CVS Coupon Policy 2015

Jul 22 2010
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Learn how to shop at CVS like a pro.  Here is CVS’s coupon policy and how to use the CVS Pharmacy Extra Care Bucks to rock those deals!

UPDATE: Here’s an in-depth posts:

CVS Coupon Policy online : CVS stores accept the following types of coupons:

  1. Manufacturer Coupons (this includes both coupons from newspapers / magazines / other print sources ans well as manufacturer online printable coupons)
  2. Store Coupons (this includes CVS store coupons found in their weekly fliers, in-store coupon booklets, CRTs and purchase based coupons)
  3. Competitor Pharmacy Coupons (they do not, however, accept any other type of competitor coupon)
  4. Extra Care Bucks (called ECBs for short, they are like a Catalina from the grocery store that is printed out at the cash register on the bottom of your receipt)
  5. NEW: If a coupon is a manufacturer’s coupon, BUT has any other stores logo on it, CVS will not accept it

CVS Lingo:

  • Extra Care Bucks (ECBs): It’s a CVS store coupon for a discount of your next purchase order that prints at check out.  They print at the bottom of your receipt and can be used “like cash” on almost anything else sold at CVS (excludes gift card purchases, alcohol, prescriptions).
  • Extra Care Bucks card: Card that will track your ECB’s and rewards.  You must scan this before your transactions to get your ECB’s.  Apply for the free Extra Care Bucks card online or in-stores.
  • Green Bag Tag:  Scan the extracare card, then an item, then the green tag.  You can use any re-usable shopping bag, re-use a plastic bag from a previous purchase, or simply carry out your items to qualify for the green bag tag rewards. Anytime you decline a one-time use plastic bag, you will receive a green bag tag™ credit. Look at your receipt. The quantity needed to earn reward will show, and it goes down each time you use it. It starts at 4 and counts down to 1 and then you get an extra buck every time after 1. Then it starts again at 4 and continues.  So every 4th visit you can get one free ECB!  They cancelled this
  • Reinventing Beauty Magazine:  This is a is a 99 cent magazine available in the beauty section of most CVS stores.  It sometimes comes with CVS and manufacturer coupons.  Where else can you find the magazine?  by the weekly flyers, with the other magazines, by the cash registers, in the cosmetic aisle.  Not all stores seem to carry this magazine.
  • Clip Free Coupon:  Refers to a month long discount offered that’s deducted automatically at checkout.
  • CRT:  or Cash register tape is a coupon that prints at the bottom of your receipt or at the Price Scanner. Most commonly called ECB’s.
  • Price Scanner (Most commonly called the Magic Coupon Machine): Price scanning machines located at certain stores that serve to check the price of items and also print CVS store coupons when your CVS Extra Care Bucks card is scanned.
  • CVS Store coupons:  These can be stacked with manufacturer coupons for added savings.  Can only use one per transaction.
  • CVS $/$$ coupons:  These coupons provide a discount once your order reaches a certain value before coupons.  For example:  you could save $4 when you buy $20 or more.  This total is always before any other coupons.

How to Shop at CVS:

In each weekly circular you will see a certain number of items that may be FREE after ECB (Extra Care Bucks). For example, notice to the right the pens are priced at .99 (your out-of-pocket cost), but when you buy those they will also generate a .99 ECB…that’s essentially FREE after you get your ECB back.

Make sure to print your “ deal scenarios.” before you go into the store. This will help you by having a plan of attack to maximize savings.

View/print the deal scenarios for CVS each week.

Scan the magic CVS coupon machine when you first arrive at CVS - You’ll want to scan your ExtraCare card at the coupon printing machine inside the store. This machine is about 5? tall and is usually right when you walk in. It will print out coupons and even ECBs every now and then!

Are cvs magic coupon scanner coupons manufacturer coupons? NO they are store coupons, so you can “stack” them with manufacturer’s coupons!

