Kmart’s Coupon Policy 2017

Jan 13 2016
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Kmart’s Coupon Policy:

View the full lists of Kmart deals each week

Download the Official Kmart Coupon Policy to take to the store with you.  Also, here’s the official Kmart Cashier Policy handed out to Kmart Cashiers for Kmart Double Coupon Days

16 Kmart Hacks Your Gonna Love:


16 Kmart Hacks (That REALLY Work!) view that post, you’ll thank me later!

Understanding how CRT’s and Catalinas work at Kmart

Kmart has CRT’s and Catalinas, these are complicated and before you extreme coupon at Kmart, please read my post detailing how both CRT’s and Catalinas work, they are different! 80% off all the questions I get about Kmart are answered in that post!

Kmart Store Coupons:

    • You can only use one Kmart store coupon per transaction.
    • Some Kmart Store Coupons say they can’t be stacked with manufacturer coupons, others don’t say this. So it just depends on the coupon whether you can stack it with a manufacturer one or not
    • Shop Your Way Points w/ Kmart Coupons Transaction: SYWR points which look like this: “Spend $20, get 5,000 points” have a rule where the deal must be over the specified amount, in this case $30, AFTER all Kmart Store & Member coupons are scanned and BEFORE tax is calculated. These coupons print on the CRT or cash register tape and not on the catalina machine. Kmart confirmed this on their Facebook page.
    • If a deal says buy 1 get $1 in points, but doesn’t say a limit, go to and add 2 items to your cart. Then see how many points back it says you are getting, if it shows $2 in points, then you know you can buy multiples and get all your points in one transaction.

kmart-store-manufacturer-couponKmart: Which Shop Your Way Coupons Will “Stack” And Which Ones Will NOT!


How to Double Coupons at Kmart

How to tell if deals not in any ad are regional:

IF there is a sign up, but not in an ad, it is regional if the price ends in 4 or if the tag is blue.  If it is red tag and 4 it is also regional.


How to Pay Using SYWR Points Online

View my post on How to Pay Using SYWR Points Online and how to redeem sywr points.  Also, learn how to use Kmart points in-stores. 


What Everybody Ought to Know About SYWR Points


Don’t Buy Appliances Without Checking This First… How to Use Best Match will find your best appliance for you and your wants & needs.


How to layaway at Kmart – only $10 down!


Free 6 Months of SYWR Max for Military & Veterans!



SYWR Max Shipping Explained & FREE $3 in Points Monthly!


SYWR Members: Join Birthdays to Get Coupons, FREE Little Caesars Pizza, & 6 Months Free Shipping 

How many transactions or coupons can you use per day at Kmart?

On TLC’s Extreme Couponing, they showed a shopper doing 23 transactions.  I don’t know which coupons she used in each ones, maybe she had transactions without coupons.  Or maybe she used her husband’s card on some of them.  But, I just wanted to alert everyone that if you use more than 25 coupons per 24 hour period at Kmart, their policy says they will suspend your card.  Reader Hobbstrio commented on my site that her card was frozen after 3 transactions in one day, and it took 2 weeks to unfreeze.  So be very careful when doing multiple transactions that you don’t use over 25 coupons.  This doesn’t mean 25 doubled coupons, this is 25 overall coupons used.

Does Kmart take printable coupons?

Mine still takes them, but some don’t take them. It’s up to individual stores to make their policy on that.

 Paying with Points:

I suggest newbies just pay with points on deals where they don’t expect to earn any points back.  If you are used to Kmart and want to try it, here’s more info on paying with points while trying to earn points.

Let’s you you are trying to get $4 in points wyb $15 of Olay Products.  If you redeem points on that purchase, it will subtract from each item the cost.  So you will need to be at $15 AFTER all points for those items, to get your $4 in points.

Let’s say you are scanning a coupon for $10 in points wyb $50 and are paying with points. You need to be at $50 after you pay with points, to qualify to get those points back.

Let’s say there is a deal, buy 1 gillette razor, get $2 in points. You can pay with points, and as long as you pay $.01 OOP before taxes, you’ll get your points back.


Kmart Double Couponing Spreedsheet

Free double couponing spreedsheet to track your savings and create scenarios.

  • Mommy B

    Thank you for this!

  • Renee

    Thanks for posting policies.

  • Nicole

    Loved the perscription coupon

  • Shanna Bailes

    I am glad to see they now take printed coupons!

  • lynn lafontaine

    do they take more then one coupon per item walmart only takes one coupon per item just wondering??

  • Jeannie Quinata

    I am completely new to couponing and have never used one before here on Guam at the Kmart store. Is the policy limited to the Kmart stores in the main land or does apply to the international location as well?

