Posted: February 14, 2012

This is a fun little giveaway! Did you know that I only post the top 3-4 deals per day on my Facebook page? I do this so I don’t clog up your facebook page. Anyways, if you aren’t following along the site daily, you are truly missing out on some super great deals!

So over the next 2 days, randomly in posts I will be putting one word in green. That one doesn’t count! It’s just an example.  Keep track of the order of the words I put in green.  I will be writing out a 8 word sentence tomorrow 02/15/12 only!

The first person to comment on the last post with a green word on it, with the entire sentence, wins a 7″ Android Tablet!

The words in green will be on new posts only, you won’t need to dig through old posts.  All posts after this one are fair game and the last post will be posted around 7pm MST on Wednesday 02/15/12.

I can’t do these on Facebook anymore, sorry!  I think that is more fun too, but it’s against their rules.  So you’ll have to post your answer on here. Oh and in the last post I’ll also ask some fun questions, and the people who answer them first will win other fun prizes!

And there will be more giveaways tomorrow 02/15/12 to win the Cuckoo for Coupon Deals t-shirts too!  Most will be very quick, so follow along all day to snatch yours!

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