Walgreen’s Coupon Policy 2016

Apr 5 2016
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Walgreen’s Coupon Policy

Ever seen the coupons that print out of machines after you make a purchase? These are what will turn you into a cuckoo coupon lady – at most places these are called Catalinas, but at Walgreen’s they are Register Rewards.

At Walgreens, you can get a “Catalina” coupon called Register Reward. A Register Reward is a coupon that prints after you make a qualifying purchase. It is typically good for “X” amount off of your next transaction. Pictured below is what the ad will look like in the Walgreen’s Circular. When you buy the advertised item, after paying, you will receive a coupon (Register Reward) to use on your next purchase.

Register RewardHere are the rules for using Register Rewards (commonly referred to as RR’s) at Walgreen’s:

1. You can only get one Register Reward per promotion in a single purchase.  You can buy 2 of the same item, but they would have to be rung up separately. You can get multiple Register Rewards in one purchase when you buy products from different promotions.

2. You cannot use the exact Register Reward on the same promotion in a following transaction.  Ie.. if you buy Olay and get a RR (Register Reward) you cannot use that RR to buy another Olay.  If you do so, you will not receive a second RR.  You either have to pay for the soap and accumulate the catalinas for a different purchase, or you’ll need to use the catalinas from a different promotion to pay for the second Olay.

3. FILLER ITEMS: You have to have as many items purchased as coupons (RR is considered a coupon)!
If you bought one Olay and tried to use a coupon and a RR to pay, it would not be accepted.  You would need to buy one more item – called a “filler item” so you have 2 products and 2 coupons. The extra item you buy doesn’t have to match up with any coupons!

I receive this question a lot: if a RR is going to print at Walgreens, do you need a filler item for your coupon ratio? The answer is no, the RR that is supposed to print has no bearing on your coupon ration.  This means if you are purchasing 2 products with 2 coupons, you can still expect RR’s to print (no filler items required!) However, if you want to pay for the 2 products with 2 coupons and an RR, then get a filler item.

4. Register Rewards and coupons can not be applied towards sales tax.  You will always have to pay the full tax amount for every purchase even if the products were free.

Wags Monthly Booklets

5. Walgreens coupons from their weekly ad and/or coupon booklets (learn more about those here) available throughout the store, from the pharmacy, or even from a $0.99 Children’s activity booklet do NOT count towards your coupon to item ratio. (In other words, the register will not beep if you are using more Walgreen’s coupons than items. Remember though, that Register Rewards and other manufacturer’s coupons can only be used once per each item purchased).
Common question: Can you use or stack a walgreens in-ad coupon with walgreens monthly coupon booklet coupon? The answer is yes!
Common Question: Do i need to tear out each in-store monthly coupon and give it to the cashier when i check out? or do they just scan it and i keep it in there? if i keep the coupon, i can only use it once per transaction right? and can i use, for example, one shampoo coupon and one makeup, or is it one coupon total from the booklet per transaction? The answer is: If you use a Walgreens Coupon, it will take off up to 4 of the item with just that one coupon! So you can get 4 items and use the coupon once and it will take it off 4 times. You could buy 4 shampoos and 4 makeups, and use just one in-store coupon for the shampoo and 1 for the makeup! They would each come off 4 times.

wags specialty booklets for post

6. Walgreens Specialty Coupon Booklets: You may find Walgreen’s Specialty Booklets that offer some information about different everyday issues.  They are found in the areas in their store that helps with these everyday issues.  Many times, these Specialty Coupon Booklets contain coupons in them.  Make sure to see if the coupon is a Walgreens Store Coupon or a Manufacturer Coupon, since these booklets may contain both types.

7. Walgreen’s offers a 15% discount to military personnel/dependents on Tuesdays: The days might be different depending on locations in Yorktown Va it’s every Tuesday – so ask you local Wags!  Please note that not ALL Walgreens participate with this promotion.

