Totsy: *HOT* 50% off Voucher & 50% off Coats or Melissa & Doug + FREE Shipping = Cute Coats $7.25 Shipped & More!

Dec 2 2011
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Follow these steps to score some cuckoo deals!  UPDATE: free shipping for new members isn’t working anymore, it has worked for the last year I had no idea they quit doing that BUT free shipping on orders over $50 is working.

#1: Today only, head on over here to Totsy and sign up through this link, and you’ll get FREE shipping on your first order!   Looks like that promo ended BUT  if you spend $50 or more and use the code REINDEER at checkout (for old members) you will get free shipping! And they are guaranteeing your orders will get to you before Christmas!

#2:  head on over to PlumDistrict and buy a $30 Totsy voucher for $13.50 – just use the coupon code FABULOUS to get 10% off!

Totsy has tons of items 50% off, plus use your 50% off voucher to get items 75% off + free shipping!

#3: Totsy is having a sale on Melissa & Doug items up to 50% off!  You could get 3 items like the Nina Ballerina Magnetic Dress-Up kit shown above which are $10.85, so JUST $16.05 shipped for 3 toys with your voucher code – that is including the $13.50 cost of that voucher!  There are tons of boys toys too!

OR #3: You could get 3 full size pillow pets $16.08 shipped – $3.30 on the site, $13.50 from the voucher!

OR #3: Tons of cute baby items on sale 50% off!

OR #3: Totsy is also currently having a huge blowout sale on juniors coats (like shown below) which are priced as low as $15.50! You could get 2 coats + FREE shipping = $14.50 total (after your gift card). That makes each coat just $7.25 shipped!!

I put this in the Christmas Gifts category on my sidebar!

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FREE Movie Download from Best Buy (1st 10,000!) EXPIRED

Dec 1 2011
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UPDATE: GONE Get a FREE Movie A Day For A Week Download From Best Buy and CinemaNow - copy the code & click on the image it’s on. Hurry!  These are movies you download and can play on your computer – great for airplane trips!

There is How The Grinch Stole Christmas & more!

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$1/1 Arrowhead Water Bottle Coupon = FREE at Target!

Dec 1 2011
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Target Water Bottle Deal:

Buy 1 Arrowhead Sparkling Natural Spring Water 1 liter $0.69
Use new $1/1 coupon (zip code 90210) – they will adjust the coupon down
Final Price= FREE!

I don’t buy bottled water, I am wondering if these even go on sale for $1 sometimes?  Seems likely, but I don’t know for sure, leave a comment if you know the price of these!

Save $1.00 off 1 Liter Bottle of Deer Park Natural Sparkling Spring Water

Save $1.00 off 1 Liter Bottle of Poland Spring Natural Spring Water

Save $1.00 off 1 Liter Bottle of Ozarka Sparkling Natural Spring Water

Save $1.00 off 1 Liter Bottle of Arrowhead Sparkling Natural Spring Water * this is the only one I could find on her list, under Beverages, zip 90210!  Let us know if you find the zip codes for the rest!

Save $1.00 off 1 Liter Bottle of Zephyrhills Sparkling Natural Spring Water

Save $1.00 off 1 Liter Bottle of Ice Mountain Sparkling Natural Spring Water

Thanks, Frugal Family Fun  & for the pic, Happy Money Saver

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List of Coupons in the 12/04/11 Sunday Newspaper! Smartsource & Redplum!

Dec 1 2011
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Wondering what coupon inserts will be in the paper? This Sunday, expect 2 inserts!

