Rite Aid’s Coupon Policy

Jun 16 2010
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Rite Aid’s Coupon Policy (in-depth video version):

  • In-store coupon stacking policy: Will take all manufacturer coupons (learn how to get sunday coupon inserts), and you can stack it with a Rite Aid in-store and/or circular coupon (even if it says “manufacturer’s coupon” on it!!!) OR Video Values coupons. Video Values coupons can no longer be stacked with Rite Aid in-ad coupons and coupons from the Flu Shot Coupon booklet.
  • You must create a username and password and login.
  • Then you will watch video, normally 30 second product clips, and at the end of the video you will type in a code to verify you watched the video.
  • Then you can click on “My Rewards” and it will show all the coupons available for you to print.
  • Print them right from your computer and take them to the store.
  • $1 off any purchase of $1 or more Rite Aid Video Values coupons have appeared. These coupons can be applied to virtually any deal scenario BUT can only be used once per Wellness card, so just plan on using one when you go in.
    • UP+ Rewards (UPR): The +UP Reward consists of a coupon or a number of coupons that print at the bottom of your receipt and can be used on the next day after 6am.
  • Tear the coupons off your receipt and hand them to your cashier when you are ready to use them; they will scan like regular coupons.
  • These coupons are a set price off any transaction you choose to scan them on. $2 UP reward would mean $2 off the purchase; you could purchase anything $2 or more, and $2 would be taken off the purchase.
  • Each advertised +UP Reward is limited to 1 per wellness card (unless otherwise stated). For example, if you purchase 2 bottles of Clariol in one transaction, you will only receive 1 $1 +UP Reward. So if you are interested in purchasing more than one of the same +UP Reward item, be sure that you purchase each item in a separate transaction!  If you can get multiple UP rewards in one transaction, it will say so in the weekly circular and I’ll tell you in my weekly Rite Aid deals post.
  • Frequently Asked Question: “For the +UP rewards that have a dollar amount attached, like “Spend $15 get a $5 +UP”, does that have to be in one transaction, or does it keep track via your Wellness card that you have already purchased qualifying items, and once the dollar amount is reached, you get the +UP?”   Answer: It can be done in separate transactions.  It keeps track on your card.
  • Can use “UP” rewards on the very NEXT day after 6 am.  You can “roll” your UP catalina rewards and save them for about 2 weeks (this is how long they are usually valid) and wait for another hot sale to use the UP rewards on.  This often leads to lots of freebies!
  • Also +Ups automatically load onto your card now. It will show at the bottom of your receipt how many you have.
    IMPORTANT: Since they load automatically they will come off BEFORE coupons. To avoid this DO NOT let them scan your wellness card until after they have scanned all your coupons.You can call 1-800-RITE AID to opt out of the system and have your +Ups printed for you. Then it will print out like it used to, but again they are not valid until the next day after 6am.
  • “Wellness Rewards Card” must be scanned to get in-store best prices and UP rewards.  These are free and you can sign up for them in-store. Plus they give you up to 10% off everyday purchases!
  • Silver & Gold Rite Aid Wellness Rewards & how to plan purchases with them.
  • BOGO: When items are featured on a Buy One, Get One Free promotion, up to two coupons can be used against the items being purchased, as long as the net price does not go below zero for the item being purchased.— more BOGO info: If a customer presents a Buy One Get One Free coupon for the purchase of two items that are on a Buy One Get One Free promotion; we accept the coupon, essentially making both items free, although you must pay tax if applicable. UPDATE: They changed the policy so you can no longer use a BOGO free coupon on a BOGO free promotion :(

In-depth BOGO free coupon policy info:

Rite Aid accepts Buy One, Get One Free coupons, however only one coupon can be used for each pair of items purchased. A customer can use one “cents off” coupon in conjunction with the item they are purchasing on a Buy One, Get One Free promotion (or with a Buy One Get One Free coupon), although the value of the cents off coupon cannot exceed the selling price of the item.

Here is some clarity as I understand the policy {confirmed with Rite Aid Rep}

Scenario: Purex is on sale – Buy One, Get One Free.  The shelf price is $6.99.