    • deidre

      I would take the policy to the store manager and ask, I have no knowledge if it’s different in Guam or not.

      • Amanda V.

        I am also from Guam and I am wondering the same thing. If you don’t mind, please let me know if you have inquired with our local kmart in regards to this. Thank You.

  • Tanya

    If & item is BOGO free & i have a coupon thats also BOGO free will they take the coupon & give me the 2ed item free?

    • Amanda P.

      Every place I’ve gone to that doubles does NOT include and BOGO items, even if they do not say ‘do not double’.

    • Donna

      I have used BOGO coupons with a BOGO sale at Food Lion and also at Walgreens, and you get both items for free. (You still have to pay sales tax on the total cost of both items.) Sometimes they will have a limit on the amount of free items per order,but they always let me do seperate transactions for as many as I want.

  • linda boden

    i love Kmart

  • Amy

    I don’t understand the:

    •You may only purchase 4 of the same item using double coupons

    I purchased 12 boxes of Hamburger Helper using 4 coupons yesterday….should I have been limited or am I not understanding this?

    • deidre

      you should not have been limited – normally they limit, but this one double coupon event there are no limits!

  • Erin

    So they will still double a $1.00 coupon even though it says $.99 double? Thanks for your help.

    • deidre

      No, they won’t, only coupons up to $.99 they will double.

  • Jme

    on the overage if I have a 75 cent coupon that will dbl to 1.50 but the item is only 99c but I am also buying more will the overage be applied to my bill as long as in the end there is not a neg balance?

  • julia

    do they allow you to use more than 2 coupons per item?

  • Patty

    The Beggin Strips dog treats are b1g1 free this week. I have a coupon for b1g1 free. I tried to use it at my local K-Mart, and they wouldn’t let me. Does anyone have any information on whether this is true? Walgreens, etc., always accepts b1g1 coupons on items that are on sale b1g1. Is this truly against K-Mart’s coupon policy?

  • Jean

    I see there is a sale on Alpo canned dog food – the price is 20 for $13 – can you use the buy one get one free coupons on this purchase or is it considered a case and does not work for those. Also – if you can use the buy one get one coupons on this purchase – how many are you allowed to use at one time? Example – if you had 10, could you use them on this purchase?


    • Teresa

      I believe K-Mart limits the number of like coupons to 4 per transaction. You would have to seperate into multiple transactions to purchase more than 4.

  • Jean

    Do they accept coupons that are not printed from I have coupons printed from company sites – such as Alpo.

    Thanks again!

    • deidre

      yes kmart takes internet printed coupons

  • Billie

    Does K-Mart have a limit on the number of coupons you can use per transaction?

    • deidre

      no – but on Super Double coupon weeks only the first 5 are doubled

  • Tara

    Does Kmart allow using a manufacturer coupon & a kmart super coupon on one item ? Like what Rite Aid allows.

    • deidre

      Yes they do!

  • Kim

    can u stack manufacture coupons at kmart?

    • deidre

      no, you can stack a Kmart Super coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon

  • Candice

    I have a BOGO coupon for Skinny Cow candy! On the coupon it says up to .99 cents. Will they double this so I can get 2 free. Someone posted this deal on another blog, but they didn’t try it themselves so I was just wondering.

    • deidre

      If they are priced at under $.99, it will double the coupon! If they are priced higher, I haven’t tried so I don’t know.

      • Candice

        I’m pretty sure they’re exactly .99 cents!

  • CottonCowgirl

    Way to go, Diedra! Good job! Thanks for explaning this one too me. I was struggling with learning their policy.

  • kat

    I have some Catalinas from Albertsons but can I use my catalina at Kmart??

    • deidre

      I don’t think so but I’ve never tried. if they say manufacturer maybe, but Kmart doesn’t accept other stores coupons

  • Misty

    so will a $1.00 coupon double to 1.98 or will it not double at all?

    • deidre

      it will not double at all

  • realidahohousewife

    If you have a manufacturer coupon for $2 off 1 and the price of the item is only $1 do they give you overage?

  • Kristina

    How do I find out about when my Kmart does double coupons?

    • deidre

      I post them as soon as I know, it’s nationwide.

  • Jamie

    About a week or two ago I purchased the Scott deal promotion which printed out a $2.00 off next shopping trip catalina. I went to use it on Friday and the clerk and customer service desk told me it could only be used on other Scott products but they didn’t seem so sure themselves. The catalina doesn’t state that it has to be used on only their products, it simply states “Thanks from Scott.” Should they have givem me the $2.00 off?

    • deidre

      It can be used on anything.

