Posted: February 23, 2011

Wow! Do you have a RecycleBank account? If not, sign up for Recycle Bank here.

You get free points which can be used for coupons!

  • 25 points just for signing up
  • Browse their home page for more free surveys to take and get points, these are usually quick 1 minute surveys.

Then go to the home page and scroll down until you see the Saw Us On TV Button and click on “Earn Now”:
Then on the next page that appears, scroll down to the “Get My 50 Points Now” button and click on it!
OK! Now that you have 50 points, you can also go to the home page and earn more points – I watched a 2 minute video by Miller on how they recycle, and got another 30 points!  There’s a naked juice game you can play and earn another 10 points!  That’s 90 points!

Then click on “Get Rewards” and you can use your points for some great coupons & deals:

These update a lot, check back to see what is available today!

  • Ruby Tuesday: Buy One Entree, Get One Free Coupon! Only 10 points (marked down for a limited time from 140 points!)
  • Free 2 -liter coke product – 60 points
  • And more!  They vary by location, so you could have some different ones then me.

Thanks Money Saving Madness

Posted: February 23, 2011

Vote for me – there is no prize, but I do get to share my cuckoo deals with their readers if I’m voted one of the top 25 money saving mom blogs!  It just takes one second, click the thumbs up button here.


Posted: February 9, 2011

Now through 3/6/11, you can cash in $40 in coins to a coin star, you get a bonus $10 iTunes gift card!

  1. Cash in $40 in coins
  2. Redeem your coins as an eCertificate from iTunes .
  3. Find the $10 promo code at the bottom of your Coinstar/iTunes receipt and enter it on Coinstar’s Site.
  4. Watch for your $10 gift card in the mail!

Coinstar locations

Thanks, Money Saving Maine-iac!

Posted: February 7, 2011

*Wondering how Office Max Perk Rewards Work & how to sign up? I’ve gotcha covered!

This week score 4 freebies after Office Max Perk Rewards (can get 3 of each!):

  1. Sharpie Fine Point Stick pack Pens (12 ct.), $20.49
  2. Sharpie Chisel Tip Permanent Markers (8 pk.), $8.29
  3. Paper Mate Write Bros. Grip Mechanical Pencils (12 ct.), $5.24
  4. Scotch Red Shoe Tape Dispenser, $11.99

Thanks, Common Sense with Money!

Posted: January 3, 2011

Score some free binders at Staples this week!

All Avery Heavy Duty Vinyl Binders – 100% back in Staples Rewards! = FREE!
Limit 4

Scotch Pop-Up Desk Grip Dispenser $1.00
Save 75¢ off any one Scotch® Pop-Up Tape Dispenser or Handheld Dispenser
Final price after coupon = $ .25!

Scotch Shipping Tape With Dispenser $2.00
– $ .50/1 in the 12/5 SS
Final price after coupon = $1.50

Thanks, Money Saving Mainiac

Posted: January 1, 2011

1800 flowers coupons will help you save a bit so you can offer a nicer bouquet or just simply afford to send something in the first place. Redeeming a coupon is actually quite easy and if you can find them as easily then it makes the whole process just logical. This site offers the coupons you are looking for. 1 800 flowers coupon codes are going to come in handy for you.

Giving or sending such bouquets was a lost art until its revival recently. The 1800 flowers coupons you are looking for are right here and available to help you get a significant discount. Expressing feelings shouldn’t be hindered by the high cost of giving.

To send flowers is to give a great gift that is good for many occasions. The reality is that flowers have become increasingly expensive, added to the cost of delivery. That is the reason why 1800 flowers coupons are a good way to save all the while gifting a really nice bouquet.

Sending or giving such bouquets was becoming extinct until recently when it was revived. The 1800 flowers coupons that you want can be found right here, available to assist you in discounting significantly the cost. Expressing your feelings shouldn’t be stopped by expensive gifts.

1800 flowers coupons can help you spend less so you can give a better bouquet for your money or help you afford to give one at all. Claiming a coupon is really quite easy as long as you can get them in the first place and it makes the process logical. This website gives you the coupons you want.

Sending or giving such bouquets wasn’t very popular anymore until recently. The 1800 flowers coupons that you’ll find here are available to save you a significant amount. Expressing wishes or feelings can’t be hindered by the cost or giving such gifts.

Posted: December 14, 2010

Login to Pampers or register for Pampers Gifts to Grow and bank this code: MYBABYREGISTRYT for 100 points!

View my list of previous Pampers Gifts to Grow codes still available!  Plus learn what this free program is all about if you’ve never heard of it.

Thanks, Jessica Loves to Save Money.

Posted: December 6, 2010

Have you seen the green coin star machines inside your local grocery or drug stores?  I’ve never used one, but now’s the time to start! Coinstar machines are offering a $10 bonus when you cash in for an eCertificate from a brand you love.

