Posted: April 2, 2010


I add new codes to this list weekly.

Pampers Gifts To Grow is a program where you enter codes found inside packs of diapers, training pants, and wipes and save the points up until you get cool prizes – like free diapers and wipes.  Those codes are one-time use.  But Pampers also releases codes that everyone can use, and I keep a list of those here.

Sign up for Pampers Gifts to Grow if you aren’t a member yet.

List of old pampers gifts to grow codes, let me know which ones have expired: I have removed all the expired codes thanks to Renae & Dana!

  • JOINNOW4REWARDS – 50 points
  • 2BEGINEARNING50 – 50 points
  • GIFTSTOGROW4MOM – 50 points
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  • Renae

    Thanks for the codes! Here are the ones that I found expired:

    • deidre

      Thanks Renae!

    • Toral

      Thk renae

  • joy

    Sweet! Thanks! Just got 50 more points!

  • Jenn Baker

    Thank you so much!!! I wound up with a total of 60 points!

    Just an FYI…..XKCMYXFVD96VXVK only registered as 10 pts for me. Maybe they’ve changed it’s value?

    • Cheryl

      I also got 10 points from that code.

      10 is better than none though. 😀

  • Carol

    apr2010facebook is now expired!

    • deidre

      Thanks, I’ll remove it from the list!

  • Angelica

    WELOVECHEERIOS2 – expired

    • deidre

      Thanks, I removed it!

  • Angelica

    OHAMANDAAWGTG0 – expired

    • christine

      what is the real code?:)

  • Angelica

    nevermind previous post – still works (my typo)

    • deidre

      Thanks for letting me know!

  • Sarah Elyce

    FacebookMay2010 and FBMemorialDay10 didn’t work for me and I tried multiple times.

  • breeanna

    FacebookMay2010, 10 pts. is expired tried today

    • deidre


  • Dana Melendez

    GTGSPRINGFREE10 is expired

  • Dana Melendez

    ENJOYYOURSUMMER also expired.

  • heather chandler

    The ‘springfree’ and ‘memorialday’ and ‘growwithvillage’ code have expired as of 8/25/10

    THank you for the the other codes!

  • lisa

    thank you

  • Tanisha

    These listed are expired, but i was able to get 140 points with the rest !! Thanks :)

    * 1FORMEGTGSEPT23 – 10 points
    * PAMPERSTWITTER5 -5 points
    * LaborDayFB92010 – 10 points
    * SepFacebook2010 – 10 points
    * HangOn2Summer20 – 20 points
    * FACEBOOKJUL2010 – 10 pts
    * GTGSUMMERFUN5PT – 5 pts
    * 25GTGSUMMER2010 – 25 points
    * OHAMANDAAWGTG08, 10 pts.
    * THRIFTYMOMMYGTG, 10 pts.
    * XKCMYXFVD96VXVK, 30 pts.

    • deidre

      Thanks! Deleted the expired ones :)

  • Renee

    These codes are expired:

    Thanks2Veterans -10 points

    • deidre

      Thanks! I updated the list!

  • Tyne

    just what i need. thanks!

  • Danielle

    These are the ones I found expired thanks for the codes!


  • Angela

    Thanks SO much!!!


    thank you for the pamper codes. However just IFU not all of the codes are working off all of them i would say 5 or 6 (not exact #) do not work.

    • deidre

      Thanks! When someone comments with the codes not working, i’ll remove them.

  • jennifer

    These are the ones that I found on the list that were expired!
    Thanks for everything- I just scored another 200 pampers points!


    • deidre

      Thanks! I deleted them from the list. You helped a ton!

  • Nichole

    I found that the first two and the last one one the list are expired. The rest were great! Thanks!

    • deidre

      Thanks updated it

  • Amanda

    Thanks a ton for maintaining this list!!! Our little one only used/uses Swaddlers/Cruisers. I’ve been entering codes from packages for almost a year. A year’s worth of diapers and wipes got me like 500ish points. Thanks to all these codes I’ve found since starting couponing, I’m up to 880! A small amount compared to some, I’m sure. But I’m pretty satisfied with it.

  • Vicki S

    Thank you so much!

  • Pam

    I tried to sign up for Pampers Village so that I could help my daughter earn points. It said I was not eligible. Does anyone know why? Am I to old? haha

    • deidre

      I have never heard of that before! I guess try a younger age, that is weird!

  • Michelle M

    Thanks!! I just earned a $10 Starbucks card!!

  • Brooke

    Wow. This is the 1st time I’ve seen this post. Thank you so much! I did notice that 4 were expired when I tried entering them.. they were:

    Just thought I’d let you know. Thanks again! :)

    • deidre

      Thanks I just removed those!