8. Rolling Register Rewards: If an RR is “rolling” that is rare. It is an exception to the rule. It also could be rolling at the time I post the deal, and stop at any time. What it means, is you can use a RR to pay for the exact same item as the RR was triggered by, and another RR will print. All deals are NOT rolling and I will indicate otherwise if they ever are.

Register Rewards can save you a lot of money but are somewhat complicated.  Make sure you understand how they work before you get started!

Walgreen’s Coupon Policy: I recommend that you print a copy of Walgreen’s coupon policy and bring it with you while you shop. If any issues should arise, this coupon policy should definitely help clear things up!

  • Walgreen’s will take all manufacturer coupons, and you can stack it with a Walgreens in-store coupon, but you must hand them the Walgreen’s in-store coupon FIRST!
  • will take printable Internet coupons
  • you must have as many products as coupons. If you are stacking an in-store coupon with a MFR coupon, make sure to have “filler” items. These items don’t have to match up with any coupons, they just make it so that you don’t have more coupons than products purchased.
  • BOGO:
    • You are no longer allowed to use 2 x/x coupons on a BOGO FREE sale. You’d only be able to use one.   For example, buy 2 items that are BOGO FREE.  Then you could use one $1/1 coupon, not 2.
    • No BOGO FREE Coupons can be used on a BOGO FREE Sale (You can still Buy 4 in a BOGO Sale and Use ONE BOGO Coupon – essentially Buy 1, Get 3 FREE)
  • do not match competitors ads or prices
  • do not take other stores in-store coupons
  • do not take other stores catalinas
  • They will no longer be adjusting coupons down
  • Rain Checks: Walgreens does issues rain checks! Rain checks are good for in-store purchases only and valid for 30 days. You won’t get the RR, so if it’s just for a sale item with no RR, get the raincheck, but if you’re looking for the deal with a RR, you won’t get it.

Walgreen’s Coupon Policy on their site.

Important reader update:

  • 1. Register Rewards are now to be scanned first, then MFG coupons, and WAG coupons/in-store coupons last. This way it is easier for the register to accept the MFG coupons because it will take off according to the amount left on the item for the WAG coupons and therefore the coupons won’t have to be modified.  Also, paper coupons will be processed before digital coupons.
  • 2. Coupons can no longer be modified for a lower price. Ex: An item is on sale for 3.99 and you have a $4 off coupon. In order to use it, you must buy two items: One will be free and the other will cost 3.98. Because the coupon applied to both items, a second coupon cannot be used for the additional item.
  • 3. Walgreens does reserve the right to limit quantities of any item(s) in the store.  This will vary per store, so look for additional information or ask a Walgreens employee for clarification.

Walgreens Balance Rewards

Basically, now that you will have a card, there will likely be limits on deals, like at CVS.  That is the biggest difference I see.

Here are some of the points on the new program:

  • If the ad reads like this: Buy $10 of certain products, get 5,000 points, you would only earn the 5,000 points one time for reaching the $10.  If you want to earn additional points for the same deal, you must do separate transactions.
  • If  the ad reads like this: Buy 2 of certain products, get 5,000 points, you can buy in multiples of the deal and receive additional BRP in the same transaction up to the limit stated in the ad.
  • IF you pay for things with points, you can still get Register Rewards! If you pay for things with Register Rewards, you can still get points!
  • Shoppers will need to have the “Loyalty Savings Card” to receive sale prices
  • Certain sale items will have “Bonus Points” attached to those items – this may or may not be in all markets.
  • Say for example Nivea is $5.00 as a sale item – you’ll earn 5,000 Bonus Points on your rewards card – the equivalent to $5 (1,000 points per $1 spent, $10 for 10,000 points). So it would be equal to obtaining the item FREE – you can then use that $5 to apply towards your next purchase towards regular items as long as they are not one of the items prohibited to be purchased with points.
  • Bonus points will expire 36 months after the date you earn, or after SIX months of no activity.
  • Register Rewards will still be in place……….but, they will be reduced.
  • Walgreens (like other retailers) is in a contract with the Catalina Company – so until that changes, RR’s will still be there, but they may not be as giving as they are now.
  • Your “Loyalty Card” will be monitoring your shopping habits – the Catalina machine will then use those habits to present you new coupons for items you buy most frequently.
  • Everyday Points – Now, you will earn Everyday Points by earning 10 points for every $1.  You must add this PERK to your account online to receive this benefit.

