s ability to understand written words.  My 1 year old daughter would put her arms up when the words “arms up” came on the screen.  I thought that was pretty cool.  I don’t think she was reading, but more understanding it meant to put her arms up.

My 3 year old daughter is not the type that can hold still and wander away during the DVD time.  But she came back and loved the flop-book and sliding cards and was more interested in those.  I wish I had been more diligent in doing this everyday, I am going to continue on with the system to see if she learns the words.  Right now she hasn’t yet.  She has, however, figured out that when I point at the picture of a tiger, and then point at the word tiger that the word represents the tiger.  I’ll point at the tiger and then at the word and say “what’s this word” and she says “tiger”.

Giveaway: 1 Winner Will Get the Entire Your Baby Can Read Volume 1 Set including: 1 training DVD, 1 watching DVD for kids, 1 flap book, and 6 slide cards.



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Buy 4 Sobe Lifewater 20 oz for $1.02 each
use .50/1 Target printable (print twice!)
stack with BOGO FREE printable
Final price is $0.26 each wyb 4!

-if you can find another computer and get 4 Target coupons you’ll get all 4 for 4 Cents!

Thanks Savvy Sister Shops!

Posted: June 10, 2010

Couponer in Arizona? Score some smokin’ cuckoo coupon deals – perhaps come clearance finds combined with a coupon for 90% off? Snatch any local retail sales? Leave a comment with what you bought, where & when you found it, what you spent &  saved, or any in-store peelies, tearpads and more you scored.  Upload your shopping trip pictures! Pictures are optional. Share Your Arizona Shopping Trip Pictures here! (more…)

Posted: June 10, 2010

Couponer in Alaska? Score some smokin’ cuckoo coupon deals – perhaps come clearance finds combined with a coupon for 90% off? Snatch any local retail sales? Leave a comment with what you bought, where & when you found it, what you spent &  saved, or any in-store peelies, tearpads and more you scored.  Upload your shopping trip pictures! Pictures are optional. Share Your Alaska Shopping Trip Pictures here! (more…)

Posted: June 10, 2010

Couponer in Alabama? Score some smokin’ cuckoo coupon deals – perhaps come clearance finds combined with a coupon for 90% off? Snatch any local retail sales? Leave a comment with what you bought, where & when you found it, what you spent & saved, or any in-store peelies, tearpads and more you scored. Upload your shopping trip pictures! Pictures are optional. Share Your Alabama Shopping Trip Pictures here! (more…)

Posted: June 10, 2010

$4 Movie Tix

Dates can be so expensive so I would love for this offer for $4 AMC movie tickets to be in my area, but discounted tickets are only in these cities:

I’ll let you know if I find more!

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