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Posted: February 28, 2011

I had a phenomenal trip this morning to the Kmart Double Coupon Event and am getting ready to go again today with my mom  and use the $1/1 Tide and $1/1 Charmin and $/1 Bounty coupons I got inside my Pampers I bought! Let me explain in further detail:

Not all boxes have the $30 in P&G coupons inside – look for the specially marked packages, then do this deal:

Buy 2 packages
Use the $2/1 Pampers Diapers or Pants, exp. 3-31-11 (P&G 02/27/11)
Pay $29.98 OOP
Recieve a $10 catalina
Final Price= $9.99 each for the biggest size packages!
Now I was worried, because after I scanned my Kmart rewards card, these are the only 2 catalinas that printed:
Then I paid for my transaction, and my receipt printed: (note I used $1.75/1 coupons because I didn’t have the $2/1 pampers coupons)
THEN finally the $10/$10 coupon printed!!!!
THEN a coupon printed for a FREE pretzels!  I won a KaChing reward!

Hurray! Well things just kept getting better, checkout the coupons that were in the Pampers boxes I bought: (I put my favs in pink!):

$2/1 Any Size Pampers Swaddlers or Cruisers
$1/1 Similac Brand Infant Formula
$1/1 Dreft Baby Laundry Detergent 32 loads or larger
$.50/1 pampers wipes 60 ct. or larger
$2/1 Vicks Baby Rub
$1/1 Tide Any Size
$1/1 Bounce Dryer Bar
$1/1 Downy Fabric Softner Any Size

$1/1 6 roll Ct.  or Larger Bounty Paper Towels
$1/1 Any Charmin
$1/2 Cascade
$1/1 Dawn Hand Renewal
$1/1 Any Pack Duracell CopperTop 6 Pack or Larger
$7/1 Crest White Strips
$1/1 Febreeze Air Effects
$1/1 Febreeze Fabric Refresher
$4/1 Flamelss Luminary Starter Kit
$1/2 Snack Sticks
$2/1 Venus Razors
$1/1 Always Pads or Pantyliners
$1/1 Secret Clinical Strength
$2/1 Gillette Clinical Deodorant or any 2 deodarents (full size only)
Buy any Gillete Deodorant, get a  Free Gillette Body Wash
BOGO Free Old Spice Body Spray
$1/2 Old Spice
So when I was at the store, I saw this deal:

I saw that Bounty paper towels are $12.99 (reg. $17.99) for 12 big rolls, that equal 16 rolls!

Well, now I have $1/1 Bounty coupons from my Pampers box I purchase, PLUS these are P&G so if you spend over $35 you’d get yet another $10 /$10 coupon!

I also saw Charmin 24 big rolls (equals 48 regular rolls) on sale for $15.99, and there’s $1/1 Charmin’s in the coupon booklet as well!

So JUST using the coupon booklet out of the Pampers boxes you can get this deal:

Buy 1 Bottle of Tide 75oz or 55 Load $8.99
Buy 1 Bounty paper towels $12.99
Buy 1 Charmin 24 double rolls TP – $15.99

Total before coupons= $37.97 (so you’ll get the $10 catalina)
Use the $1/1 Tide coupon
Use the $1/1 Bounty Coupon
Use the $1/1 Charmin coupon
Pay: $31.97 OOP
Recieve a $10 catalina
Final Price= $21.97 for all three!

OR you can get another item for free from this list, and use the $4 off any $40 coupon purchase that printed from earlier, and get another $4 off + free item!

View more Kmart double deals this week!

Posted: February 28, 2011

UPDATE: just got back from Kmart these are $8.50 – I’m writing up a post now on  how my double coupon event went!! (You will want to read it 😉

Hi guys, I forgot this deal on my insane list of killer deals at Kmart this week:

Kmart: Bounce 4 Month Refill Dryer Bar $8.50 (based on price last week – it should be similar this week)
Use the $1/1 Bounce Dryer Bar, exp. 2-28-11 (P&G 01/30/11)
Pay: $6.50  (because it’s double coupons week!)
PLUS this qualifies towards your spend $35 on P&G products, get $10 catalina!
PLUS submit for this $5 mail-in-rebate -must purchase TODAY Feb. 28th to qualify!
Final Price= moneymaker if you use it in the P&G scenarios!