Update: 4/24/16

You will be able to use Balance Reward Points to pay and still earn them on the same transaction!  This will not apply to all purchase, but about 90% of them will!

When you can use them:

  • Example: Buy 2, get 2,000 BRP – yes you can pay with points and earn points
  • If you  have to buy a certain number to earn points you CAN use points to pay
  • You can use points on purchases paid with store credit from a return or refund

When you CANNOT use them:

  • Example: Buy $20 worth, get 5,000 BRP – no you cannot pay with points and earn points
  • If you have a threshold offer to earn points then you CANNOT use points to pay

Important to Know:

If you use your points to pay on an eligible offer you will not earn Every Day points on the portion paid with points

Sign up is now open online.

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  • Renee

    I love Walgreen’s!!!

  • Amy Juhasz

    I really need to start shopping at Walgreens and using the RR program!

  • Nicole

    Im gettting better at walgreens!!

  • Amy (catchu777)

    I did super at walgreens a few weeks ago on the cereal and hand soap I think.

  • Eileen

    Oh my gosh…they have certain names for coupon categories? My husband and I are SO missing out on savings here. We need to sit down and study this at length.
    So it sounds like you need both to go in to the store to ring up some things separately?
    How much money have we wasted for years of raising 6 kids and not couponing correctly? aaarrghh!
    thanks for the lesson!

  • Amy (catchu777)

    Eileen, Walgreens is much easier to catch good deals than CVS. Walgreens are pretty straight forward with coupons unlike CVS. I need to study up on CVS more myself.

  • Shanna Bailes

    I love Walgreens….Thanks!

  • Jadie

    Deidre I NEED HELP… i am new to couponing only have been going for about a month but in one month i have cut my grocery bill from 400 $ to $200! so thank you i am learning so much from you. I am super confused about rite ad and walgreens. i have watched your videos and I think they will help me alot more so thank you. My question is about BOGO’s for example if walgreens has old spice for B1B1 50% off and i have a coupon for B1G1 free how does this work? In your written walgreens explaniation i got confused… If i purchase 2 items have 2 coupons but one has a RR do i have to buy a 3rd item??? also at walgreens can i use a simple 25 cent pack of gum as a filler item? I am sorry its alot… thanks alot you are amazing and some day i am going to be just like you :)

    • deidre

      If you purchase 2 items and have 2 coupons, your RR will print. I re-worded my explanation because it’s important to understand using manufacturer coupons and/or paying with a gift card should have no barring on whether the coupon prints out. HOWEVER if you are using a RR to pay for your items, this counts towards your coupon total. So if you purchase 2 items and have 2 coupons, but want to pay with a RR, you’ll need to get a filler item because it counts that RR as a coupon. Even gum will work as a filler item!

  • Christi

    In speaking with the manager at my local WalMart today about their new coupon policy, I was informed that the word is that Walgreens (the only other store in our area that has great sales) is changing their policy on RR and won’t be offering them any longer coming in the near future. Have you heard this rumor and do you know if there’s any validity to it?
    Love your explanations about RR and how Walgreen’s coupon policy works. I normally have no issue there, and our local Walgreens associates are fantastic. If only all Walgreens stores could be so wonderful :)

    • deidre

      I hope not! I haven’t heard that.

      • Erin

        I am so lost with Walgreens. I moved from Texas to Utah and find in my area there is no CVS. I was queen at CVS. I went to Walgreens and handed them my card. She told me they no longer use the card. I asked her how I would get my RR. She informed they dont do RR’s anymore. Is it true? Whats going on with that? Any help is so appreciated.

  • anne conover

    I’m not sure of the date of this tutorial, but my Walgreens considers RR as a coupon so it has to be tallied in the one coupon per item deal. It stinks, but once you get used to it it’s fine 😉

  • Angela S.


