{Video} Teaching Your Children To Coupon!

Mar 26 2013
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Don’t you just get annoyed at the store when you shop and the kids are asking for everything?  It’s so hard to coupon that way!  I get completely distracted and my transactions don’t work out the way I wanted even when I write them out.  Before we go I always tell my 8 year old, Brennan, “don’t ask for anything at the store.”  He always promises he won’t, but he asks about every 30 seconds anyway!  I’m not kidding! My older kids weren’t like that so for me it’s a new experience. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has this problem.  I’ve seen readers mention it.

In my post and video of Brennan’s first Couponing Trip, Reader April mentioned we could do more with kids and learning to stretch their money through couponing.  I decided to give it a whirl.  Deidre and I both let our kids help with cutting coupons, but for me I don’t let them actually help in the planning.

This video shows you the difference in NOT LETTING Brennan help at the store to LETTING him help.  It sure made a big difference! We are doing a neighborhood egg hunt and need to buy candy to fill 1000 eggs.  I also noticed it was a great learning experience for him planning (he asked questions) and when we were at the store.  I think this will give him a better understanding of “stretching your money.”

View the $0.49 Twix Candy I did in this video!

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