  • Jillian

    Is this doubling policy in effect now? and is there a limit of doubling because i have a lot of one coupon that i’m going to use on multiple items but i want to make sure that each coupon will be doubled. Also, i know they dont give you overage but if there is an overage, can it go towards other items or not at all?

  • Mary @4our2cents

    Question: I did a deal a few weeks ago that printed a kmart coupon for $10 of my next purchase. I think it might have been tied to the scott deal? This did not print on a CAT but on a CRT. I also got a CRT for $5 off my next grocery Purchase of $20 or more. Should I have been able to use these both on my 1 transaction? I thought I saw that in one of your match ups. Maybe since they were both CRTs it didn’t work, but would have if one was a CAT. They said it was because I can’t use two Kmart super coupons. My store’s employees are clueless about policy so they weren’t helpful at all.

    • deidre

      yes, they count as coupons though and you would have to have 2 items to use them both


    The Skintimate is buy 1 get 1 free this week, can I use two 75 cent off coupons with the sale? Do they allow you to use a coupon on the “free” item?

    • lorrie

      i was looking for the same answer. my kmart is about a 20 minute drive for me and i dont want to go all the way there without getting my coupons and totals in order. i hate having suprises at registers! please if anyone knows the answer tell us. thanks so much

      • Rebecca

        Anyone find this out? I’m trying to figure it out for the same product! lol

        • Sallie

          I went to Kmart tonight to try and use the .75 coupons for the shave gel. They would not work at all.. not sure what was wrong. If someone gets them to work please let me know. It does say in the ad “Excludes Buy One, Get One offers.” But I’m not sure if it’s talking about excludes BOGO coupons or you can’t use the coupons with the BOGO deals. Does anyone know?

          • deidre

            Did you scan your shop your way rewards card?

    • Sarah Reynaga

      Hi All,
      I am in California and I went tonight and they did take my coupons for both the paid and the “FREE” item in their sale ad. I purchased 4 Edge and 2 Skintimate and the computer accepted all six of my 75 cent off coupons. These were all internet printable coupons. Also, they did give the overage to my total basket purchase.

  • romy

    Hi I have coupons for baby items for $1.50 and $1 will they doubled up to $0.99 or nothing at all?

    • deidre

      Those will not be doubled

  • Amy

    I went to Kmart tonight, purchased 6 cans of shaving cream (2-Skintimate and 4-Edge) that were BOGO’s. The register allowed me to use (2) 0.75 cent coupons for the skintimate and (4) .55 cent Edge coupons. I tried to purchase two more Edge but the register would not allow it. Customer Service and Store Manager said Kmarts policy did not allow you to use coupons on the free item since it was free.

  • Rachel

    You are so awesome. Thanks for doing the video!

  • Kelly

    How do I know when Super Double coupon days are?

  • Kathy

    Shop your way Rewards program is a cardless system. According to their customer service they eliminated cards in January 2011. The only cards still being issued are whatever is left at stores. We have an account, no card. How do we get these deals? Currently they access the SYWR account with our phone number.

    • Angela

      They still have small keychain rewards cards. yes you just give them your number that is on the acct. but in order to redeem your points you have to have the 4 digit pin, they text it to you when u signed up for the card. If you do not know it you can call 1800kmart4u, it takes forever but maybe u can even get a card mailed to u to use!?

      • Kathy

        So all I need then is the pin number and the account number. The woman I spoke to says they eliminated the cards because if your card was lost or stolen, whoever had it could redeem your points since all the info was printed right on the card.

    • Wendi

      Becareful on that no card thing, because just last week I had a Kmart register employee tell me because I didn’t have my physical card with me I couldn’t use my reward points because you have to have the pin number on the back of the card.

  • Heather

    My Flyer says B1G1F coupons cannot be doubled :(

    • Joanne

      Me too, Heather. And my Tobasco coupons, both from the insert and the printed one’s say “Do Not Double”. :( But there’s still lots of other fun stuff!

  • WilsonIsMyName

    What does it mean when it says limit of 4 like coupons per shopping trip?

  • Terri

    where did you find this policy, i cant find it anywhere, i wanted to get it directly so i have a better proof for my store. thank you :)

  • rita

    ok what if i have a coupon for bogo and the store is having a sale bogo how do i know what it should cost

  • diana

    how many coupons can i use at once. where can i get a k-mark paper beside my sunday paper didnt have any in mine thie weekend, thank you diana

  • Chanisty

    i was just wondering if this .99 double is everyday or just certian days and when is the next supper double coupon going to happen??

  • dianahernandez

    how many coupon can i use at one time at k-mark

    • carol

      You may use as many as you have items for each coupon but remember that you may only use 4 same like coupon that you want to get doubled during double coupons. You must give your Kmart rewards card to the cashier befor you begin your order to get any doubles.