  • Kim

    I work for the Walgreens by my house, and we recently updated our coupon policies.

    1. Register Rewards are now to be scanned first, then MFG coupons, and WAG coupons/in-store coupons last. This way it is easier for the register to accept the MFG coupons because it will take off according to the amount left on the item for the WAG coupons and therefore the coupons won’t have to be modified.
    2. Coupons can no longer be modified for a lower price. Ex: An item is on sale for 3.99 and you have a $4 off coupon. In order to use it, you must buy two items: One will be free and the other will cost 3.98. Because the coupon applied to both items, a second coupon cannot be used for the additional item.

    Some stores may still use the old policy, but I expect that they will be coming around soon enough. Hope I helped!

    • Susieb1120

      Kim. I have a question.  On your register.how you do enter an item and modify the price for buy one get one free??  my friends daughter just was hired and is upset worrying about when the time comes how she will enter that in the register..We told her to just subtract the amount for the one item..she said nothing can equal to zero…hope you can help me…

  • Christi

    If our Walgreens near me adopts that policy, I will quit shopping at Walgreens for pretty much everything. That’s ridiculous to expect me, for a 1 cent difference, to spend double the money. As in the example of a item on sale for 3.99, if I use a $4 off coupon, Walgreens gets the full $4 back from the manufacturer for the coupon used, even if I only get credit for 3.99, so to expect me to have to buy another item and pay 3.98 is not acceptable. Maybe the won’t care if I don’t shop there anymore, but I’m willing to bet there are a lot of other customers who would feel the same way.

  • yanickm

    Do you need a Walgreen cards like you need a CVS card to claim your RR?

    • Angela

      No card is needed at Walgreens. Which I actually like better cuz I’m always leaving my CVS card in the truck when I shop. However, since Walgreens doesn’t keep track of your household purchases like CVS does with the card, you don’t get the added perks that CVS sometimes gives when using your card (like the coupon maching in the store that you can use to scan your card and it will give you extra store coupons or the beauty rewards you receive for buying a certain dollar amount of beauty products over a period of time).

  • Kimberly

    Hi Everyone! Has anyone made a spreadsheet to use when shopping at Wags to keep track of multiple transactions, RR expected back, RR to be used and fillers?

  • mimi

    If Walgreens has a B1G1 free store promotion and I have a B1G1 manufacturers coupon what should I be paying?

    • Angela

      My understanding is you should get both items free and only have to pay the tax for both items. :)

  • Landon

    To get around the fact that Walgreens can’t mark down a coupon, I had them mark up the item price. Ex. I wanted to use a $1 off coupon for a $.99 toothbrush. The cashier insisted I buy two of the toothbrushes but I asked the manager to make the toothbrush $1 instead.

  • Angela

    Thank you for your website. I am new to couponing and never knew how wonderful the deals could be at my local CVS and Walgreens (Houston area). I used to be the shameful type that didn’t really pay attention to prices I was paying, but the recent economy woke me up to my irresponsible shopping habits! I have saved several hundred dollars just in the past 2 weeks by being a “smart coupon” shopper. I kinda get a little bit of a “high” when doing it! :)

    I do have a question tho, I seem to get better deals at Walgreens (as a whole) than I do at CVS. I’m wondering if this is the case with others, or am I just not utilizing the CVS deals correctly? I scan my card, use store and MFG coupons, but the bulk of my purchases seem to be at Walgreens.

  • Rob

    I’m new to couponing so I have a question with store policies:

    Walgreens has a sale this week for some B1G1 50% items. Do I buy 3 items to have both of the coupons I have work or can I buy 2 and use 2 coupons if one is a B1G1 coupon?

    For example: Axe body wash is on sale this week for B1G1 50%
    I have a B1G1 free coupon (From a P&G insert from a diaper purchase a couple months ago) and a $2 manufacturer’s coupon from Kroger. Can I buy 2 and use both coupons to get it close to free or do I need to buy 3?