Match a coupon with the ECB Deals to get an even sweeter deal! For example:  Buy 2 Hair Care products ($5 each), Get a $5 ECB back.  Say you have the $3 off coupons that commonly come in the Sunday paper, you will pay $4 out-of-pocket for both products, then you’ll get a $5 ECB. After doing the math, you have just made $1 for your purchase (this is also known as a moneymaker deal)!!

ECB’s: Is the total in the ad before my coupons are calculated or after?  The total is before coupons.  If a ECB says it will print for $20, then if you purchase $20 in product, but after scanning coupons you only have to pay $10, you will still get your EBC’s!  Because EBC’s are calculated before coupons are scanned.

Limits – Make sure to look at the limits of ECB’s –  in the picture above there is a limit of one per household.  If the limit of the offer is more than one you can buy more than one item in the same transaction and get all of the ECBs you would expect from each offer! Warning: you will save more money by breaking off your transactions and using ECBs from the first transaction on the second and so on.  That’s called “rolling”.

Order of handing coupons to the cashier: First hand your ECB card to be scanned, then items to be bought, then CVS dollar off transaction coupons, then CVS store coupons/manufacturer coupons, and finally your ECBs. Last scan your Green Bag Tag (described in the coupon lingo area above).

Use TWO coupons for Buy 1, Get 1 FREE deals - Many items often go on sale for BOGO. CVS will actually let you use two  coupons.

BOGO Free CVS sales with BOGO Free Coupons: You CAN use a BOGO manufacturer’s coupon on a BOGO CVS sale, making both items free!

BOGO Free Manufacturer’s coupon: You CANNOT use a BOGO Free manufacturer’s coupon AND a $xx/1 manufacturer’s coupon together for 2 items.

Roll, Baby Roll - When you use your ECB on other deals that generate more ECB this is called “rolling.” Unlike Walgreens, at CVS you can “roll ECBs” meaning you can spend ECBs you received from one offer to buy more of the same.

Make sure to scan your Extra Care Bucks card - ECBs are tied to your Extra Care Bucks card.  This means that you can only redeem them when using the Extra Care Bucks card used to earn them.

No roll? You don’t have to use your ECB’s right when you get them. ECBs expire four weeks after the date they were first issued.  Make sure to use them before they expire.

Earn more ECB - Earn 2% back with every purchase in-store (get rewards every 3 months) and Earn 1 Extra Buck for every 2 prescriptions purchased in-store.

Rain Checks: Don’t leave the store empty handed if you get there and the item you want is sold out!  Ask for a rain check – At cvs rainchecks never expire AND you’ll receive ECB just like the original sale.

Can you get a rain check on cvs cash card deals?   CVS’s policy is no rainchecks on Cash Card deals.  However, if you ask your manager some may give you a $10 ECB or something other then an actual gift card.  YMMV.

Alright, it sounds confusing.  I admit it! But shopping at CVS is one of the best ways to get free razors, hair care, cheap diapers, and more.   Please leave a comment with any questions!

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  • Mommy B

    Thank you for this!

  • Modesty

    Thanks for the CVS Coupon List!

  • Amy Juhasz

    Gah, I miss CVS. We moved when my daughter was 8 months and no longer have a CVS, but before that we never paid for diapers, wipes, baby wash, tooth paste, tooth brushes, deoderant or face wash. I just rolled my CVS bucks every trip and only paid a few cents here and there. More than 2 years later and we’re just now running out of our tooth paste stash!

  • kristen

    Thanks- I never knew CVS had different regions

  • Tonya James

    You’re so detailed! I love it

  • Nicole

    Really wish I had one!!

  • Shanna Bailes


  • anne conover

    Hi, love this and I have to say CVS is my favorite out of all the drug stores. BUT…you forgot to mention the Green Tag that you purchase for 99 cents. Attach it to your own reusable bag and have them scan it each time you go in – .25 every trip, can only use it once per day! I make $2-3 a month using my own bag!!! The reward comes out on your receipt, just like ECB’s :)

    • deidre


  • Angela S.


  • kristen

    what does it mean when CVS says the dont accept coupons on “front store items”?