Or if you aren’t headed to Kmart, since this has to be bought by TODAY to qualify for the rebate, you can get it with free shipping Bounce Outdoor Fresh 4 Month Refill Dryer Bar, 2.55-Ounce on Amazon.

Posted: February 20, 2011

Kmart’s ad is up. It is not a Kmart super doublers week.

The Kmart ad shows that if you scan your Kmart rewards card when you transfer a prescription, you’ll get up to $50 on your Kmart card, I haven’t tried it, but I am guessing up to means $25 per prescription. There is no coupon in the ad, so I don’t think you need a coupon to do this.

****Only the first 5 deals show in the feed! View my Kmart Deals Page to see the deals!

*****Cuckoo “Stock Up” Prices are in pink!


Click on the “display all matchups” button under the matchups to view the full list!!!

Posted: February 15, 2011

You may want to print the new $0.50/1 Duncan Hines Brownies printable coupon! Duncan Hines Brownies are occasionally on sale for as low as $1, making them FREE if your store doubles coupons!

I will check the prices on these next time I’m in Kmart, so I’ll know for the next double coupon event!

Thanks, Sea of Savings!

I only post high-value coupons and ones that are paired with deals, so to view the rest see my massive coupon database!

Want to learn more about extreme couponing? Free how to extreme coupon guide!

Posted: February 13, 2011

Kmart’s ad is up and there’s a double coupon event going on 02/13-15!

  • Kmart will double up to $2 manufacturer’s coupons!
  • Limit 5 coupons per day
  • You may only purchase 4 of the same item using double coupons
  • Only 1 coupon will be doubled per item.
  • You must scan your shop your way rewards card to get your coupons doubled
  • You must have a minimum of $25 in groceries and pharmacy items before coupons are scanned in order for them to be doubled.

Final prices do NOT reflect prices being doubled because 02/16-02/19 are not double coupon days.


****Only the first 5 deals show in the feed -Deals will look messed up in feeds! View my Kmart Deals Page to see the deals!

Posted: February 7, 2011

Kmart’s ad is ready for this week!

****Only the first 5 deals show in the feed -Deals will look messed up in feeds! View my Kmart Deals Page to see the deals!

*****Cuckoo “Stock Up” Prices are in pink!


Posted: December 31, 2010

Wow! I read somewhere on a forum (forgot where) that someone saw Baby Alive dolls at Target for $4 something, and so with this $5/1 baby alive doll coupon they got it free!

Now since I live far from a Target I couldn’t go verify that deal BUT I ran down to Kmart because I live close to it, and found they were on clearance there for $5!  Score! Now clearance deals vary by region, so let us know where you live in the comments section if you find this deal!  Oh and if anyone checks the price of these at Walmart let us know too!

Tons more freebies!

Posted: December 26, 2010

Post-Christmas is the best time to get decorations for next Christmas!  Here’s the mark down schedule for Christmas decorations, lights and candy by store for the day after Christmas:

Walmart: 50% off, $1-7 select clothing

Target: 50% off
75% off – three days after
90% off – a week after

Kmart: 50% off

Lowes: 60% off including select electrical cords!

Home Depot: 50% off

Big Lots: 50% off

Rite Aid: 50% off

Walgreen’s: 50% off candy only – all other merchandise shipped back to their headquarters.

CVS: 50% off – will go down further in 2 days

Now if you are looking for the biggest Christmas markdowns, 75% off or more, you’ll have to wait a few more days.  In my experience, the best items go quickly so you may not want to wait too long.  Christmas lights always go quickly, as people want matching sets of lights.