  • Kate

    Thank you for your video. I have never shopped at Walgreen, but now i love it. I have gotten so many items from walgreen for free or very over cheap and its thanks to you.Just got 2 colgate toothpaste with $1 money maker. cant beat it

  • ivette

    Thanks Deidre this video is awesome, it’s too easy learn with your tutorial even if you dont speak spanish like me (I learning English), thanks a lot

  • Tina

    This was awesome. it helped me understand a little better about the fillers too.

  • Regina S

    I have got Rain Checks for items that you get RR with and on the Rain Check they will write name of product,price,and X amount on a gift card because it will not print a RR. Not sure if it will work at all Wags,but hey its worth a shot to get it. I hope this makes sense to everyone!! Happy Couponing

    • Carla

      Yes, this is how my Wags works on rain checks. If I get a rain check for an item that has a RR with it, I will get the RR amount in the form of a Wags gift card when I purchase the rain check item. The cashier has to call the mgr. to do this, but they will always do it at my Wags with no problems. I like this coz then I can purchase anything I want to with the gift card, even my prescriptions!

  • shauntel

    Hey, tonight i ran into something and i’m not sure if it’s right or not. I went to a different walgreens than the one i went to the other night and they said in order for my RR to print I couldn’t go below the 15 dollars required to earn the RR with coupons for the items i purchased. ex: garnier fructis is 3/10 and spend 15 get $5 RR. so, my total for them was 17 something i think and she said i couldn’t go under the 15 with my coupons i had so i only gave her 2 of them which kept me at 15. I could have used 3 more taking it down to 12 making it an even greater buy! Any thoughts? thanks so much! shauntel

  • Lynn

    Question regarding the number of coupons used vs the number of products purchased at Walgreens. I recently went and purchsed 4 bags of M&M’s. I tried to use a Walgreens store coupon for $1 off and 2 manufacturer coupons for $1/2 bags. I also purchased many other items, yet the clerk wouldn’t let me use the store and manufacturer coupon for the M&M’s because they said the coupons were for 6 items and I bought only 4 bags of M&M’s. Is that right? I thought it was ok to use the coupons as long as the total number of items purchased was more than the number of coupons used. Am I wrong?

  • Cathy

    Doesn’t sound right if you were using a Walgreens store coupon with a manufacturers coupon. However, when I used a $ off 2 coupon they didn’t count it as one coupon and 2 items – they counted it as 1 coupon and 1 item. The clerk told me that since the coupon was for 2 items then the 2 items match the coupon one for one. I’m not a big Walgreen’s fan. The policy seems different at each store.

  • Terri

    I was wondering how Walgreens coupon policy applies to this scenario:
    There’s a buy $10 worth of items, get $3 register rewards
    And I have BOGO coupon for the items.
    Each of the items is $3.50
    So how many of the items should I get to cover the $10 and will my bogo coupon count towards the $10 just as if I used money or will I have to buy $10 worth of items in addition to the BOGOs I get?
    Thank you!

    • Sandra

      The buy $10 worth of item deals are before coupons…so you will only need to buy $10 worth of stuff…..So dont factor your free items as free when calculating the $10. then once you get the BOGO its an even better deal because you end up paying $5 instead with your coupon and still get the $3 RR……hope this helps

  • Trish

    I received a $2 mfr. catalina after a purchase last week that says redeem at Walgreens. I went this week to use that coupon with a regular mfr. coupon for the same item and the Mgr. said they were both mfr coupons, so I could only use 1 of them. I used both in another Walgreens before without any problem. Anyone have the answer on this. I can’t find this scenario in their coupon pollicy.
    Thanks !

    • Lydia

      My store here in North Carolina excepts the catalinas from Food Lion. For instants I had $5.00 toward any purchase like cash and I used it at cvs to purchase diapers. it just depends i guess on the store and person working. you may want to print out their policys and show the clerk the next time you run in a problem because some clerks dont know the policies.

