Posted: July 15, 2010

Zulily is a members-only online store for trendy, useful and unique products exclusively moms, babies and kids. Definitely you get access to daily sales on best-loved and up-and-coming brands if you are a member of Zulily, and you can save up to 70% off retail prices.

I just visited this site and it really surprised me as they are having awesome sales today!

  • Bobux – up to 50% off
  • Sleepy Wrap – up to 35% off
  • Pink Ginger – up to 50% off
  • Petit Ami – up to 50% off

And some other brands of great and high quality! So check it out now as they change the brands everyday!

(Huge thanks, couponing to disney)

Posted: July 14, 2010

Hey! Wednesday’s almost over and you thought I forgot to post a new giveaway, huh? Well, I have just been having issues. I finally go at a new cell phone, yeah!

Triple yeah!  I went two weeks without one, since we don’t have a house phone it was no fun.  Needless to say the kids won’t be playing with my new phone 🙂

It records videos. So I recorded this video showing the coupon insert stash I’m giving away, but it recorded sideways for some reason… and I couldn’t get it to upload to YouTube. Will have to have the husband look at it later! Well for now, just know I am working on it.

If you don’t know how to get Sunday coupon inserts yourself, read my post on that here.

Here’s how to enter to win the coupon insert stash shown in the video:

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Posted: July 7, 2010

UPDATE: Giveaway is over – view all  winners and giveaways that are currently being held over on the Giveaways page!!

If you haven’t heard of Agoo , they have the most adorable children’s clothing! Agoo is offering one of my reader’s a $50 gift card + all of my readers 50% off! Use coupon code agoo5050!

Leg Huggers 50% off Price = ONLY $5.00 each

Agoos active wear provides UPF50+ protection from UV rays. The clothes are finished with a super strong UV protectent – no matter how many times you wash, your kiddos clothes will still protect them from the sun.  Adorable too!

The most exciting feature for me personally, is that Agoos clothing is stain resistant.  Oh to not have to throw out clothes that I love but my kids rolled in the grass in.   Stain resistant + my kids = heaven.

Sports fans: If your child plays tough, you’ll be pleased to know that Agoos clothes can stretch and then go back to their old shape sha-zam.

Giveaway: Agoo wants to give one of you $50!


Posted: July 1, 2010

I noticed lots of blogs are putting Print Friendly on their sites. It’s a free plugin on Print that works for blogger and wordpress sites.

The problem I have with Print Friendly: it only allows to to select items from one post and print them.

I began searching the internet for a wordpress plugin for my site that would allow people to save parts of posts to a printable list for later. I didn’t find one.

I found something better: A free program that allows you to save deals from all over the web. Just highlight with your mouse any area you want saved. It will select it and save it to your ongoing list. You can come back the next day and it will still be there! Then go to 10 more sites, add all the deals you want to do, then go to your printable list and edit/delete deals you don’t want. You can print them all on one page, or save them to a pdf.

The ability to do this for every site on the internet is pretty sweet. What is the name of this program you ask? You can select exact portions of a post you want to print with HP Web Page Printing. It is free and it works with all printers – not just HP. It only works with Internet Explorer 6, 7, & 8, so if you have Mozilla Firefox I have installed Print Friendly on my site for you.

Course none of these are as cool as the “add” to shopping list I have on all deals on the Cuckoo Deals Map, but its a close second 🙂

Posted: June 30, 2010

I have a category called “Cuckoo Bloggers” and I love to tell you about fun sites or videos I find.  I usually do this on Fridays but this week I’m doing it today for theDealyo.  They offer fashion offers and some things I don’t on my site, so I thought I’d introduce them to you.

So, what’s theDealyo?

theDealyo is updated daily to bring hot limited time specials, fresh buying tips and shopping strategies developed to save you time and money. theDealyo is bringing RAD (Really Awesome Deals) direct to you online and in-stores.   theDealyo hooks you up with insider deals, exclusive sales, hard-to-find rebates and the latest promotions on fashion, electronics, groceries, toiletries, travel and much more.

A few of the RAD deals we found: $40 Lowe’s Gift Card Giveaway, free Amazon on Demand credit ($6 value) and an $8.00 Money Maker at Rite Aid. So what are you waiting for? Check out theDealyo.

Posted: June 28, 2010

Wow this is a great one – P.F. Chang’s lettuce wraps are my favorite!  Just enter in your email address on P.F. Chang’s site and they’ll email you the coupon for completely free lettuce wraps with the purchase of any entree!