  • Sarah

    I may have missed it, but are you able to stack sales and coupons at CVS? Example being a sale for BOGO 50% off, plus a coupon for $3 off.

  • Deborah

    Our CVS now has a tag you put on your own shopping bag you take to the store with you. It looks like a green leaf with a long green flexible stem so you can put it on your shopping bag. It has a UPC label on it so the clerk can scan it every time you come in to the store. It gives you $0.25 cents back on every visit and after every fourth visit, you will get an extra care buck for the four total visits. You will not get anything back for the first three visits, but upon the fourth visit, the register tape for you as long as you also use your person care card will indeed print out a dollar $1.00 extra care buck for you!!!!!

  • Tanya

    Overheard the manager whisper to the cashier this morning that they would not be accepting printed coupons in the near future. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I can’t find the current coupon policy on their website, and was wondering where or whom I contact to get that information. I do shop there quite frequently, and my shopping trips take quite a bit of preparation. I would hate to do all the work, and be turned down when it comes time to check out. That is quite frustrating.

  • keegan

    When it says they will except other ‘pharmacys’ coupons does it mean Rite Aid, Walgreens type places or only the actually pharmacy part of the store . COupons on pharmacy items? I’m slightly confused.

  • Kimberley Smith

    Hey this is great info…funny I’m still learing the lingo….good to hear about the BOGO!!! And yes Walgreens doesn’t do the Roll baby Roll…so better to split the transaction to get your register rewards…..I bought an Airwick automatic freshner this weel and only paid 99. Ya Hoooo….

    Thanks for your help,

    Best Always,
    Kimberley ~ Peace ~

  • Cynthia Syna Cunningham

    So when purchasing a razor that is 8.99 and you get a 4.99 dollar ecb. And i have a 4 dollar off coupon. Can i buy the razor use my coupon and ecb bucks on that one razor to get it free? or do i have to buy the razor at regular price, use my coupon and then use the ecb on my next purchase?

    • deidre

      you buy the razor and use the coupon, and any PREVIOUS ECB’s you may have. If no ECB’s, pay $4.99 out-of-pocket and an ECB’s will print. Even if you use ECB’s to pay for it, another ECB will print. But you may have to pay $4.99 if you have no ECB’s to use

  • beth

    Hi there…im new to couponing…how would a b2g1 coupon work with a b2g1 sale at cvs? And if I have 15 coupons will they make me break up the transaction? Thanks!

    • deidre

      you would buy 3 items, and get 2 free

      • Lytha

        At my cvs you can use the bogo coupon on the met-rx bars and the .75 off coupon all in the same transaction. Right now cvs has Buy 2 get 1 free so You use the bogo and three .75 off coupons so at my store I’m paying .25 cents for three met-rx bars!!! this is the best coupon combo I have done to date.. I bought 90 bars that would have been $225 FOR $7.50…

        • Lytha

          Sorry miss type I got all 90 bars for $22.50 I had leftover extra bucks that was taken off my total so it took it down to $7.50 but you might not have any extra ones.. so if you have the coupons bogo and the .75 off you can get 3 bars for .25!!

  • Emily topper

    today i went to CVS and had a manufactures coupon for .55 off a carefree acti-fresh product and a manufactures coupon for .50 off a carefree acti-fresh product and she said i was not able to use both on one product. i never had a problem using 2 different manufactures coupons when they were 2 different prices. what went wrong?

    • deidre

      you can only use one manufacturer’s coupon per item purchased

      • Emily topper

        even if they r 2 different prices?

        • deidre

          yes even if they are two different prices, you can only use one

  • Yadira Quiroz

    I am new to couponing but I am loving saving $. My husband was recently laid off his job so right now I am the only one making $ so any help you can provided as far as breaking down the the rules of couponing I would really appreciate it. Ok so my question is , what does it mean “per transaction”? Is that per trip? And what does. It mean $1.50/2?? Is that you get 2 products for 1.50? Thank you very much for your help I love your website and have told all my friends!

