HyVee Ad Match

Jun 15 2010
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Other Stores Deals June 14 – June 22 Provided by Little People Wealth

Key: *** Good Deals, **** Great Deals, ***** Cuckoo ( Stock Up!)

This list will be updated throughout the week as I find more deals.
Add the items you plan to buy to create a printable shopping list! Then click the “Create List” button below.

Add Van Camp’s Pork and Beans $0.33 – June 14 – June 22
$0.50/2 – May All You
Final Price = $0.16 for 2
Add Lay’s Potato Chips $1.48
$0.55 – 5/2 SS (Baked)
Final Price = $0.93
Add HyVee Sandwich Bread $0.99
Final Price = $0.99
Add Whole Chicken
Final Price =$0.88/lb
Add Pepsi & Tostitos
Buy 3 Pepsi 12 packs and get a Tostitos Free – in ad coupon
Final Price =$11 for 3 Pepsi’s and a Tostitos
Add Hunt’s Manwich
Final Price =
Add Kellogg’s Cereal and Milk
$1/2 Printable Coupon (use 2)
Free Milk when you buy 4 Kellogg’s Cereals (in ad coupon)
Final Price =$8 for 4 cereals and milk

Create a Printable Shopping List:
Just add the items you plan to buy & click the “Create List” button below.

Create List feature is a new feature in Beta Testing. Please leave a comment with problems or suggestions to make it better!

Adding deals to your printable shopping list won’t work in RSS feeds or emails – visit the site to use this feature.

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Free eCookbook & I Need Your Help!

Jun 15 2010
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Mr. Food

Free eCookbook – Mr. Food Decadent Desserts, featuring 32 pages of dessert recipes.

So this reminded me, I am part of a recipe swap.  Me and 10 ladies, and our kids, get together every-other week at a different members house.  The hosting member has a full lunch with desserts and everything, and recipes printed up of what she made.  Its fun to socialize with my neighbors and get new recipes that you’ve actually tried.  Then you know if you want to make it or not.  Anyways, my turn is next week.  I have tons of frozen ground beef I need to use up, any ideas for a lunch with ground beef, besides grilling hamburgers?

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Hot Hallmark Deal at Walgreen’s!

Jun 15 2010
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~YMMV with this deal as it is unadvertised~

Buy 3 Hallmark cards (any type), get a $2 RR
Buy 4 Hallmark cards, get a $2 RR
Buy 5 Hallmark cards, get a $4 RR

Look for the $0.49 cards!
buy 3 at $0.49= $1.47, get back a $2 RR= $0.53 moneymaker
buy 4 at $0.49= $1.96, get back a $2 RR= $0.04 monyemaker
buy 5 at $0.49= $2.45, get back a $4 RR= $1.55 moneymaker

Perfect for Father’s day.  My husband already “found” his tie, so I need at least a little something extra to get him!  Let me know where/if you score these!

Thanks SavvySpending & A Thrifty Mom

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Last Chance To Enter Giveaways!

Jun 15 2010
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Today’s the last day to enter our giveaway for Your Baby Can Read (fairly low entries)  & $100 A Candy Store.com Gift Certificate!

I listed them on Stash Mama – she has a fun thing she does where everyday she posts a giveaway linky, but it is only for giveaways ending that day! Here’s where you can find her link daily

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AND More New Features on Cuckoo for Coupon Deals!

Jun 15 2010
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Simple Chat! I added a fun chat feature on my sidebar. You don’t have to login or sign up to use it! Just click on “Guest” and type in your name, and you can chat with me or any other online reader! Yeah! Ask me questions or chat about deals. Click on “show all” to see if I am online or not, and see who else is online.  I will have my husband look into it more and make sure it is not slowing down my site, but if my site still is loading in under 2 seconds, we will keep it!

If I’m logged in, it will say “Deidre” with my picture by it so you know its me.  I will mostly be logged in at night time. If anyone says anything inappropriate while I’m not logged in, you can email me their name they were using, and I can ban their IP address.  No personal info is stored on the chat – again, you don’t register or sign up.  Just type in your name and start chatting!

Top 10 This Week! Also on my sidebar, this lists top posts within 7 days in order of most views.

New Picture! At the bottom of my site you can now see a picture of me and my husband.  He is hot eh’?  A sweetie too!  And yes, I know my hair looks better straight and with highlights in that picture then curly and dark (it is curly and dark in 1/2 my training videos) but don’t worry I’m changing it back soon.

New Coupon Training section: This is a large work-in-progress. I’m re-doing all my training info – expect more in weeks to come!

We’re Expanding: If you are someone who loves finding the best deals and wants to be on our team, let us know! This is a great money-making opportunity for people who don’t have time to run a full-time blog, but just want some easy money! Email me for details at deidre(at)cuckooforcoupondeals.com.

Any other features you would like to see or things you’d like my site to focus on more?

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Sunflower Market: Cheap Strawberries and Raspberries!

Jun 15 2010
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Tomorrow is Double Ad Wednesday at Sunflower Market.

Last week they had Raspberries 6 oz. on sale for .97!
This week it’s Strawberries 1 lb. for .88!!

If you go on Wednesday you can take advantage of both sales!  Wahoo!
Find your Sunflower Market ad and locations here.

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Free Sample Propel Powder

Jun 15 2010
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FREE sample of Propel Powder with calcium Fitness drink packets!  I usually sign up for free samples because they can come with high-value printables!

Thanks, Free Snatcher!

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$13.40 Booster Seats at Walmart!

Jun 15 2010
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Walmart.comicon has booster seats for $13.50, and select site-to-store to get free shipping!  The nice/cute ones are $25.00 but you get a $10 Walmart Gift card when you buy them – those are available online only.

Thanks, Good Deal Momma

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