Thanks, My Dallas Mommy!

Posted: June 22, 2010

The Coupon Bloggers Dilemma: The Duplicate Content Issue

Straight from Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team: You don’t want duplicate content within your own site.  You may notice, on my Pampers codes posts I don’t copy and paste my explanation of how the program works on all new posts.  I link back to my Pampers page.

Also, as Matt Cutts explained, you don’t want too much information on one page because Google won’t know what that pages main topic is.  I used to have all my store’s policies on one big long list.  Now, if you click on Store Policies on my menu bar, it goes to a page with a list of stores, and you click on them to go to each individual stores policy. It’s easier for Google to index this!

What about duplicate contect across sites? There’s a reason people do press releases and submit their articles to article submitters – they want their content pulled up on search results, even if it’s not from their page, because when someone clicks on that page it will have a link to their page – “the second link”.   I have read multiple articles on Google Webmaster, the official policy source from Google, that iframes do not deteriorate your rankings unless they are used in excess.   And duplicate content is fine as long as the content links back to your site. And the duplicate content is not within your own site.

Now you don’t want to copy people’s content word for word! Don’t get me wrong – you want to have your own voice on your blog and be unique.  But if someone out there puts your content on their site, as long as there is a link back, you are fine.   This is a “hot” topic – many people will disagree with me. I am just stating what I’ve found from my research and what’s worked for me – if you don’t believe me, look at the search I did in Wanna Be A Blogger (Part 3) when I searched for Shopko.

Posted: June 16, 2010

Be an authority!
Choose something  to do better than everyone else.  If you are a blogger who does Joe’s Supermarket store deals & match-ups, do them better than anyone else.  Create deal scenerios on top of matchups.  Then when people think of shopping at Joe’s, they’ll go to you because you are the best.  If you are a blogger who eats at a new restaurant everyday, take pictures, do interviews with other people at the restaurant, do everything in depth and the best possible.

Get the word out that you are the authority.
If your blog has a 5,003,003 alexa ranking, and you aren’t getting any traffic, just posting the best deals won’t get you into the number one spot on a Google search.  Why? Google is going to put information from highly rated blogs/sites first *my opinion- I couldn’t find this on their webmaster site*.  So until you can build followers and traffic (part 5 of this series), how do you get people to view your amazing deals?

I do  (or used to, before I became to busy!) Shopko Deals & Matchups.  I just did a Google search for  “Shopko Deals” and here’s what pulled up:

Lot’s of “Big Blogs” come up. That is what people are going to click on  – but wait! I supplied those deals to those sites so alas, when you click on a “A Thrifty Mom”, the first line says “Thanks to Cuckoo for Coupon Deals for these…” as shown below:

And same with Money Saving Mom:

If you can’t be the number one link, isn’t it better when someone clicks on that link to immediately see your link and be “the second link” clicked on!?!?

Blog traffic is 90% referral. Some people worry so much about their deals being posted all over the internet and duplicate content that no-one sees their deals.  A Thrifty Mom literally copies (with my permission!) my deals word-for-word.   And she is pulling up on the top of search results.  It’s great for her site, and mine because I’m the “second link” people are shown.  Plus, again, blog traffic is 90% referral so you want to have your link out there in as many places as possible.

Amy at Savvy Shopper Deals had a 3 hour talk with me and other bloggers discussing all the info she learned at the Casual Bloggers Conference.  I knew most of it already, but one thing that stuck out to me was “work with other bloggers”.  That’s how they got big; you’ve got to get links on their site and do anything you can to be in their “group”.

For example, Money Saving Mom said at the bottom of her post announcing her coupon database:

She worked with other bloggers to make something happen.

Let’s take, for an example, a blogger who posts weekly list of store sales and deals matched to coupons for Joe’s Supermarkets.  Once the blogger picks their store (s) to rock and be the best at, they should partner with blogs with a low alexa rank to become the authority for their store (or whatever other type of information they want to be the authority for).  Alexa over here ranks blogs by visits etc…, the lower the alexa number the better.

Back to the blogger who posts weekly deals for Joe’s Supermarkets.  Here’s a list of places where that blogger may be able to get their deals published and get extra exposure for their site (if you don’t, someone else will or already has and their link will be the link that is clicked on second!)  I have listed each blogs alexa rank as of 06/16/2010 determined by

Those are the only ones I know of  that will let you post your deals on their site – let me know if you know of any more.  If a blog’s alexa rank is above 400,000 I won’t list them since it wouldn’t be worth your time to get your deals on their blog, in my opinion. Definitely worth working with them though, since as a blogger you want to work with as many fellow bloggers as possible and make as many connections as possible.

