Posted: July 19, 2011

Follow me shopping to find in-store coupons that most people miss! Most are great manufacturer coupons that are listed on my deals match-ups.

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  • Shirley Guevara

    with the e-coupon. Is this just a one time deal. If I buy 3 items will the e-coupon be taken 3 times?

    • deidre

      It will only take it off one

  • Kathy Holt

    Just wanted to say I am a Newbee & find your Videos EXTREMELY helpful.Thank You,Kathy

    • deidre


  • Jayme

    Thank you! Very helpful. :)

  • ambernicole8484

    The videos are so helpful and you explain very clear!

  • Laura

    This was an awesome video!

  • Laura

    It’s always exciting when I am shopping and find new coupons!

  • Laura

    Sometimes I want to just go shopping for coupons! lol LOVE it!

  • Laura

    Your videos are really helpful. You do an awesome job!

  • ni

    when you say “you don’t have to buy the beer to get the rebate” what do you mean thanks

  • Solange

    I need Help please because I want to download to my loyaltycard and I do not know how???? Please Help I try my best to learn

  • Kim Case

    I was worried about 2 coupons haven the same Serial number because I was going to give one to my niece] to use.

  • jeannie

    How do you use imblo app to save money.. I dont think I spelled that right.

  • Jeanette Queenofmyworld Bartle

    Awww. Video not available in my country. Im in united states?

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