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May 6 2010
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What are Walgreens, CVS, & Rite Aid Coupon Booklets?

Most drug stores offer monthly coupon booklets. These are mostly store coupons that can be “stacked with” manufacturer’s coupons for huge savings.  Check the coupons to make sure they say “store coupon” and not “manufacturer’s coupon” if you want to stack it with another manufacturer’s coupon you already have.

Where can I find these coupon booklets?

You can find these in-stores.  Check by the circular’s when you first walk in.  If they aren’t there, check by the pharmacy or ask a store clerk.  Keep the booklet and use it over and over during the month.

What are Rite Aid Video Values coupons?

No. Rite Aid video values coupons are found here and are not found in-stores.  You must watch short videos in order to get your coupons, which you then print on your home printer.  The most valuable coupon is the $5/20 coupon which resets every month. You must watch around 8-10 videos to get this coupon.

What are Reinventing Beauty coupons at CVS?

Reinventing Beauty is a magazine sold for around $.99 at CVS stores which has coupons in it, both CVS and manufacturer’s coupons.

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  • Tonya James

    Rite Aid is still my favorite !!!

  • ambernicole8484

    Great post! Very helpful!

  • Lydia Filipasic

    I got the reinventing magazine here and just the coupon for $3.00 off on huggies pays for itself not counting all the other coupons ive used. They had them for half off at my CVS so i bought them all up.lol The Walgreens clerks had never heard of the infant care booklets here until i called and asked to speak with the manager. the codes vary here and normally you got to buy the case of diapers/wipes to pay only $3.00 like your last week post. but every little bit helps. I went through my cabinets and wrote down every company,their emails or numbers and called them all and requested their newsletters and to be on their mailing list. Figured I would past that tip along. Anyone wanting any help just email me Ill be more then happy to.

  • lauren

    what if the coupon came from cvs and states cvs on the coupon and then says it is a manufacture coupon? does that mean it is an in store coupon or a manufacture coupon?

    • Tamara

      Anything that says manufacture coupon can not be doubled with another manufacture coupon, even if it says redeem only at CVS, etc. But it can still be matched with another CVS store coupon.

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