  • brezi

    the catalina, im guessing is a register reward? even if it isnt, if it is a regular catalina coupon, and it says manufacture coupon on top…it cannot be combined with another manufacture coupon. even though it says redeem at walgreens, it is still a manufacture coupon, not a walgreens store coupon.

    also if it were a register reward, it cannot be combined with another manufature coupon for a single item, because it says manufacture coupon on top.

    so in thier policy it states that only one manufacture coupon, and one walgreens store coupon may be used for one item.

  • alison

    Not sure what you mean about using the RR first then the manufacturers coupon,..surely its easier and works better to use the manufacturers coupon first, because if the total falls below the amount of the manufacturers coupon, it won’t accept the manufacturers coupon.

  • cynthia

    ok so today there is a sale of buy1get1 50% off and i used a coupon for buy1get1 free and i paid for the reg price one…is that correct???? i thought i got to pay for the 50% off one….i askd the cashier and they said walgreens store policy says tak off the cheaper item…is that correct???? because i just did this last week with the axe same deal same type of coupon and i only had to pay for the 50%item…so please let me know…thanks

  • Amy

    I am glad the Walgreens rewards for “spend X amount of money” are BEFORE coupons. At CVS, I learned that it was after coupons. But the lady who was checking me out was nice and gave me the rewards manually.

  • So I was wondering if you could tell me more about the 15% off from wags for military/ Dependents? I was wondering if that is on top of the mfc, and in store add or wags coupon and then can I use the RR too. Let me know how this works please!!!!!

  • What a greaty piece of information. I dont know how many times I have attempted to stack at Walgreens and the cashier didnt know the rules. I had no idea that the RR’s should be first. i have always attempted to use them last and have been denied my deals. Thank you!

  • Mars

    I plan to buy 5 Dawn dish paste and use 5 coupons for each, do I need to use fillers for using 5 coupons? is there a limit in using coupons for one same brand of product? Pardon me but I’m just new to this…thanks!

  • so if i have a walgreens manufacturer coupon that printed for Zyrtec-d from Retailer McNeil do I have to buy a Zyted-d item in order to get the $4.00 off or can I buy any item and get $4.00 off as long as it is more than $4.00

  • thankfulwife

    Hey Deidre! Have you thought about doing an interactive class on YT, where you would have us to shop for you according to what’s in the Sunday paper, then you would tell us what store and have us to make the purchase and tell you how we purchased the items the method we used in the comments bar and then you make a video response letting us know what the best method was? IDK maybe this is a bit “extreme”o o…but I am a hands on learner and I don’t have anyone to do this with so YT and your site are my best bet. 

    • I am not sure what YT is?

      • Michele

        You Tube

  • Sharees

    Do you need a reward card at Walgreen’s to get RR like at CVS and RiteAid?

  • I went to Walgreens last night and tried to buy 6 All Laundry Detergent. They were on sale for $3.99 and I had $1 off coupons for each one and $8 in RR and when I got to the counter the cashier scanned my mfg coupons first and then tried the RR and they would not take. He said it was because I had more coupons than items purchased. I was mad but kept my cool and didn’t purchase anything. Should I have given him the RR first then the coupons? Whats the difference? I like CVS better anyway!

    • You would have had to add a “filler item” gum or any other cheap item, to attach the RR to

      • Jenxiachen23

        If instead of $1/1 Qs for the All laundry deal, I had $2/2 Q (making this up), would I still need a filler item since my item to coupon ratio is still good? Or does the coupon attach to both items and I still need a filler?

  • Robnjade

    I was @ my Wags this morning using manufacturing coupons on Gilette items (this weeks ad, buy $30, get $10 in RR). I was told by the manager, after my purchase when no RR printed, that at ALL Wags we cannot use any manufacture coupons on anything that would give you a RR. If you use a coupon on items that would print a RR, you will not receive it. He said it was nationwide because role were abusing the RR system. I politely returned my things & went to CVS where I was told they are not doing this w their ECB’s.

    • Robnjade

      Role=people sorry, auto correct.

