ABC’s of Couponing: “E” is for eCoupons!

May 17 2011
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Part of the ABC’s of Couponing Guide
What is an eCoupon, Loadable or Clipless coupon?
An eCoupon is an electronic coupon get online in a similar manner to a printable coupon.  Instead of printing the coupon, you load it onto your store loyalty card.  When you scan your loyalty card at the cash register, or give your phone number, you will automatically receive the savings if you’ve made a qualifying purchase!

There are a lot of ecoupon sites; some take savings right off your receipt and you pay less out of pocket.  Others have you take the savings and put them in savings accounts.  Read about each ecoupon site below and how they work.

Cellfire eCoupons: Go to and enter in your store loyalty card #, then click on the new eCoupons to add them to your card.  You can use these at all the stores in the picture above!  Most Cellfire offers are updated every other Tuesday. ShopRite, Giant Eagle, and Shop ‘n Save grocery coupons are updated every other Sunday.  So those are the days you will want to upload all your cellfire coupons before your shopping trip.  Cellfire coupons used to be able to be stacked with physical copies of coupons, but recently they changed this policy.  Cellfire coupons come right off your total and so you pay less at the register just like a regular coupon.

Go to and enter in your store loyalty card #, then click on “coupons & deals” then “Grocery eCoupons”.  Then you select ALL the eCoupons.  I try to do this the 1st day of every month since normally that is when their coupons re-fresh.  You can use these coupons at many different stores, when you login you can enter your zip code and it will tell you the participating stores in your area.   These coupons actually don’t come off your total at the register, instead the savings are put into a college account for your children.

Rite Aid accepts Upromise! Go to and enter in your Rite Aid Wellness store loyalty card #, then click on “coupons & deals” then “Grocery eCoupons”.  Then you select ALL the eCoupons.  I try to do this the 1st day of every month since normally that is when their coupons re-fresh – I also add the coupons to my Smith’s (KROGER) card. These also don’t come off at the register and work just like regular UPromise coupons.

Sam’s Club now has eCoupons! Well, these are pretty new so they aren’t famous yet, but if you are a Sam’s Club Plus Memeber you will definately want to login and load your Sam’s Club eCoupons to your card!  There are over $300 in savings on  Sam’s Club eCoupons site per year!  These come right off at the register!

There are a lot of ecoupon sites; some take savings right off your receipt and you pay less out of pocket. Some sites will give savings like Home Depot coupons and from other top retailers based on a point system.

SavingStar: These are manufacturer’s coupons. Available at CVS, Kmart, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite-Aid, Albertsons, Dillon’s, Kroger, Ralph’s, and many more.  I have a full tutorial on how to use Savingstar

  1. Click the eCoupons you want to load them to your store loyalty card
  2. Shop – use your loyalty card at checkout.  However, no coupons will come off your total.
  3. Your SavingStar account will grow with the coupons you used, and you will get to redeem them once you have saved over $5 in the form of gift cards, Paypal, or other payment forms!  Read my How to Use Saving Star Guide!

P&G eSaver: They also offer ecoupons!  I don’t use them as much, but they are worth looking at.  They come off your total at the register.

These offers are added to the Cuckoo Deals Coupon Database as well to make matching them with store deals even easier!

This is part 5 of a 26 part “ABC’s of Couponing” series – scroll past this post to view previous posts in this series.

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  • Holly

    With my Sam’s Club eValues, they usually update every month as to what is on sale and what is not. This is only for Sam’s Club Plus Members and you don’t have to load them onto your card prior to your shopping trip. They automatically deduct from the register if you have bought the certain items chosen as the eValues of the month. Depending on how often you shop at Sam’s Club, it may benefit you. BUT, I have noticed recently since I have gotten more and more into couponing that having a Sam’s Club Plus Membership is not saving me money. It is actually wasting an extra $60 a year having to pay the $100 membership fee rather than the normal $40. Anyone else notice this?

  • Lisa

    UPromise can also be used towards existing student loans, which is what I am doing since my partner and I have huge loans (considering that we’re social workers). I’m curious how/if people keep track of what coupons you have on these types of accounts. I’m still pretty new at couponing and I have a system down for organizing my paper coupons but am lost in regards to what I have loaded on my cards, upromise, and savingstar stuff. Thanks!

  • Tina “The Book Lady”

    Hi – I was responding to your email that said something about an AMC coupon (2 of them) – this is where the link led to. Here is the email blurb:

    AMC Movie Theater Tickets Deal!
    Friends and Family Circle has a new deal out for $20 for an AMC Movie Ticket Deal Bundle (up to $37 value). You’ll receive in the mail: two movie tickets redeemable for any show at any AMC theater in the US, plus two Show Snack® drink vouchers one Show Snack® small popcorn Thanks, Thrifty Wifey! Download

    I’d love some tickets! Do you know where I should look? Thanks so much for all the great tips you send our way!

  • Xenia

    Hi –
    I was not able to find Safeway on Cellfire, and on UPromise, the grid code didn’t work, so I gave up. Any other sites I can try?

  • Catrina

    Thanks , going to head on over and connect my Riteaid card to my Upromise :)

  • Lisa Moffett

    Wow! Sam;s Club…really?

  • Sarah

    I may have missed it in here, but are you able to use eCoupons plus traditional coupons for the same item? I thought I read something about that somewhere, but I am just making sure. Also when it comes to doubling coupons, can that be done with eCoupons?

    • sanj

      thats my question too…. have you found out how it works as yet? no one responded to it :|

  • Laura clutterbuck

    hi, i was wondering if there was any apps for ipod touch/iphone that you would recommend for coupons?

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