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Posted: March 30, 2017

This is part of the “ABC’s of Couponing” series

How to Know

Best Time to Buy

Did you know that the best time to stock up on many items is after they are necessary?   It seems odd, but it’s not hoarding to buy items when you don’t need them, if you plan on saving them and using them when you do need them.

Right after major and minor holidays, you can find items on markdowns or clearance that are holiday themed.  You can score amazing deals and get stocked up for next year!  Here’s my list of when to buy items on markdowns:


The mark down schedule for Christmas decorations, lights and candy by store for the day after Christmas:

  • Walmart: 50% off, $1-7 select clothing
  • Target: 50% off
  • Kmart: 50% off
  • Lowes: 60% off – including select electrical cords!   These come in handy all year long.
  • Home Depot: 50% off
  • Big Lots: 50% off
  • Rite Aid: 50% off
  • Walgreen’s: 50% off candy only – all other merchandise shipped back to their headquarters.
  • CVS: 50% off – will go down further in 2 days

As time wears on, the price drops continue:

  • 3 days after Christmas, Target and most other stores drop clearance to 75% off.
  • One week after Christmas, it is 90% off, although most of the good items will be long gone at that point.

Other Holidays

The same discounts schedule applies to most Holiday merchandise after each Holiday during the year.

Here are some of the particular items I get on clearance after holidays and when seasons are ending; a lot of them are good all year round it’s just best to buy them at these times:

  • After New Years: diet aids, computers
  • After Valentine’s Day: candy, chocolates, lubricant, perfume
  • March: winter sports equipment, winter clothing (buy for next year)
  • April: wallpaper (I don’t know why.  But my mom own’s Ard’s Glass & Paint and sells wallpaper, she says April is the time to buy it!), Jewish foods, Easter eggs
  • After Memorial Day: BBQ utensils, Raid/Off bug repellents and sunscreens
  • June: umbrellas, pianos, dairy products, summer clothes
  • After July 4th: American flags, fireworks, air conditioners, hamburger meat
  • August/September: bathing suits, camping gear, breakfast foods, school supplies
  • After Halloween: candy, Halloween decorations, costumes, crazy makeup, hairdye
  • After Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving decorations, lot’s of great deals on tableclothes
  • October: rakes, school supplies, outdoor furniture, bikes
  • After Christmas: Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, lights, toys, organizers (big plastic ones go on great deals), storage shelves

Present Closet:

You may hear me saying “I’m throwing this in the present closet!” on many posts.  I buy items, especially toys that I don’t need at that moment, but they are a cuckoo deal.  I put them in my present closet, and then when my daughter gets invited to Birthday parties or Christmas rolls around, I already have a stockpile of great gifts that I got at insanely low prices.   This particularly applies to after Christmas markdowns as I have scored amazing toy deals on them.

Posted: March 16, 2017

ABC’s of Couponing: “L” is for “Lingo”

How to Speak

This is part of the ABC’s of Couponing Guide 

Coupon Jargan & Lingo on Cuckoo for Coupon Deals may be confusing:

Let’s learn what all that really means:

$1/1: One dollar off one product

$1/2: One dollar off when you buy two products. You must buy 2 items. If you buy two items, you can use that one coupon.

Plenti Points: These refer to Rite Aid’s new Plenti Program.

BOGO (read more!): BOGO or B1G1: Both mean “Buy one, Get one” and will usually be followed by “free” or ” “50%”.  BOGO Free means “Buy one, get one free” and BOGO 50% off means “Buy one, get one 50% off.”  If you read my “B” is for BOGO post, you are a BOGO pro!

Blinkie: This is a manufacturer coupon found in-store. It is usually in a dispenser that is close to the product the coupon is for.

Catalina: This is a coupon that prints after you have purchased your items.  It prints on a separate machine from the receipt.  So it won’t look like a normal coupon.  Sometimes it will say “$xx off your next purchase” and you can use the coupon on any item in the store on your next transaction or shopping trip.  Other times, for example at Kmart, the coupon will be triggered based off items you have bought and will be a coupon for similar items.   Often when I buy Huggies, coupons for Pampers will print out of the catalina machine. Here’s a picture of a catalina.

