Posted: June 28, 2010

I get emails from people asking how to get in the “product review” business. You have to start off with small products and get followers, then work your way up.  That’s the short answer.  I’ll write a whole article in my “Wanna be a blogger series” when I get time.

For now, here is a great review site that they are accepting applicants for – Giant Wave Pool – even if your blog is new, you still have  a good chance of getting this review!  Also, you don’t have to have a review blog specifically.   You should find out within about 2 days, let me know if you get to review Neutrogena Sunblock!

Posted: June 27, 2010

Part of the ABC’s of Couponing Guide

There is so much information to learn about couponing! One thing I just realized I have never have talked about is writing to companies to express dislike/problems or great news about their products.

My sister once got a bad bag of Stringster’s String Cheese.  She emailed the company and complained, and they sent her tons of coupons for free string cheese!

Why would companies send you free coupons? Companies want to hear from customers.  Research varies, but some studies show only 8% of people with problems with a product complain to the company directly!  Most people just stop using the company’s product and/or take it back to the retailer.  To the company, that 8% represents a lot of people.  For every bit of feedback they get, they know a lot of other people feel the same way.  Hearing from you is invaluable to them!

Whether you write to them about a great experience or a horrible dud product, they are happy to hear from you because even if you never use their product again, they want to know what people are saying about it.  Most companies happily offer freebie coupons to people who write to them and tell them about the company’s products.  Some companies only send out high-value coupons, but that is better than nothing!

How does this affect couponers?
You can write to companies to get great freebie coupons or high-value coupons!  Always write the truth, of course.  Sometimes people pick a specific day, like Writing Words Wednesday, to write to companies.

Coupon Booklets mailed to you:

What companies can I contact?

You can contact just about any company via email or written letter asking for coupons. I once contacted Nivea telling them I never receive their “regional” coupons and they sent me a hand full of high value coupons. I was so excited! If there’s a product you use often, or one you want to try don’t hesitate to contact that company. You’d be surprised how simple it is to get coupons mailed to your home.

Want to view our Master List of companies to write to? Check it out!

Let me know if you try this and what great coupons you get!

Posted: May 11, 2010

I just posted a free first aid kit for Nevada, California, Arizona and Utah residents here.

This is a different first aid kit and is available to everyone!

New Johnson & Johnson Rebate: (exp. 08/31)

Get a free first aid kit and $15.00 in coupons when you buy Any THREE products (in any combination) from these participating brands:
BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages, NEOSPORIN®, or PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer
(except trial sizes).

Here’s some coupons to use when you buy your 3 products:

  • $0.50/1 Band-Aid Adhesive Bandages, exp. 6-30-10 (SS 04/25/10)
  • $0.50/1 Band-Aid Product, exp. 5-31-10 (RP 03/14/10)
  • $3/1 Neosporin Lip Health printable
  • $1/1 Neosporin Product printable (IE) or printable (FF)
  • $0.50/1 Neosporin Product, exp. 5-31-10 (RP 03/14/10)  (doesn’t exclude trial sizes!)
  • $1/2 Purell Instant Hand Sanitizers, exp. 6-30-10 (SS 04/25/10)
Posted: May 8, 2010

What is All You Magazine?

It sold at Walmart, and is targeted towards value-conscious men and woman.  I do not subscribe to any magazines, because you can get so much information on the web these days.  But All You is choke-full of coupons.  Some of the highest-value coupons come in All You, include coupons for free items.

Where’s the cheapest place to buy All You Magazine?

As a couponer, this is always my first question.  It must be worth the price for me to buy it for the coupons.  You can get a one-year subscription for $19.95 (free super saver shipping) here on  You can also buy these individually at Walmart for around $2.20-$2.45 per issue depending on your location.