RedPlum Coupon Preview
Alka-seltzer Save $1/1 alka-seltzer prodcut (3/31/12)
Alka-seltzer Save $2/1 alka-seltzer plus product (3/31/12)
All Save $.75/1 all laundry detergent (28 load or larger) (1/15/12)
Aquaphor Save $1/1 any aquaphor product (including skin care, lip care and baby care (.35oz-14oz) (12/31)
Build-a-bear workshop Save $10 off a purchase of Save $30 or more (12/31)
Cesar Save $1/2 cesar treats (1/31/12)
Domino Save $.30/1 24oz domino organic or domino demerara sugar product(1/31/12)
Domino Save $.65/1 bottle domino organic light or amber agave nectar (1/31/12)
Domino Save $.75/2 domino sugar products (2lbs or larger) (1/31/12)
Dunkin donuts Save $.75/1 any 11 oz or larger bag of dunkin donuts coffee (not redeemable inrestaurants) (2/29/12)
Dunkin donuts *free* donut with purchase of any extra large coffee (1/31/12)
Folgers Save $.25/1 any folgers coffee product, 30z or larger (1/15/12)
Mars Save $1/2 mars holiday products (12/25)
Pedigree Save $1/2 pedigree treats for dogs (dentastix 5.5oz or larger, marrobone 8oz or larger, Jumbone 6.34oz or larger, any size breathbuster, any size goodbites (1/15/12)
Rhodes Save $.55/1 any package rhodes bread or rolls (1/29/12)
Scope Save $.75/1 scope mouthwash (710 ml or larger) (1/31/12)
Snuggle Save $.50/1 snuggle fabric softener liquid or dryer sheets (1/1/12)
Temptations Save $.50/1 temptations treats for cats (1/14/12)

Smartsource coupon insert
Brita Save $1/1 bottle (2/4/12)
Brita Save $4/1 pitcher or faucet mount system (2/4/12)
Bronkaid Save $2/1 product (2/29/12)
Campbell’s Save $.40/2 Condensed soups excl Chicken Noodle, Tomato & Great for Cooking soups (2/1/12)
Campbell’s Save $.40/2 SpaghettiOs (2/1/12)
Campbell’s Save $.40/4 Chicken Noodle and Tomato soups (2/1/12)
Chex Save $1/2 cereals (1/14/12)
Colgate Save $.40/1 adult or kids manual toothbrush excluding Plus and Extra Clean (12/24)
Colgate Save $.50/1 toothpaste 4oz+ (12/24/12)
Curel Save $2/1 moisturizer 3.5oz+ (2/4/12)
Cuties Save $.35/1 3lb bag dnd (1/4/12)
Cuties Save $.55/1 5lb box dnd (1/4/12)
Edge Save $.55/1 shave gel excludes 2.75oz (1/15/12)
Efferdent/Effergrip Save $2/2 products (1/29/12)
Excedrin Save $2/1 20ct+ dnd (1/7/12)
Excedrin Save $4/2 20ct+ dnd (1/7/12)
Fancy Feast Save $1/3 appetizers 2oz trays (3/4/12)
Fleischmann’s Save $.40/1 strip or jar of yeast (4/8/12)
Gas-X Save $1.50/1 product (1/31/12)
Gas-X Save $2/1 Prevention product (1/31/12)
Glade Save $.55/1 Premium Room Spray 9.7oz (1/14/12)
Glade Save $.75/2 4oz jar or Scented Oil canldes products (1/14/12)
Glade Save $1/1 Plugins Scented Oil twin refill or Save $1/2 single refills (1/14/12)
Hasbro Save $2/1 Operation, Jenga or Trouble KMART coupon (12/10)
Hasbro Save $6/1 Scrabble, Twister, bop it KMART coupon (12/10)
Hasbro Save $8/1 Simon Flash, Scrabble Flash, Yahtzee Flash KMART coupon (12/10)
Hills Bros Save $.55/1 12oz+ (2/5/12)
Jergen’s Save $3/2 moisturizers 4oz+ (2/4/12)
John Frieda Save $3/1 Precision Foam Colour (2/1/12)
Jose Ole Save $1/1 item 16oz+ (1/31/12)
Karo/Kingsford’s Save $.40/1 16oz+ syrup or 16oz corn starch (4/8/12)
Kleenex Save $.50/3 50ct+ boxes or Save $.50/1 bundle pack ets dnd (1/1/12)
Kleenex Save $.75/1 hand towels ets (1/29/12)
Krusteaz Save $1/2 Bakery Style cookie mix (2/29/12)
K-Y Save $2/1 product ets (2/29/12)
Luster Save $1.50/1 White 7 Power or Sensitive (1/31/12)
Luster Save $5/1 1 Hour White (1/31/12)
MiraLAX Save $1/1 except 7 dose (1/15/12)
MiraLAX Save $3/1 30 dose (1/15/12)
Nancy’s Save $1/1 frozen appetizer or dessert dnd (3/11/12)
Neo-Synephrine Save $1/1 product (2/29/12)
Neutrogena Save $1/1 makeup remover, lip or eye makeup (1/31/12)
Neutrogena Save $2/1 face makeup (1/31/12)
Neutrogena Save $3/1 Microdermabrasion system (3/4/12)
Pillsbury Save $.30/2 Refrigerated Grands! Biscuits (2/25/12)
Pillsbury Save $.40/2 Crescent Dinner Rolls (2/25/12)
Pillsbury Save $.40/2 Sweet Rolls or Grands! Sweet Rolls (2/25/12)
Pillsbury Save $.50/2 Rolled Refrigerated Pie Crusts (2/25/12)
Pillsbury Save $1/2 Refrigerated Cookie Dough (2/25/12)
POM Wonderful Save $1/1 product dnd (3/31/12)
Purina Save $1.50/2 dog snacks (3/4/12)
Purina Save $1.50/2 Friskies or Whisker Lickin’s (3/4/12)
Purina Save $4/4 dog snacks (3/4/12)
RevitaLens OcuTec Save $3/1 multi-purpose disinfecting solution (1/2/12)
Schick Save $1/1 Hydro shave gel (1/15/12)
Schick Save $2/1 disposable razor excludes 2ct (1/15/12)
Schick Save $2/1 men’s razor, Hydro or Quattro, or refill (1/15/12)
Schick Save $2/1 Quattro for Women or Intuition Plus Razor or refill (1/15/12)
Scotch Save $1/1 gift wrap cutter or paper cutter (1/31/12)
Scotch Save $1/1 Safe Cut package opener (1/31/12)
Scott Save $1.50/8+ rolls Naturals bath tissue (1/15/12)
Similasan Save $2/1 product dnd (2/29/12)
Skintimate Save $.55/1 shave gel excludes 2.75oz (1/15/12)
Snyder’s Save $1/1 8oz+ pretzel pieces or pretzel sandwiches (2/5/12)
Solo Save $.75/1 cup, plate or bowl (2/29/12)
Starbucks Save $1/1 coffee 11, 12 or 20oz (1/14/12)
Starbucks Save $1/1 Via Ready Brew excludes 3pack (1/14/12)
Starbucks Save $3/2 11, 12 or 20oz (1/14/12)
Sunsweet Save $.55/1 Plum Amazins diced plums (3/31/12)
T.G.I. Friday’s Save $1/1 Frozen Entrees for One (1/15/12)
Theraflu Save $2/1 product (1/21/12)
Theraflu Save $3/1 Warming Relief syrup or caplets (1/21/12)
Theraflu Save $4/2 products (1/21/12)
Triaminic Save $3/1 Fever Reducer Pain Reliever product (2/15/12)
Triaminic Save $3/2 product (2/15/12)
Werther’s Save $.75/2 Original Chewy Caramels bags (1/31/12)
Ziploc Save $1.50/2 containers (1/14/12)
Ziploc Save $1/2 bags (1/14/12)