Circular: Weekly or monthly ad released by stores to let customers know of their current sales.

Clipless Coupons: See “e-Coupons” below

Coupon Insert: These come in the Sunday newspaper. Deidre recommends buying multiple Sunday newspapers to get your coupon inserts. These are the bread-and-butter of couponing. Coupon inserts are one of the biggest weapons in a good couponers arsenal.

Coupon: Entitles the holder to a discount, as specified on the coupon. Is a form of payment.

The art of redeeming discount coupons in order to save money.

Couponer: A person who collects and saves coupons to redeem them on products, such as groceries, pet food, and toiletries.

CRT:  Cash Register Tape. Usually used when talking about CVS pharmacy or Kmart, CRTs print at the bottom of your receipt and are generated based on your purchasing history (seemingly random).  CRTs are specific to the store where they were printed.  They are usually product specific coupons, example: $1.00 off any deodorant purchase. Here’s a picture of a CRT.

Cuckoo: A great deal is often referred to as a “cuckoo” deal and you should know it is a “stock up” price.

Do Not Double (full explanation HERE) : This is on some coupons, sometimes it says “DND” or “No Doubling” it is meant to communicate to the retailer that the manufacturer will not  reimburse for any greater value than that of the coupon. A store may or may not double your coupon that reads “do not double” as part of a store doubling promotion. The wording is there to protect the manufacturer.  Kmart will doubled DND coupons.

Double Coupons (full explanation HERE): Only certain stores will double a coupon. When a store “doubles a coupon”, the store still only gets refunded the value of the coupon from the manufacturer.   They take the extra amount they doubled out of their own pockets, as an advertising expense.

EB:  Extra Bucks. This coupons print at the bottom of your CVS receipt when you purchase items that are specially marked in their weekly circulars.

E-Coupons (full explanation HERE): Also known as Clipless or Loadable coupons. Instead of printing the coupon, you load it onto your store loyalty card.  When you scan your loyalty card at the cash register, or give your phone number, you will automatically receive the savings if you’ve made a qualifying purchase!

ETS: What does ETS stand for on a coupon? Excludes Trial Size!

Extra Bucks: Extra Bucks. This coupons print at the bottom of your CVS receipt when you purchase items that are specially marked in their weekly circulars.

EXP: Expires or Expiration Date

: Free After Rebate.  You will pay cash for the item, but receive a full rebate back, essentially making the item free minus sales tax.

FF:  Firefox.  When a printable coupon specifies IE or FF, you must click the link that coordinates with the browser you’re using.

Handling Fee: Refers to an amount, usually $0.08, paid by the manufacturer to a store in addition to the price on the coupon.  This is to compensate them for handling the coupon.

IE:  Internet Explorer.  When a printable coupon specifies IE or FF, you must click the link that coordinates with the browser you’re using.

Inserts in the Sunday paper: SS= Smart Source, RP= Red Plum, P&G= Proctor & Gamble (once per month).  Insert coupons can be used at any store that accepts manufacturer’s coupons.  Almost all grocery and drug stores do. Order your Sunday Coupon Inserts here.

IP: Internet Printable coupons may be printed right from your home computer.  Usually limited to 2 prints per computer, download quick and safe printing software to be able to print securely from home.

IVC: Instant Value Coupon.  IVCs are store coupons found in the weekly Walgreens ad.  IVCs may be stacked with a manufacturer coupon.

Loadable Coupons: See “e-Coupons” above.

MIR (full explanation HERE): Mail in Rebate, refers to rebates which must be submitted by mail.  These are the traditional rebates that require you to mail in both your receipt and proof of purchase in the form of UPC barcodes.

The company who produces the brand items:  Dove soap manufacturer, Pace Salsa manufacturer, etc.

