FREE personalized Veggie Tales song with your child’s name

Apr 4 2011
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Veggie Tales is giving you a FREE song featuring your kid’s name when you enter the code myveggie at checkout on Just Me Music.

(Thanks Savings and Stewardship!)

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CVS: Print now to make $2 at CVS starting Sunday

Apr 4 2011
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There is an awesome deal that starts at CVS on April 10th. I suggest you print these coupons now in case they run out of prints:

Buy $20 worth of Participating Lysol or Air Wick Products and get a $10 ECB
Buy 4 Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Starter Kits — $6 ea
Use (4) $4/1 printable coupons (will need 2 computers)
Pay $8 and get $10 ECB
Total: $2 money maker!

(Thanks Coupon Katarina!)

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ABC’s of Couponing: “P” is for Print it Twice!

Apr 4 2011
Posted by deidre 17 Comments
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Part of the ABC’s of Couponing Guide

For smartsource,,, and redplum coupons, after you print them hit the “back” button on your browser to print them one more time.  You can print each coupon twice!  Don’t hit the back button multiple times, just hit it once.  A pop-up may appear that says “resend” or “cancel”, hit “resend”.

You can only print coupons twice per computer.  You also should never photocopy coupons.  This is illegal and could get you in serious trouble.  Coupons have a unique identifier, so if you photocopy them then that number is the same on both coupons.  The manufacturer will not reimburse the store for the multiples, the store will lose money and this is essentially stealing from the store.  Not to mention, they may decide to stop taking printable coupons altogether.

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Pampers Gifts to Grow: New 10 point code

Apr 4 2011
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Login to Pampers or register for Pampers Gifts to Grow and bank this code: GTGREWARDS4MOMS

View my list of previous Pampers Gifts to Grow codes still available! Plus learn what this free pampers program is all about if you’ve never heard of it.

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Get ready for FREE Tide Stain Release tonight

Apr 4 2011
Posted by kristin 2 Comments
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Tide Stain Release is going to give away 150,000 FREE samples starting at 9 pm EST tonight! Make sure you like Tide on Facebook so you are ready to request your samples.

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Dollar General’s new Rhythm and Race Rewards

Apr 4 2011
Posted by kristin 2 Comments
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Dollar General has introduced a new rewards program called Rhythm and Race Rewards that runs from April 1st to July 31st. When you buy a participating product, you get 1 point. Points can be redeemed for gift cards ($5 for 10 points), Racing Memorabilia, and Grand Ole Opry Gear.

Here are a few of the products that are participating in this promotion:

  • Huggies
  • Axe
  • Degree
  • Fresh Step
  • Betty Crocker
  • Glad
  • Cottonelle
  • Scott
  • General Mills
  • Clorox
  • Hellmans
  • Dove
  • and many more!

Go here to see the complete list. Plus make sure you check out the bonus items that are participating each month.

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Un-Extreme Couponing: BOGO Free Stacking Sale w/ Coupon

Apr 4 2011
Posted by deidre 3 Comments
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Let’s break couponing down to be fun and easy, not extreme and time-consuming!

Question from a reader:

I’m confused by the BOGO sales when they are matched up with BOGO coupons, how do the items come out free?

This is one question which is not easily answered.  At most stores, if a sale is buy one get one free, then you purchase one and the other is free.  So if you use a BOGO free coupon on top of the sale, both products end up free.

But at some stores, they say if you have to actually be paying for one, so you will end up buying three, and getting two for free.

I like the wording My Coupon Library used to explain this:

The coupon acts as payment for the one bought and then they give you the second as part of their store promotion. The store gets paid for the item when they submit the coupon. The manufacturer was paid for both the items when the store bought the products and then only gives money back for one of the items when the coupon is submitted.

There are some stores however that treat these sales and coupons a little differently. Rather than giving you the item for free, you buy one and then receive two free (one free for the coupon and one free for their sale). It just depends on how the store accepts the coupon

If you combine BOBO free sale with a BOBO 1/2 coupon you could pay half off the price for one item and get the second item free. Again, I definitely recommend you talk to the manager at your local store because most stores reserve the right to allow their manager to refuse any coupons at their discretion

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Cuckoo Consumer Alert: Fake Emails from Paypal

Apr 4 2011
Posted by deidre 15 Comments
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Every now and then I post consumer alerts to help you out. Well, someone recently tried to “scam” me but luckily I knew what to look for and was able to avoid the scam. I wanted to post this information so you would know what to watch for because scammers are more cleaver than you think.

Here is my true story:
I was selling an item on, a classified ads site similar to I always only accept cash and have my husband meet up with the people who are buying (as I don’t feel safe meeting anyone alone). One person wanted to pay via paypal since that was easiest for them. Paypal gives you full refunds if things go wrong, so I figured that was okay.

Well, I got an email from “paypal” saying money had been deducted from the buyer’s account, and as soon as I emailed them a receipt of  shipping confirmation I would receive payment.  Red flags are everywhere!

First, Paypal has buyer protection so if you pay for something and don’t get it you can dispute it.  I don’t believe they have a service of holding money such as this.

Also, the name said   Notice the extra dot at the end.  So I clicked on “show details”

And guess what I saw – it wasn’t from Paypal.  It said

Well I stuck the email in “trash”.  I didn’t click on any links.

If you get an email from any bank or paypal don’t click on ANY links in the email.

Because if it is a fraud email, this will happen: You’ll click on the link. Go to a site that looks exactly like Paypal.  Enter your email and password. Then BOOM.  You have just given a fake company that has setup a site to look just like paypal your email and password!

It is always safest to just type the url directly in the browser, and look for the https:// at the front.  The s means secure.

Ask CCD Readers: If you have any more tips on keeping yourself safe while selling items online, please leave a comment below!

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