  • jazzyintexas

    that sounds really awesome

  • jc

    Can I use more than one ECB per transaction? Meaning if I have a $1 and a $3 ECB, can I use them both on one item?

    • deidre


  • Angel

    If there is an ECB deal in the ad which pictures several different items and states limit one does that mean that you can only pick one of the different items to get the deal? If I shop the yellow tags in the aisle I would think I was getting multiple ECBs if I had not looked at the ad. I bought Always Infinity and Tampax Pearl and only got one ECB which said it was for Tampax. Manager said it was really the same deal because they were pictured together in the ad. Is this normal policy? Curious because the manager was very hostile about it and seemed like she was just blowing me off.

    • deidre

      Yes it is one per all items in the ad

  • Tim

    I just need a little clarification…So, if I go to CVS and have 2 Manufacturer’s Coupons for B1G1, can use them on 2 items to get them both for free?

    • Jamie

      No, if CVS is having a sale BOGO free say it is Nivea Body wash and you have a BOGO Free coupon you get it for free then. You cant use 2 of your coupons but you CAN USE THEIR CVS Sale BOGO with one of your BOGO to get it FREE :) Hope this helped :)

  • Valerie

    Went to CVS today. Bought Garnier hair product 50 cents on clearance. Cashier wouldn’t take my 1.00 coupon because it was for more than the item. I said she could adjust it down but wouldn’t. Was she wrong?

  • Meg

    This info is very useful!!! I just started couponing as a neccessity and ur site has brought my understanding to a whole new level! thx again!!!

  • Jamie

    I just found out about CVS from a friend yesterday I went to CVS in Meadville, PA and the manager was a Jerk I turned around went to another store and after 140.00 purchase I walked away with .33 bill and 6.00 in ECB coupons. So much for shopping at walmart or giant eagle anymore! CVS here I come! I’m gonna be the next extreme couponer :)

  • DeAnna

    So new at this and was wondering…axe’s has a coupon for buy one get one free…meanwhile cvs has a buy one get one free special. Could i buy one and get one free on the store deal and the one i bought also count toward the mft coupon for one free as well?

  • wennona

    Thanks for the info about green bags. Also picked up a few more pointers on couponing. CVS is my favorite.

  • nancy wolpert

    I printed $5 off $25 coupon on line on my computer. When I tried to use it I was denied. I was told the coupon was on my daughter Eileen’s extracare card. We compared our card numbers -they are different. How is this possible? We do not live together. What is the solution?

  • Catrina

    CVS is tricky to learn… but i’m getting there ;) .. just a few weeks ago I was behind a women who was using coupons and she had her binder in the cart, by the time she was done she had 4 bags of goodies and only spent $11 bucks… we walked out at the same time and I commented on her great savings and she got all defensive .. lol.. not sure if she was worried i was going to steal her ideals or run off with her coupon book… i guess she just didn’t want to be congratulated.
    I also didn’t not know how the Green Bag Tag worked, i guess i will be picking one up at my next CVS trip :)

  • ashley

    I am just learning how to shop at cvs and I’m confused with the ECBs and rolling. After buying a shaver that had 5 ecbs and shaver blades that also had 5 ecbs… I split up the transaction. First buying the shaver which rolled over 5 ecbs to the blades. I was expecting the same from the blades to a few other things i was buying. The cashier claimed It is only 1 per card. Am I wrong thinking that I should’ve received 5 ecbs from the blades as well?

    • jessdare

      Sometimes it’s only one set of extra care bucks per offer. It will tell you in the ad what the limit is as far ecb’s.

  • Kelly S

    I recieved a 30% off my purchase coupon that printed on the bottom of my receipt, almost like ECB’s. I was given a time limit of 3 days to use it, Could you tell me how a percent off coupon works. Is it before any coupons? After man. coupons? When the total at the end comes up after ECB are used? This would be very helpful! Thanks.