Buy (2) Purex Detergent Buy One, Get One Free $6.99
Use $1.00/1 manufacturer coupon
Pay $5.99 for two

Buy (2) Purex Detergent Buy One, Get One Free $6.99
use $1.00/1 manufacturer coupon
use $1.00/1 Video Values
Pay $4.99 for two

Buy (4) Purex Detergent Buy One, Get One Free $13.98
use $1.00/2 manufacturer coupon


Buy (2) Purex Detergent Buy One, Get One Free $6.99
Use $1.00/ 2 coupon

Buy (2) Purex Detergent Buy One, Get One Free $6.99
use (2) $1.00/1 manufacturer coupon

Buy (2) Purex Detergent Buy One, Get One Free $6.99
use (1) $2.00/2 Video Values

I hope this clears the BOGO policy with a “cents off” coupon. You CAN use two cents off coupons on a BOGO 50% off sale. You CAN’T use a BOGO free coupon on a BOGO 50% off sale.

  • Will take printable Internet coupons
  • Don’t need to have as many products as coupons like Walgreens!
  • Rite Aid may accept up to 4 identical coupons for the same number of qualifying items as long as their is sufficient stock within the store managers discretion.
  • Does not match competitors ads or prices
  • Does not take other stores in-store coupons
  • Rainchecks: Rite Aid rainchecks should be issued for the “after UP rewards” price on them, so you are essentially getting your UP+ rewards!  Also, rainchecks will be honored for all rebate offers (SCR’s) during any promotional rebate period. Rainchecks must be used within 30 days of issuance to purchase the product on rebate and qualify for the rebate. Your receipt must state “Raincheck” under the participating rebate product item to qualify for rebate.Remember:
    • If you purchased the item on raincheck within the valid rebate dates then the rebate item will show on your account.• If you purchased the item on raincheck outside the valid rebate dates then you will need to resubmit your receipt information to Special Services for manual processing.
  • UPromise has teamed up with Rite Aid.  Login to your Upromise account (or create one), then:
  1. Enter your 11-digit Rite Aid Wellness Card Number (numerical digits only)
  2. Click on the “My Account” link (upper right corner)
  3. Click on “Add Grocery Card” link (on the left side bar)
  4. Simply select the eCoupons for products that you think you will purchase.  These stay the same all month, so I login on the first of the month and select them all, then if I happen to buy that item, the coupon gets used.
  5. Buy activated eCoupon products at Rite Aid, and then scan your registered card at check-out and get college savings!
  6. Remember, UPromise coupons CAN be stacked with in-store and manufacturer’s coupons.
  7. The UPromise coupons don’t come off your total, instead they are put in an account for your children’s/grandchildren’s  college fund.
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  • Amy Juhasz

    Love Rite Aid!

  • Nicole

    Wish I had one closer seems like tons of good deals

  • Amy (catchu777)

    Rite Aid is a bit confusing. I just started shopping here and I haven’t master their couponing system yet. Thanks for the tips.

  • Shanna Bailes

    I love Rite Aid. I used to shop at Rite Aid all the time, then we moved to Florida and no Rite Aid :(

  • Joeynineball

    when shopping at rite aid…. can you stack one manufactures coupon plus two different rite aid brand coupons together….

    ex… claritin manu coupon 7.00 off + riteaid manu coupon 4.00 off + another riteaid manu coupon 2.00 off any claritin product.

    • deidre

      only one rite aid coupon and one manufacturer per item you’re buying will work

  • joeynineball

    when shopping at vons, alberts, ralphs ect… say i have a coupon for save 35cents on and comet product and vons has a deal for comet at….

    Comet Cleanser, 17 to 21-oz. | $1.00
    – 35¢/1 from SS 1/23
    Final Price: 30¢

    how many can i buy with the single coupon…? if it is more than one does the register read that and calculate every comet product to the same coupon code..? is this how must stores work as long as the store states a limit…? or do u need a coupon for every item purchased?

    • deidre

      you need a coupon for every item purchased. The only exception that I know of is a Walgreen’s store coupon will ring up for as many items as you buy (they may limit it at 4 or so depending on what the ad says)

  • anne conover

    I have to say that Rite Aid looks so confusing and I haven’t delved into it yet but this explanation helps a lot and I may have to try it soon. I like your tutorial better than most I’ve seen!