Here’s how this works:

  • Take at least $40 worth of coins to your local Coinstar Machine
  • Select to receive your money as either iTunes, Lowe’s, Borders, Regal Entertainment or Rixty eCertificates. Coin counting is free when you select an eCertificate.
  • The machine will process your coins and give you a receipt with an eCertificate number on it to the merchant of your choice
  • Enter the promo code off your receipt. It will instruct you on how to redeem your bonus $10 eCertificate.
  • No shipping and no charges, just $40 turned into $50!

If you wait until 12/9 to do this, Amazon will be participating!

You have until 12.31.10 to redeem your certificate!

(Thanks Couponing to Disney)

Posted: July 27, 2010

Free source of coupons.

Sign up for a free subscription of Rouge magazine.  Each issue contains money-saving coupons for P&G products.?

Thanks, Give me neither.

Posted: July 23, 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

I just read a great article 10 Products to Always Buy Generic and I wanted to let you guys know how I feel about it.

They have a savings calculator to show how much you can save by buying generic vs. store brand. This is, of course, if you aren’t using coupons on the store brand items. Even the best couponers have those days when you need something and don’t have a coupon for it.

One of the best ways to save money, #1 on their list, was Generic Medications. Did you know they are required to have the same exact active ingredients in them? I didn’t know that. Well if that is the case, I say go generic on those!

The last on their list was Baby Formula. I know I have registered for Parent’s Choice, a Walmart store-brand formula before, and received coupons in the mail. With their low prices plus coupons, I was surprised this was last on their list. Unless I can get name-brand formula cheaper then store brand formula, I always buy store brand baby formula. I had no idea that the Infant Formula Act requires specific procedures be followed in making infant formulas; so you can rest assured generic or store brand formula are as good as the pricey ones that claim to be better for your baby. In fact, if you set the formulas side-by-side and compare ingredients, they are nearly identical.

I hope this helps you save money – medicine and formula can be a large part of your monthly budget. Remember, I always say to get what is cheapest after all sales and coupons are factored in, as long as the product is of high quality.

Visit my sponsor: 10 Products to Always Buy Generic

Posted: July 19, 2010

Dr. Scholl’s deals!

Remember the free Dr. Scholl’s deal at Walgreens? Well, this week Dr. Scholl’s products also produce a $5 Register Reward when you purchase two.

Here’s how it works:

Buy 2 Dr. Scholl’s for Her Hidden Arch Inserts at $6.99 each
Use 2 $2/1 Dr. Scholl’s For Her Insoles coupon (IE) (FF)
Use 1 $5/1 Walgreens Dr. Scholl’s coupon from the July coupon booklet (available by the weekly sales fliers — will deduct $10)
Free plus you’ll get back $5 Register Rewards
Please note that you’ll need to add in a small filler item if this is all you’re purchasing as otherwise your total will be negative and the register won’t allow the transaction.

Here’s another scenario you can do if you don’t want to have to add in filler.

Buy two Dr. Scholl’s for Her Rough Skin Eraser Cream 3oz $6.99 each
Use $5/1 Walgreens Dr. Scholl’s coupon from the July coupon booklet (available by the weekly sales fliers — will deduct $10)
Pay $3.98 plus tax out of pocket, Get back $5 register rewards
Free plus small overage after coupon and Register Rewards

Thanks, EE Endeavors.

Posted: June 21, 2010

Reader Question:

“Can you make money legitimately online without blogging? I always feel like making money online is a scam!”

I agree! Most ways of “making money online” require you to “sign up for a monthly fee”. I never use or recommend those. Here are legit ways to make or save money online that I use and recommend, in order of my favorites: is super easy! I had one reader email me to say she made $90 selling old books!

  1. Enter books you have lying around and want to sell with their ISBN’s.
  2. They pay for your shipping label — which you print right from your computer.
  3. They pay you via paypal or check, whichever you prefer.

Sponsored Tweets: They pay you $1 per tweet you send that promotes a company.  You get to choose the wording and deny any tweet you don’t want to send.  The more followers you have on Twitter, the more opportunities you will have to make money. You don’t have to own a blog to be part of Sponsored Tweets.

SwagBucks: use their search engine on regular daily searches, and you earn SwagBucks. SwagBucks are redeemable for toys, clothes, airline miles, books, well just about anything. But most importantly, gift cards or PayPal cash, which can be used to get whatever you want.  I truly love Swaggin’!  Sign up for SwagBucks here.

Mr. Rebates: everytime you shop online you are eligible to receive rebates redeemable for cash!  They are partnered with most large internet stores, for a list of all their available stores.

Shop At Home: Exactly like Mr. Rebates, but slightly more user-friendly.  You get rebates for buying things from large stores online.  So if you are going to make a purchase at Kmart, go through Shop At Home to save even more.  You can refer friends and get $5 credited to your account – so if you sign up, make sure to tell your friends on Facebook. I love Quality Health because they automatically mail you the best free samples, coupons and special offers for brand name products and you don’t even have to take surveys to get them! Sign up for here.

There are more, but I think this is a good little list to get you started!

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