Starting on Thursdays all coupons for the up-coming week are added to my database.  Head on over to my Coupon Database and follow these instructions to view them:

First click on Advanced Search as shown below:

Then under Source, select the date the coupons are to be released and click on Search.

All the coupons from that insert will appear!

Buying newspapers for coupon inserts tips:

  1. If you buy them in-store, select Dollar Tree’s sell them on Saturday with the inserts!
  2. Always check the papers before buying them to ensure the inserts haven’t been stolen.
  3. Removing inserts and not buying the paper is theft!
  4. Nationwide: Score over 50% off or get FREE weeks of your home newspaper delivery. Go to  discounted newspaper subscriptions sign-ups
  5. If you live in Utah, I have negotiated the lowest multiple Sunday paper rates!
  6. If you live in Idaho, I have also negotiated a killer low Sunday paper rate!
  7. If you live in California, I have also negotiated a killer low Sunday only paper rate!
  8. View my video teaching how many papers to buy, and how to organize those inserts!

Looking for printable coupons? Save hundreds with the grocery coupons from Coupons.comCoupon, and And don’t forget about eCoupons!

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$1/1 Nabisco Cookies & Milk Coupon – First 25,000!

Dec 1 2011
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The ever-popular $1 Off wyb Nabisco Cookies AND 1 Gallon of Milk coupon is available today only – you can print it twice! The brand of milk does not matter.

Thanks, Jackie for the reminder!

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100,000 FREE Victoria’s Secret Rewards Cards! Worth $10, $50, $100, or $500!