Average coupons you can find in the magazine (these are also in my coupon database):

  • $2/1 Ageless Reflection Product, exp. 9-30-10
  • $5/1 Aveeno Ageless Vitality Elasticity Recharging System, exp. 6-30-10
  • $1/1 Body Fortress Product, exp. 6-30-10
  • $3/1 Boost Kid Essentials Multipack, exp. 6-30-10
  • $1/1 Brut Fragrance or Anti-Perspirant Product, exp. 5-31-10
  • $1.50/1 Buitoni Frozen Product, exp. 6-30-10
  • $3/1 Carvel Ice Cream Cake (29 oz.+), exp. 7-31-10
  • $1/1 Contessa MicroSteam or On The Stove Meals, exp. 7-31-10
  • $0.75/1 Dole All Natural Fruit Plastic Jar, exp. 7-31-10
  • $0.75/2 Dole Fruit Bowls In Gel, exp. 7-31-10
  • $3/1 Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics, exp. 7-31-10
  • $5/1 Dulcolax Balance (14 dose+), exp. 9-30-10
  • $1/2 Edy’s Fruit Bars (6 ct.), exp. 5-31-10
  • $10/$25 Fashion Bug Purchase, exp. 5-21-10
  • $1.25/1 Fast Classic Bag, exp. 9-30-10
  • $1/1 Fast Fixin’ or Fast Fixin’ On The Go, exp. 9-30-10
  • $1/1 Hartz Crunch ‘n Clean Dog Biscuits, exp. 3-31-11
  • $3/1 Infusium 23 Shampoo, Conditioner, or Leave-In Treatment, exp. 6-30-10
  • $1/1 Jillian Michaels Whey Protein, exp. 6-30-10
  • $2 off any La Cross Beauty Tool Purchase ($4+), exp. 5-31-10
  • $0.55/1 Marzetti Slaw Dressing, exp. 7-31-10
  • $1/1 Met-Rx Product, exp, 6-30-10
  • $1.50/1 Nancy’s Frozen Appetizer, 6-30-10
  • $1/1 Nestle Drumstick or Lil’ Drums, exp. 5-31-10
  • $0.50/1 New York Frozen Product, exp. 7-17-10
  • B1G1 Nivea Body Wash For Women (16.9 oz.), exp. 5-31-10
  • B1G1 Nivea Lip Care, exp. 5-31-10
  • B1G1 NYC Color Minute Nail Polish Product (up to $1.72), exp. 5-31-10
  • B1G1 Old Orchard Healthy Balance Juice (64 oz.), exp. 12-31-10
  • $1/1 Oreo Fudge Cream Cookies (8.5 oz.), exp. 7-31-10
  • $1/2 Ortega Products, exp. 7-31-10
  • $1/1 Oscar Mayer Deli Creations, Sandwiches, or Cracker Combinations, exp. 6-30-10
  • $0.50/1 Peanut Butter & Co. Product, exp. 7-31-10
  • $0.75/1 Poise Product, exp. 7-3-10
  • $1/1 Pure Protein Product, exp. 6-30-10
  • $3/1 Rimmel Moisture Renew Lip Color, exp. 5-31-10
  • $2/1 Sally Hansen Nail Treatment wyb Complete Salon Manicure Nail Color, exp. 5-31-10
  • $1/1 Scott Extra Soft Tissue Double Roll (12 pk.), exp. 6-30-10
  • $0.50/1 Scott Flushable Moist Wipes Tub, exp. 6-30-10
  • $1/1 Scott Towels Mega Roll (6 pk.), exp. 6-30-10
  • $1/1 Sea Breeze Product, exp. 5-31-10
  • $1/2 StarKist Pouch Products, exp. 8-6-10
  • $1/1 Sunsilk Shampoo, Conditioner, or Styling Product, exp. 6-23-10
  • $1/1 The Skinny Cow Ice Cream Novelties, exp. 5-31-10
  • $1/3 The Skinny Cow, Haagen-Dazs, or Edy’s Cups (6.3 oz.+), exp. 5-31-10
  • $0.60/1 Weight Watchers Yogurt Cup (32 oz.) or (4) 6 oz. Cups, exp. 6-20-10
  • $3/1 Zantac Product (24 ct.+), exp. 9-30-10
  • $1/1 Zapzyt Acne Treatment Gel, exp. 7-31-10
  • $2/1 Zicam Extreme Congestion, Intense Sinus, or Allergy Relief, exp. 3-11-11