What if you are a blogger doing something besides store deals? Find a bigger blogger and write a guest post for them.  Find a way to help that blogger in any way possible to get your link on their site.

Wrap-up: Become an authority and work with bigger blogs to get your information and link in as many places as possible!

Now, you are inevitably scratching your head about my idea to get your “posts” or “articles” all over the web if you are  an anti-duplicate content nazi (I discuss this in Wanna Be A Blogger Part 4) coming next Tuesday.

Why is your alexa ranking better then blogs I’ve heard about and yours is fairly new? I wonder the same thing myself often.  I don’t get as many comments on my site as A Thrifty Mom.  I bet she probably gets more page views daily then me.   I just happen to be married to an SEO / Web Programmer guru and I do what he says to do, and things just work out for me.

Why share these secrets? I’m a sharing kinda gal. And most of the info above is what you’d learn at Blog Her or other pricey conferences, and if you’re reading my site you are probably a fruaglista like me – you like your info free!

Posted: June 15, 2010

Simple Chat! I added a fun chat feature on my sidebar. You don’t have to login or sign up to use it! Just click on “Guest” and type in your name, and you can chat with me or any other online reader! Yeah! Ask me questions or chat about deals. Click on “show all” to see if I am online or not, and see who else is online.  I will have my husband look into it more and make sure it is not slowing down my site, but if my site still is loading in under 2 seconds, we will keep it!

If I’m logged in, it will say “Deidre” with my picture by it so you know its me.  I will mostly be logged in at night time. If anyone says anything inappropriate while I’m not logged in, you can email me their name they were using, and I can ban their IP address.  No personal info is stored on the chat – again, you don’t register or sign up.  Just type in your name and start chatting!

Top 10 This Week! Also on my sidebar, this lists top posts within 7 days in order of most views.

New Picture! At the bottom of my site you can now see a picture of me and my husband.  He is hot eh’?  A sweetie too!  And yes, I know my hair looks better straight and with highlights in that picture then curly and dark (it is curly and dark in 1/2 my training videos) but don’t worry I’m changing it back soon.

New Coupon Training section: This is a large work-in-progress. I’m re-doing all my training info – expect more in weeks to come!

We’re Expanding: If you are someone who loves finding the best deals and wants to be on our team, let us know! This is a great money-making opportunity for people who don’t have time to run a full-time blog, but just want some easy money! Email me for details at deidre(at)

Any other features you would like to see or things you’d like my site to focus on more?

Posted: June 15, 2010

Walmart.comicon has booster seats for $13.50, and select site-to-store to get free shipping!  The nice/cute ones are $25.00 but you get a $10 Walmart Gift card when you buy them – those are available online only.

Thanks, Good Deal Momma

Posted: June 11, 2010

While you are browsing Cuckoo for Coupon Deals new hot mobile site, you can also get Walgreen’s coupons and deals on your phone too! Max of 5 per month – Learn more at Walgreen’s Mobile Page.

Thanks, My Dallas Mommy

Posted: June 2, 2010

UPDATE: Giveaway has ended, view winner here

What would you do with $100 to spend at A Candy Store?

Probably the same thing I did when they let me choose candy to review – browse their site for hours and keep finding more things you want to try.

A Candy Store sells any new, classic or retro candy you can dream of.   If you are thinking of it, right now in your head, they probably sell it.

A Candy Store has lots of classic candy, such as every flavor imaginable of Salt Water Taffy, but they also have fun novelty candy as well. I was trying to think of something creative for my review, and well…

Check out the video below to see how I used some paint shop lollipops at my mom’s paint store in Rexburg.  It’s not a very exciting video, but thinking of something original to do with candy was much harder then I anticipated.  A child sneaking in candy is always cute to me though.  And yes, I know I’m cheesy.


Giveaway: 1 Winner Will Get a $100 Gift Certificate to use on anything at!


  • Sign up for’s email newsletter where they send out coupons for their site, and leave a comment below stating you did so.  I did this last week and got this coupon: $10 Off All Orders With At Least One Taffy Item. Minimum order to qualify is $90.
  • Get Up To 8 Extra Entries – select the yes or no options under the “Submit Comment” button, then submit ONE comment.  Selections will be saved to your comment and verified.


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