    • Cindy

      In my opinion these coupons are worthless. They do not work on anything that is on sale or you use a coupon on. The ones I have seen in the past are only good on full priced items that you are not using a coupon of any kind on. Not very often that I ever buy anything that is not on sale or have a coupon for. : (

  • Sallie

    Does CVS have a maximum number of identical coupons (both store and manufacturer’s) that can be used in one transaction? Example, could I use 3 of the 2.00 off Huggies store coupons and 3 of the 3.00 off Huggies printables?

    • ivonne

      i have the same question! i have (4) of the CVS $2.00 off coupons and (4) of the manuf. $3.00 off coupons. I wanted to use all at once… can that be done?? i can’t find a rule anywhere that it can’t, so i’m wondering.

      • Crystal

        The limit is written on the coupon specifically, for the CVS 2.00 off coupons for the Huggies I am assuming it states 1 per transaction. The manufactors coupons will also state limits for P&G they typically state limit 4 like coupons per shopping trip. Make sure that your store knows that limit 1 per item purchase implies 1:1 ratio of coupon to item not per transaction and the 1: transaction is limit 1 total per paying transaction. This has been a hang up for me at times explaining to cashiers the difference. If there is any problem contact a manager… they want your business and they don’t lose money when you save, they get the mfc value plus 8cents for many of the coupons so they are actually turning a profit from it.

        • Cindy

          Being told it’s one per purchase is a royal pain in the butt. 50% of the time it’s also a waste of breath to try and explain it also. That is when I just ask for all my coupons back and leave. It seems a lot of stores don’t care if they have your business.
          The .08 cents per coupon is not actually a profit. It is to pay for having the coupons processed. Coupon processing companies do not do it for free. That coupon does a lot of traveling before the store actually gets their money back and sometimes payment is withheld.

  • Jena

    I know that you can not use 2 coupons for the BOGO but if it is BOGO 1/2 off can you use 2 then?

    • Cindy

      Some stores do allow you to use a $off along with a BOGO coupon. The $off is for use on the one that you are actually buying. For a BOGO sale, some stores also allow you to use a coupon for both items, or even a BOGO coupon to get both items free. Even if the store has the rule, I still find it 50/50 on the cashier allowing it or not. As much as we wish all stores in a chain followed the same set of rules, it just does not seem to happen that way. Today they do, tomorrow they may not. You check out and get shot down, friend with same order with different cashier is waiting in car wondering what the holdup is. I find that couponing takes nerves of steel. LOL
      And yes, you SHOULD be able to use 2 coupons on a BOGO 1/2 off.

      • deidre

        Yes I agree, you SHOULD be able to use 2 manufacturers coupon with a BOGO 1/2 off sale

  • Meagan

    Can you use a Online printed CVS coupon with a Manufacture coupon? The Online CVS coupon I printed says CVS Pharmacy and I cannot use it anywhere else.. I don’t believe I say anything about Online CVS coupons.


    • deidre

      yes you could use it at CVS with a manufacturer’s coupon

  • M Stanley

    I purchased some items and scanned my CVS card awhile back. Submitted a rebate for Oil of Olay and the date of the purchase wasn’t on the receipt. Can I bring in the receipt and get a copy with the correct date? I have the transaction number. It’s for a $20.00 rebate so I would really like to be able to do this.

    Thanks so much!

  • Malibu

    Do you know anything about CVS’s coupon policy for clearance items??

    • deidre

      they accept coupons on clearance items

  • mari

    New as of a few months now. CVS is confusing to me. I understand most of it except I have not been able to find the correct answer to this: Limit 1=? Is it Per month? Per week? Per lifetime? I have asked the managers and they can’t seem to be able to give me answer except they tell me to look at receipt. I guess they don’t know either. DOES ANYONE KNOW? The add DOES NOT if rewards are per week or per month. HELP PLEASE

    • Trevor

      It is limit 1 per card per week. It is beneficial to get multiple cards for members of your family (i.e. spouse). However, sometimes they run the same special multiple weeks in a row (i.e. $1 reward for milk), the limit starts over the next week or next time it is offered. Hope this helps.

      • Elise

        Actually, getting multiple cards per household is now illegal. The limits now say “1 per household” in case anyone is still reading this.