All You is still looking for Reality Checkers here (18 years or older):

  1. Test new products for FREE and have your voice heard
  2. Participate in surveys
  3. Appear in ALL YOU magazine or on
Posted: April 28, 2010

Earth Fare has just added tons of organic coupons to its site.  These are manufacturer’s coupons and should be able to be used anywhere!

$1/1 Seventh Generation
$3/1 All One
$1/2 Applegate Farms Organic Chicken or Turkey Hot dogs
$1/1 Aubrey product
$1/1 Barlean’s product
$2/1 BellyBar
$1/1 Blue Diamond products
$1/1 Arnicare pain relief
$1/1 Cascadian Farms Frozen fruit
$1/1 Cascadian Farms granola bars
$1/2 Cascal
$1/1 Wellbeing Face Care
$1/1 Counter Culture Coffee
$1/2 DeBoles Pasta
$1/2 De Wafelbakkers
$1/1 Earth Fare Turkey Bacon
$1/1 Earth Fare Primrose oil
$1/1 Earth Fare organic chicken tray packs
50¢/1 Earth Fare Psyllium Husk powder
$1/1 Earth Fare chewable C
$1/1 Eden Organic pasta or Tomatoes
$1/1 Emerald Cove Sea Vegetable
50¢/1 Essentia water
$1/1 Ethnic Gourmet Frozen Entree
75¢/1 Galaxy Nutritional foods
$5/1 Wobenzym N
50¢/1 Garrett County Farms product
50¢/1 health is Wealth product
75¢/1 Hylands Calms Forte product
$1/2 Illy coffee to go
$1/1 Irwin Naturals products
$3/1 Jarrlow Bone-up product
$1/2 Kashi items
$1/2 Kettle brand chips
$1/2 KIND bars
75¢/1 Mary’s Gone Crackers
$1/1 Modern Day Masala product
75¢/1 Natural Brew 4-pack
$1/2 Nature’s Path waffles

Thanks, Money Saving Mom and for the list MojoSavings

Posted: April 24, 2010

Shop at Home. We Deliver.
California, Arizona, Maryland, Oregon, Virginia, Washington and Washington D.C.? residents: Get free shipping plus one free product on your online order at Enter code “EASY7” at checkout.

Shop at Home. We Deliver.
Los Angeles, Inland Empire, Orange County, San Diego, Ventura, and Las Vegas residents: Save $12.95 on your online order at

Shop at Home. We Deliver.
The Greater Philadelphia Metropolitan area: Get Free Delivery plus one free product for your Home or Business at

Manufacturers Coupons Online Sales Policy:
At, and you will enjoy great online savings with Club Card Savings, Buy One Get One Free and Promotion Code Deals. Manufacturer coupons or special in-store-only coupons are not valid for online deliveries. All coupons applicable to online deliveries will have a Promotion Code listed on them that you must enter during checkout. Refunds will not be given for Promotion Codes that were not entered.

Posted: April 21, 2010

I had another product planned to giveaway today.  A biggie. But I hated it once I reviewed it.  I mean really, really hated it.  So I had to email the company and let them know that I couldn’t host a giveaway because their product simply didn’t do what they said it would do. Before I review a product, I let all the companies I do reviews for know that if I don’t like the product, I will email them with constructive criticism and cancel the giveaway.