  • Kelly

    I went to Kmart to get Alpo for less then .99 brought 2 to the register, 2nd was not free… Kmart showed me there policy that stated BOGO does not dbl

    • deidre

      It is not a double coupon week this week

  • Donna

    Thank you so much!!!! I was watching Extreme Coupon and a lady did it at a KMart and I know I go to mine here in AL at least twice a week for their 10for$10 and didnt realize or think to ask if they any other coupons besides their ad coupons…THANK YOU AGAIN…..HERE I COME KMART…..

    • Lucy

      I just saw that episode too. I live in Miami,FL and it’s very hard to find stores that double coupons. I didn’t even know K-mart doubled coupons. That’s great!!!!

  • Nick

    Hi, I am new to extreme couponing and I have become obsessed with it now. I have a lot of coupons and I think I’m ready for my first trip. I live in Pa, and I would like to know if anyone knows when Kmart will double coupons that are .99 or lower. Do they double .99 coupons everyday and only do $1-2 once a month? Sorry for the questions but I’m really curious!

  • Patricia

    I’m also new to couponing, how do we find the schedules for double coupon, super coupon, and other stores that may do this?


    So I am new to couponing and I have a couple questions..

    1. Does Kmart double coupons up to .99 everyday (all the time) OR only during the “special double” events??

    2. Do they double coupons on items that are on sale? For example: The other day I had a coupon for $2.00 off of Tide detergent. It was on sale for $6.99. So I thought it should have been $4.99 after the coupon. Well the register wouldnt take the $2.00 off with the coupon. It changed the price back to the regular price instead of the sale price. So, whats the deal??

    3. Lets say there is an item for $1.00, you have a coupon for .75 that doubles to 1.25. so that should make it free with a .25 credit. I read something about them not giving you “overages”. Does this mean they wont give you the .25 credit at all? Im sure they dont give a refund for the difference or a store credit but will they let the credit apply to other items you are buying in the same transaction??

    • deidre

      Make sure to watch the video!

  • Grace

    I think the cupon policy is hard to work with but I will find a loop whole.

  • Toni

    When you use a coupon online does it have to have a special online code on it or can you enter the barcode like the cashier would do?

  • Tammy

    What weeks are double and super doubling weeks?

  • Tammy

    Nevermind lol

  • Missouri

    i’m new with all this stuff lol anyway i don’t have a reward cards for kmart so am i still allow to shop there using coupons and participate this deal??…i mean this week double coupons 12/15/11??…..and what does limt 5 coupons per day??…does this mean i only can use 5 coupons a day??…no more then 5??…PLEASE HELP..

  • MaryLena

    In the two years I’ve lived in Ft Myers, this is the first time I’ve noticed KMart doubling coupons. BUT, that could be because I’ve only been couponing for six months. During that time, I’ve been made a believer. We have cut our household expenses (food, grooming, dietary supplements, cleaning supplies and paper products) almost in half. However, during the past twenty five and a half weeks, we’ve spent zero three weeks and under $10 for two and a half week and trying for another week and a half. It’s a challenge I made myself.
    I really appreciate your handbook for the opportunity it offers me easily to review “the rules.” Thanks for all the work you put into it and the videos!

  • Conniea75

    Thanks for this,cause I am going to start using coupons and really need good deals.

  • Jule – fustrated in KY

    Clarification please:  I went a KMart today and was told I could not use more the 5 coupons per day.  I explained that applied to the double coupon only allowing 5 coupons doubled a day (today is Saturday).  The lady insisted that it was a new policy to cut back on the ‘extreme couponers’ getting money.  (Which also was fustrating because as far as I know, KMart has never given overage).  Of course I told them I didn’t want any of it because I spend like 1 hour finding everything to add up to the 25.00 for SC Johnson, etc products to get my 10.00 for the next transaction where I was to pay for my son’s clearance toys I allowed him to have for being so good for such a long time.)  Is there in fact a new policy that limits 5 a day regardless of double coupon days?  Thanks in advance!

    • No. That is not a new policy – I was at Kmart today and used 8 coupons in one transaction.

      • Jule

        Thank you!  I thought as much.

      • couponclipper

        Just got off the phone with corporate for the second time and they know no more than anybody else. They said the stores could make their own policy this time. Out of 5 stores in the Jax/OP FL area, two of them have stated this policy.

  • Dstrueblood

    Tonight at Kmart, the supervisor refused to override and allow me to use a $3 off Hormel coupon on the party tray. She said because the tray was clearance-priced, she would not override it. Is this Kmart’s policy now? Thanks!