        It’s people who get multiple cards per household that clear the shelves every Sunday morning…

        • Elise

          Actually, I take that back. Their official policy is one per PERSON, but they have changed most of their ECB deals to read “one per household” which is in theory to keep people from clearing shelves…but if my stores are any indication they don’t seem to enforce that.

          But bottom line is you’ve just got to do what you think is ethical.

          • Cindy

            In most stores I have been in, it only takes 3 people getting their 1 per card to clear the shelves.
            A lot of people on blogs talk about shelf clearers and their disdain for them. Unless you just happened to see that one person take everything on the shelf, how does that person know that it wasn’t multiple shoppers that cleared the shelf? In a grocery store that has 100 items on the shelf. If each shopper only took 10 (and that’s not a lot) it would only take 10 people to clear that shelf and I am sure it could be done in a matter of minutes.

        • yvonne

          Illegal? so many of us extreme coupon folks will be heading to jail soon!

  • mabini

    Does CVS accept expired coupons or can you please identify which drug store or grocery store who accept expired coupons.

    • Cindy

      I don’t know of any store that intentionally accepts expired manufacture coupons. You may be able to get a store to accept them with a raincheck if you ask. But most still look at you like you have lost your mind. I am sure someone out there has a store that will, on occasion accept them, but I would bet if everyone says “Hey, XXX store accepts expired coupons, lets go there to use up these great coupons that expired”, that offer would end pretty quick.

      • deidre

        Yes no stores accept expired coupons EXCEPT overseas our military can use expired coupons, up to 6 months expired.

        • cassi

          I send my expired coupons to my aunt in florida, the CVS in her town takes them within 30 days of their expiration date

          • mindy

            Wow Cassie: She’s really lucky that they accept her expired manufactuer coupons. My niece, who also lives in FL & just got layed off), just started couponing and would love to be able to pay with expired coupons also. May I ask at what store in FL does your Aunt shop (city/town).
            Thanks and have a nice day.

    • Lydia Filipasic

      I was informed by a friend. If you saved alot and sent them to them address they would reimburse you. But haven’t tried it and don’t know if its true. It would probably cost you more in the long run to save so many.

  • Brittany

    Are you able to stack man. coupons with the cvs coupons? Thats how I understood it but when I tried to today the cashier wouldnt accept it and said the register wouldn’t allow it… ? Maybe I just read something wrong.

    • Angela

      If you are purchasing one product only and have two coupons the register sometimes will not allow more physical pieces of paper (coupons) than products purchased…if you have a great deal in front of you grab a cheap something or other (ie candy) to get your dea.


  • reba

    Can you use a mfg. coupon for a free item @ CVS. that is printed from the internet. Wal Mart would not accept it.

    • Cindy

      A lot of stores have put in their policy they will NOT accept a coupon for a completly free item that has been printed off the internet.

  • Stephanie

    ok so I am new to this so this may sound dumb, but can you buy (in the same transaction) two items that recieve ECBs and get both ECBs on your reciept.. or would i have to split the purchase into two transactions? hopefully that makes sense, I have been looking online and can’t seem to find the answer.
    For example, say you get $2 back for bodywash and $3 back for razors, would i get back $5 on my receipt ?

  • Erika


    Yes you are right. Your receipt will give you the extra bucks for any items within your purchase you are due for. It will list them separately- for example you will have one for 2.00 (body wash) and one for 3.00 (razors). It is nice this way because you can make sure all of your extra bucks printed, and it will tell you what item you earned them for.

    CVS by me has a self checkout, and I have no problems using the buy one get one free and a coupon on both items. Nor do I have any problems using expired coupons. They accept them no problem. If it were a cashier, I don’t know she might stop me but the self checkout does allow it.

    • mindy

      Hi Erika: When you say that you have no problems using expired coupons do you mean manufacturer coupons or CVS coupons? If CVS coupons, which ones?

  • Millie

    If i have a manufacturer coupon for $.50 and it also says limit of 4 like coupons and what I want to buy is $.99 can i purchse more than 1 product and still get the discount for all or do i have to have lets says a coupon for each one I purchase.