But this is the first time it has ever happened.  So far, I have enjoyed all the products I’ve reviewed.   Maybe I will have to be more careful now with the companies I choose to work with.  I am not sure if this has ever happened to another blogger.  I searched the internet, but found nothing.  At first I didn’t know what to do.  The lady I had been corresponding with from the company was quite pleasant and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings; she had told me previously that she was anxious to read my review.  I know business is business and she probably didn’t care, in fact maybe she was grateful I wouldn’t post a negative review, but I am always worried about what other people are feeling.  And it may sound silly to you, but I was worried they would make me ship the product back to them and I didn’t want to pay shipping and make a trip to the post office.  But luckily they never mentioned returning it, so that saved me some headache.

Now you know there are some awkward, not-so-glamorous tasks associated with being a product reviewer.  Which, by the way, was never something I intended to be when I started my blog.  I just fell into it when companies started contacted me. I have come to enjoy trying new products and writing about them, then hosting giveaways.  I get so excited when the winners email me back and I can tell by their words (and multiple “thanks!!!!”) that they are truly excited to have won.

Anyways, I wish there were more giveaways today for my Wednesday giveaways, but things don’t always work out perfectly do they?

Posted: April 20, 2010

This is unique. Buy “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” or “Smart Balance® Buttery Spread product” then submit for this rebate for a coupon for free Land O’ Lakes Butter with Olive Oil.  I guess they want you to try for yourself and see what is best!


Coupons to use when you buy your “Smart Balance® Buttery Spread product“:
$1/1 – Smart Balance Butter Blend Sticks
$1/2 – Smart Balance Buttery Spreads

Posted: April 12, 2010

Scotch Brite Single Sponges $.84 at Walmart (similarly priced elsewhere!)
$1/1 any Scotch-Brite product (this is legit –  you can go here directly to their site and click on “Save $1 coupon”)
Final Price = $FREE

Let me know where else you can score these free!

Thanks, Money Saving Madness!

Posted: April 7, 2010
$1.00/1 Edwards Single Frozen Dessert coupon! $1.25 at Walmart=$0.25 after coupon!

Free 20 oz. Coca-Cola or Disani product with purchase of a Coca-Cola or Disani Product.

$1 on any 4-pk of 8.4 oz cans

Make sure to use these on Kmart doublers: if you buy $20 in Huggies, you get free Juicy Juice this week at Kmart! Plus $1/1 doubled = $2 moneymaker!

Posted: April 7, 2010
Posted: April 5, 2010

I have already stated that you may only double the same coupon once per day and there is a limit of 5 total coupons per customer per day.  This means, you can only double one tampax coupon per day.  Many large coupon sites are falsely reporting deal scenerios where you buy 3 of the same product – you can’t do that.

However, you can buy tampax one day, and come back the next business day and buy more and the coupon will double.

Please follow the rules – we don’t want to lose Kmart’s doublers and have them never do it again! Also, I should note that I was the only couponer in Kmart this morning and was shocked that all the products were still there and no-one else was trying to get all the hot deals!  I had so much fun, even with my two kids climbing out of the cart.  I love doublers and although it may not last, for today, I love Kmart.

Thanks to Mandi at I Heart Coupon Deals for strolling Kmart and finding so many killer deals and emailing them to me:

24 Freebies:
Nonfood Items:

All Detergent $4
-$2/1 All Liquid Laundry Detergent, exp. 4-30-10 (RP 02/07/10)
$1/1 All 2X Small and Mighty printable
Final Price: Free

Suave 25 Hour Deodorant $1.99
$1.25/1 Suave 24-hr. Deodorant printable
Final Price: Free

Stayfree Pads $4
-$2/1 RP 3/28 RP
Final Price:Free

Bic Silky Touch  Razors $3.49
– $2/1  SS 3/28 SS
Final Price: Free

Hall’s Cough Drops $1.55
-$1/1  SS 3/28 or printable
Final Price: Free

Midol 20 ct $3.99
-$2/1 HERE
Final Price: Free

Visine $3.99
-$2/1 3/14 RP
-$2.00/1 – Visine Product – (
-$2.00/1 (IE) – Visine Product – (
-$2.00/1 (FF) – Visine Product – (
Final Price= Free