  • Joeynineball

    well then i am confused… watching the TLC show tonight the guy went into the grocery store and bought vitamin water on sale at 99 cents… he had a coupon for one dollar off the product… so he was actually getting the product for fee. He bought 40 of them… so does that mean he had 40 1 dollar off coupons for every vitamin water he bought!?! unreal…

    • deidre

      Yes, you can go online to places like mycouponhunter.com and purchase 40 coupons at one time for a product. People do this a lot. Not me, I get 4 copies of the newspaper and that is all.

  • Claudia

    Ok, so I called the Rite Aid closest to my home in Southern California and they checked-Yes, other manufact. coupons are taken!! Yay!!!

  • Susie Riffle

    Can you use your RiteAid card AND the UPromise card on the same transaction?

    • deidre


  • Rose Terry

    Can you please tell me where to get and where to find the $5/25 for Rite Aid? I’ve looked all over the Rite Aid site and Coupons. com Thank you!

  • Tara

    I am just starting out the couponing thing but I have had my +UP rewards card for a couple of months and now I am finally noticing how much money I am saving. I have one important question though on the Rite Aid receipt towards the bottom there is a line that says “Your Wellness+ Savings: 23.03″ is that just how much I have saved so far or can that amount be ducted from a future purchase ? A receipt breakdown post would be pretty cool to see thanks D !

  • Jenifer

    I have a question about peelies. I am pretty familiar with Rite Aid’s multiple coupons, but yesterday I went to Rite Aid and the Resolve had peelies on them. A fellow couponer came up behind me and said “get the ones with the coupon, you can use a store coupon with your manufacturer coupon.” My thought was that peelies are manufacturer coupons, not store coupons. I took it to the cashier and asked her if I could use the peelies with my coupon from the newspaper and she put all the coupons in, but there was a lot of typing on the computer and I think she forced it through. What is your take on this? The peelie was a “9” manufacturer coupon. I would not consider that a store coupon, and I would guess that this should not have been used with another manufacturer coupon. Just want another opinion—the next cashier might not be so obliging! Thanks for your input.

    • deidre

      Those are manufacturer’s coupons unless they say Rite Aid coupon at the top, I have seen a few of those at rite aid but not so much lately

  • Anne

    Question about the video value coupons…If I have a $1 off Excedrin VV and I buy two Excedrin, will it take a $1 off each or just $1 off one?

  • Tambra Coons

    I wanna win that swag soooo bad!

  • VeronicA

    Question, just starting with couponing, I forgot my welness card at Rite Aid but gave them my phone number. On my receipt it says I have 73 wellness+ point total is that the same as the UP rewards?

    • deidre

      no those just add up like if you get a bunch you can then get 10% off

  • Lee Anne

    Just wanted to note that at Rite Aid today, there was a BOGO sale on select Arm & Hammer oral care with a $5+up when you buy $10. I purchased TWO Spinbrushes (B1G1@$8.99) and TWO Orajel MyWay (B1G1@$3.99) toothpastes. I had 4 – $1/1 cpns from 10/23 SS. I asked the mgr if I could use them all on the B1G1 sale, he said “Go ahead and try but I don’t think it will if you’re getting one free”….BUT IT DID!! I was ecstatic! I don’t know if it works at every store, but it can’t hurt to try. I wouldn’t have been heartbroken if it didn’t, since I was using previous +UPs, and my cashier was so nice. I heart Rite Aid!

  • susan

    I just started doing the up points and I am confused! If I bought $20 of qualifying products (say Revlon cosmetics) and got $6 up rewards and I bought $15 of qualifying different products (say Excedrine medicines) and got $5 in a single transaction. That would be $11 up points right? Can I get $46 (less with coupons) worth of products for $35? Can I do that or separate transactions?

  • swiss watch guide

    Woah this blog is magnificent i really like reading your posts. Keep up the good work! You recognize, a lot of individuals are looking around for this information, you can aid them greatly.

  • LS

    I shop at Rite Aid frequently and never had a problem using all my up rewards as long as the amount was less then my total bill. Today I spent about $40 at Rite Aid and had $18 in up rewards. The cashier said she can only accept 4 up rewards per transaction. I checked with the manager and he said that that’s company policy. Is that something new? I now have about 10 $1 up rewards. If that’s the case I will have to split up my orders.

  • Rosa

    I just have to say, your videos are so informative and helpful. You really are a pro, Deidre!

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