MFR: Some people save time by typing this instead of  “manufacturer”

Manufacturer Coupon: A coupon created by the manufacturer, or by a marketing company on the manufacturer’s behalf.  Manufacturer offers a discount to shoppers in order to entice them to buy their product.  When a coupon is redeemed the manufacturer reimburses the store for the entire value of the coupon, plus a handling fee, aprox $0.08.

Mobile Coupon App: An application you download on your phone which has coupon offers on it, or where you scan in your receipts to get instant rebates for purchases. I have a list of the top 8 mobile apps I recommend.

OOP: Out of pocket. This refers to the amount you pay for an item, not factoring in rebates, ECB’s, +Ups, RR’s or any other catalina.

OYNO: On Your Next Order.  OYNSO: On Your Next Shopping Order.  This refers to offers where you will not see the savings on that order, but on your next shopping trip or transaction.  For example, spend $25 and save $10 on your next order.  You would spend $25 (usually before coupons) and a catalina would print giving you $10 off your next order.

One Coupon per Purchase:  You can only use one coupon per item purchased.  Usually you can buy multiple items and use multiple coupons in one transaction with this type of coupon.  As long as you buy multiple items, you can use multiple coupons of the same type per transaction.

One Coupon per Transaction: This one means you can only use one coupon per transaction, even if you have multiple items and multiple coupons.  Your store may let you do multiple transactions.

Peelie:  Manufacturer coupons that look like stickers and are stuck on products in-store.  I personally don’t remove these and only use these if I am buying that product at that store.

P&G: Proctor and Gamble manufacture a wide range of consumer goods and are one of the largest corporations in the world.  Proctor and Gamble puts out monthly coupon inserts filled with coupons for a variety of Proctor and Gamble produced brands, just a few of which include: Always, Bounty, Crest, Dawn, Gillette, Olay, Pampers and Tide.

PSA: Prices starting at; when a group of items are on sale, such as Fiber One products 25% off.  We might write “PSA $2.09? and list a group of Fiber One coupons.  This means that the cheapest Fiber One product is $2.09 and prices go up from there.

Purchase: a purchase refers to buying any item.  If I buy 30 items on a single shopping trip, I just made 30 purchases.

Purchase-Based Coupon: Purchase-Based coupons specify a dollar amount off a minimum dollar future purchase.  Some common values:  $2 off $10, $3 off $15, $4 off $20.  Manufacturer purchase based coupons may be used in addition to store coupons.

Q: Coupon abbreviation – also used, Q-pon.

Raincheck (full explanation HERE): A Rain Check is a written slip that you can request from a store when a sale item is out of stock.  When the store restocks the item, after the sale period is over, a rain check entitles you to purchase for the previous sale price.  Store may include an expiration date as well as a quantity limit on your rain check.  Rain checks are usually issued at the customer service desk.

Rebate (full explanation HERE):  Virtually all rebates are limit one per household, and P.O. boxes are never accepted.  Make sure to read the fine print- don’t waste time or money sending in multiple rebates for the same deal, since you’ll only get one back. Keep this in mind if you find tear-pad rebates at stores- there is no reason to take the whole stack, since you can only use one rebate.  Most of the best grocery rebates are found in the beer aisle.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Virtually all rebates are limit one per household, and P.O. boxes are never accepted.  Make sure to read the fine print- don’t waste time or money sending in multiple rebates for the same deal, since you’ll only get one back. Keep this in mind if you find tear-pad rebates at stores- there is no reason to take the whole stack, since you can only use one rebate.

RR: Register Reward.  These are triggered at Walgreens for buying certain products.

Rolling Catalinas: refers to the practice of separating your purchase into multiple transactions in order to use register catalina coupons from your first transaction to pay for your second transaction.  Another catalina prints from the 2nd transaction that pays for the 3rd transaction and so on.  This doesn’t work so well at Walgreen’s and you’ll need to read their store training guide full full details.

RP: Red Plum.  Formerly known as Vallasis, Red Plum coupon inserts and website feature coupons from a variety of manufacturers.  Red Plum is part of Valassis Interactiv.