  • Dstrueblood

    Tonight at Kmart, the supervisor refused to override and allow me to use a $3 off Hormel coupon on the party tray. She said because the tray was clearance-priced, she would not override it. Is this Kmart’s policy now? Thanks!

    • No I use coupons on clearance items all the time.

    • No I use coupons on clearance items all the time.

  • Lorrene Blackburn

    My Kmart will not take internet coupons at all.

  • Joselopez48209

    question:if im only buying two item, can i use two b1g1 free coupon to make them both free?

    • No you can’t combine a BOGO free coupon with any other coupons for those items

    • No you can’t combine a BOGO free coupon with any other coupons for those items

  • Joselopez48209

    question:if im only buying two item, can i use two b1g1 free coupon to make them both free?

  • Kathy King

    You mentioned in the video that you can save up your rewards your way points and use years down the road. Well I don’t know if it’s just in my town or not then but here ours expire. We have 60 days to use them up or they are gone. This ticked my sister and I off cause they never told us this and we lost a lottt of points cause we used our cards at Christmas and all year and was going to use the rewards points come Christmas this yer. But not now grrrrrrrrrrr BTW I live in Kokomo Indiana

    • That was a change they made after I made the video. I need to make a new video.

  • Bec

    Just a heads up – Kmart coupon policy is not the same in all areas so, though interesting, your explantion does not apply in my area Kmart.  There coupon plicy is different.

  • guest

    To clarify, you must have $25 worth of product prior to coupons, not after correct?

  • Elaine

    Hi, I just called my local Kmart (appears on the list you posted) to find out the exact days that they might double coupons. Had me on hold for like 10 minutes, when they finally got back to the call, she just said “no, no”…I replied “no, what?” and she just said we do not double coupons. Where can I get the accurate information as most of these associates do not get the accurate details trickled down to them from corporate?

    • Check your monthly ad (found in stores only) and it says that they are doubling coupons all month. Most employees at Kmart don’t know about it – it happens automatically at the register. I thought all Kmart’s were doing it, to my knowledge.

  • Kelly

    My Kmart argued with me that I could not get both Glade expressions mists for free with the buy a candle get a expressions free and they were BOGO I told them their store sales have nothing to do with the manufacturers coupon.Also would not let me use BOGO on Pantene and Gillette Razors because they had them BOGO 50% that’s not right. So I took my coupons over to Meijers. It’s a bit frustrating as much time and planning you put into couponing and have this happen.

    • HelperJen

      I would call customer service and complain.

  • Boise

    I am new at this. Today I tried K Mart twice for the same deal. The checkers didn’t know anything both times so they were no help. Neither were their managers. But, one manager said I had to spend $25 before coupons plus my balance due after coupons had to be $25. huh? I have read the policy and don’t see that. Is that true?

    • Ria

      You have to spend $25 dollars before your coupons will double. But still having a balance of $25 is crazy. That’s not true at all. As long at you have 25 dollars at checkout “Before coupons” your fine.

  • Tony

    I can’t get the link to the Official Coupon Policy at the beginning of your post to work so I can print it. Would you check on it for me please? Thanks!

    • Ericka

      I have the same problem abd my kmart is saying only 5 coupons per dat so i need a copy of the policy. Help:)

  • Ericka

    Help please,How can i get the coupin policy my kmart said only 5 coupon pertransaction period, the one you have on the page isnt working for me .

    • you can also email corporate and they’ll email it to you, it says 25 coupons per 24 hour period, not sure why that link isn’t working for you it works for me

      • Ericka

        how can i get thank you

  • Emily

    What is Kmart’s official policy on bogo coupons combined with $1 off coupons. I bought a lashbast mascara and a eyeshadow and used a buy lashblast get eyeshadow free coupon and a $1 off $1 covergirl towards the lashblast. My store took them, but I seem to get different answers depending on who is working. It makes me feel like I am doing something wrong… I don’t like the feeling. Do you have information from corporate or something that will resolve this problem once and for all?

    • Their official policy doesn’t address this issue, to make it easier on everyone, I don’t include any $/x coupons combined with BOGO coupons on my matchups anymore for Kmart, I just say to use the BOGO coupon and nothing else so it will work for everyone ,

  • Kayla

    At my local Kmart they told me I can only use 5 coupons per transaction. Do you know if that is true or not

    • no, it is only 5 coupons doubling per transaction. you can use 25 coupons per 24 hour period as per their official policy

  • ladybugpam

    haha, how awesome that I am quoted in your list of rules!!! I didn’t expect that:) deidre, I would like to kindly suggest that this video and list of rules be updated b/c the rules have changed some now that kmart doubles every day. I refer a lot of people to your site and I wouldn’t want anyone getting confused trying to tackle kmart for the first time w/coupons. thanks!