Lipsmacker $2
-$1/1 HERE
Final Price:FREE

Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl or Total Kitchen, $2.99
-$1.50 from 3/7 SS (exp 4/11)

Final Price: Free (I did this deal this morning 🙂

Johnson n Johnson Red Cross Product any, $2
– $1 from 3/14 RP
Final Price: Free

Reach Floss or Flosser, $1.49
– $1 from 3/7 SS
Final Price: Free

Sure Deodorant for Men, $2.89
– $1.50 from 2/28 SS
Final Price: Free

Revlon Beauty Tools prices from $1.49 – $1.99
Buy one get one 1/2 off till April 12th
– $1 from 3/7 SS

Final Price: Free

Whiskas Cat Food, $3.99
– $2 from 2/14 RP
Final Price: Free

Right Guard Total Defense 5 Deodorant, $2.50
– $1.50 Right Guard Coupon
Final Price: Free

Dove Ultimate Deodorant $3.99
– $2 Dove Deodorant Coupon
Final Price: Free

Carpet Fresh, $2.29
– $1.50 Carpet Fresh Coupon
Final Price: Free

Hartz Crunch n Clean, $3.99
$2/1 Hartz printable coupon
Final Price: Free

Gillette Body Wash $4.00
-$2/1 3/7 RP
Final Price: Free

Food Items:

KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce, $1.99
– $1 from 3/14 SS
Final Price: Free

Nescafe Taster’s Choice (stick packs) $1
Use the $0.50 coupon from the 2/28 SS
Final Price: Free

Coupon Match Ups $1 and Under:

John Fredia $5.85 plus B1G1 1/2 off
$2/1 John Frieda Hair Care Styler or Treatment, exp. 4-10 (SS 3/7/10)
Final Price: $.38 (when you buy two)

Dial Hand Soap $1
-$.35/1 RP 03-07
Final Price: $.30

Jergens Lotion 8-10 oz. $3
– $1/1 coupons from 3/7 SS
Final Price: $1

Degree Men’s Deodorant $2.99
-$1.25/1 printable
Final Price: $.49

Satin Care shaving cream $2.50
– $1/1  P&G 3/7
Final Price: $.50

Pert Plus for Men $3.49
-$1.50/1 Pert Plus for Men, exp. 4-30-10 (SS 02/28/10)
Final Price: $0.49

Lysol Neutra Air Aerosol Can (look for twin packs), $3.65
Use $1.50 from 3/7 SS (exp 4/5)
Final Price: $.65

Clearasil, $4.19
– $2 from 1/17 SS
$2.00/1 – Clearasil Product, any
Final Price: $.19

Mr. Bubble, $2.29
-Printable Coupon save $1.00 (FF) here (IE)
Final Price: $0.29

L’Oreal Eyeshadow Colors $4.39
-$2/1  RP 2/21
Final Price: $.39

Crest Toothpaste $3
-$1/1 Crest Premium Toothpaste, exp. 4-30-10 (P&G 04/04/10)
Final Price: $1

Food Items:

Del Monte fruit Chillers $2.66
$1/1 Fruit Chillers printable coupon
Final Price: $0.66 ea

Special K Cereals $2.50
$2/2 Select Kellogg’s Cereals, exp. 5-9-10 (RP 03/28/10)
Final Price: $.50 ea

Chef Boyardee 4/$4
$1.50/1 printable coupon
Final Price: $.25 ea

Frosted Mini Wheats $2.50
-$1.50/2 HERE
-$1.50/2 HERE
Final Price: $1 ea

Clean and Clear Cleanser $4.49
$2/1 Clean & Clear Product printable
Final Price: $0.49

Tampax Pearl 20 ct. $4.49
– $2/1  PG 3/7
Final Price: $.49

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