Dec 1 2011
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Well look what Victoria’s Secret put on their Facebook page!?!? A new tab where each day now – Dec. 15th you can enter to win a Secret Reward Card! Worth $10, $50, $100, or $500!

Be there are 9am EST everyday to hurry to try to enter to win!  Ack that is 6am PST, not really nice to those Pacificers are they?

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Drugstore Sneak Peek: Freebies/Deals at CVS, Walgs and Rite Aid Starting 12/04/11!

Dec 1 2011
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This is the preview drugstore deals list for Dec 04-10th.  Full lists with scenarios will be posted Saturday!

CVS Sneak Peak 12/04:

Candy Canes 10 ct – $1.27
You Get Back: $1.27 ECB (limit 1)
Final Price: FREE

Revlon Nail Clip Deluxe – $2.99
Get $6 ECBs wyb 2 Revlon Cosmetics or Beauty Tools (limit 1)
Less: $1/1 Revlon Beauty Tool, exp. 12/31/11 (SS 10/30/11)

Try This:
Buy 2 Revlon Nail Clipper Deluxe $2.99 each
Less: (2)$1/1 Revlon Beauty Tool Coupons
You Pay: $3.98
You Get Back: $6 ECBs
Final Price: FREE + Possible Overage

Playtex and Schick Products
Buy $20 Get $10 ECBs (limit 1)
Less: $1/1 Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons or Sport Tampons (SS 11/20/11)
Less: B1G1 Schick Disposable Razor (SS 11/06/11)

Try This:
Buy 2 Schick Xtreme 3 Razors 4-Pack For Women $8.49 each
Buy 1 Playtex Sport Tampons 16 ct (18-36 listed but ad states “any”) $5.29
Less: $1/1 Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons or Sport Tampons (SS 11/20/11)
Less: B1G1 Schick Disposable Razor (SS 11/06/11)
You Pay: $12.78
You Get Back: $10 ECBs
Final Price: $0.92 each


Walgreens Sneak Peak 12/04

All Laundry Detergent 28-40 load – $3.99
Use the $1.00 off one all Laundry Detergent
Final Price= $2.99 ea

Dove Men+Care Deodorant – $3.99
Less: $0.25/1 Dove Men+Care Anti-perspirant or Deodorant (11/13/2011 RP) *exp 12/11!
Or: $1/1 Axe, Vaseline for Men,  Degree for Men or Dove Men + Care Product
Get Back: $3 RR
Final Price: as low as FREE!!

Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel – $3.99
Less: $1/1 Revlon Cosmetics Item, excluding Trial/Travel Size, p.178 Vogue, Nov 2011
Get Back: $3 RR
Final Price: FREE!!

Nestle Chocolate Singles – 3/$1.50 (must buy 3)
Less: $.75/3 Nestle Singles (W-IVC)
Final Price: $.25 each wyb 3   *stocking stuffer!

W Premium Jumbo Pack Diapers or Training Pants – 2/$14
Less: $2/1 W Brand Diapers Jumbo pack, exp. 12/31/11 (Walgreens, New Infant Care)
Get Back: $2 RR wyb 2
Final Price= $4 each

Buy 1 Kids Sprinbrush $4.99
Use $2/1 coupon 
Get back a $1 RR
Final Price= $1.99!

Hershey or Cadbury Candy Bags 7.8-8.5oz. – 4/$10 (must buy 4)
Less: (2) $1/2 Hershey’s Kisses Bags (IE), 7.5 oz+
Get Back: $5 RR wyb 4 (valid on your next Hershey purchase only!)
Final Price: as low as $.75 each wyb 4

Renuzit Adjustables – $0.99
*w/in-ad coupon, limit 3
Less: $0.55/3 Renuzit Adjustables Singles or $.55/1 Adjustables, 2 pk or 3 pk (11/06/2011 RP) *exp 12/07!
Final Price: $.81 each wyb 3

Finesse Shampoo, Conditioner, and Styling Products – $1.99
Less: $1/1 Finesse Product (10/16/2011 SS)
Final Price: $.99

Aquafresh Extreme Clean or Advanced Whitening 5.6 or 6oz. or Iso-Active 4.3oz. – psa. $3.99
Less: $1/1 Aquafresh Extreme Clean or Advanced Whitening, 5.6 oz+ or Iso-Active 4.3oz.
STACK: $2/1 Select Aquafresh Toothpaste (in-ad coupon)
Final Price: as low as $.99 