    • I updated it, thanks for pointing that out

  • christina

    I rarely shop at Kmart and I now remember why. I was told yesterday I can’t use coupons on clearance items. Is this a new policy?. 3 employees all said the same thing. I didn’t have a chance. I just left

    • No that is not true, I got covergirl clearance free just this week with a coupon. So sorry that happened to you!

  • Beth

    So, is the Super Double Coupon Event this week? Or is it a certain day? Help please.

    • This is a Regular Double Coupon Event, $1 coupons = $2 which goes on everyday

      • Beth

        So the Super Double Event is where $2 = $4? Is that this week or a day this week?

        • That event is typically only twice a year and isn’t going on now

  • jen

    I was wondering if you can split up the transactions for say the buy $20 in product get $5 coupon.. would you be able to use that coupon same day on the next transaction? ( the ad says redeemable for up to 2 weeks after printed)..

    • HelperJen

      To get the $5 coupon it must all be done in one transaction. Usually you can use the $5 Coupon right away unless it has restrictions printed on the coupon.

      • jen

        Thanks… i was able to purchase the “20” in product and use the 5 on my next transaction….got $70 in product for 13 bucks :) ty for all ur hard work. Im still learning! (Would have been 5 less but u cant use 2 kmart q in one trans, which i knew darn it! Still not bad)

        • HelperJen

          Great job!

  • i have a question can anyone please let me know please..i never went to kmart and want to go however i want to know first that if the catalina says it will print at super kmart..does that mean i cant go to Kmart?? will it print in Kmart as well or just what it states SuperKmart>???

  • Lucky

    I tried to get a $25 Kmart gift card for transferring a prescription but they told me I could not since I was a government employee and the government paid some of my healthcare. That just like the people that work for Kmart, ford, ge etc were some of their healthcare is paid for by their employer. But since I was employed by a goverment and they paid part of my bc&bs I could not use the coupon. I guess that goes for all the present military, the retired military, fireman, teachers, city state and federal workers where I’m sure the government pays some of their healthcare. Or was it just me. They showed me a copy of the coupon where it was hi lite “or on prescriptions paid for in whole or in part by any government programs”.

    • Amy A

      I work for the school distrct and they pay part of it. I transfered 4 prescriptions and got 100 in gift cards. They told me that it meant fo poeple who are on medicaid or some other similar government healthcare program. I would try to look into it more if I were you

  • Terry

    Does anyone know if u buy a canaster of similac formula 25.99 if that counts to make coupons double ?

  • leeanna

    ok so i need help…

    went to kmart tonight. and was looking for platex fresh and sexy wipes. which are normally 6.99 but they tag was B1G1 free but it expired 5/6. so i asked an associate if they would still honor the tag.. she said yes.. so i got 4 of them.. the customer service rep adjusted the price of each to 3.49. and i had 4 $4/1 coupons from todays paper.. i gave her my 4 coupons. and she said i can only use 3 of them since they were only 3.49 for the product. so i canceled my transaction and came home to get the policy straight.. i wasnt expecting to get overages since thier policy states they dont do overages. but whAT i was expecting was to be able to use my 4 coupons for my 4 products… was she right or was i right. since i will be going back tom to speak with a manager. id like to know.. someone please help me and explain this…. thanks in advanced for ur time

  • mishalee78

    Say an item is buy one get one free, can I use a coupon that says buy one get one free for that same item? I would think I could, but I was told no. It was for shave gel and I had a coupon for that product. store sale BOGO and coupon BOGO. when scanned, it wouldn’t let her. Manager comes over and says that if something is in the store as BOGO, you can’t then use coupon for BOGO. I pointed out that in their coupon policy it says no such thing, but she wouldn’t budge. I decide not to then buy the product, paid for the rest of my things and left. Just wondering if I was wrong or if the cashier/ manager was wrong.

    • it varies by store managers, mine lets you do that all the time

  • OdalysB

    Went to a nearby Kmart and they refused to call the manager and would not double my coupons. What should I do?

    • Did you have $25 in grocery/healthcare/beauty items and scan your SYWR card? They should have doubled automatically.

    • linda

      contact corporate

  • Kristina Hoglund

    I have a question the policy says that I can use up to 5 coupons when doubling and it also says that “you only have to scan one, and it will take off the amount for up to 5 that you purchase in the same transaction” so if I use one coupon for doubling can it be scanned up to 5 times and still be considered one coupon?

    • matty

      This applies (scan only 1) only to Kmart coupons, and these coupons do not double. Manufacturer’s coupons, you have to have one per product.