  • Jennifer Holder

    How old is this policy? I saw one that was released Sept 2011 and it stated that you can use a $../1 coupon with the “Buy one” part of a B1G1 Free coupon. Just wanted to see which one was correct before I go this week.

  • ksrina

    I work at cvs, and some of the stores can accept expired coupons, but thats the manager decision, it depends on everything

  • Nancy

    My internet coupons were denied today because the girl said she was told that they were all frauds. I did not fight her on it because she it a good cashier that is always agreeable.

  • Sherley

    Thanks for all the help with the coupons and emails.

  • Tom Seleck’s Ulcer

    Basically, If you are buying items from a CVS, you’re best bet is to:

    1) Bring a bag – get the GREEN BAG credit
    2) Make your purchases one-by-one. Each transaction requires a bag, right? Refusal (green bag credit) earns you 25c toward your eventual ECB dollar.

    So why wouldn’t you divide your purchase (no bag please) per item and earn a 25c [green bag] credit?
    Hell, if you buy 4 items at CVS at any given time, you are pretty much guaranteed to earn $1 ECB before you leave! ~~~”You’ll thank me later.”~~~ [Adrian Monk]

    …Amy Davidson is a wicked hottie redhead!

    Green Bag Tag: Scan the extracare card, then an item, then the green tag. You can use any re-usable shopping bag, re-use a plastic bag from a previous purchase, or simply carry out your items to qualify for the green bag tag rewards. Anytime you decline a one-time use plastic bag, you will receive a green bag tag™ credit. Look at your receipt. The quantity needed to earn reward will show, and it goes down each time you use it. It starts at 4 and counts down to 1 and then you get an extra buck every time after 1. Then it starts again at 4 and continues. So every 4th visit you can get one free ECB!

  • Kelly

    My understanding of the Green Bag Tag credit was that you could only use a tag 1x per day per card. And since all tags have the same bar code there’s no need to buy multiple tags if you use multiple ECcards…I learned the hard way.

  • Lydia Filipasic

    Thank you for these tips! They work great for me when the managers at my local CVS see me coming they call me the couponing queen of CVS! Im not that great but learning fast and Im alot more organized. I got in over two days $185.00 worth of product and paid only .24 cents. My son has enough toothpast,brushes,deodrant,shampoos,body wash to last for a few years. Thanks so much and yes Im hooked like a kid in a candy store. Im thinking of seriuosly doing a blog on my setup,how I did it,show my receipts and products only because my friends gave me the idea to do What you think?

  • Brenda

    Question? If I have more than 1 ECB can I used them to buy just 1 item? In other words, how many ECB’s can I use when purchasing 1 high value item?

    • Tonya

      You can use as many as you want I was in the other day and I purchased alot of thier black friday sales and in my next transaction I got two Sylvania starter kits for thier 7″ tablets (computers) retail was $29.99 each and I got them completely FREE with my ECB! I just recently started couponing but if I would have paid attention to the end of my ECB the very last one a 25% OFF coupon I could still have $6.87 or close to in ECB left over. I was still extremely happy I just know for next time to look at all that print outs first

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  • Tblais

    How do you tell what CVS region your in?

  • Karin

    i’m new on this and i have a question about the Buy $30.00 on select products get a $10 gift card, do i have to buy the $30 dollars worth in products in one transaction ? or can i do 2 or more transactions?

    • Tblais

      No you can make several transactions you just need to do it in the same week that the gift card deal is good for. On your receipt you’ll see the ammount needed before you reach the $30.

  • wypadek drogowy

    Vielen Dank für dieses Blog-es ist toll! Ich mag diese Art von Menschen, die Wissen mit anderen zu teilen.

  • Jess

    If CVS is running a buy one get one 1/2 off and I have a Buy one get one free would I pay 1/2 for 2?
    Razors 6.00 (buy 2)
    RAZOR 1: 3.00
    RAZOR:2 free
    total $3.00

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