  • Liz

    Thank you so much, just got an additional 110 points!! Woohoo!!

  • Lora (Lirwin)

    thanks SO much for all these codes. I love getting them and then love treating myself to Starbucks when they occassionally offer the $10 gift card.

  • azal idris

    LOVEFROMPATTIE5, this code has expired…

  • Jaime

    4XGHB4HPE7PB7NK expired

    Thank you so much for this list!

    • deidre

      Thanks, removed it!

  • Johnny Cage

    Not sure if anyone has used these before but they just worked for me, both 10points.


    • deidre


  • Jennifer

    another new code


    • Karina

      I just tried entering this code and its expired.

  • Karina

    Thank you so much for this list, its awesome! They all work I just used them all :-)

  • POLA


  • Angela

    Thanks for the code! I thought I had them all, but I was wrong :)

  • Amanda Murphy

    PAMPERS4MOMSOND – 10 points This one is expired

    • deidre

      thanks I removed it from the list

  • Sarah

    Thank you so much- you just doubled by points! Whoo-Hooo!
    By the way PUNTOSPARAMI123 is listed twice on your list and it is now expired!
    Thanks again!

  • Sasha

    PUNTOSPARAMI123 has expired

    • deidre

      thanks! s

  • Gina

    Where do you find the “Share Pampers Village today!” at? I can’t find this anywhere. Thanks :)

  • Monica



    These have expired!

    • deidre

      thanks I removed them

  • Ashley

    I tried this and it said the program is no longer running

    • deidre

      ok they had a referral program but they quit it. You should be able to go to the site still though.

  • Laura


  • Laura

    This is great!
    They still accept the codes even though someone else already used them?

  • Laura

    Never knew! Now I know where to go for my codes!

  • Laura

    Thanks for your hard work!

  • Catrina

    Like :)

  • Catrina

    Will pass this info on

  • Tina

    This is really nice! Thanks!!!

  • Brandi

    PUNTOSPARAMI123 Is now expired. Thank you for the codes!!

  • Brandi

    Also codes WELCOME2PAMPERS and WELCOME2VILLAGE are expired. Thanks again!

  • Brandy

    i only got 10 points for each of these

  • pampers

    Thank you so much for the codes! Keep me updated as people get more!

  • Heather

    pampers4momjfm1 has expired

  • Shanea

    This is awesome!! getstartednow10 & pampers4momjfm1 are expired:(

    • deidre

      Thanks I removed them from the list!

  • MsJeanine

    New 5pt code!

  • brandi

    I just received a new code in the mail this week: WELCOME2VILLAGE (10pts)

  • SarahAL

    Thanks so much for all the codes!!! Here’s one that still works for now that I found on another website WELCOME2VILLAGE = 10 points

  • kassie

    if anyone has any codes that havnt expired yet please e-mail me. or write on here thank you. also when i find codes i will post for you as well.

  • Chris


  • MsJeanine

    New 10pts code!

  • Glenna

    I just used this code and it worked:
    10 pts


  • Southwest promo code

    Hello my friend! I want to say that this article is amazing, great written and include almost all significant infos. I’d like to look extra posts like this .

  • Reno

    Pampers code just got it in the mail WELCOME2VILLAGE 10pts.

  • christine

    when will there be more points for pampers rewards?

  • Amajan

    Almost all of the numbers in the first grouping are expired. Only one in the second one. Thanks for the points.

  • Angela

    CABRANDSVRNOV11                   this one said expired… Thank you u do such a great job on ur site!

  • Ang






  • cindyq223

    2beginearning10 is expired

  • soloelamor


  •  JOINNOW4REWARDS has expired and two others but I didn’t take note which two 😕

    • Thanks I removed it from the list!

  • just noticed how old this is :)

  • Jenn

    Just tried Pampersgtg10pts – it’s expired.
    Thanks for the rest!

  • BlondeBritt7

    GTGREWARDS4MOMS, Pampersgtg10pts, and GTGCOUPONPOINTS  have expired. all of the rest of the codes above worked and that was awesome…just watched my points go way up…thank you so much!!! =)

    • Thanks! I removed them from the list.

  • Couponsavings84

    Hi any new points?

  • Crystal

    JOINNOW4REWARDS – 50 pts

    • Wow thanks I added that to the list!

  • WELCOMEGTGPTS10 expired

  • 10ptsfreecode4u and
    CAREFORNEWBORNS expired also

    • Thanks, I removed them from the list!

  • -enter code: TWIT713TR39TR12 -expires 10/19

  • Rebeca

    expired i just tried them but thanks for the other codes

  • all are expired now ***except GTGWELCOME10PTS and JOINNOW4REWARDS***

  • crystal

    i never got the 100 points for signing up :( but its still a grate sight :)

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