  • lain05

    so kmart has a BOGO promo going on (not a coupon just an in store promo) and I have 2 coupons that are $10 off. Can I only use one coupon or can I use two where one is applied to first item and one is applied to item I am getting free?

  • kmart manager

    I would just like to clarify for extreme couponers, please read the rules of your manufacturers coupons. All most all of them say can be combined with other promotions and or bogo. Also you can only use one coupon per purchase. If you choose not to read the rules and come in to my Kmart, I will refuse them. When we double coupons you can not use more than 5 coupons per DAY! These people are just as big of a pain in my a$$ as they think I am. Half the time they don’t even have coupons for the right item. If it is BOGO free you can use any coupons! Get it straight!

    • kmart manager

      Can’t****** can not*** use with bogo no coupons with bogo** gosh dang auto correct

      • daisy

        listen to ur language, gosh i stand corrected, kmart management sucks.

  • Tabatha

    does kmart not double coupons at all anymore? thats what i read

    • They only do it select weeks, there was one 2 weeks ago. I post about all double coupon weeks and scenarios on my site when they are doing it. They aren’t this week – but there is a double-dip tide deal that is worth doing.

  • janene2003

    i had a $10 CRT to use and wanted to get the Scott TP using the members coupon in the ad that would make them $11.99. I also had a manufacturer coupon for $.75/1.

    I checked out with a manager who told me that as of April 1st I can only use 1 coupon per item…no stacking of coupons.

    I would like to know, is this true? I was under the impression that coupons could not be doubled unless it were a promotion deal. I was not aware of the fact that we could no longer use manufacturer coupons with store coupons.

    Did Kmart make a change again?

    • HelperJen

      No Kmart has not made this change. Each store can decide so maybe that store decided to change, but I would make sure General Manager knows.

  • robinrich1

    I was at my local K-Mart yesterday, where they had a lot of clearance make-up, nail polish, etc. The clearance prices were great, not to mention I had coupons for ALMAY, Maybelline and Wet-n-Wild. Well, I got up to the register to check out and most items were an extra 50% off the clearance price. Which was great, but I wasn’t able to use any of my coupons. For instance:
    1 Wet-n-Wild powder-clearance price $1.59-extra 50% off-.80 cents, I had a coupon for $1.00 off 1 Wet-n-Wild product, cashier informed me that since the extra 50% off price was less than what the coupon is for, they wont accept it!!
    Another example:
    1 ALMAY mascara-clearance price $4.00-extra 50% off- $2.00, I had a coupon for $4.00 off 1 ALMAY product, again since the extra 50% off price was less than what the coupon was for, I couldn’t use it. I was really disappointed even tho the prices were great, I was hoping for some free or nearly free products!

  • Wanna

    Hi, thank you for having this site btw, but I need to ask…
    * Can I use a spend 35 on apparel get 10,000 points with a spend 50 get 10,000?
    * I want to use a spend 35 clothing get 10,000, 5 off 25 clothing, 5 back in points 30 clothing (online these 3 combine and they are for online/in store use ) in store with a 5 off 50 and a 10,000 back with a 50 purchase. Can I actually use these 5 syw coupons at once? The only stipulations are for the clothing.

    Also, can you pay with points and earn points? Syw said I could but I see on your site that could a problem.

    Thank you so so so much in advance and just for being a source of knowledge and help

    • 1. No
      2. No you can only use one CRT coupon like those per transaction
      3. Yes you can pay with points and earn points, but it is very important that after redeeming all your points your total is still over the threshold needed. I.e. if you need to spend $25 to get $5 in points, after redeeming all your points your total before manufacturers coupons needs to be over $25.

      • Wanna

        You rule. Thank you

  • yamel

    i have a coupon that is buy 2 spams get free eggs can this be used for a doubled coupon. and how would it scan if so i wouldn’t no how many items to get. i also have $1/2 spams

    • I would have to know the price of the eggs to know for sure what would happen when you scan that coupon.

  • Lisa

    I’m new to Kmart and from what I’ve read in order for my coupons to double up to $4 I have to purchase $25 in groceries and pharmacy items. Is that correct?

    • HelperJen

      Yes that is correct. Pharmacy items do not include prescriptions. Your total only needs to be $25 BEFORE coupons.

    • Nope. That was the old policy – there is no minimum this time around.

  • Dawn

    Can you use the a P&G coupon that prints when you purchase items the next day on a transaction that will produce the same coupon?

    • no because the coupon that prints says you can use it starting 07/13

  • t.johnson

    i actually found a price promise for kmart I showed it to the kmart in my town and they did price match…

    • Coupons

      You realize this is for Kmart Australia right?!? This offer is NOT for Kmart USA. I would not want anyone going to a kmart thinking they have a price match policy. Kmart does not price match!