Stacking Coupons:  Stacking coupons refers to using both a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on one product.  Nearly all stores will allow you to “stack”.  Only one manufacturer coupon may be used per item.

Store Coupon: A coupon created by the store to entice you to buy a certain product at their store.  Stores receive no reimbursement from store coupons.  Store coupons may be found in the weekly ad, printed online or downloaded as e-coupons.

Store Loyalty Card:  A free card which you present at checkout to receive additional savings.  Fill out a short application to receive a loyalty card at your local grocer.  If you don’t want to carry the card, the cashier can look up your preferred card by entering your ten digit phone number.

Sunday Coupon Inserts: In many of my posts, you’ll see references to use Sunday coupon inserts; order your Sunday Coupon Inserts here.Here is  an example of how I tell you which insert a coupon is in when I post a deal:

Buy Olay Lotion $2.99
Use the $1/2 Select Olay Products, exp. 11-30-10 (SS 10/31/10)
Final Price= $1.99

What does the pink coupon information in the deal above mean?

  • $1/2 = $1 off when you buy 2.
  • exp. 11-30-10 means the coupon will expire on 11-30-10 and will no longer be useable.
  • (SS 10/31/10) means a coupon came from the Smart Source insert in the Sunday paper on 10/31/10.

SYWR (full explanation here): Shop Your Way Rewards Kmart / Sears Loyalty program. 10,000 points = $10.

Transaction: a transaction refers to your entire purchase, especially the payment you make for that purchase.  If I buy 30 items and then pay the cashier, I just made one transaction.

Tear-Pad:At many locations in supermarkets there are tear pads with rebates or coupons on them.  These are often found in the beer aisle or at the customer service desk. Remember, almost all mail-in rebates say “one per household, no P.O. boxes allowed” so don’t bother taking all the tear-pads. Leave some for other shoppers.

Stockpile:   Buy items when they are at their lowest prices and buy enough to get you through to the next big sale, so you never have to pay full price.

SS: Smart Source. A marketing company, like RP, Smart Source coupon inserts and website feature coupons from a variety of manufacturers.  Smart Source is part of News America Marketing Co.

Tear Pad: At many locations in supermarkets there are tear pads with rebates or coupons on them.  These are often found in the beer aisle or at the customer service desk. Remember, almost all mail-in rebates say “one per household, no P.O. boxes allowed” so don’t bother taking all the tear-pads. Leave some for other shoppers.

WAGS: Abbreviation for Walgreens Drugstore

UPC: Universal Product Code. Bar code printed on product packages that can be scanned electronically.

WYB:  When you buy.  “Save $10 wyb 3 items” would mean: Save $10 when you buy 3 items.

YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary.  Usually means a deal is for clearance items and since it’s not advertised in the circular, there is no guarantee that your store will have the same deal.

Posted: July 28, 2011

UPDATE: email for an Ogden drop-off location as well!

Everyone who donates to the Utah Food Bank (10 cans of food or more) gets a FREE Cuckoo for Coupon Deals T-Shirt! PLUS I will take down your name and email, and enter you into the drawing to win 100 Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey tickets if my site collects more then the other sites participating.

Please note you can come on August 8th to SLC but at that event only people who win hula-hoop contests will be eligible for the free shirts!  And I don’t know how long the lines will be for the free shirts, I may run out.  Don’t forget you get a free circus ticket if you come to that event though!  So I recommend doing both 🙂  Anyways, that being said, the ONLY way to guarantee you get one is by going to the drop-off location:

Drop-off location: Fill out the form, drop off your canned food donations, and your shirt will be mailed to you.

NOTE: This address appears WRONG in gps systems!  It shows up as south of Highway 6, but it is north of it.  If you take the price-manti exit off the freeway, you’d turn left on the third stoplight (center st) then go over  a bridge, take a quick right, and then from there it’s easy to find 🙂

Don’t live in Utah but want to donate? You can go here and order a shirt (scroll to the very bottom) for $13.  I will ship the shirt to you, and all net proceeds will go towards me purchasing canned foods for the Utah Food Bank!

