Posted: October 15, 2011

I love Huggies Enjoy the Ride points, you can use points to play games (see my post here for tips on winning).  Notice in the picture above I won $10.  Or, save up points for a free package of Huggies diapers. Points are found inside diaper packages (one time use codes only), and sometimes I post ones that everyone can use online. Here’s some new codes:

  • NONE right now :(

There is also a new poll to take (1 pt) and a 3 videos to watch (2 pt. each)

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  • Catie

    Are you sure its a full package of Swimmers? I looked closer and it said coupon for the item????

    • deidre

      Yes its a coupon for 1 pack free, the pack should include 12 diapers.

  • KRIS

    Deidre are there any new Huggies reward points available?

    • deidre

      no when they are I updated this list

  • Michelle C


    Giving up- haven’t found a code on the list so far that worked.

    • Shayna


    • Guest

      the codes dont work

  • BlondeBritt7

    CCTJZ-GPNNM-JBPGB (5 pts)  is expired and did not work. just wanted to let you know. thx anyway. =)

    • bummer, I will remove it from the list

  • teresa

    I got this email after entering these codes!
    Thanks for your participation in our Huggies® Enjoy the Ride Rewards program.
    Recently several Huggies Rewards codes worth 34-points were shared online. Unfortunately these codes were not authorized or distributed by Huggies® brand via our brand websites, Facebook page, direct mail or email. Rather, they were distributed through sources not affiliated with the Huggies brand. Because we value the integrity of our Rewards program, the point value related to these unauthorized codes has been removed and your account has been adjusted.
    We’re sorry for any confusion and disappointment caused by the unauthorized codes. As a token of our appreciation for your loyalty to the Huggies brand, we are offering a one-time code for all Rewards members worth 25 points. This code must be entered by 5/13/2012.
    We value you as our customer and hope that you will continue to participate in HUGGIES Enjoy the Ride Rewards program.
    HUGGIES® Enjoy The Ride

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