Dove or Degree Deodorant 2.6-3oz. – $1.99
*w/in-ad coupon, limit 4
Less: $1/1 Degree Men Deodorant
Or: $1/1 Degree Girl Deodorant
Or: $0.35/1 Degree Men Anti-perspirant or Deodorant Stick (11/13/2011 RP) *exp 12/11!
Final Price: as low as $.99

Triaminic Cold,Cough, or Fever Relief Thin Strips 14ct., Liquid 4oz., or Fever Reducer 2 or 4oz. – 2/$10 (must buy 2)
Less: $3/2 Triaminic Products (10/16/2011 SS)
Or: $1/1 Triaminic Product (IE)
STACK: (2) $1/1 Triaminic Children’s Day/Night Cold & Cough Relief or Fever Reducer, 2 pk (W-IVC)
Get Back: $3 RR wyb 2
Final Price: as low as $1 each wyb 2

Schick Disposable Razors Slim Twin 12ct., Xtreme 3 4ct., or Quattro 3ct. – $6.99
Buy (2) and Total Cost: $13.98
Less: B1G1 Schick Disposable Razors, excludes 2 ct, up to $13.99 (11/06/2011 SS)
Get Back: $2 RR
Final Price: as low as $2.49 each wyb 2

Nivea for Men Skin Care or Nivea Body Wash – 2/$7 (must buy 2)
Less: $1/1 Nivea For Men Body Wash, 8.4-16.9 oz
Get Back: $2 RR wyb 2
Final Price: $1.50 each wyb 2

Domino Sugar 4lbs. – $2.29
*w/in-ad coupon, limit 3
Less: $0.50/1 Domino Granulated Sugar, 4 or 5 lb (10/16/2011 RP)
Or: $0.75/2 Domino Sugar Products, 2 lb+ (12/04/2011 RP)
Final Price: as low as $1.79

Aquaphor Lip Repair .35oz. – $4.99
Less: $1/1 Aquaphor Product (IE)
Or: $1/1 Aquaphor Healing Ointment or Lip Repair
Get Back: $2 RR
Final Price: $1.99

Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Pro, Kid’s, or 2pk. Refills – $4.99
Less: $2/1 Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Powered Toothbrush or Refill
Or: $1/1 Arm & Hammer Kid’s Spinbrush Powered Toothbrush (10/23/2011 SS)
Get Back: $1 RR
Final Price: as low as $1.99

Dark & Lovely or Soft Sheen Optimum Care Relaxer Kit – $6.99
Get Back: $5 RR
Final Price: $1.99

Rite Aid Sneak Peak 12/04

Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Product – $4.99
Less: $1/1 Alka-Seltzer Antacid, or Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Product printable
OR: $1/1 Alka-Seltzer Plus (ALL YOU Dec ’11)
OR: $2/1 Alka-Seltzer Plus Product (RP 10/23/11)
OR: $1/1 Alka-Seltzer Product (RP 10/23/11)
You Get Back: $2.00 UPR
Final Price: As low as $.99

Crest Complete Toothpaste, Scope Dual Blast Rinse, Oral-B Complete Toothbrush – $3.99
Less: $2/1 Crest Complete Toothpaste, Scope Dual Blast Rinse, Oral-B Complete Floss, or Oral-B Complete Toothbrush, (SS 09/11/11 R)
OR: $0.75/1 Crest Toothpaste or Liquid Gel (PG 11/27/11)
OR: $1/1 Crest Toothpaste or Liquid Gel (PG 10/30/11)
OR: $0.75/1 Scope Mouthwash (PG 10/30/11)
Final Price: As low as $.99

Home Depot Gift Card
Buy a $50 Home Depot Giftcard, Get $10 UPR

Christmas Cosmetics Gift Set – $4.99
You Get Back: $2.00 UPR
Final Price: $2.99

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$2 Subway Sandwiches Now – Dec. 31st!

Dec 1 2011
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Foot Long Meatball Marinara - Click Image to Close

Subway has announced the Cold Cut Combo and Meatball Marinara 6? Subs  will be JUST $2 all during December!

I don’t like either of those, I am a Turkey with Southwest Chipotle Sauce fan!

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