  • kellie

    I have a question. I have a buy one get one free coupon, now can I also use another coupon on the free item?

  • Rich Skomra

    i tried to find the answer in the coupon policy but I could not find it. I am wondering how a coupon which exceeds the price of the item works. I see that the coupons wont double to exceed the value of the item but in my case the coupon is not being doubled. I was unsure whether the coupon will get scanned down to the price of the item or if i will get full value and can apply the overage to the rest of the transaction.

    • HelperJen

      Usually it drops down to the price of the item. Kmart does not give overage. In rare cases I have seen it give me the full value.

  • Rich Skomra

    I believe it should be scanned at full value as the store will be reimbursed the full value plus 8 cents.

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  • Ejo

    Hi could you tell me if Kmart allows double coupons for 2 members of the same household? I have never had any problem in doubling coupons till yesterday when I was informed that only 5 coupons per household can be doubled. Is there some official policy or does it vary with store? Thanks

  • Margaret

    So I have been shopping at Kmart for the last year of so out of necessity due to loss of income. We have to make every dollar stretch as far as it can. When I stumbled on the double coupon weeks at Kmart I was ecstatic. At first there was no $25 stipulation on the coupons where I live. They would just double 5 coupons in each transaction. What a dream that was. Then I had to get a little more creative when the $25 requirement came about. For us, it is anything in the store. I have never purchased prescriptions while doing the deal, so I have never had to deal with that. Up until this month, the one Kmart where I live has allowed me to do multiple transactions. I have never had any issue using my card and getting the 5 coupons to double every time. I have done as many as 5 transactions in one day and my card has never been deactivated. I am not telling you this because I am suggesting that people should go out and try it and see what happens, but I did want to let people know that it has been done. There are stores and managers out there that are willing to work with you, Now the store that I have been doing this at has just posted signs that they are only allowing one transaction per customer per day. But when a fellow couponer asked the cashier if she could still do multiple transactions, she was told that she would still be able to do them, I think that they just want to comply with corporate, but they still are willing to help out the local people as much as they can. Just my two cents for what it is worth.

    • RMOORE

      Ugh. They are called ‘paragraphs’. Kindly use them.

    • scopingforsavings

      helpful post. thank you.

  • jackie

    2 things, first not all items will let you pay any points and get points back anymore. some items allow it some don’t, your best bet is to go online place the item in your cart and try to apply points to see if it allows you to still get the points back. second thing they have also changed. if you use a coupon for say $10 back in points on $30 you have to spend $30 out of pocket. they don’t count manufacture coupons towards the $30. sometimes it will slide thru and give you the $10 in points but its rare. you might want to fix those on your lists.

  • Marge

    I worked for Kmart for many years and just left a couple months ago and you have more information regarding coupons than I was ever told. I worked the service desk and check out supervisor, I only worked part time but your information would have helped when trying to explain the coupon policy.

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  • Becky

    On the double coupons it says limit 4 of the same item but only one coupon will be doubled per item. Say I want to buy 4 bottles of purex with a $2/2 coupon. Will they double both coupons? Sorry, I’m brand new to this and want to get the best deal.

    • yes buy 4 and use 2 coupons, both will double

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  • Megan

    *Kmart store coupons are like Walgreens! You only have to scan one, and
    it will take off the amount for up to 5 that you purchase in the same

    So if I had one 1.00 off coupon it would be taken off all like items and I would only need that one? And if so, how does that work on double coupons? Does it automatically count towards your coupon total?

  • Millie Melendez

    double kmart cancel right

    • no double coupons is going on this week!

  • Millie Melendez

    Yes it the double in P.R.,but there is to much problem here they don’t what to accept gain pods and no coupon that say U.S.A ONLY to much problem the people leave there shopping in there cars and go away ,they ware angry.

  • Millie Melendez

    now they were not accept pg see

  • Millie Melendez

    can you help

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  • catherine

    when is the next double coupon week?

    • there is one every month, usually the week P&G inserts come out

  • Yvonne Amador

    Does anyone know when dowble coupons are going to begin again at Kmart?

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  • kim

    I have $3 off olay surprise points and also have a spend $8 get $8 back in points. Can I combine those two coupons and still get the points? For instance, I’ll buy olay for $6 (-$3 surprise points) and buy another item for $5. My total after kmart coupons will be $8.xx+.

    • You can only use one set of surprise points per transaction.

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  • liltopock

    1,000,000 booost is a doorbuster $1.00

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  • GZ

    I purchased something but forgot the coupon for it at home. Am I able to return the item and use the coupon for it?

    • Jen

      Sure you can.

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