Posted: July 25, 2011

Don’t forget to price check the toys at Kmart when you are in double couponing at the Kmart event!

Checkout what Steph scored: “I saved 218.00! I bought many Christmas gifts and I also donate to Toys For Tots”

I have heard tons of you are scoring great clearance finds right now!

Posted: July 25, 2011

Look for this deal at Walgreens:

Buy 3 packages of Trident Vitality Gum $0.79 each
Use the $2/3 Trident Gum Single Packs, exp. 9/17/11 (SS 07/24/11)
Final Price= $0.12 per package!

Now go to Coupon Network and click on Your Bucks to see if your Walgreen’s is participating in the following deal (mine is NOT!)

Buy 2 Cottonelle 12 packs $5 each (regular price)
Use the $1/1 Walgreens Cottonelle coupon found in the August Coupon Booklet – Which will be available in-store and online starting 7/31 (Will deducts $2)
Use (2) $0.75 off Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue, exp. 8/28/11 (SS 07/17/11)
Pay: $6.50
Get back a $3.50 RR (for buying 2 packages – valid through 7/31 only)
Final Price= $3 , just $1.50 per 12 pack!!!

This isn’t as good as the Kmart deal… but not everyone has a Kmart so I thought I’d post it!

View more Walgreen’s deals!

Posted: July 21, 2011

Kmart Store Coupons are in a new booklet that you can find in-stores.  It has over $60 in savings which can be combined with manufacturer’s coupons!

Here’s my favs:

$2 off Huggies Jumbo Diapers, Pull-Ups, Little Swimmers or 320-360-ct. Wipes
Stack with $3/1 Huggies Diapers, exp. 8/13/11 (SS 07/17/11) (for the big boxes) That’s $5 off! I will be on the lookout for Huggies diaper sales to pair these two coupons with at Kmart.
$6 off Any 2 Enfamil Powder Formula 22.2-oz. or larger
$4 off Gerber Good Start Gentle Plus Gormula 23.2-oz.
$2 off Energizer Lithium 8-pack AA Batteries  (This should pair with the $2/1 lithium coupon and the $10 mail in rebate deal!)
Buy 2 Get 2 FREE Suave Pro Shampoo or Conditioner 28-32-oz.

More coupons:

  • Buy 2 Get 2 FREE Suave Pro Shampoo or Conditioner 28-32-oz.
  • $1 off New Rimmel Cosmetics! (Extra Wow Lash, Sexy Curves Full Body, or Volume Accelerator mascara; Stay Glossy 6 hour lipgloss; Clean Finish foundation; Lash & Brow Accelerator serum)
  • $1 off Image Essentials Cosmetic Brushes
  • $2 off Axe, Dove or Degree Clinical Deodorant 1.7-oz.
  • $.89 Image Essentials Liquid Hand Soap 7.5-oz.
  • Buy 1 Get 1 50% off Herbal Essences or Aussie Shampoo, Conditioner or Stylers 5.7-17-oz.
  • $2 off Energizer Lithium 8-pack AA Batteries
  • $4.99 Selected Curel Lotion 13-oz.
  • $10 off Aquafresh Whitetrays 14-ct.
  • $3.99 Colgate 2-pack Toothpaste or Gel 6-oz.
  • $3 oz Smart Sense Whitening Trays or Advanced Whitening Wraps 14-ct.
  • $1 off Edge or Skintimate Shave Cream or Gel 6-10-oz.
  • $1 off Selected One-A-Day, Citracel or Flintstones Gummies 60-80-ct. Vitamins
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free Smart Sense Ranitidine Tablets 24-ct.
  • $3 off Prevacid 28-ct.
  • $2 off Selected Aleve 40-ct. Liquid Gels or 100-ct. Tablets or Caplets
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Scotch 142L Packaging Tape
  • $2 off Huggies Jumbo Diapers, Pull-Ups, Little Swimmers or 320-360-ct. Wipes
  • $6 off Any 2 Enfamil Powder Formula 22.2-oz. or larger
  • $4 off Gerber Good Start Gentle Plus Gormula 23.2-oz.
  • $7.50 Smart Sense Protective Undergarments 14-72-ct.
  • $1 off Smart Sense Tampons 40-ct.
Posted: July 14, 2011

RUN to your Kmart and price check the toys in the clearance section! Most aren’t marked as $3.99 but they ring up as $3.99! This is not at all Kmart’s but has been spotted at various ones nationwide.  This is an in-store deal.