  • Pam

    I tried for my first walgreen RR this week, was supposed to purchase $15.00 of pfizer products for 5 RR. Purchased one bottle of dimetapp for $5.00, one bottle of children advil 5.99, and advil congestion 5.00, used $1.00 coupon for each. Didn’t get RR because coupons took purchase to under $15.00 was really disapointed. Just wondering is that walgreens policy?

  • Britt

    I have a question. Ok, with RR’s you couldn’t buy multiples in same transactions and get the RR’s. Can you now buy multiples in the same transaction and get the balance rewards for all of them? And another question is: will it be RR’s or Balance rewards for Black Friday?

    • Elizarae

      For now, there is no published limit on Balance Reward points deals. So , yes you can earn unlimited points in one transaction. The only exception is when it is a “Spend $20 or more, earn 5,000 points” type deal, you will only earn the points once in a transaction even if you spend $40 because it says “or more”. We don’t know for sure about Black Friday, but it’s been rumored that there will be RR deals so I suspect both!

      • Buzz

        Thanks for answering those for me. I saw some possible Black Friday deals and sure hope so because some I really, really want and I have q’s for them. Unfortunately, I have 8- $1/1. Hopefully they will have enough stuff or I will have to make a couple of trips because it’s stuff I use and need.

  • Britt

    What is the Loyalty Savings card?

  • soshy

    I just went walgreens for the nivea buy one get one at 50% off I had 2/2$ coupons for the mens body wash. Only one coupon was accepted. The store said that I could only use one coupon b/c it was buy one get one 50% off. Did I do something wrong? It was the only items I purchased.

  • Yosi

    I’m new to shopping at walgreens, how do you redeem balance rewards points?

    • Elizarae

      Once you have accumulated enough points to redeem (at least 5,000), when you checkout, the register will prompt to ask you whether you want to redeem your points. you can select the amount of points you want to redeem, enter your zip code, and it deducts from your total. Very easy!

  • Tammy

    I am just getting started but I noticed I spend a lot of money even though I use my coupons and by what’s on sale. I usually save between 35-40% I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I usually spend around 40.00 dollars every time I go. Is It true you don’t earn points when you use coupons? Or is it you don’t get RR when you use coupons? I think that’s happening to me. Thanks

    • Elizarae

      You still can earn points and register rewards when using coupons. A common problem among new couponers is that you can get so caught up in the good deals that you end up buying things you don’t need (this happened to me). So, even though I was using coupons on items that were on sale and I wasn’t paying full-price, I was spending more money than I was before I used coupons because I was buying things that my family didn’t need. Also, if you are trying to build a stockpile, you are going to spend a little more money in the beginning. As your stockpile grows, you won’t need to buy any of those items and you’ll start spending less. To help you keep your spending under control, just know that just because it’s a good deal, doesn’t mean you have to get it. These sales come back around all the time. Also, if your family will not use it, do not even think about buying it! That is wasting money! I’m sure in a few short months you’ll see your spending drop dramatically!

  • Kanika Amorasingh Alicia

    If an item is on a BOGO deal, are we allowed to use a BOGO coupon at walgreens for that item? What about using a buy 2 get 1 free coupon on that BOGO item?

  • Elizabeth

    Has Walgreens changed their policies now and we can buy multiples of items that trigger RR and/or points all in the same transaction and still get all the RR and/or points that we would get if we did seperate transactions?

    • Elizarae

      There has n been no policy change for RRs. As for Balance Rewards points, you should be able to buy multiples and get multiple points.

  • Deborah Miller

    if you get $2.00 Back will they give you cash or do you need to buy something?

    • Elizarae

      You mean a $2.00 Register Reward? The Register Reward is like a coupon that can be used on a future purchase. it is not redeemable for cash.

  • Deborah Miller

    After coupons there is to be a $2.00 moneymaker so do Iget the cash or do I have to by a filler item

    • Rose

      Wags doesn’t give cash back so you’d have to buy a filler item.

