Pinecone Research: Get $3 Per Survey! My Favorite Survey Site!

Sep 4 2014
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UPDATE: This is back!

Apply for Pinecone Research! It is hard to get in to,  and usually isn’t taking applications, but they are right now. I got in it years ago when it was easier.  It’s my favorite survey site on my list of good vs. bad survey sites.  Mostly because it pays for every survey, there are no “filler” surveys to see if you qualify for a survey.  If they send you a survey, you’ll get paid for it.

I am a member and you get paid $3 per survey via check or paypal.  No annoying pre-screeners, you just get sent ones that apply to you.  You take them and get $3.  Very simple, I love them!

Leave your experiences with them below if you’re a member!

Jennifer says “I’ve been a member of this site for about a year and I love it! I do about 2 surveys a month and sometimes I get to try out the product…how cool is that! It’s well worth the wait to get in! :)”

Apply now for Pinecone Research

It’s ranked as the #3 US survey site on Survey Police!

Right now, you can also apply for Your Word, which is number 5 by Survey Police and I’ve had a few readers let me know they like it as well.  UPDATE: I’ll let you know when Your Word is accepting new members again.

Thanks, Josie and Ember!

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