Examples of toys on clearance for $3.99: (some over $65 value!):

*If you go to Burger King and get a kids meal with the toy comes a instruction paper and it includes a 20% off toy purchase at Kmart- makes the deal even sweeter!

Different BK toys have different coupons:

  • Two were big blue heads, and they had coupons for $5 off $20 gaming purchase.
  • One was a black head with gray trim and had no coupon whatsoever.
  • The frey ‘SoundWave’ transformer has the 20% off coupon in them.
Posted: July 14, 2011

Ok guys and gals let’s do this thing! There are 6 Utah mommy bloggers competing to get the most canned food donated to the Utah Food Bank, and the mommy blogger who gets the most donations get 100 free passes to Fully Charged Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus to giveaway!

So this is kinda confusing; read it all to get the full scoop- there’s a total of 700 passes being given away plus luxury VIP pass for a Cuckoo for Coupon Deals Reader’s family!

Monday, August 8th – 6:00 -9:00 a.m.

  • The first two hundred people to come to the Energy Solutions Arena at 6:00 a.m. – 7:00 am..
  • the first two hundred people to come between 7:00 and 8:00 am..
  • AND
  • the first two hundred to come 8:00 am. – 9:00 am. and each donate 10 cans of food to the Utah food Bank will receive one free pass to the all new Fully Charged Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus playing at the EnergySolutions Arena Sept. 22-Sept. 25. (Person must be there with 10 cans of food to receive one free pass (no exceptions), one person/10 can donation = 1 free pass)

That’s 600 passes total!

There will be six different mom bloggers on location taking donations, the mom that collects the most food that morning will receive 100 passes to give to their readers. I can collect food in advance and bring it.  Only people on site donating will receive a free pass!!!

Saturday July 30th AND Saturday July 23rd:

Or come to Walmart in Orem (I’ll be parked near the entrance next to Subway in a white truck) Saturday, July 23rd from 9:15-9:45!
I will be there with a white truck in the parking lot collecting donations for the Utah Food Bank.  You need to donate at least 10 cans.   I’ll be giving away Cuckoo for Coupon Deals T-shirts to every tenth person who donates on these two days only. So bring your kids and have them donate 10 cans each to get you more chances to win a shirt.


This may work out great for those of you who can’t make it clear to SLC to get one of the 600 passes being given away there – or who work on Mondays and can’t make it that early.  People who donate in advance will be able to fill out an entry form.  So that way if I get the most donations, you are entered to win one of the 100 tickets!  I have a huge truck and plenty of room so all donations would be appreciated.

If you do go to SLC to donate 10 cans and get a free pass, please keep in mind that I will have  a booth there setup to have people enter to win:

Thursday, September 22nd at 11:00 a.m. at the Arena Animal Open House on 100 South between 300 west and 400 west on the southside of the arena.  – National Elephant Appreication Day!  We will be holding a VIP Animal Open House Tour and up close Elephant Seminar, Elephant Pedicure, Bath and Brunch.  This will be a fun hour long event.

So if you attend the event, make sure to drop of your donations at my booth and enter to win the VIP tickets to the Circus for you and your immediate family!
Oh and I will be handing out some Cuckoo for Coupon Deals t-shirts to winners of the hula-hoop competition going on at my booth!
So stop by and make sure to donate to my booth and enter to win some t-shirts!  Only those who donate to my booth can be in the runnings for the t-shirts 🙂
Posted: July 10, 2011

I feel like after reading dozens of threads, and talking to the Catalina headquarters directly, I have a very clear view of how double coupon events at Kmart work and how their catalina program works! I personally tested and yep, you need a filler item if you are buying one item, using one coupon, and paying with a a catalina! You’d need to have two items, one to attach the catalina to and the other for the item with the coupon. Who knew Kmart was so similar to Wags?