Ask CCD Readers: Have you found any great after Christmas clearance items?

Posted: December 14, 2010

Hurry! Kmart has the Star Wards Darth Vador Fighter $4.99 down from $29.99 – the other one on this sale sold out in 2 minutes before I could write this post!
Posted: December 12, 2010

What is the best price for a D-Rex Dinosaur?

The new 2010 model of the D-Rex Dinosaur is $75 + Free shipping on, a pretty good deal considering it is regularly $149.99, and on amazon it is $105.99, marked down 44% from $149.99.  Is rated 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

PLUS use code KMART5OFF50 to get an extra $5 off, making the D-Rex only $70.00!

There is another D-Rex for $70 on, but that is last year’s model that doesn’t have all the new features.   I believe $70 for the new model is the best deal I’ve seen.

What is a D-Rex Dino?

  • D-Rex is the ultimate pet
  • Combines robotics, proprietary software and reptilian skin to create a lifelike appearance and behavior
  • Responds to voice and touch
  • Will attack and obey on command
  • A ferocious yet loyal dinosaur with an indpendent personality

Ask CCD Readers: Is this on your kid’s Christmas list this year?  I have girls so it is not on ours.

Posted: December 11, 2010

This is a great Shrek coupon – $5.00 off Shrek Forever After DVD or double DVD pack printable coupon.

This expires 12/25/10.  Kmart and Best Buy both have this DVD priced at $14.99 = $9.99 after coupon!  I still haven’t seen the third one yet, I am so far behind!I want to see Shrek 3D and then this one.  My girls loved the first two, so I’m excited about this deal.

Check out my coupon database for more printable coupons – I don’t have time to list them all in posts.

Thanks, QueenBee Coupons!

Posted: December 8, 2010

Toys R’ Us:

Bop It and Bop It Bounce — $11.24 – $14.99
Use $5 from 12/5 SS (exp 12/19) or the printable
Plus submit for the $3 mail in rebate found at Toys R Us
Total: $3.24 – $6.99

U Build BattleShip — $14.99 (BUT people are reporting this ringing up at $7.48 until 12/10!)
Use $5 from 12/5 SS (exp 12/19) or the printable
Plus submit for the $3 mail in rebate found at Toys R Us
Total: FREE!

Twister Hoopla — $14.99 — $18.74
Sorry Spin — $14.99 – $18.74
Use $5 from 12/5 SS (exp 12/19) or the printable
Total: $9.99 to $13.74


Hungry Hippos Travel Game (in the stocking stuffer or travel section) — $4.99
Use $5 from 12/5 SS or $5 printable
Total: Free!

EleFun — $15
Use $5 from 12/5 SS (exp 12/19) or the printable
Total: $10

Hungry Hippos — $15
Use $5 from 12/5 SS (exp 12/19) or the printable
Total: $10

Bop It Bounce — $15
Use $5 from 12/5 SS (exp 12/19) or the printable
Total: $10

U Build Battle Ship — $15
Use $5 from 12/5 SS (exp 12/19) or the printable
Total: $10

Picturkea Card Game – $5.24
Use $5 printable
Total: 24c!


When you buy a Premium Game, you get a free classic game of your choice: Connect 4, Twister, Monopoly, Sorry or Scrabble

Picturek — $18
Use $5 from 12/5 SS (exp 12/19) or the printable
Total: $13 plus a free game!

The coupon is also valid on Twister Hoopla, Scrabble Flash and Sorry Spin whose prices are not listed. You get a free game with purchase!

More Deals

EleFun — $15
Use $5 from 12/5 SS (exp 12/19) or the printable
Total: $10

Pop Goes Friggio — $15
Use $5 from 12/5 SS (exp 12/19) or the printable
Total: $10


Hungry Hippos Travel Game — $5.24
Use $5 from 12/5 SS or $5 printable
Total: Free!

(Thanks Family Frugal Fun and  One Momma Saving Money and couponing to disney!)

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