  • Kathleen

    I tried buying Almay and it was buy one get one free. They were on sale for $5.99 each. There was a $1/1 in store IVC coupon that took $1 off both items. So one rang up at $4.99 and one at $1.99. I had two $4/1 Almay coupons i wanted to use, but they said they could only take one, as the price of the item that was $1.99 was lower than the amount of the coupon ($4/1). Is this just my store is their policy not to take coupons that exceed the amount of the product? Thanks!!

  • savvysavinmomma

    On the Walgreen’s website, it states that you cannot earn points on items you redeem RR’s on.. but above, you said that I CAN earn points on items that I redeem RR’s on. Confused..?

    • Elizarae

      Where on the Walgreens website does it say that? You cannot earn points in the same transaction that you redeem balance rewards points on, but you can earn points when you redeem register rewards. It has always been this way and we haven’t heard that it was changing.

      • savvysavinmomma

        In section: “Earning points”
        “Points will not be earned in a transaction where Redemption Dollars or Store Credit is used.”

        • Elizarae

          Redemption dollars and store credit are not the same as register rewards. These are promotions that the store runs occasionally. The reward is given by the store whereas the RR are given by the manufacturer.

          • savvysavinmomma

            ok thank you!! makes sense now

  • Rose

    I have a question about the Pantene deal this week. They’re 2/$7 and 5000 pts/$20 spent. I bought 2 sets of 2/$7 and 1 at $6.49. I used $3/2 Pantene Product, exp. 7/31/14 (P&G 07/06/14 and $5/3 Pantene Product, exp. 7/20/14 (P&G 07/06/14). I had 3 $1.49 RR from the Gold Peak Teas. The woman at the register said I couldn’t use the RR’s because my coupon to item ratio was met with the 1 Q on 2 items and the other Q on 3 items. I wasn’t sure that was how it worked but she wouldn’t even try to scan the RR’s to show me. So I’m sitting here with 3 RR’s wondering if I messed up… Can anyone explain this for me. I couponed at Wags before (lots of times) and checked out with that woman and never had problems with it before (even involving the coupon to item ratio).

    • Elizarae

      The policy at Walgreens is that you can only use as many manufacturer coupons as you have items. RRs are considered manufacturer coupons and since you had a one coupon valid on 2 items and one coupon valid on 3 items and 3 RRs, you needed to buy 8 items total in order to use the manufacturer coupons and the RRs. This has always been the Walgreens policy.

      • Rose

        I guess I just misunderstood “coupon to item ratio”.

  • JessYM

    Is this up to date? I don’t shop at Wags much but would like to start. I just want to be sure that I’m getting the most recent info. TIA!

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  • breadhead

    It is very tricky to me! Thank you for your work as always. Your website is very helpful to me because I am a newbie to coupon. Although I used to use some before, but this kind of extreme coupon users like you. My goal is not to spend money. So, I rather not to deal with Walgreen unless I really get good deal without using RR.

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  • Rhonda

    This doesn’t make sense to me. Could you please help?

    2. Coupons can no longer be modified for a lower price. Ex: An item is on sale for 3.99 and you have a $4 off coupon. In order to use it, you must buy two items: One will be free and the other will cost 3.98. Because the coupon applied to both items, a second coupon cannot be used for the additional item. Why would either of them be free?

    • Elizarae

      Walgreens used to accept coupons for items that exceeded the purchase price. So if you bought an item that cost $3.99 and used a $4 off coupon, it would have been free. They would have adjusted the value of the coupon down to $3.99. Now, the new policy is that they will not accept a coupon unless you buy enough qualifying items to cover the entire value of the coupon. So, as in the example, if you have a $4 off coupon for an item that is $3.99, you have to buy 2 of those items. The coupon will take $3.99 off the first item and $0.01 off the second item, making the first item free and the second item $3.98. Hope that helps!

      • Rhonda

        I’m sorry, I’ve slept since then. I don’t even understand my own question now.
        Thanks for the reply.

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  • Tonya

    From what I found out last week when using coupons Walgreens only accepts 4 coupons per transaction.
    That’s what the cashier told me. He said they changed their coupon policy.

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