Posted: June 28, 2011

Best pet store coupons, deals and freebies this week for dogs, cats, and we even have one horse food sample in there!


Amazon: Mighty Dog Protein Packed Dinners Variety Pack (Beef,Chicken & Smoked Bacon Combo, & Lamb & Rice), 5.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24): $14.48 (was $18.96) plus use Subscribe and Save (learn more here if you’re new) and code MIGHTDOG to get the price to $10.14 shipped!

Pet Simply: $25 for the #1 Indoor Dog Potty from ($50 value)


$5 off any $25 purchase when you enter the contest on Petsmart’s Facebook page.

Nutro Max Mini Chunk, 5 lb dog food is $8.29
Use the $7/1 Coupon (click on Pet to find it and sign up for My Nutro Rewards)
Final Price= $1.29

Nylabone Puppy Fish Flexible Dog Chew Toy- $3.74
Use $2/1 Nylabone Coupon
Final Price= $1.74


Iams Cat & Dog Food, Trial Size $3
Use the $3/1 Iams ProActive Health Dog or Cat Dry Fodo, exp. 9/30/11 (single sheet flyer included in some newspapers sometime in April)
Final Price=FREE! + Has coupons inside


Purina Beggin Strips 6 oz, Buy 1 Get 1 FREE
Use the B1G1 Purina Beggin Product, exp. 8/8/11 (SS 05/08/11)
Or use the $4/4 Purina Dog Snacks, exp. 9/26/11 (SS 06/26/11)
Final Price= FREE

Buy 2 Purina T Bonz 10 oz, Buy 1 Get 1 FREE $2.00
Use the 2 $1/1 Purina T Bonz or Purina Tiny T Bonz, exp. 8/1/11 (SS 05/01/11 #2)
Final Price= FREE


Whiska’s Cat Food $0.55
Buy 2 and use Buy 1 Whiskas Tray Cat Food, Get 1 Free from 5/15 Red Plum insert (exp 7/9)
Final price= $0.28 each after coupon

Tidy Cats Litter (10 lb. bag) $1.77
Use the $1/1 Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter printable
Final Price=$.77

Dollar General:

Purina T Bonz, 5.5 oz, On Sale for $1.50
Use the $1/1 Purina T Bonz or Purina Tiny T Bonz, exp. 8/1/11 (SS 05/01/11 #2)
Final Price = $0.50

Must Print Coupon:

$3/1 Purina Dog or Puppy Chow Coupon 17.6 lb or larger bag

Pet Samples:

Posted: June 20, 2011

On top  of the FREE hand sanitizer coupon (in the Shop Your Way Rewards coupon booklet, a different place then the coupons I’m about to tell you about.) Check your Kmart for their monthly ad which has coupons for free products, when you spend over $25 in a transaction.  This is usually before coupons, and you can only use one Super Coupon for a freebie per $25, so you may want to break up your transactions accordingly!

Plus, I went to Kmart and found 4 more deals which have been added to my Kmart Double Coupon masterlist!

Here’s my fav:



  • Use $0.50/1 Angel Soft Bath Tissue from 5/15 Red Plum insert
  • Final price: $4.00 ($0.16/regular or $0.33/double roll) after doubled coupon





– as you can see on my price points list, this is a stock up price!

Posted: June 19, 2011

Just found out Kmart now offers free samples!  Go to the Kmart Samples page and get these samples:

  • One week supply of Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil
  • 3 FREE Atkins Bars
  • Prilosec
  • Carefee Body Shape Pantiliners
  • Lanacane
  • Pures with Zout
  • Brez
  • Shout Color Catcher
  • Miracle Whip

Don’t forget my huge list of Kmart Double Coupon deals this week will be posted soon!


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